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bPyWythe (EUW)
: "there is no elo hell" or is it?
Season 9 is just a total mess, i see people in plat 4 as an example with 2k games 1k games and so on with a negative win rate, simply playing the worst type of gameplay you've ever seen but yet they dont get demoted, this season ruined ranked soloq since ppl that play tons of games get rewarded instead of playing well, they only play alot of games, being able to climb with a 47% win rate which is legit stupid xD
Hansiman (EUW)
: IFS understands multiple languages. I've seen my share of cases in non-english languages to see that people can't hide behind not speaking English.
but as i said in my first post "im just sharing my in game experience", i also asked for people to help me by sharing their opinion and experiences as well and as i see people dont have the same experience i do or at least any closer to it so im actually glad someone from the forum came here and gave their opinion on the subject.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mendigo sem casa,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=c4ERnlaA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-12-28T18:20:24.469+0000) > > So how can a french player insult you in french and not get banned? but if you for some reason insult the same player in english you get banned? Firstly, how do you know this for certain? Let me say up front that just because you didn't see a punishment happen doesn't mean it didn't happen at all, and match history is a dubious indicator since not all punishments prevent people from playing matches in the first place, such is the case with chat restrictions. Secondly, regardless of how you know this for certain, it hinges on people knowing and caring enough about their reaction to what's said in the chat, and you can't really have a negative reaction to something typed in the chat if you didn't understand what was being said in the first place. I'm not saying that makes it right to be toxic as long as it's in a foreign language (because after all, even if the French-speaking players were likely in a minority, it can't really be a negligible minority, so there's going to be at least someone who will understand). I'm saying that as long as language barriers are a thing and people report such behaviour if they _do_ recognize it as toxic behaviour, what you're bringing up is kind of a minor issue.
its not a minor issue french players kinda abuse this on a daily basis and if u dare to say something their premades will reply with this "Racism reporteee" c'mon what is this? second of all we are on the EUW so it proves it isnt a minor issue its a bigger issue since league has a french language so it should have a filter right there and it should ban ppl that say bs in french after all u dont need an iq above 130 to understand french its kinda easy,.
: Do this self-test: 1.Translate your favorite insults into french and put them in a text document. 2.When you feel like it, use these in your games. 3.Report back from your soon-to-be banned account in a few weeks. 4.??? 5.Profit for science.
: Why can french players insult you in french and not be banned about it?
Im here to ask as well if this is just some kind of experience that only happened to me or if it is something that does or does not happen to other ppl
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: Give everyone 900 RP for this nonsense
Riot Games is a joke .... they act like they care but they dont care at all they literelly gave us season 3 flashbacks this week and worse if servers were the only problem i would be so happy with riot! but power creep, unbalance ... im starting to think that ppl that work for riot dont care about this at all they dont play their own game .... srly a 10´+ year old company with these many mistakes? Imagine ... League is a good game... but i dont see a bright future with riot games tho... their time has already ended.
: does it need to be in this patch?
: Kha didnt get buffed this patch. What are you even talking about?
: LoOk At mE iM rIoT gAmEs aNd I bUfFeD kHa ZiX bCuZ oF MoNeY
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: "instead of actually looking into posts like this which are way more important" Yes, you not being able to dodge or understand how hitboxes work is obviously a pressing problem for riot games and the community as a whole {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Your post had no substance whatsoever, ofc riot won't bother commenting on something like that. "Fix hitboxes" doesn't even mean anything. Most hitboxes work as intended. Sometimes hitboxes don't perfectly coincide with the visual input but that is not a bug most of the time. It's just that due to perspective and the projectile width some hitboxes can be slightly wider than their visual. The only way to "fix" those hitboxes would be to simply reduce their width, which is nothing but a straight up nerf. There are a few things that are actually bugged (yasuo's windwall) but I highly doubt riot needs you to tell them to fix things that are obviously not working as intended. check this out i came across this a few weeks ago one guy posted a similar video here on boards
Mada (EUW)
: And once again I downvoted without even reading. Balance is restored!
