amazing ... 2020 and people still complain about matchmaking https://i.imgur.com/b67QTzE.png
SuperJunk (EUW)
: is this a joke?
why do you waste your time hiding the name when your match history is public ? https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4227949120/201677151?tab=overview and everything is explained here. aside from the easy "imma press R+Q and pentakill" ... plus this is normal BLIND ... pfff why do you create a topic form a normal blind pick game ? ffs..{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: win trading isn't inting and trolling exactly
it is for your team. unskilled player was use to notify an unusual lack of skill from someone. It could just be a bad game But only riot would know, not the player. but at least you get the correct repport instead of saying: "no way you are obviously inting!!or assisting the enemy team!! get banned !" (hi new anivia player who use their wall incorectly)
Yraco (EUW)
: If people are boosted and can't play at whatever elo they are at then they won't take long to fall back down to where they belong.
this is not season 2 anymore when you had raw elo and could drop from 1500 to 700 in a day (gold to bronze V) here you have many immunity statisticaly you are prone to climb no matter what if you play a lot wereass before, with raw elo and not safety net: you trully had to have more than 50%
: Unskilled Report
It is one of the worst decision riot made. Unskilled report were mandatory. Negative attitude or rather "griefing/giving up" INCLUDE intentionnaly feeding. they are redundant But unskilled player just mean that: _sure it may be just a bad game but it could also be an elo boosted account or just some mistake from the matchmaking._ It was a riot friendly repport. with no concequences for the player itself uness he really got elo boosted (dare i remind you that since s3: elo boosting has never been so huge due to how slow it is to drop compaed to raw elo numbers.)
: Eternals
well.. i wonder why you are all suprised .. it's 2019: IP was removed for blue shard that are harder to get lootbox were added chroma (only obtainable with RP when they could have been a free alternative for full fledge skins as a reward for skill) etc... I mean, this is not suprising coming from Tencent. You better get ready for more https://youtu.be/xNjI03CGkb4?t=165
: Well, im %%%%ing trash at this game, and I know it, I wont learn from mistakes, so %%%% it. Ill contunue to int every game. I dont even know why im still playing.
well .. if you take it like that, keep yourself to the containment TfT game mode{{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Pick or ban in pro play, play rate of only 1.5%, he is currently good and not getting played. Like I already said those champions have inflated play rates due to flashy plays that high profile players did, zed’s play rate increased massively after the faker vs ryu outplay, and riven has boxbox. And azir was big back then cause he had high profile players doing flashy plays, less so now. So it does have a factor to do with difficulty, champions who are difficult arent always popular, they only become popular when high profile players demonstrate flashy plays with them Aurelion Sol is another example, difficult but nobody showing flashy plays so not played, qyianna is the same she’s difficult so people get put off her and nobody is demonstrating what she can do which means that people aren’t encouraged to learn her. And like I said again difficulty is just a secondary reason, it was the lack of advertisement which meant she had a terrible launch.
if you argumment is that "pro player play them" then find me the stats showing that the average league player folow pro play. Aurelion was played quite often before the big Q nerf. But i get your point: i just think the "pro dictate the popularity of a champ" is a bad excuse. casual player don't care about the difficulty of a champ. they only care about the fun of the kit. Aurelion was popular before even pro player picked him.
: Because they’ve got high level players showing off on them, which attracts other players to also try their luck. Also they have a high skill ceiling not a high skill floor (at least yasuo, lee, and irelia have), so when you try them out you don’t get punished and have a horrid experience They are also more flashy, which attracts players. Azir is another champion who’s difficult and has a low play rate because of it despite being one of the strongest mid laners at the moment... it’s a complicated relationship between difficulty and popularity but it’s there. But the main reason is the fact that age has next to no hype or advertisement built up, no teasers, no hype building, no high level players making flashy combos, nobody showing off on her... she’s unpopular because nobody bothered to attempt to make her popular.... difficulty is just another reason.
wtf are you on? azir was played a lot when he was good you see tons of zed too, we also see riven, xerath etc . it's not and never is about "how dificult a champion is to play" even aurelion was picked quite aften before being gutted by the last patch
: TFT Lobby Select Default Should be normal, not ranked.
I still did not find a single soul that actualy care about it being ranked or not. there is just so much luck and issue with IA behaviour (character stoping after killing a unit) that there is no way you can actually care about ranking. Just like you couldn't care when playing old mordekaiser and his 1001 bugs. so yea everyone play ranked because there is nothing to actualy lose. And so i beleive RIOT won't change anything.
