Materisna (EUNE)
: Create new banned quotes for champions
I have a few {{champion:89}} - The sun sets over the Rift {{champion:266}} -The war is not over yet {{champion:245}} -Too slow? {{champion:203}} -"Are they afraid?", "They are" {{champion:56}} -You cannot escape the darkness {{champion:53}} -Deactivating {{champion:4}} -The game will be mine, next time {{champion:238}} -Your shadow will still follow you And finally......... Drumroll............... {{champion:104}} -WHERE IS MY GODDAMN CIGAR?
DtoTran (EUW)
: This is why I prefer not to play with premades
You cant blame the whole premade community for this. There are good and bad ones. The problem however is that you cannot do much. All you can do is try to help them, if they don't listen, then its all over. You never know who you will end up with.
Gene (EUNE)
: When being positive does not cut it anymore...
It is all a trick mate, they try to irritate you so that you concentrate on the texts and end up making mistakes. Then when you mess up, they ridicule you all over. Just be a sport and mute them. You don't need that negativity in your life. You will survive. That's the point either way, Surviving.
Gene (EUNE)
: Yeah but the moment you start killing them they'll start raging against their team, and that's not nice either :/ I dont want people being flamed just because they didnt play 100% perfectly :c
I get what you are saying. I myself try to be a positive player all over, but sometimes you need to mute him. Otherwise they will keep flaming the whole time. Just bear with it and try to ignore as much as you can. At the end of the match, just hit that report button
abixbg (EUNE)
: Why "report X" is used like "Hello" in this game?
Because you play slightly better than them. Jealousy is a strong weapon


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