Ladrac (EUNE)
: Slot for pink wards
Yes please, when playing support (can happen in other roles aswell, but less) and the game keeps going for a while, it feels quitte uncomfortable: Getting both components of my 4th item with no ~~pink~~ red ward, or getting a ward and less stats. Even more annoying is having to decide between a 5th item or a ward. Do I want more utility, survivability, etc.. or do I want a ward to secure vision at baron, counter stealth champs
Strigina (EUNE)
: Overall:{{champion:267}} Not since her release, I was always Sona and Soraka main, but after their rework, I found Nami quite great Top:{{champion:122}} {{champion:127}} , maybe {{champion:39}} , don't play top much Jungle: {{champion:254}} hate this role, always write "cannot jungle" in champion select. When I must, I go Vi Mid:{{champion:55}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} Adc:{{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} Support:{{champion:267}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:201}} and whatever else, I could pick almost every support.
Have you tried {{champion:39}} or {{champion:89}} jungle? They're not optimal, but are viable for sure (and fun). Learning jungle can be a much nicer experience with a champion you like/are good at.
candoodle (EUW)
: Why are Nordic/Scandinavian countries grouped with EU East ?
My guess is, when they split eu server, they wanted to get around the same number of people on both servers. As for the ping, I found [this post]( All are saying euw is in Amsterdam, and eune seems to be in Frankfurt or Amsterdam. [Wiki]( says both are in Amsterdam. (eune server is mia?) Did you check both ping around the same time, since it might be caused by something else. It can be a good idea to put server location between brackets when you are choosing one in account creation. like: EUW(Amsterdam, Netherlands) or LAN (Miami, Fl, USA) So people can clearly see which is going to give best connection.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: ARAM bots.
I had this on 3v3 lately, and it were lvl 30 accs
: Why are there so little number of people playing Dominion?
There are several reasons I've seen ppl give for not playing it, and imo most of them keep themselves going: - not many ppl play it => long Q times => ppl dont like to wait => they won't wait => not many ppl play it - no ranked => competetive ppl don't play it => community/playerbase too small to make a ranked system - bots => ppl stop playing it => even safer place for bots - no changes to the map => ppl get tired of it => riot puts least effort in least popular map/mode Me, I've played dominion twice, but got kinda flamed since I didn't know what I was doing. Your post reminded me I'd try it again (maybe look something up about it first) :p
: New Poppy as support? (PBE games are mainly one-sided stomp fests) Her passive still applies melee on-hit effects, so it can execute with relic, giving you the immediate shield, so you can trade right after. Using her E like a leona E to engage on their adc is kinda awkward Her base damages are high, so extended trades in lane favour you Her E is good peel, and ofc her W and R aswell In the end, I'd say it's viable for sure, but not better than Leona or Alistar (It's more fun though :p)
Fouryth (EUW)
: Salutation. The funniest reason for beeing reported i saw in game was in aram for me. Nobody said nothing whole game in the team. We won, and at end, me and my premade receive a message for offensive language ^^' Whut? --- {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} Absolutely fantastic {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Had it as well, guess no one likes Yorick Mori :/ Also had a verbal abuse report pop up after a normal 3v3, where the only things I said where: "I cant do much vs braum passive" and "gg".
: Funniest reason for being reported?
Our midlaner put his trinket at baron, and then started flaming our support and asking to report him for the rest of the game, because the support didnt ward baron. Even after I said him it doesnt matter at all who wards what, but what is warded.
: >10 Kg of feathers are heavier because you have to carry the guilt of what you did to those birds. To produce 10kg of pure steel, would require almost 100kg of coal or a similar fuel for the crucible. The amount of carbon dioxide that would release into the atmosphere is immense, not to mention the ash. And ofc, you have to take into account the destrcution to the environment caused by mining the raw iron ore and coal first, probably destroying entire ecosystems in the process....