: Riven needs a nerf already, stop ignoring her unbalanced kit
she was already gutted from when she had a longer and bigger shield
: +1 I could spam armor runes and play Rammus. Twas beautiful :') New runes are nice but all in all it's just passive abilities, and for some champions some are absolutely needed, others it's... Yeah pick your poison. There's always one who works best however. But what we miss was the runes in of themselves, not the masteries. The old masteries were the same, even worse I think, there were 3 trees, AD, AP and Tank and you just used what worked best for your intentions. But customizing your runes was the cool part, and HP runes weren't useless at the time!
well the old mastery tree was nice. the last version before it got removed when you are force to spec in a certain way was bad. But i always enjoyed going 0/30/0 on sej instead of being forced to go 21 something 9 something else
Tarolock (EUNE)
: and why dont you do it now?
the old rune system brought stats. the new system bring skill that are designed in a very specific way. You can't really experiment with thoses because if you try something ... exotic: odds are you won't even be able to use it/proc it. sames goes for the masteries. Lague has became over the year much more "try hardy" you can't make thoses kind of video anymore https://youtu.be/Xi0TIoL3yhw and yes i know this one is just a joke. but there are tons of unusual build that poped up and didn't relied one clickbate "OMG 999999 damage new rune build OP" It was not just about the damage. sure you had your cookie cutter build ... but isn't that exactly what the new runes are ? by removing the choice you also remove the fact that you had a "most optimal cookie cutter" option. now you only have either going for thoses cookie cutter stuff ... or take something that won't even proc/have any impact (compared to the old mastery and rune) NB: when i say mastery i mean the old mastery tree: when you could put all your point into a single branch edit: it also heped some champ in the early game when their balance was not that good, for example: Evelynn. You took ad rune even though you would go full ap in game to help early. (unless you wanted free elo and went eve ap mid)
: Isn't that the defenition of every xerath skin, just xerath but a different colour. The champ just needs a Visual update. His model is laughable and gives no creativity for skins.
it's not his base model fault. they could have added bits to his armor, make it more machine-like. hell some fanmade skin who try to make him look like iron man looks better ... i don't see hwo it's his base model fault. Check any skin of any character, they can make do without being like reworked kayle
Iakovia (EUW)
: Why can't we remake in ARAM?
because they couldn't care less about aram. Aram is just the new flavour given to thoses who have no time to play 5v5. Aram replaced dominion (even though dominion had much more interesting stuff going on) aram is the n°1 detination for bto because it's way easier to apear as a player when you just have to walk in and randomly use spell and say "i am zoonign them"
: is so hilarious players like you invent those things :D and keep bring weird not true memories, don't knwo why what passive IP gain ? you got a small amount of IP winning or losing a game, now you gain xp after winning or losing a game and after a level (gain by the xp) you get a bigger amount of Be, same thing as before, the only downside with Be then IP is that if you need a small amount like 100-150be for a champ you need to wait an entire level till you get but the upsides are way more then with the IP and were listed countless of time in this type of threads, also i don't get why players remember getting champions faster in past, it took me years to gain all champions on my account and I played a lot every day {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
dude, it has been provent dozen of time that thsi system is a dowgrade and make the game much more grindier than the old one. + it add lootbox and all the gambling stuff in it with exclusive stuff only obtainable thorugh them
: Bring back passive income
many left because of this exact same reason/ i guess you just woke up https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7bqrou/explanations_on_why_the_be_system_is_a_major/ https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7budg2/the_math_behind_the_new_blue_essence_changes_and/ and tons of other topic.
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: I think at this point the name wood division is to much of a meme for riot to use it lol.
cardboard is a meme wood is just reality
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dol0hov (EUW)
: What should I do to climb in rankeds?
i'd say: overall you have the skill to feed yourself but not (the strategic thinking) to carry. therefore: you shouldn't monopolising the kills and instead help your teammate to get fed. Serve as a ladder for them and win as a team. Unless your skill is way above your mmr: being the only one fed is actually easier for the enemy team to beat you because "they just have to focus you" and then stomp the rest of your (extremly behind) team. not to mention the big bounty you have on your head increasing even futher the gold advantage they can get. _**look at your match history: everytime you are fed (and still lose the game): you are still far behind in team gold**_ ex: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3737639649/22204833?tab=overview https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3737574945/22204833?tab=overview vs when you win https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3735720764/22204833?tab=overview edit: also here is a pro tips: _don't try to be **BETTER than them**, just try to make **less mistakes than them**_
Father Tios (EUNE)
: I wouldn't know. All I know is that I don't leave games, and I got a 20 minutes lowpriority after being dc'd due to my connection dying. Do with that what you want.
