: For the memorial of sated devourer, what was your fastest time you got it?
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: You dont get him banned, you can write a supportticket and "the grils" might get banned for accountshareing.
:c i hate eloboosters more than boosted people themselves tbh haha
: New Vel Koz is a joke
Goofle (EUW)
: Toxicity isn't a real problem. It has already been solved with the introduction of the mute buttons. However, this community has the mental age of a 12 year old. So yeah, I guess if you insult a 12 year old on the internet he will have a problem with it and will seek revenge. Obviously Riot benefits from that. They just programmed some bots to hand out random bans after X amount of reports and they don't even have a single employee dedicated to the so-called "justice system" anymore. Meanwhile, more serious violations of the ToS, like account sharing and account selling remain unpunished. If you think about it, account sellers serve Riot well. Fresh lvl 30 accounts for all the people who got permabanned. So much RP to sell, yay !
Cus its not fun watching some 2/7/3 guy get wins and spam ''easy'' for doing nothing useful all game.
Barr0ck (EUW)
: Nobody boost girls for money, somebody boost girls because they think they are gonna get something with them, which is sad. However, you shall thank Riot Lyte for his unstoppable efforts to replace soloQ for DynQ that can be easily abused legally, like making a smurf or buying one acc for less than 10 bucks then duo or trio or quadra queue wih decent players + a Janna/lulu girl. You're welcome to season 6. For those who are willing to downvote me, I coulnd't care less. I've seen this dozen of times.
Lmao yeah i know.... :c Damn, feels nice having someone of that elo agree with me for once :3
Evanitis (EUNE)
: You know I can say I'm Prime Minister of Girldom, and I'll issue a Royal Edict that will force the MM to only match you with Bronze-5 AFKers and Trolls. And of course eloboosted people. In fact, I already did. Hail to the King baby!
: Countless? You lose 20 LP per lost game. It takes you 5-6 consecutive losses to drop from a division. Worst case scenario this person will ruin 20-30 individual games before they drop out of high elo. I'm not trying to make that sound good. 20-30 games is still really bad. But it's hardly countless. And people who get boosted and then fall back down usually realize how pointless getting boosted was in the first place, so they don't pay for it again.
They still ruin games for others, and thats the biggest problem imo lol...
momoandapa (EUNE)
: THANK YOU. i was searching all over the place for something like that. i think you are right, it's basically mocking the defeated enemies. and, well, i think its just the same to mock the losing team and to mock your own. i hope riot make a report about it, or just release something that says " well guys, from now own saying any from of "easy" in chat (IZIZI, EASY, easy, EASY etc') will be considered negative attitude/ unsportsmanlike conduct"
Starpelt (EUW)
: Hey! That's my unique character trait,pal.
: Sounds like the worlds against you, pal.
: You'll be pleased to know that 4 man premade reports don't count the same as solo queue reports. Riot has said this many times.
I got banned once cus i told an enemy to ''please do something without your babysitting jungler, i know you wouldnt be able to'' she had 4 premades, called my mother a whore who deserves cancer, i got banned she didnt...
: However or whatever you was banned for I can assure you it was a gradual process... You didn't have 1 bad game, get reported and then get banned..You was consistently reported, and thus on the radar, and banned.
Yeah i was constantly reported by 4 man premades who refused to even talk in chat with me. Seems way more legit than someone spamming ''so easy game'' 24 times in all chat while being boosted.
: You must be new to the world if you think punishments happen instantly.
Colsh (EUW)
: Report the person for negative attitude.
I did. All 3 of them are currently in game..... Fun, great to see that the system is clearly working. Kappa.
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: If someone is smurfing in lower elo and boosting a friend in the process, I don't think there's anything anyone can do about it. But account sharing is indeed punishable by a permanent ban. Just look at the PB section, there are several people who have complained about having their accounts banned for sharing. I wouldn't worry about it, though. Elo boosting is the most pointless process in the world. The person being boosted will just get stomped in higher elos and return to the elo they belong in within like 2-3 weeks of playing, effectively wasting both their own and their booster's time. And accounts that massively spike in winning streaks out of nowhere tend to get suspended by Riot in waves.