Do iron and coal not respawn after some seconds?
raps1355 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Metal Pagan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E5BtBYZR,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-12-01T10:22:51.581+0000) > > I've always found it kind of a waste to start dorans, Imo flask scales better into mid-game (not on adc's) Ill be honest ive never been a fan of potion starts even when we had that consumble flask b4 but i do prefer the cull as i always attempt to gain the biggest lead. You should see how religious i get with spellthief knife passive it must always be on cooldown :P Not to say that potions are bad i just havent really used them.
I'm the kind of guy who tries to win lane by make bullying the enemy rather than outfarming him.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Well you have to compare it to dorans, what you have is a refunded item cost and its resale value where as dorans you can only sell.
I've always found it kind of a waste to start dorans, Imo flask scales better into mid-game (not on adc's)
: What champs do you love the most?
{{champion:60}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:267}} skillshots, manage cooldowns, outplay potential, comboing, hard cc basic ability, can play aggressive early, takes some time to figure out how to use all their skills properly
: Anyone Else Finding Volibear Good ATM?
yeah, since people dont realise {{item:3123}} exists :p
: WE NEED more CDR items for APs!
I see some reactions like "... will be op" it's obvious certain abilities will need some more cd if cdr is easier to get, but most abilities of most champs are still healthy with 40(+5)% CDR
Dewi (EUW)
: A suggestion for the new Poppy - Tell me what you think about it as I'm not quite sure
you can choose the range by charging it up to max, or instant cast it (last doesn't knock back much) it's already good for engage: knock 2-3 enemies away at maxh charge should give you enough timz to kill the 2-3 others as 5 how would you choose the direction? angling the spell is quitte difficult
: WE NEED more CDR items for APs!
I'd like to see some items give 5 or 15% cdr aswell, maybe put 5% on nlr or blasting wand?
: Why did you gut Ashe so hard in 5.22? (esp. her Q)
her crits also didn't seem to proc warlord's bloodlust
: Removing wards as a purchasable item was a big mistake
I get ganked all the time when playing mid, since I am used to getting 2-3 wards on every recall to back up my aggro playstyle :s
: So I read you plan to nerf Soraka....
she's op, and no I didn't get rekt by one, I found this out by playing her myself
: Bard will be good now!
the main problem with bard is your teammates dodging your ult when you gonna save them from karthus ult, or blindly take the portals you make, or don't wait for your heal to charge
: Whoever downvoted ExileSorrow: He is actually right. Riot themself deemed Yorick and Poppy too toxic for free rotation. Not necessarily because they are broken, but due to their kits. If you wanna know whats really broken, its Rageblade ffs.
that's also the reason they're kept in a slightly weak state.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Since it has a usefull active now, it's actually worth upgrading {{item:3303}. Getting spooky ghosts for only the active wasn't really worth it, since the stats aren't great.
Iskierka (EUW)
: How to choose a support depending on the adc
can't lasthit kills -> {{champion:143}}
: I'll give it another try for sure, I hope it works better this time :)
I did try it, and it wasn't too great, altho I started 3/0, I wasn't able to do much, besides farming. 0/3 trynd still 2-critted me, and all other enemies did kite me hard. I might have been biased, but all things I mentioned earlier, did happen.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: So what's the current Meta right now?
"kill it before it kills you"
Hug4Free (EUW)
: * Blue dependant, aftewards Manamune. * No hard CC correct. * Mid early game is where Yorick shines. With the changes to game progression, I see a proper yield. * With group fights and towers dives, or objectives. The sustain works out great, :D
I'll give it another try for sure, I hope it works better this time :)
EmEx (EUW)
: Boycott Healthpots
Pots are more expensive, also % compared to other items, so the gold increase doesn't help them too much. This doesn't mean you don't have sustain anymore: the lifesteal/spellvamp and the biscuit masteries aren't in an awkward place anymore, and biscuits also give better flask and elixir effects. Flasks: the refillable potion doesn't do much, but its upgrades are really good. {{item:2032}} gives you next to unlimited sustain in the jungle {{item:2033}} 150hp+50mana *3 (vs flask 120hp+60 mana *3) and gives a nice combat boost. You can't get more pots anyways, so the increased price isn't too big. AD champs have a lot of new items (and mastery) for sustain, so they don't have a problem either. While hp pot itself got nerfed, there are lots of other options to get sustain now.