>Do with that what you want. alright: how about not playing an online competitive game that involve teamates when you have a shitty connection? you would give yourself and your teamates a service
Kalvix (EUW)
: that then raises the question, how does it decide how good a player you are? people consistently say the grade you get means nothing, and if you're in a team with somebody who's gone afk or just a couple of lanes that feed then you're of course going to die a lot more and get less kills as your opponent is fed so is kda has anything to do with it then technically when somebody is feeding the best option is to try and get CS where your opponent isn't and avoid trying to fight them for a come-back. Does anybody know how it actually does the MMR?
no this is a non issue: if you lose multiple time against bronze MMR when you are silver : you are weaker than silver no matter if you had 4 bronze on your team, the oposit team had 5. you should have won thanks to you
: > The quantity of your games matter more than the quality of your games That's not true and was never true. MMR doesn't work like that. The Quality of your games matter more than the quantity. When you are CONSISTENT with your games, then you climb more. No matter if you played less than usual. And even if you have someone that plays more, let's say 2k games, he can't top someone that gave his best in all of his games but only played like 500 games but climbed more than the guy playing more. Quantity doesn't matter, it does give you a little edge since you have more Input (could be negative input) but Quality is what matters in the end and that's the thing that makes you climb.
>That's not true and was never true. MMR doesn't work like that. maybe you got lost in time: this is not season 1&2 anymore now ranked push you to climb as stated you can climb with negative winrate. unlike s1&2 where every loss counts(i manage to go from gold to bronze 5 in s2 in just 1 days of losing streak and not wantign to take a break (1475 => 700): here you get immunity. and it became worst with time. in what world: "because you failed your promo: next time: you get a free win" a bo5 become a bo3 because you failed it once ? wtf ? shouldn't that eb the case if you are on a winstreak? **in what world a "Bo5" now requires you to just win ONCE because you failed your Bo multiple time already? ** ever since season4 you could see many people admiting they just got plat because they play a lot. the new system who works with "steps" and security/immunity push you. i will not even speak about how dynamic queu make people less skilled in **the overall game** ²² unlike before. That's terrible for glod and plat+... but hey.. since 2-3 season: i am just playing 1-2month in the summer just to get gold on all my accounts and get free skin/champions. ²²that include me of course: when before i had to be prepared to play all role and know at least a bare minimum of each of them: now i can safely play ranked without knowing ANYTHING of what (the new)jungle is (hell i still call it the wraith camp) the result is me not knowing and not being able to predict where the enemy jungle could be without directly seeing him through wards. tl;dr not only do you gain more than you lose but you also have so many "ladder features", securities and help(like free wins) that allow you to always climb even with negative winrate.
: reworks r good for the game bro... most all was good... taric, ugot, evelin... this is true.
i did not like taric rework. it's just gimmicky. it lock the character into a specific role. the only rework that i liked was the donger. and maybe xerath even though he lost his artillery theme by losing his true damage and free magic pen (that, allowed him to be what artillery is: not caring if you are a tank or not) it was in exchange for a much more engaging gameplay and so he became a great magic sniper. (still waiting for a headhunter or mecha xerath.. they could even go all out with a transformers's lockdown vibe during the ult) But i still STRONGLY hate the shurima's lore rework that killed xerath's lore and made him into a cliché disney court mage villain who stole someone else power/work, when he was a self made genius that achieved everything through his own work and was much more than that.