That person will ruin games for countless people in that elo while losing games..... :c
: [Submit a support ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) and give them the information in question.
Alright, Thanks <3 The reason im extra upset is cus this brings in low elo players into my elo which can ruin my games for me etc.... Pretty annoying tbh :c
: First of all, define eloboosting. In Ranked you can no longer queue with someone if they're more than 1 division above you, so Plat players can no longer drag their premades out of Bronze. If said offender is giving their account to the higher elo player to get boosted, just report it - account sharing is a direct violation of Riot's EULA.
Well, i have messages from him himself saying he likes boosting girls for money etc.... If he gets money to duoq with lower elo players, isnt that concidered ''an offense''/wrong?
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Riot tmx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] Slow response from the server
The EUW client is a bit messed up, like the friendslist is all weird and not in order etc :P
Nurglics (EUNE)
: rito balance or at least their fail attempt at balancing
: Dont build ga... Get a blade/bt and you wont EVER die vs mundo Sell youmuus for a last whisper late game(if they stacked armor on at least 1 or 2 targets.) GA sucks atm on adcs(escpecially since the respawn timer change)
: His 4th hit is anti tank
: With 2 lifesteal items mundo wont deal dmg to you unless he has a full armlr build with thornmail(mages kill him the )
He had like 3 armor items with the thornmail, aswell as a visage and warmogs lmao. We didnt rlly have a mage, we had a 1/10 singed which he laned against lol
: Jhin is also anti tank.
Oh? How come :P I mean his 4 autos system is pretty annoying vs certain tanks imo
: Play vay or kog or varus (the anti tank adc's) then.
Hehe, im not very good on them ^^ Im simpl trying to pick up ADC as secondary role (main jungle) and the champs i play is Lucian, Draven, Ezreal and Jhin lol
: get both
^^ Well, id love to, but i feel like i need certain items on Draven :/ Youmuus > Mercurial > Phantom Dancer > IE > GA was what i built that game, + boots ofc lol
Colsh (EUW)
: He can't 2/3 shot people, yes maybe in a 1b1 with a 0/2 lucian but if you don't get caught you are fine. In a teamfight if the enemy adc can actually position themselves and get peal from their support. So for example Janna knock up, Janna slow into Janna ult, and the adc has a shield it is possible to deal with him. He has 1 slowing ability which is a hardish to land skill shot, the rest of his kit does not heal that much. There is also a lot of champions easier and stronger than him atm.
I was 9/4 midlane draven and we had a 11/7 twitch adc :/ 2/3shot us both lol... :/ Our support was a Nami :P
: Buy mr they have it for both ad {{item:3139}} {{item:3156}} and ap {{item:3001}}
had mercurial :c
: What do you think patch 6.9 is for, you have to wit 1 single day.
:) sure hope so haha
Colsh (EUW)
: his Q does 25% of your current health in magic damage. Not 40%, there is a huge difference. He is really not OP atm you just need to kite him.
Well he pretty much 2/3shot people.... As FULL TANK... I mean theres no risk an maximum reward in that.... :/ Hes not rlly kiteable on champs without any dashes tbh, if he just hits one q, you are dead pretty much... And thats just one champ, remember there are still 4 others on their team no matter how bad they play, a champ like lissandra etc is always gonna be a problem anyways with that point click cc
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duckarp (EUNE)
: Actually Q is much harder to hit, especially during a teamfight.
E has a bigger impact tho
: Platinum 1, ex Diamong. Looking for Dynamic Queue team/Partners to play with.
Id love to join if i was just 2-3 divs higher :P Rip the dream Good luck tho ^^
xWolfyx (EUW)
: 6 year old account got banned. Health reasons.
