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: Intended. I just noticed she tried to call back by using w. This caused her to lap back and get stunned mid dash
What? I've no clue what you're talking about. The return part is a blink, not a dash. And when the wall interrupts the dash, LB stands on top the wall. The dash does not finish. In this case she gets passed the wall and still gets stunned.
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: Honestly, NA should be considered a wildcard region and do qualifying before major international events.
SlyFoxxie (EUNE)
neg attitude, passive aggressiveness etc etc the ban is 100% correct just delete the "open chat" key or move the chat outside of your screen only way for you to improve
: it is my prblem if i play against a mecha kha, the skin makes it way easier to see isolated targets, for kha players that a fcking big boost. riot is against costume skins just for this reason. the vision on isolated targets should be reverted to the vision as it is skinless.
A lot of skins have similar benefits...
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The thing is, in silver 5 you can win the game 1vs3.... especially with akali! Learn the game, focus on yourself, don't complain about them. Go watch some Professor Akali videos or smthing to get you rolling, GL.
ucashT (EUW)
: Can't login on EUW
you're not the only one =/
: LW 1300, its upgrade is 2,6k. LW is the core item that lets you "hurr durr ignore armor ez kills, tanks will feed now" Let's look into tank items. Cheap, you say? {{item:3143}} 2900 {{item:3083}} 2850 {{item:3065}} 2800 {{item:3110}} 2700 Not really. Sure, cheaper than ADC's build, but that all can be made irrelevant with one item: {{item:3035}} , 1300 gold. Tanks are only OP in early and mid game and vs assassins. Late game they're CC bots.(kind of) And yes, each time i **am not playing an assassin, or a mage with good teamfighting(think Brand) or burst(Veigar), or another ADC, i do complain about enemy ADC.** I did my job well(blew literally everything on jinx) but team didn't follow to kill her.
If you got a thornmail and enemy adc only has a LW, he/she will still kill him/herself on you. An adc needs lifesteal + damage + mortal to get through your thornmail efficiently. Do you understand that ? And even if an adc does get through you, your carries will deal damage for the same amount of time. You only talk about enemy adc, how about you look at your own adc?? Every comp is different, every ADC is different. Stop complaining about tanks. With or without collosus, tanks are in a really good spot atm.
Xsample (EUNE)
: Yeah but people in gold+ atleast seem to be able to do the basics. In bronze the mentality is so fucked up its beyond explanation. U can be splitpushing on a fed Nasus and force the enemy team to send 4 ppl to kill u and your team will come after u died and engage 4v5 instead of pushing mid. Its unreal. I mean i dont claim to be perfect or even a great player but for gods sake if u are in a situation where you literally cant help those people u are screwed.
Keep in mind that you are also playing against those players. If Nasus isn't the answer, think of something else. Maybe drop a zzrot in top and fight with ur team or smthing
: How do i counter healing as tank???
Pfffffffffffff. IE 3800 BT 3600 LW 2600 Thornmail 2250 Enough said. And if you still don't get it; How about you play adc with a support and try to take down a tank with 2 items?? Tanks are broken because they are so damn cheap to build. Some adc's need 30s to take down a tank! Damage items are the most expensive of all, that's why a team puts so much gold in them. A tanks job late game is to keep an adc from damaging his team. That's all you have to do. Create time for your carries to deal damage. Zone the enemy, sacrifice yourself but don't die. I seriously do not understand how you can complain about adc's as a tank. It's like a billionaire is complaining about his neighbour because he has a bigger pool.
: I lost all the passion towards League of Legends , dunno what to do now
Especially long time players can relate. The game isn't fun and creative anymore. Every item is unique which makes the item builds on a lot of champs homogeneous. AP champs and items are nerved to oblivion. The game has become extremely repetitive and passive. Solo advantages have been diminished every time. Aggressive plays are punished really hard if executed badly. All of these changes pushed by rito made the game to what it is today. A lousy shelf of the fun game it used to be.