: I think game just moved on without us. I loved ranked too, but after a while it was a coinflip game and nobody really wants to grind for weeks just to get into plat V for example. (Some masochists do i guess) Im also fed up with faces of kids on every news page in launcher. Im not jealous, but after cascade of "Pros did this, Pros did that, look how pros wiped their asses perfectly, 10 tips how to wipe your ass like a pro" It gets really tiresome. Ill never meet these people, nor Ill get on their skill level, so why its shoved up my face so often? I kinda liked championships during season one and i was curious how pro play looked back in the day, but crowds cheering after someone destroyed ward years later... thats the point when i stopped caring about pro play. The state of game is about objectives for so long. Lets get the first turret, lets secure dragon, lets get rift herald, lets push mid turret, lets plant herald, let do another dragon, lets push inhibitor tower and inhibitor, enemy is defending, so lets do a baron and win. In the meantime, lets deny enemies vision and farm, 4 man ganks bot lane so on and so forth... because... thats what pros do... and you want to be a winner right??? I dont think everyone is enjoying ranked nowadays yet we climb just to reach rewards. After that, we just bugger off and play ARAM and Draft for fun, without being worried about our LPs. Also toxicity raised skyhigh so i turned allchat off after 6 years, because i was fed up with childish behaviour of players, who won 5 v 3 and typed down "GG EZ", or "SO IZI". New ranked system will "Force us" to play ranked more often which is... uh great, really great, looking forward to it. {{summoner:3}} Also skills are very dynamic. You can say you are skilled, when you reach gold, but there will be always someone better, even tho you are in upper 33% echelon of players. I still see ppl with 7/0/2, yet vision score of 3, and kill participation 23% after 30 minutes long game. League of legends should be game easy to grasp, compared to dota2, yet new champions have their skills tooltips long as a book. I would for once love to see some simple champion. Why did we ended up with so many complicated ones? I want to enjoy the game, yet Im facing champions with overcomplicated skillsets/dashes and i really dont need to mention them.
it amaze me how RIOT want to push "how pro do things" when the pro scene or even competitive 5v5 match are TOTALLY different from what soloQ is. Even LS state that some stuff are viable but only on a 5v5 team comp but are terrible in soloQ. but also the oposit: some champ are great for soloQ but godawfull in a 5v5. not to mention what champion are best to climb.... Like many said with the most basic example of card game: going for the super complicate but OP deck in thr hand of pro will not make you win more than a braindead easy but efficient deck in low mmr, it will even make the complete opposit effect. yet again ... with their idea of balance etc, the new rune system. i am not suprise. this is another thing riot fail to understand. I also think **this is kind of a sign of desperation due to the decrease in lol (and its e-sport) popularity**. Like everything the more you see something, the more receptive you will be. Because you brain will always enjoy more something he know. that's how the music industry work by making a song be everywhere until you like it (or tolerate it if you really disliked it at 1st) That's how ads works. (Now if you search for a chineese phone, you will probably 1st search for Huawei's). so they cram as much Esport stuff as possible. **If at least the scene was about super hard working player: why not** . But when you look at the state of esport: it's all about money: not performance.else, like in other game (like Super smash bros) you wouldn't have a korean dominated scene. This ain't the early 2000' when only korea was into e sport.
: Teamkilling in new mode
you must be new. anivia's wall ? ziggs's c4 in one for all or Ivern's firebush in the guntlet/doombot has always existed
: I still like the old Graves way better than the one we have now. He was designed as an adc for crying out loud, not as a jungler. I'm just tired of Riot trying to move champs to different lanes. Like moving pretty much every 'old' midlane champ (Morgana, lux, brand and even veigar) to the support role. To be fair, control mages need to get some buffs to be actually CONTROLLING something, because now they get shit on by every single assassin or tank at any level (pre and post level 6)
old grave had this "power" that you (or at least i) felt on each basic attack. i miss this. i don't like amo-type character ... well not on graves at least.. 2 ammo ? really? did the rework team forgot that he use a Drum magazine with 8 chambers (i am not even speaking about mafia graves)
: Only a very small amount. His Q required him to get close, but about as close as lucien needed to cast his Q so the same general playstyle there... his W was unique (hence why it’s still there) but playing around his W was such a small and niche part of his kit that it didn’t alter his playstyle enough to matter... he was still the exact same as lucien.
PzyXo (EUW)
: use his quotes in-game :D u'll get ban after ban :D
like when you use kled's ?
: >"we can't keep it alive and fresh... so let's kill it" >instead of leaving thoses who like it: play it >unless theyi openly stated and/r admited that league was losing player and they had to reduce the scattering effect: there is litteraly NO REASON to remove a gamemode. Maintenance. It's easier to kill a gamemode than bearing players crying that the gamemode is unplayable.
who asked for maintenance ? dominion was not working on dedicate servers. nobody asked to balance dominion. 100% of dominion player would prefer dominion staying "unbalance" if it meant staying.