:( I wish you all the best buddy <3
: I got a lot of players in my friendslist around p2/p1. They are pure onetrickponies and abused a broken champ to get there. Since dynamicqueue they struggle alot vs better teams cause they cant abuse their stuff anymore. Im happy about the glorious dqueu days. Skill actually matters again.
Lol, the thing is in dynamic queue, skill actually doesnt matter anymore, its all about who got better ''teamwork'' not whos actually better players....
: That is not what "boosting" means. It certainly is a side effect of the premades in dynamic queue. Also it is not "abusing" that; it is what Riot promotes. Whether or not these effects are wanted ot had been thought of in advance. However, reading through this, I'd say that we need a real soloQ in Dynaic Select. You all talk about Gold/Plat here, but I can tell that down in Bronze it is no different.
Well, since its not fair or skillrewarding, i find it ring and a way of abusing a broken system lol... Yup, unfortunatly we will never see the glorious days of Soloq ever again..... :c Nah, all divisions have these problems anyways, just like afks, trolls and so on
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I can agree with that, but it's not like the mods have to remove content only if it violates the rule that the report said it violated. For instance: if someone is threatening another player, and the comment is reported as "incorrect board"; we're not going to dismiss the report since the thread wasn't in an incorrect board, but rather remove it for the rule it **did** violate. =) If you see a post that's a violation of the rules, and you're uncertain as to what you should report it as; don't worry so much about it. We'll check the report regardless of what you choose.
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Actually it's because the reporting options in the Boards are so limited.
: high plat starting to get the low elo syndrome
Yup, i have several players on my friendslist who are g5 level, but are p3-p1 cus of abusing 4-5 man dynamic queue only and simply getting boosted.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Actually, it was reported as harassment, but I didn't see it as severe enough to give you the deletion message saying you were harassing the person, so I chose the spam one. If you note, the spam message also states posts that don't contribute to a topic, or serve no purpose, can be removed. That's why I opted to use this one. Let the person have his opinions without you attacking him for it. I'm sorry if you took offense to the action.
Remove the person who reported it as harrassments right to report since he clearly has no idea what harrassment is lmao
Rito PI0x (EUW)
: I usually try to stay completely calm in such situation. Just try your best to do so too and you can easily make someone stop tilting with some kind words. Another thing you can do is completely ignore those players. You have to think like that rarely happens. Such a painful Game will probably only last around max. 30 minutes. It isn't worth it flaming such people, they won't listen. Just make sure to report them in post game lobby without telling everyone to report them because if you do that repeatedly, **you **may get punished because report calling is also a reason to get suspended. If anyone else got any questions, feel free to ask. It will be a pleasure for me to help the Community becoming atleast a liitle bit more friendly ^.^
Hmm, i also wouldve been able to stay calm if they didnt have the power to give away my lp to people who dont deserve it tbh :( Its fine ^^ My question was stupid tbh :P
: oh no! assassins can assassinate! this game sux
'assassinate'' more like press 2 buttons to kill someone whos way more fed than themselves using their non skilltaking point click spells lol...
Rito PI0x (EUW)
: Unsportsmanlike Behaviour
-Treat everyone with the respect they deserve How does this apply to the people who say stuff like ''i fucked you mom yesterday ff 20 or i go afk'' while being 1/16 toplane yasuo? lol. Cus the respect they DESERVE, is none at all tbh :)
My Syndra (EUNE)
: Ad carries worst state ever
Yup, i played fed Kogmaw (10/4) enemy kata pressed q,e on me and i was dead 100->0........ She was 9/6 btw, but yeah..... It was just extremely boring with the lack of counterplay lol, i didnt even get 0.3 seconds to be able to flash before i was dead even
: Platinum V ADC main looking for a support to duo to master with
: LF A Duo To Climb Gold
Hi, feel free to add me :P
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