: I realised this while playing Nami...
I think you should Lee Sin a bit better!
Azules (EUW)
: How to get Level 3 in 02:23 min. with Fiddlesticks Season 7
Fiddle is in a really awful spot atm. But this trick is pretty cool and is actually useful.
: Noted. Will definitely give it a go. No they are there, but no one is doing anything. We did have engagers, Riven and Thresh, but I initiated fights by slipping in and out and then back in again. Most of them we won. I've never AAd so much with Kata ever since I started playing her XD What I'm asking is in broader term though, not just champ specific. Turret pushing is not the problem, it's the fact that others could, but are not doing it. By me doing it, it shows how much time they had to do something, but didn't. I'm not going to go into details and try to describe the situation, the fact is that I want to take objectives whenever it is possible, but my teammates don't always understand it. So I then go and get a slow push going at least or take the turret at most. The ones I am referring to are Syndra, Lux (if you get caught in Q and forget to Zhonya), Annie, and Viktor and Fizz with a few items. I have never really had a problem with them when I still played mid often, but I am honest in saying that I am lane opponent stupid at the moment, so everyone feels too strong for me, but I'm doing my best to learn as quick as possible. Thanks for the advice and criticism/points of faults. I don't mind being hit up the chin. If i want to improve I must be willing to take punches when they're dished out (o~,)
If lux hits her Q, you die, correct. But look at it from a different angle: if she misses her Q, she dies. Also, you can take cleanse against her. This is an extremely effective spell against lux. Also you can take exhaust against Annie, Syndra and fizz. All these champs have their shortcomings and people at your elo do not take these things into account. Also, you have to work really well with your minions, especially when you are melee and have weak wave clear. You can work your way out of a bad match up using proper wave control. All of this is possible because your opponents know nothing about these subjects. That's how a better player would get out of a bad match up against a worse player. I hope I gave you some insight, it's not meant to be negative or bash you. You can add me if you want and talk after Christmas since talking on the forum is rather tedious.
: This triforce build actually works quite well for me, specially during laning as I can trade a lot easier. It gives me more damage on my AAs that it actually catches them off-guard. I saw this build in one of Phylol's videos about soneone doing it in Challenger ( Now I know I'm not almost there, as I said, I have to relearn so many things that I once knew, but this triforce tanky-build let's me engage and stay alive long enough to do more damage as I normally just get blown up. I don't have the patience to wait for my team, if I see an opportunity, I'm going for it (that's thanks to playing so much supp and Leo kinda is my go to supp). If you say that rather going to learn the AP route is better, then I'll try and get used to it. I once was good with Katarina. I have a good AP build that worked like a charm. She's the main reason why I didn't quit the game when I was still at level 16 or so. I got my ass kicked so hard, but she seemed so fun to play. Now, with all these one shot champs, I really struggle, but again, I barely played mid this year, mainly support, so I have no idea how to lane anymore. In this last one I played I ended up 15-6-13 against a very fed Tryndamere and all the cc in the world, and this build gave me the confidence to go balls to the wall and fight, leading the rest of the team into battle, but we lost due to being picked off 1 by 1. I had the situation again where 2 turrets were open for the taking, but no-one seemed to care. I was calling it like crazy and pushed it myself until I thought that Tryndamere was about to arrive and recalled (he never caught me though). I'll search up videos about the fundamentals etc. There are a few things I'm really trying to improve, 2 of which are CS and AA cancelling with the latter really costing me a lot (I literally cancel attacks, not just the animation).
I have no idea where to start. You have stated multiple contradictions already. You can't wait for your team so you engage without them with ad tank kata?? At least ap kata could take some ppl down and punishes mistakes much harder. There are less one shot champs than there have ever been in league. AP champs have been nerfed so much over time, you have no clue what you are talking about. Only Syndra can be argued about, which isn't that bad of a match up for kata due to her mobility. How can kata be afraid of tryndamere. If you play it properly he can't land 1 auto on you unless you decide to take one. Turret pushing with kata?? How is that even possible. Just work on your own mistakes. There is so much for you to learn and improve on. You can play kata with abyssal and zhonya if you want to build her tankier.