: calm your shining head, i played it and it get bored. And i think before i write, so i dont withdraw what i said. Like you said there is no better way to learn than PvP so there is Normal ,ARAM and RGM now to learn there. If you cant learn from there that is your problem. To go back to practice tool, go and read what is that for , it name say for it self "**practice**" . And for this kind words of yours: >You are just like spermatozoïde who try to get to the egg nexus. there is no strategic thinking even if you wanted too. > this comment got reported, so you might think before you write next time. I dont care how much u got offended by my opinion, but its **MY OPINION** and you or any body else wont change it with those kind of words. So have a nice day crying , and next time read till the end my comments before you judge over something ! >Maybe in some rgm to put dominion while we wait another patch or event. It could be good like that, but for permanent game mode ,nah.
>this comment got reported, lmao , he reported a comment because there is an annalogy about how babies are made{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} How are you here ? don't you know that >League of Legends is fun to play, but it's certainly not fit for anyone under the age of 13 (the game doesn't let you register if you are below 13) . >but its MY OPINION no you were stating reasons as "fact" . if it was opinion you wouldn't format them like that. So i just explained to you how your reason where wrong. there is no subjectivity when you come and say > many but not most you can do it in normals,aram, rgm and practice tools now rgm and aram 15-20min top are enough. honestly, if whole game is tilting, then every mode is tilting. In aram is tolerating that people dont know some random champs, in dominion u have to know, and if u screw something its tilting.
: 1. many but not most 2. you can do it in normals,aram, rgm and practice tools 3. now rgm and aram 15-20min top are enough. 4. honestly, if whole game is tilting, then every mode is tilting. In aram is tolerating that people dont know some random champs, in dominion u have to know, and if u screw something its tilting. It's vintage now, people want something new, like Battle royale mode that is popular this year. Maybe in some rgm to put dominion while we wait another patch or event. It could be good like that, but for permanent game mode ,nah.
>you can do it in normals,aram, rgm and practice tools say what??! dude! think before you post! aram is all random! when you have 50, 70, 100, 140 champs how do you do that? normal game are slow: you got 3 min of nothing, you have to wait 15-20min to get enouth gold/lvl to see the full capabilities of your champ. and then end the game. not to mention people even in normal game get naturally tilted because the environment is THE SAME AS IN RANKED. That's a function fo the brain when do do two thing in the same environment and situation. You can't calm your tilt by playing in the same map with the same gamemode "just because there is no rank at the end". that's not how the brain works. practice tool, just like vs bot do not give you ANY feedback because you are not in a PvP enviroment. practice tool is nice if you want ot try finding glitch, and theorycrafting. you clearly never played dominion. sure you had tryhard but unlike ANY other game mode they were EXTREMLY rare. because it was not ranked, because it wasn't competitive, and was still fun because you could chose your character, have fun with it and chose where you go without having any lane. ARAM force you to 1pick a random champ and thus: have the win condition being 50+% champ select and then force everyone into midlane giving some champ nothing to do but wait (this was somewhat workaround with gold/10s rune to futher increase the gold you get by doing nothing but not anymore) not to mention how boring it is since from the 1st to the last min: you are just grinding a tower. there is no variety in ARAM. You are just like spermatozoïde who try to get to the ~~egg ~~ nexus. there is no strategic thinking even if you wanted too. There are so many people who made videos about why dominion was so good. the new dominion that apear during the cyclic gamemode is nothing like the old one simply because **the map is now a lane with a jungle in the middle**... if you think that this changes nothing, then that clearly explain why you do not understand dominion and why people do not like it. the new dominion map is as badly designed as twisted treeline.
Dolfro (EUNE)
: People get pissed off because just there you could troll and go full movement speed builds and don't get ban. I think they removed Dominion because they didn't have an single idea what could they change to keep Dominion alive and fresh. So instead of asking their community, they get used to remove things, not balance them.
"we can't keep it alive and fresh... so let's kill it" instead of leaving thoses who like it: play it unless theyi openly stated and/r admited that league was losing player and they had to reduce the scattering effect: there is litteraly NO REASON to remove a gamemode.
