: Need 2 players for casual clash (Bronze / Silver)
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Iseff (EUW)
: ADC LF Team(Gold-Plat)
I play mid! Gold 1 :)
Tôm (EUW)
: First Pentakill with what champion?
My first ever penta was with Dr. Mundo. Happened in an aram, out of nowhere.
: Rewards
You'll get your bloody rewards, yes
: Pinging Health/Mana
Generally not many people know how much mana each ability actually uses. So to be honest, I don't think it would matter that much.
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Endarae (EUW)
: silver 3 top/adc looking for team
ADmir060 (EUNE)
: Sugestion for Ranked Games Please Listen
Katarina is a VERY fun champion to play. She might feel unbalanced or freakin' overpowered tho. But that's not what she is. Like everyone else, she can be very strong if fed. If you just silence or stun a Katarina, it's gameover for her. Basicly, if you see the enemy pick Katarina, go for a CC-team. Tell your teammates that they need to have stuns, knock-ups, silences, even snares.
Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
Don't know about the others, but the "warded" ping I really love.
Selpher (EUW)
: Problem with support.
It's all about what your ticket is about. They might have a lot of work to do. I asked them a few questions, got answers within 2-3 days. But that were general questions. It's all up to your patience
D3stroid (EUNE)
: gangplank free skin
Well it is a matchmade game. So I think yes.
: Custom skins
I'd not do it in online games tho, only customs.
: Myst
I think he means that you get 400 free RP in lvl 3 or so. They can be used for champs/skins on sale, cheap skins and even battle boosts. If you want to buy champs/skins on sale, buy some RP (really not that expensive)
Sffc (EUW)
: So, when is a new client starting to being worked on?
Don't know if we need a new client again. But something we need is a new champion select. It looks very old. And then there's the background in the party setup screen. Way to old looking in my opinion. Last thing: The shop.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Are you making a new account, or purchasing a name change? If you're purchasing a name change, then you can get taken names if the account has been inactive for a while.
Thinking about changing name, and yea, I know that :)
iVlados (EUW)
: Bugs in search in store
It's the same when you search "Zed". Rumble pops up too, but that's because he's "the Mechani**zed** Menace!" :D
: qwerwqerqwerwqrqwerqwerwqerewqrwqerwqerwqerewqweqweqeqeewrewqwwe
Hey, you forgot the autoattacks
Profi005 (EUW)
: Need players to ranked team
I main both mid and top. Mostly playing top at the moment. Could possibly join when getting unbanned later today.
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: First ban for 14 days??
Just the attitude of your topic message explains a lot. Mate, if people flame at you, there's only one right thing to do. Hold TAB, hover the mouse over the champion icon and press the mute button. Don't even fight back. I'm speaking of experience. I got banned 14 days myself because I fought back and got mad. Keep a positive mind. Even if you do bad and they flame at you, mute 'em and stay focused. And if you're losing, don't get mad and blame your teammates. Everyone loses, that's a part of the game.
: i wish u re right :( i am really tilted , i cant calm last games{{champion:32}}
Just be happy that you're even Diamond man. It's very hard to climb up there - at least for some people. That's the life of ranked, you go up, you go down.
Dr Sugar (EUW)
: I main Teemo, I can confirm this. Sometimes just the third hit goes trhough, other times se just keep damaging while blinded.
Not sure if it's what you mean, but "Silver Bolts" is a passive ability. I think the third hit counts as a spell, and therefor damages.
: Guys I need your help got banned because of a hacker
I think it sound really weird that you suddenly, after a half year want your account back. Also, why would you add "I forgot to add" in the same message? Like you didn't forget it if you wrote it... If you sent another message after, saying that, would've given' a lot more sense. In my opinion your alibi sound very silly.
: Maybe it's a sign? GP didn't die, he just fell into a coma?
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