: Also it says around that elo not above, gold would also be completely fine.
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: I added you! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
dude it's a post from 5 months ago
Rushrawr (EUW)
: LF Support & Jungle Gold V+
Hey, Platinum supp main here.
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Kiisara (EUW)
: Creation a Team of One Trick Ponys
{{champion:63}} support MeleeMaster 20 years old Plat 5 about 80% one trick pony, I also play other champs I find fun every now and then
: Uncharted Gaming looking to make a Platinum team
MeleeMaster, main aggressive mage supports, plat
Etherim (EUW)
: Looking for people to join in normal games for some fun :3
: *Need A Team Name Gaming* LF Top and Jungle
The Plat+ requirement is a joke, it's a team of silver players.
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: [EUW]-[S]-[Platinum TOP]-[Dynamic Queue]
MeleeMaster mid lane main platinum for the 3rd season in a row; I try to think of what I could've done better instead of blaming someone else for dying/losing, I never flame and I would also like to play in a team
: Plat 3 last season support LF ADC
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Wurpa Adc (EUW)
: [Gold-Plat+] Dynamic queue search [And team 5v5] Fun and serious games!
Can you speak english? **Yes** Division? **Plat 3 last season** Main lane? **Mid** Second main lane? **Jungle** Communication program? **Any** Age? **19** Main champion in main lane? **Viktor/Lissandra (I play both equally)** Main champion in second main lane? **Jax**
Twinbo (EUW)
Able to use TS + Skype (Yes/No) - **Yes** Age - **19** Language(s) - **English, Romanian** Division - **Platinum III last season, haven't finished placements yet** Primary Role - **ADC** Secondary Role - **Fill** Main Champions - **Lucian, Ezreal, Graves, Caitlyn** Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/No) - **Yes** Why should we play with you - **I've been in dozens of 5v5 teams, I'm fun to play with and I like pandas**
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: Plat 4 Top/Mid Laner LFT
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AndiBO15 (EUW)
: |--- LF ranked 5s guys to join plat+ Team!
IGN: MeleeMaster Role: Top Lane Division: keep jumping between Plat 5 and 4 because of the way the MMR system works, it's too long to explain Ranked 5s experience: I've been in atleast 100 teams so far, they all disband after the 1st time because we can never get 5 people online Why should I pick you: I'm extremely motivated to play Ranked 5s everyday with or without a schedule, I just really love the team environment.
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: Plat Top Laner LFT
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: Why is my team getting matched up with plat and diamonds?
Team MMR is different from Solo Q MMR. You've just started a new team, they've just started a new team => 2 new teams fighting is considered as balanced. You will bump into tons of plat and diamond players
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: Top/Jungle/ADC needed for ranked team.
IGN: **MeleeMaster** Age: **18** Country and Timezone: **Romania, GMT+2** Fluent in German?: **No** TS³ + working MIC?: **Yes** Top 5 Champs: {{champion:127}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:69}} Top/Jungle/ADC: **Top Lane** League/Division(Gold+ - Plat recommended): **Plat V currently, peaked at Plat III both in S4 and S5** Experience(since when do you play?): **Season 2** Availability(when are you online, how long?): **Every day after 1 PM GMT until around midnight** Add me in-game if you're interested
: LF Toplaner/Supp Plat/Dia
My IGN is MeleeMaster and I'm a Top Laner I'm currently Plat V in promos to IV, I have been Plat III earlier this season, but I stopped playing for a while and decayed; I'm on my way climbing back up though, I'm confident that I can reach Diamond by the end of the season I usually just lock in {{champion:127}} and {{champion:120}} every game, but if those are unavailable I'm also confident on {{champion:69}} , {{champion:57}} and {{champion:39}} . I've been playing since Season 2 (Darius release), I am 18 years old and I can use whatever voice program you choose to communicate in game. I can also most likely adapt to your playing times / schedule, I'm online every day after 1 PM GMT. If there's any other champions you would like me to start practicing in order to play them for ranked teams at a Plat/Dia level, I'm open to suggestions.
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: LF - Top / Jungl / Supp - Begginer Pro team - S5+ - Must be ACTIVE - EU WEST
> If we do win tournament you get = split as all of us do (More info ask within) what tournament with cash / RP prizes are you going to win as silvers?
: Plat Support LFT
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Zèdx (EUW)
: Affinity Gaming LF Top Sub (Plat+)
IGN: MeleeMaster Age: 13 in April Nationality: Afghanistan Ranking: Bronze IV but I'm stuck in elo hell Role: Top lane if my PC manages to load the game, otherwise afk Your top 4 champions: Urgot, Poppy, Teemo, Shaco Why do you want to join us: my mommy said I need to make friends What can you bring to the team: I have some playboy magazines I can share with you guys Questions you might want to ask(Just put N/A if none): Are there any girls here? I'm really desperate, I'll do anything
: Affinity Gaming LF Plat+ players!
IGN: MeleeMaster Age: 18 Nationality: Romania Ranking: Platinum IV Role: Support Your top 4 champions: Blitzcrank, Annie, Nami, Morgana Why do you want to join us: Premade 5s are always more enjoyable than solo games, and I've always been looking for a team that plays every day What can you bring to the team: I believe that my greatest strengths are team fighting, easily building up a synergy in the bot lane and communication Questions you might want to ask(Just put N/A if none): Are there any other supports the team would like me to pick up / practice?
: Party Rewards
bump {{summoner:30}}
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: Recruiting for a Plat+ team
IGN: MeleeMaster Roles (best to worst, put all roles here): Support > Jungle > AD Carry > Mid > Top How often are you punished for being overaggressive (1-10, 1 being rarely 10 being way too often): 4 What makes you tilt (and how badly do you tilt): Losing 4-5 games in a row, I just stop playing for the day Weaknesses: Shot calling Strengths: Vision control, team fighting, communication
: Looking for jungle and top


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