: Probably not. They only care about Summoner's Rift. The reason Twisted Treeline still exists is because they cared just a little more about it than Dominion, and because they keep every other game mode on temporarily. To be honest, if Riot wants to increase their fanbase again, in my opinion they should release some of their game modes permanently. Like, Dominion was used for multiple reasons: Many people REALLY liked it, and many others used it to un-tilt from ranked games on SR. I actually believe that the removal of Dominion could be directly correlated to the increasing toxicity in the past few seasons XD.
and yet twisted treeline is the most bugged map and have the worst design gameplaywise. (ex: with bush that are inside turret range but hide you) i miss dominion, even if i never played it that much
: Nah both where close range high mobility marksmen who weaved auto attacks and abilities. Remember that both of their Es worked in the exact same way (auto attacks reduce the cooldown), both hard short attack ranges and relied on their E to stay mobile and safe, both Qs where a short range nuke, both W where low damage and utility, both Ulster where long range nukes with AoE capability when aimed in the right way, both struggled with range, both had to play risky in order to deal damage, both weaved auto attacks and abilities, both have high burst.... exact same everything, only passive was different and even then it only cemented the same playstyle. Ez on the other hand while weaves in auto attacks and abilities is a long range artillery style champion... so he had different strengths, weaknesses, playstyle and niche... where as graves and lucien didn’t.
i though graves was all about knowing how to use your smoke and your Q
: > Why don't we ever get any, you know... 'clone' champions? Because of what happened with lucien and graves. They where clone champions, very similar kits, same playstyle, same strengths, same weaknesses... and it caused massive issues in the game. Namely the fact that if lucien was stronger than graves then graves becomes unviable and visa verse... because why play one champion if another does everything that champion does better. It was one of the major reasons why graves got his rework... to make sure both champions can exist at the same time. Plenty of other champions got reworks for the same reason... marksman, tank and assasin updates where all because of this as well. So if riot released a new support with an ability like unbreakable it could very likely kill off Braum or cause the new champion to fail due to being unable to compete with Braum. Also because the community reacts extremly badly to even perceived similarities... every release you have people complaining that the new champion is similar to an old champion over the smallest of details... even when those similarities aren’t even there (like what happened with the aatrox rework)... imagine the reaction if riot released an actual clone champion... they’d be ripped apart. Riot have to be constantly pushing the boundries and innovating with new champions because that’s the only way the new champion will survive, the only way old champions won’t become redundant, and the only way to keep League fresh and new.
wasn't grave pre rework a clore range burster while lucian was a long range poker ? grave had to all in and use his W well. lucian is an agile champ. they did not compete in the same place, else, what do you say about ez ?
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Reworks are part of the game, and keeps things fresh. I've lost an old main to a rework, but I just find a new one anyway.
why rework when you can release a new one ? make them both are happy. you can keep the game fresh and exiting in countless other way than reworking champs...
: Wasn't old GP a weird hodge-podge of ideas along with an ultimate that was the most RNG thing in the game outside of Sion's old passive?
ult was mostly used as a massive AOE slow. but regardless: they fixed it before the rework Sion's old passive was not RNG based, just like your 30% crit is not RNG. you just couldn't see it among the insane 700-1k heal per auto 8)
: don't you dare talk shit about ma boi azir
the champion itself is fine. but his lore is shit. they did for him what rockstar game did for trevor. in GTA: the very 1st scene is trevor making the main protagonist of GTA IV the Los and damned apear weak and made a 180° in regard to his mindset/what eh stand for, all of this to make trevor apear strong, badass from the 1st scene... it'"s totally artificial and show an insane amount of lazyness. Here you go from Xerath: the greatest genius mage of shurima from a city full of powerfull mage, who, alone, by himself and his own work manage to trenscend his body and ascend. then at his weakest just after the transformation: he manage to solo ALL of the mage of shurima (but ended up sealed until, by his own power he manage to break it after a long time) he had love one, a GF etc... but since azir: Xerath is just a Disney court mage vilain who stole a power **destined** to a bird for absolutly no reason. Azir may have a cool gameplay: but as a character he suck really, really hard. you can't deny that.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Just curious. Why? The big main thing Riot changed about him was that he got barrels, previously all he had was an AD buff, which i think is a pretty boring ability. His other abilities remained relatively the same(They obviously have numbers differences), except ult, which got buyable buffs. As far as i remember people liked old GP for his lucky crit build, which could strengthen it with his AD buff, but i feel like that's rather unimportant. If you're that nostalgic for his old crit build, you can still do it, right now reaching it is even easier than in the past, you can do it with 3 items, while i guess it's not exactly the same since items work differently.
they took a fun champ that could do and be played anywhere and made him into (a emo :( ) a one dimentional character that is all bout one spell: his barrel. they could have made a pirate X gragas new champ that have this barell stuff but no.