Xsample (EUNE)
: this is why elo hell exists
Same goes for plats in gold, diamonds in plats, challengers in diamonds etc. You have to change your playstyle. Be more selfish and look only at yourself. What kind of mistakes do these players make? How can I take the most advantage of this? You can break your own misconceptions and even climb higher than you were since you learn a different aspect of the game. The things you learn will still work at higher divisions.
: Need help getting out of bronze thinking
You make way too many mistakes as well. Also, except for the lux one, which seems to be OK, every other build is horrendous! Bronze is a division where you can still impact the game so much that you can decide the game yourself. You just don't know how. If you'd get a rabadon after gunblade instead of a triforce, you'ld be such a devastating monster in bronze. Katarina's ratio's are insane. Yet you spend almost 4k gold on a garbage item for Kata. If you look up guides, coaching sessions and such on YouTube etc you can improve massively. I would say your understanding on the fundamentals and basics of the game is EXTREMELY lacking. Just grasping and executing on these basics will get you to gold. Hope this helps, good luck.
: actually is your internet connection :-)
.... If you consider that to be "my" internet connection, then sure go ahead It's something between my ISP (and probably others as well) and specifically rito's servers. I can still surf the internet and play all my other games like cs go etc without any problems That's all I know.
Medhany (EUW)
: it's not me. I'm using the internet continously (I am checking it with pingtest etc) And a lot of ppl got the same problems, yet we dont hear anything from rito Stop putting the blame on me, I know when it's my internet failing or when rito is failing And this time, it's DEFINETLY rito AGAIN
I found out it's something between rito and my ISP (ziggo, NL) fuck em both
: Different server. Also, not what the OP describes happening.
it's not me. I'm using the internet continously (I am checking it with pingtest etc) And a lot of ppl got the same problems, yet we dont hear anything from rito Stop putting the blame on me, I know when it's my internet failing or when rito is failing And this time, it's DEFINETLY rito AGAIN
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xShailarax (EUNE)
: Dear Riot (suggestion for ranked)
You don't understand the ELO system. It works by STEALING points from the opponent. You gain by lowering others in the system.
DiiMarko (EUW)
: Any Higher Elo Players Willing to Help a Bronzie Improve?
define "winning your lane" in your words and shouldnt you be able to beat the enemy fed champion when you "won" your lane ? keep in mind that bronze and silver games can be won without any help from your team
: A geniune question about carrying.
I've been multiple times from gold to plat as a main dia jungler I would suggest some things; 1. start using red smite which essentially gives you insane dueling power on carry junglers and allows you to beat practically anyone 2. dont play vlad in mid (or top). no CC, hard to carry with unless you are a much better player. I really hate it when ppl dont take any type of CC or control into midlane. when your bot feeds, then they will rotate to mid and destroy your tower. strong waveclear prevents this which vlad does not have. also don't expect your jungler to gank if you pick that kind of champs. 3. try boots of mobility for more ganks, presence etc 4. buy vision wards every game. there is a reason it's limited to 1 per player. they are broken as fuck. 5. place more wards into enemy jungle. go for upgraded yellow every time. by spotting the enemy jungler you will relieve pressure from every lane. 6. dont buy armor boots into blue ez. you make really weird builds. what's this dead man's plate every time on shyv? when I play jungle shyv, I usually stick to these items: red smite + devourer, boots of mobility, botrk, titanic hydra (situational), spirit visage, banshee, randuin, thornmail, sunfire (situational), sterak's gage (situational) 7. with boots of mobility, red smite and ur W you can fastpush every wave and move hella fast across the map. if your team is behind, then make sure the waves are pushed. if your mates are dying soak the xp/cs. I personally enjoy it when my teammates are dying in lane early on as it will put me ahead of the enemy jungler which you can abuse if done properly. also the enemy laner gets cocky and will overextend which makes it even easier for you to punish. 