Hug4Free (EUW)
: 2016 LCS Preseason - Jungle: Yorick, the Gravedigger
Yorick jungle has existed for a long time, it even was played once in competetive, but never seen again. - His ghouls can tank jungle monsters, so he has good clears (if he has mana) - His CC is weak, he needs to hit an AA to get his speedup, and he doesn't have burst damage: you need at least one of these to do a decent gank. - He is good at farming the jungle, but his lategame is far inferior to other farm junglers - His biggest strength is being a lane bully (due to sustained harass and self-healing), which is lost in the jungle. Yorick jungle looked amazing after I tested his clears in a custom. But when playing it in a pvp, that was the only thing I could do: farming the jungle. I'd classify him as: fun to play in normals, but not viable for climbing ranked.
Sffc (EUW)
: Kindred needs to though. While you can kite with autos, it's hard to do so without resetting the camp, which makes you have to Q to jump over the camp to keep kiting without resetting it (except for blue/red). But to lower the Q cooldown you need W. You still are low on damage, which is why you need E. I played Kindred last patch and she was amazing at farming because I could build to strenghten her weaknesses. Purple Smite meant I could not only heal(/regen mana, but also stun camps while I reposition, and kill the camps. I would've lost a combat spell, but it was worth it for the sustain. Kindred feels kinda meh now, because I can realistically do as well with vayne in the jungle. Then again, I run Attack Speed Runes with AD junglers, which might need a bit of tweaking considered that the masteries are amazingly different now (can't realistically get monster damage reduction for example)
I'll try some kindred clears later, but I never even used purple smite. I did use my adc runepage though, which has 3 mana regen blues in it
Sffc (EUW)
: When I play AA based junglers (Kindred, Yi, Trynda, TF) I tend to start with the golems due to the (not so much now) protection it offers, you kite a bit and you auto attack, and you can clear quite a lot
yeah ofc, but you'll get blue eventually, if you're oom before reaching blue you really spam all your spells off cooldown.
Regnuss (EUW)
: Gj Riot you did it again...
tried to play {{champion:120}} top, started with {{item:2033}}, first time I played it, but I had some big mana problems, and no I didn't farm with spells unless I could harass at the same time.
: Has anyone else started abusing warmogs yet?
try [these masteries]( on soraka you won't need the warmogs regen
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Generally all fighters are very strong atm I would say. Xin still has problems to do anything when behind or when all lanes are losing 1vs/2vs2 and when enemies sieging. Also has hard time against dashing champions like Vayne. 1 Dash+Flash is just not enough to assassinate them and he doesnt scale too good with tank items.
> Xin still has problems to do anything when behind or when all lanes are losing 1vs/2vs2 and when enemies sieging. That indeed is his biggest downside, but most fighters have this "problem" He's good at snowballing games, but he has to. Although Xin still has enough utility to be usefull when he's behind, but his teammates aren't. (Q+R is good peel) > he doesnt scale too good with tank items. Try this: {{item:1409}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3065}} + {{item:3143}}/{{item:3742}}/{{item:3071}}/{{item:3110}}/{{item:3075}}/{{item:3102}} His build-in attackspeed steroid makes titanic hydra quitte good, the build doesn't have lifesteal in it, but I don't always get it on dmg builds either.
: j4 already victorious in s1 :D its seems you new in this game
he asked for a toplaner to get a victorious skin, so I said there already is one :) but yeah I'm new (started during lunar revel in s4) might have put {{champion:25}} aswell, but not many ppl play her top
: Do I lose my rewards if I get demoted to a lower tier during pre season?
no, you get rewarded for your ranks at 11/11/15, you can freely get demoted to bronze V -3lp and keep your rewards
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pathfinder Sloth,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EiAXvG1Z,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-13T11:05:05.418+0000) > Hilariously, {{item:1039}} is recommended as the starting item for {{champion:5}} Just noticed in game. He can start with anything tho. I didnt used single potion with attackspeed runes on him, did gromp, blue, wolves,red,gank top, kill, golems, raptors, and since mid died 1vs1 i went back with full hp, otherwise I would gank mid.
