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Mega Gnar (EUW)
: Not receiving the Worlds icon
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: new gamemode ideea
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: i MaDe A cLuB fOr GnAr MaInS
still tilted from your perma ban? xd
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: Wards are WAY overpriced.
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: Placements
what was your rank last season?
Mega Gnar (EUW)
: i think there is an option were you can completely turn off the chat, idk if im right tho
or just do /muteall at the beginning of every game
kin2211 (EUNE)
: chat close
i think there is an option were you can completely turn off the chat, idk if im right tho
Lari (EUNE)
: My season 9 so far :)
Its also veru funny that i report all the people doing this kind of stuff ingame, and i never got that msg were they show you riot punished the players... -_-
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: just uninstalled this game , dont plan on reinstalling it again
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: Gaining honor takes too long.
yeah this is so true.
Clark (EUW)
: Mini Map Left Click 1.5 second delay
Kâtarina (EUNE)
: Kled or Illaoi ?
kled, more fun, more skilled
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: Practice Game with premades
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Atlas (EUNE)
: Are you good at league?
: (EUW) Stuck in game that ended 30 mins ago, so are the people who were in the game
: league is dying and not fun anymore
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: i need to poop
i think u need to take the poop man, if u dont you will explode and thats not cool either. just take the poop and play league after, it might burn your asshole so goodluck man. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
ddx (EUW)
: ***
if you dont like the game, %%%%ing quit and play fortnite and other normie games.
: Clash Match bugged, we got kicked from the lobby with an insta lose
Kaneyº (EUW)
: Quitting the League
bye, not taking time to read your story about how you left a game.
: Forge of Champions Feedback and Questions
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: £300 Account PERMAbanned for ridiculous chatlog.
: Mundo.
hes healing is too much, he can just run into your base 1v5 for 10 hole seconds and run away with like 450 movement speed.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Dr Mündo (EUNE)
: Mundo icon [PETITION]
mundo is busted :)
: despacito
i really dont know amigo (it rhymes lol)
: I found a video, Riot should watch it and take notes.
If Riot didnt made all these skins the game would be a little more boring without beautiful effects on champions.
: nerf Nasus
No. Nasus is fun to play and you can counter him very easy. Hes just a late game champion so try to not let him stack (camp him as jg) rotate with your bot etc..)
: Hmm, I don't think a champ designed to be a support really needs a minion execute cooldown reset since it's not his job to farm and he shouldn't need to do it
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: well not really bcs it has a cast time but i see your point. i just need at least more dmg so i can find his "tap-q" useful
Maybe its cool that they make his Q a longer cd if hes charging his Q fully and when only used as dmg (just one click) it has like an 30% less cd.
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