: > [{quoted}](name=Typical Bronzy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7acup6vZ,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-08-13T19:21:59.091+0000) > > "Hiding" behind a smurf has really no meaning lol, i'm just playing the game as i always do, but this time in a low elo account because i wasn't in the mood to play in my main account with and against more skilled players, that's the only explanation for it. > > also, i don't really need you to feel for me, in fact, i don't need anything from you, i'm only sharing my thought about this "thing" where you lose LP in a Victory game. Playing in low elo because "yours" is to hard. Shit like that makes me sick. If you can't play in "your" elo you don't deserve it. That's like going three weihtclasses lower in boxing because you don't feel like playing vs equal competiotion. Spineless. It is EXACTÖLY hiding behind a smurf like you explained. Hope you lose all your LP :D
i don't think he meant "hard" in that sense, but hard in the sense that he can't play cheezy build because against people as strong as him who try their best: he can't "just have fun" by doing whatever he want. for example: unless i am in bronze: i won't try ADC aurelion or shit like that. or play for the kill, greed super hard because at that elo: it's ok i can solo carry and comeback. but, tbh is that's the case: just play vs bots.... **or more realistically**: play without caring too much, just play your lane, ignore map awareness, just have your game played as a succession of trade/duel. not having to force yourself to have big map awareness and strategy. Playing xerath against gold+ and xerath against bronze is day and night. vs gold+ you have to be wary of potential dodge and read their movement. in bronze, just snipe away and go for full mejay full AP, pure glass canon sniper without caring for your positionning. (yet again: if so: why not just play normal draft?) in regards to the subject: the ranked bans is ok (it's proof that it's not your 1st time, and if your connection is at fault: why do you even play team based online games ? ) but the loss of lp? i hope it's liked to "it's not your 1st time". else, it's kind of bad to see that there is no point in coming back from a Blue screen.
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: So why league is worse than before?
let's not even speak about the total rapetrain that hit the lore... or how individual character got their lore gutted to better introduce new character (like xerath's lore geting gutted because they wanted to indroduce a bird who happend to be emperor for some reason)
: They made my friend change his name "i am the big gay" even tho he is gay and I dont understand who could possibly be offended by that name
he was gay? and riot decide to censor him ? you could win a lawsuit for homophobia AND fat shaming in 2018{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Flappy12 (EUW)
: Why no Kayle rework
galio was toxic ? you could conter him with one item{{item:3140}} ....
: Along a similar line but done differently... nasus needs to stack up his Q to be useful, so he isn’t stat checky. The idea behind stat check champions is mainly if they get ahead you win fights, if they get behind they loose fights... so if you have a component item over your opponent then your going to be able to beat them in a fight without any outplay potential from either side. Nasus is less like that because if he gets items over opponents that doesn’t matter, but as he gets stacks he is much more dangrous... so it becomes more of a power curve that both sides can interact with rather than just power spikes and getting more raw stats over whoever your trying to auto to death. So nasus is along a similar vein, and frankly wouldn’t call nasus a particularly healthy champion, but he definitely isn’t stat checky in the same way that things like kayle, tryndamere and chogath are
so you want to rework jax tryndamere, veigar and pretty much 80% of the champion pool if not more ?
: No shit sherlock? Ofc i know that some lowlifes did that. I just assumed that the aram changes that included the bigger champion pool of the last 3 rotations (42 champs) are also in urf since the new trade system is also part of it. Get some infos before you start shittalking
and yet you complain ... :^) how ironic
: Bans in urf
he thinks it's random :^) he doesn t know that since ar urf was put in place, people use smurf accound with a verry limited pool of champion to reduce randomness in their favourit pick ahahahahah :^)
: Can we talk about the good parts about the Aatrox rework
>His visual update is also a cool part as well, the giant sword and muscular, intimidating appearance helps make someone who calls himself "The World Ender" feel like one. implying his old apearance was not a thousand time better ? with more detail and something more original than soul edge >my favorite part of the update in my opinion, his new voice. >I especially love his Taunt lines "I am like a demon, but more edgy, right? You know, cause I'm a sword. Hmm..." well i guess it's now obvious for whom riot is developing the game from.. ²² because that line is totally CHARACTER BREAKING. he is a DARKIN not michael Scott ! and yet they made GP an emo .. why? ²²aram, normal draft and ARurf i won't judge but that some strange coincidence ... you are like the living cliché i bet you like the new maokai voice too {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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