8. go for full AS quints and marks on shyv, xin, noct etc. 9. drop butcher and feast, put it in fury and sorcery. take unyielding. I prefer the 9 points in defence instead of utility. the extra tankiness usually tips early fight in one's favour. I think your ingame decisions and game knowledge is lacking considerably (build paths, game plan etc. common gold stuff) you're stuck in this shyv build which is the same in every game she is really versatile and strong in every aspect and allows you to hardcarry games so many times from lvl 4 and a red smite, you can win (almost) every jungler matchup (with flash) if you pick shyv every game, you have to change your items accordingly if you got 3 dmg sources, go full tank if you got a tank top, pick up some more dmg after your botrk be creative and use ur build to carry it's too much to explain in a single post. when all champs are picked, make a plan. Use questions like; How am I going to win this? Who am i going to get fed? AP carry viktor mid? Riven carry top? Can they use their advantage in other lanes or teamfights? Can they decide the game? Can my bot survive without my presence eg if I gank top and enemy jungler ganks bot, what's going to happen? Do I have to spot the enemy jungler for my laners to be aggressive/trade/farm? eg spotting ww early on is useless, spotting eve early on is gamechanging. etc etc etc I hope this helps.
: Just got permanently banned after one game back from 7 day ban.
WhySoRubbish: stfu instalock graves (namecalling) WhySoRubbish: and you over extrend and die gj (passive aggressive behaviour) WhySoRubbish: you complete idiot (namecalling) WhySoRubbish: you guys are moronic (namecalling) WhySoRubbish: meenwhile afk mid and bnott (blaming others) WhySoRubbish: noobs (more namecalling) WhySoRubbish: that makes you an idiot (namecalling) WhySoRubbish: report graves for because (report calling) WhySoRubbish: report diana constantly flaming me and i really dont know why (report calling) I'm done. It's too much. It's all punishable. You talk too much and don't focus on the game. And it's all negative and most important non-constructive. Maybe you didn't intend to trashtalk/flame them, but others perceive it as such. I've been banned before and this realization helped me improve. I hope it does so for you. GL with your endeavours.
: Um... Did you read the post? This was me admitting that I'm not good enough to play ranked... Apparently the boards are filled with trolls as well...
how come I'm a troll? I'm giving you a genuine advice. It's a fact that ranked is filled with trolls. You should stop sacrificing yourself or giving 100% of yourself for every game. It will wear you down, tilt you harder if you get trolled and you won't gain Try to give 80% every game. I've had your mentality before and it won't get you anywhere. Just relax, enjoy the game a bit and try to passively increase your ranking. If your team doesn't give you jungle, then try your best on another role. just make sure you INFORM your team during champ select. And learn and try to improve from every game. I've had periods where I was really pissed cuz of some soloQ experiences (intent losses by some players, getting blamed while I'm carrying etc) So I decided that I should join their club and started to "troll" I picked champs for the first time (which I wasn't doing before as I always wanted to be at my best and sticked to a select few champs) It felt really good to stop try-harding and I learned a lot Exp on other champs, cd timers, dmg calculations, weaknesses, matchups etc I did lose a lot of LP but I didnt care And during those "troll" games I had one of the biggest epiphanies I've had. I STILL WASN'T THE REASON WE LOST THOSE GAMES That's how much difference there was between me and that tier So to win in ranked I had to try something different, something I haven't done before, SOMETHING STRONGER And my journey to diamond took a new heading... tl;dr; I'm not a troll and gave you an advice because you asked for it With all those trolls, there will still be others who will perform considerably worse than you (if you belong to a higher tier ofc) even if you pick your best champs it doesn't mean your teammates will stick to their best champs go for 80% every game not 100%
: Me and Ranked.
