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: league of whoever gets the troll
Every game I've been in the past 20 games (check history) someone gone something like 2/10 either on my team or the enemy and it 100% decides the game.
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Nherax (EUW)
: People surrendering early because game isn't going their way.
I've honestly had more pre 20 min surrenders so far this season than all of last season. Just seems like one lane gets so unbelievably far ahead that the others in that lane give up and feed to a point where the whole team see it's pointless People going 0/10 before 10 mins is becoming far too frequent. Either the matchmaking is still teething from reset or the game has changed to a point where if particular champions get ahead then they become impossible to deal with even in a 3v1 scenario
Hansiman (EUW)
: Ever heard about Proxy Singed and Inting Sion? Both of those were legit strategies that aimed to win the game, but they ended up with horrible stats to show for it. Should they be punished then?
Not once did inting Sion work in any game I was in. It always led to an overly fed team and 4v5 teamfights. Yes it should be punished.
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: 14-day suspension over 1 toxic game
You'll lose your rewards for this season now too
: Good idea in theory, horrible in practice. You'd get smurfs running it down so that their premade doesn't lose LP or w/e. Would definitely get abused.
Would people really take a ban over one loss though?
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dol0hov (EUW)
: I honestly quit. I can't play this anymore, can't climb up.
I recently logged a ticket with Riot support. I was carrying every game up to Silver 1 98lp and then have had a teamate go 1/11 in every game so far. This isn't the first time it's happened either. How is it pros can go from unranked to masters in 20 games meanwhile 90% of the playerbase is silver/bronze? There's clearly something wrong with their system.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: It's not as bad as you think, and no, we can't have them round it up. What matters is the mmr in the background and winning a game from 98LP to 100LP for example, will increase your mmr while it barely increases your rank. This means your mmr will get higher than your rank and your LP gains will increase. Riot already talked about the rounding up thing in one of their articles and said that it would be hard to find the exact rounding up spot. For example, if the rounding up would happen for 97LP+, then the people landing at 96LP would be mad and ask for rounding up etc. So the problem would still exist. Better to not round up at all.
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TrypPpPper (EUNE)
: What you want to do? Make the turrets stronger? > Prior to this the ADC and I won lane, but after the first time we killed the enemy we took 90% of the tower in botlane down and this was pre 8 minutes and we laughed about it Thats gj so early in game but is just that... it is early in game and you don't deal that much dmg. > We lost a team fight and after the team fight the enemy got our inner tower, our inhib tower, our inhib, both nexus towers and the nexus. Granted they had a Nasus (with poor stacks) but I feel the paper towers in this game need to be addressed particularly in a Meta where champions are snowballing out of control Yes this was sooner in game and everyone deal more dmg? Is your point that turrets are too weak or that some champions can through abilities deal extra dmg on turrets? I don't say anything about your post is wrong or right just want to have it explained more or maybe I am just stupid? {{champion:17}}
They are too weak is what I mean, not sure how you missed that? What I'm getting at here is the game is decided far too early in this meta The game I had was very even up until the last fight. Two seasons ago the enemy would have gotten 2 turretts and an inhib at most but in this Meta they can end the game What I meant by my botlane reference was that we were laughing at how quick the tower went down. It was pre 8 minutes and from the time we killed them and they were able to get back to lane we had pushed the wave at taken 90% of the turrett. We also honestly could have taken it if the jhin was a bit quicker to react and if we did that was the enemies lane completely over before 8 minutes...
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Blakex13x (EUW)
: This game is a joke!!!
Play hard carry champs, make your chat box as small as possible and don't look at it. Take everything that is free, if it's not free don't take it. You will climb. AFK's are present in every ELO
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Sakiisu (EUW)
: Perm banned; is this deserved??
It isn't a fair system. I flamed a 2/20 mid laner and I got banned. I flamed someone who wasted 4 peoples time and I got banned? Welcome to the league of snowflakes who don't understand there is a mute button.
zimiaris10 (EUNE)
: hello i got problem with my rank
Apparently it's because it's too early in the season so placements are all over the place.
Sortye (EUW)
: Bronze 5 :/
Something is wrong, 50% of all league players are below silver 3, and that's because Riot wants you there, to keep trying to grind out and give them more $
Encrux (EUW)
: Riot's "broken system" allows you to climb back to the elo you belong in within >20-30games. I got placed 3 divisions below my last year's rank. I gain 30LP per win and already skipped a division. Plus, you got the division helper that basically ensures that you win atleast your 2nd promotion after you failed one.
20-30 games....just think about that time frame and remember that's in a row.
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