{{champion:5}} backs to get items (and some mana early), not to get hp :) I'd say he's one of the bast junglers for this patch anyways: early pressure to snowball, can burst adc, and protect his own with r
Sffc (EUW)
: I'm not sure if it wouldn't be good on Kindred. She runs out of mana relatively fast (though only got 1 game played with them in the new patch and I was mostly watching tv)
you have blue for first clear, and get talisman passive from tier 2 jungle item after 1st back
: Hunters Talisman is only good on Two champions. Phoenix Udyr (Tiger Udyr wants Machete) Fiddlesticks (because drain tether) anyone else? Even if it's recommended, it's by far the worse option of the two, stick to Machete. Edit: As for Masteries, I prefer 18/6/6 Biscuits are extremely good for Junglers in the early game, but 18/12 is also an excellent choice as Perseverance helps you out a ton. I don't really bother with Runic affinity as you'll be giving your 2nd Blue to your Mid and 3rd Red to your Marksman, I'd sooner that early sustain to max the first clear time.
{{champion:154}} can make use of the talisman quitte good with his W spamming. But idd machete is much better in general, even on ap caster champions Talisman is probably good on {{champion:143}} aswell, since you don't need much hp regen, only mana.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: So Graves is getting the nerf hammer in the next patch. Thoughts? :)
I'd rather see his tower-killing be tuned down than his movespeed, but yeah.
: victorious skin s7
{{champion:59}} ?
: noob jungling question
- get some armor runes (the yellow ones) - ask the closest lane to help you a bit (few auto attacks, make sure you tank the camp, make them go away in time so they don't steal anything) - I think sion is one of the harder jungler to survive first clear with (don't qoute me on this) - gromp does a lot of damage, as do red buff and raptors, consider starting at another camp. - gromp is easiest to kill on champs with single target damage, sion is mainly aoe so starting krugs can work better; however, smiting gromp gives a good buff for sion and other tanks. - on champions with good aoe damage, but without much sustain, I prefer to go the following route: **krugs** (_smite_ it for a stun every 5 auto attacks; get _help_ from top or bot) -> **raptors** (hit all four with your spells, kill small ones first when spells are down) -> **red buff** (_smite_ this, so it gives you hp; it gives more hp the lower you are, but don't risk getting killed) -> recall, buy items -> blue buff -> farm/gank/scuttle, whatever is best at that moment
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Not reaching gold
the silver summ icons look better than gold or plat imo :)
: 2 ward stacks for free before level 9 in season 6 (what the hell!?)
exploit? I got ganked mid all the time since I didn't have enough wards :s the new trinkets might be better lategame, but early they don't make up for missing green wards at all
: Oh man im totally confused with those new masteries -.- what page am i supposed to do for mundo ? im trying to figure it out but just nothing seems to be optimal I'd go something like this, can take to 6 from cunning into ferocity to get the vampirism if you'd like 2% lifesteal/spellvamp and maybe swith few things in resolve (mainly tier 3 and 5, or keystone) I don't play mundo, but getting as much hp and regen as you can might work
Cosantoir (EUW)
you're too late, already played some games, and around half the ppl had none. :)
: new mastries
Kythund (EUW)
: We want old Fiora back!
new fiora is op because of her numbers, old fiora was annoying because of issues with counterplay. numbers are easier to balance (but it still needs to be done)
: Absolutely not, I continue farming myself when I jungle, but I try to be sensible about it. There is a time to sow, there is a time to bring in the harvest :D
: Thanks, done =)
Most junglers I see stop farming completely at the ~25 minute mark. Your title made me think you encouraged this.
: Yes, there is a time when the jungler needs to take a break from farming.
I agree with you, but I'd change the title to "...take a break from..."
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