ranked is filled with trolls and dumbfcks anyway 1 more doesn't make a difference
shaunika (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=%%%%%es,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=AMy37Kur,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2015-11-01T19:50:25.375+0000) > > Thornmail is fine as it is. > It is a situational item. > Sometimes a randuin or FH is better, sometimes a thornmail is better. > Don't let rito touch it, they might fuck it up. when exactly is thornmail better? unless you'rel ike malphite or taric who scales insanely well with armor or yoU're against a team with no magic damage dealer and you buy it in addition to FH and randuins otherwise no
for early armor items: if enemy got a lot of autoattackin champs (like yi, tryn, cait, vayne etc) -> thornmail if enemy got spellbased AD champs (ez, corki, zed, pant etc) -> randuin this allows you to 1v1 a lot of matchups with a carry jungler some champs are outliers, like ashe (because of the perma crit stuff). If you want to kill her faster, get thornmail If you want to tank her longer, get randuin i would still suggest the randuin against ashe and such champs though, it's really great in those matchups also the hp of randuin can be used to tank ap champs longer (especially if u buy a MR item) thornmail is also a hard counter to hard dmg champs like draven and fed adc's without lifesteal tracking enemy ad based builds and their progress is extremely important due to the thornmail-lifesteal matchup can they sustain the dmg (= can they take me down) or not? keep in mind that a botrk isn't enough to sustain through a thornmail. a BT on the other hand is. when not to buy: - when you are behind eg money, levels, pressure. you lack the levels and hp to use it well. exceptions rammus, malp, full AD enemy team. - when enemy is buying early LW. since it doesn't provide hp, it's not smart, effective and efficient. exceptions multiple auto based enemies questionable: - when enemy bought a BT they will still need a lot of time to kill you and you can tank quite a bit, but they won't kill themselves the sustain is enough to survive and kite. even without a LW. with a thornmail u want to zone the autobased carries, you want to chase them away from your dmg dealers. if they can sustain through you, then you can should buy smthing else (unless it still helps you win the fight) also try to cover up the weaknesses of your items with other items when you buy a thornmail, dont combine it with a hexdrinker this is just plain stupid. here are some suggestions for follow up items; for MR: get banshee/spirit visage for armor: randuin (fh or ga is also dumb, there are exceptions ofc) for hp: warmog (if they don't have %-ap / %-ad dmg or if you got more than 250 armor) other champs work bad with both of these items I would suggest a frozen heart on j4, kha etc if you need armor the cd red synergizes really well which gives you some more dmg output on top of the tankiness tl dr; It depends on what you want to do with your items and champ, when you want to do it and how you want to do it IT'S ALL ABOUT DECISIONS DECISIONS DECISIONS AND EVEN MORE DECISIONS ;D
: Buff Thornmail or remove it
Thornmail is fine as it is. It is a situational item. Sometimes a randuin or FH is better, sometimes a thornmail is better. Don't let rito touch it, they might fuck it up.
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: Dia5 Mid/Support/Top looking for ranked team of Dias/high plats. EUW, OR Duo with adc diamond.
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Stano (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=pussYes,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=Zp1YewX0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-14T14:18:10.758+0000) > > Maybe, unlike you, I have experience on playing with and against (high) diamonds. > And soloQ environment isn't a great measure for skill. > > If you are not applying to my team then move on. > You aren't contributing. HAHAHAHA your funny bro... plat 5 wanting dia 5 + only xD
talking about contradictions, how about you read your own comments? But your plat 5? <-> yeah you were diamond last season but that dont mean shit xD I put the d5 minimum in there because I don't want to play with the same garbage I find in soloQ. We both might be plat, but there is a world of difference between you and me. There is still a 5v5 premade queue I got experience in which you are not accounting for. No clue why you are acting so salty.
Stano (EUW)
: But your plat 5? how can you ask for diamond players when you yourself are on the border of gold? yeah you were diamond last season but that dont mean shit xD
Maybe, unlike you, I have experience on playing with and against (high) diamonds. And soloQ environment isn't a great measure for skill. If you are not applying to my team then move on. You aren't contributing.
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