: Riot don't bother with these boards. I actually wonder if there's any point in keeping these boards going tbh. If you actually want them to hear what you have to say you've three options: 1) Send in a support ticket (which will more than likely be ignored as they're inundated atm - not a major surprise that...). 2) Make a thread on Reddit. If it gets enough upvotes, a Rioter normally comments. 3) Tweet them as they seem to primarily communicate through Twitter for some goddamned reason.
Well thank you m8 ... its actually sad tho but hey that's the gaming company that we have they will answer to useless posts that dont have anything to do with the game but xD
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: how many views we will need until riot adress this issue?
so i see riot games only respond to players asking for " what is a good win rate for your main champion and tips for ranked" instead of actually adressing an issue but hey that's how you guys do it?
: Hitboxes
how many views we will need until riot adress this issue?
: Hitboxes
I mean i got hooked by a nautilus from the other side of the wall ?? c'mon this game is almost 11 years old and we still have these little things that are so god damn annoying probably riot games will just see this post and move on without actually fixing anything on this game ... better to add new skins with effects and with missleading skillshot sizes like many of ahri skins where the charm hitboxes actually changes like ?? for real xd
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: not sure about that...
PERL?? Take it hasdhudhaus
: I could write it in Java or Javascript, but thats EloHell
Suzuken (EUW)
I could write it in pascal but that's flexing
Colyeses (EUW)
: Doesn't Australia go on a different server region?
I've come from a land down underrr
: #include using namespace std; int main(){ int gamemode; gamemode = 1; if(gamemode = 1){ cout << "Your position in queue:" << endl; cout << "Over 20000" << endl; cout << "" <
It doesnt come out as i expected
: On behalf of EUW Players
#include using namespace std; int main(){ int gamemode; gamemode = 1; if(gamemode = 1){ cout << "Your position in queue:" << endl; cout << "Over 20000" << endl; cout << "" <
: R I O T O G O M E S W E D O N T W A N T S E A S O N 3 F L A S H B A C K S ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
ᴚ Ǝ Λ ᴚ Ǝ S Ǝ H ⊥ X I Ⅎ Ǝ S ∀ Ǝ ˥ Ԁ S Ǝ W O ⅁ O ⊥ I ᴚ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
: On behalf of EUW Players
R I O T O G O M E S W E D O N T W A N T S E A S O N 3 F L A S H B A C K S ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Meus grandisssimos cabrões da riot games filhos de uma ganda adotada que vende o seu corpo
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halbalili (EUNE)
: I saw a comment on the gameplay review of the skin that said you could remove the armor but i don't really think so ,i mean we have wandered for years whats behind that mask but i dont think Riot would go as far as to have zed unmasked during the whole game just like with eternal sword yi its a face reveal only on the recall not during the whole game ,guess we have to wait for it to be realeased on PBE to test this out.
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: C'mon rito gomes well to sum up crash
blitzeee (EUW)
: yo riot i mean the rest of your team seems overall pretty good for what theyre doing but this is getting out of hand isnt it? clash still not working after so many attempts, im not an expert or anything but the rest of the teams seem really good like the design team and working on skins maybe a little more motivation for the people working at clash or something cause yikes man causing quite the racket among people who are really into clash right now know what im sayin
: C'mon rito gomes
_ _ _ _ _ _ /\ \ /\ \ / /\ / /\ / /\ / /\ / \ \ / \ \ / / \ / / \ / / / / / / / /\ \ \ / /\ \ \ / / /\ \ / / /\ \__ / /_/ / / / / / /\ \ \ / / /\ \_\ / / /\ \ \ / / /\ \___\ / /\ \__/ / / / / / \ \_\ / / /_/ / / / / / \ \ \ \ \ \ \/___/ / /\ \___\/ / / / / \/_/ / / /__\/ / / / /___/ /\ \ \ \ \ / / /\/___/ / / / / / / /_____/ / / /_____/ /\ \ _ \ \ \ / / / / / / / / /________ / / /\ \ \ / /_________/\ \ \ /_/\__/ / / / / / / / / / / /_________\ / / / \ \ \ / / /_ __\ \_\ \ \/___/ / / / / / / / \/____________/ \/_/ \_\/ \_\___\ /____/_/ \_____\/ \/_/ \/_/
: C'mon rito gomes
LETS GO BURN CRASH DOWN!!!!!!!{{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:14}}
: C'mon rito gomes
R I T O ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) G O M E S
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