Kitsy (EUW)
: You miss season 3? I miss season 2 when i started to play. Riot loved their community and gave us a christmas map for christmas and a scary map for halloween. Today Riot just cares about our money and treating the community with special maps is a thing of the past.
Thats why i dont like to play this game anymore and i feed on my games but it will take a bit longer to get banned cuz rito is a coward comapny and i dunno im done with this game.
: bruh u better what you wrote change it cuz u admitted u used it
I want to get banned.
Neonchan (EUW)
: They send out official warnings so I'd expect any use from now on to be banned immidiatly
I dont think so i use it and nothing happens i used it over 1.1k games
A Luo (EUW)
: is it? yes. but tbh it isn't enforced i know like 6 friends from school who play 4-6 games a day since season 3 with it and 0 bans. however i am 100% not saying you wont be banned for it, that is just my experience. if you know the programmer tell him to remove the jungle timers overlay and it be legal because due to the rule of it messing with the overlay of the in-game client it is not allowed. However the rest is because it falls under macros for the preset massages, and custom skins for the ... well... skins... because only you can see it.
rito cant detect it i guess
Eambo (EUW)
: MKJogo/MKLoL is bannable, and there's been numerous posts and emails sent out regarding this. Players who have used it in the past have received warnings and bans, and I'd highly recommend you do not use it or you put your account at risk.
How much you have to use this program to get banned?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which is your favorite region in League of Legends?
Mantra (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meto The,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=j6FuEKt0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-11-17T21:08:01.824+0000) > > I dunno how many players are on PBE but why dont they test things for more or isnt it obivious that some numbers are quit high b4 u even play the champ and u know its gonna be broken Well for one, almost every game I entered on PBE that wasn't 1v1 for testing purposes had Graves, Mundo, Yasuo and such banned so someone noticed it might be strong and decided to ban the hell out of it, and of course, more people joined in banning without even testing the champion. This gives Riot a very limited amount of data to work with and they end up pushing the champion with the rest. Besides, the amount of players on PBE is not only very limited (counting in thousands) but a big chunk of them are Gold/Silver/Bronze and we aren't as good at reporting the exact damage problems. Either that, or some of them don't want to report the overbuff of a champion in hopes it'll make it to live and they'll be able to play them live, too. Same with masteries. So have patience, pls xD they'll nerf Mundo probably, buff Kog and tweak others or nerf the masteries if needed (and it's very much needed, yeah :p)
I guess balance team sleeps and then sometimes open utube and look at their API then ''omg this shit is broken lets nerf it''.
Kageryu (EUW)
: The winrates say NOTHING. They are a culmination of every skilllevel. Some champs stop working the higher you get, just as some champs can´t be controlled by "bad" players. Trying to say ANYTHING with winrates, without limiting it to a division, is worthless.
Oftenly pick champ b4 season (competetively) 5 Zed has %43 winrate above platinium
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: It's more like they don't trust other people to carry.
I was doing winstreaks with and yi and i saw smurfing jax ( and i let him jungle normaly i would force them to dodge que if i go bot lane but im decent sup thresh leona
: If you're gonna be toxic because others ruined your game than you're no better than them and really deserve to be banned.
Thats the idea dude but i gotta try harder to get banne the rito gems is a bitch company.
Mantra (EUW)
: Preseason has started and and this is a time of giant changes. You can't have a change of an entire class, introduction of 10+ new or reworked items, new mastery system and still expect things to be balanced right off the bat. Give it time, things will get into place
I dunno how many players are on PBE but why dont they test things for more or isnt it obivious that some numbers are quit high b4 u even play the champ and u know its gonna be broken
Draqone (EUW)
: You know, the highest win rates are: 1: AP Tank 2: Tank 3: AD Fighter 4: AP Carry 5: AP Tank 6: AD Fighter (same as 3) 7: AD Carry 8: AP Carry 9: AP Carry (same as 9) 10: AP Carry So yeh. The ADCs are OP this patch, we better nerf them.
AD assasins sux cuz last whisper againts squishies is useless The reason is it works with bonus armor now so you get somewhat around 9*6=5.4 armor pen against squishies.
: Tilting Hard, Need advice.
Rioter Comments
: Yeah, the border thing is kinda strange (stupid). But it's mainly to show off(I think). But if you really hate the game so much, please just stop playing. Don't try to get banned. Please don't ruin the game for others. And who knows, maybe you'll want to play the game again one day. When that day come you still have an account.
Well now i do ruin the game of others now intetionaly just like other people ruined mine, this is a hate chain, it wont stop until something very big happens. Im 20 years old studying engineering and i consider that i shouldnt play a competetive game like this cuz i have lessons u know. I already have no friends on EUW and people in TR are mostly retards. what i most want to play is Witcher 3 but i need a cool laptop. Riot is a coward company, they are afraid to ban until you do the extreme, they are not deleting old bugs or making majority of the champs playable very competetively Poppy said to be OP but no one ever pick her in LCS for 3 years. they make utterly OP champs, you see the same pick/ban in worlds. And the matchmaking system.. damn that shit i would wait 3-5 mins to have a great match instead of stomping or getting stompt. and look at harrowing rito didnt say anything about harrowing (not that i care) they dont communicate much with community.. anyways so much i want to say but not that much time for now. (i was gonna switch to dota2 but i dont have a very good mouse its unresponsive on dota2 but it works perfectly with lol and i guess dota2 servers are bad maybe i have more ping in dota2 than lol, but tbh i shouldnt play any moba anyways cuz its not just playing you think about strategies before and after playing.. and playing normals is not fun and playing ranked requieres time and effort and of course friends if you are not pro or smurfing high plat/diamond btw smurfing breaks the game also too. i had someone playing kalista with 19 win 1 lose. just wth dude none of my champ score is any close to that but why do i have someone who plays kalista with %95 winrate... (this guy was booster)
Noibla (EUW)
: I've had that problem a few times. Last time was in one of my last ranked games. Our open roles were mid and support. Me and another guy were last picks and he didn't say anything, so I decided to be kind and wait for him to pick something. 16 seconds left (I'm not joking), I pick {{champion:201}} and lock him in. 4 seconds left and the other guy locks in {{champion:105}}. First thing he says in-game: "I can't really play this lane". ...So wait, instead of telling me that in champ select so I could have gone mid instead of you, you decide to... Remain silent. ...Why?
what matters is that it made a problem did he do decent on mid? did you regret picking sup?
: Guess I can't argue with you. But hey, maybe they release OP and broken things on purpose so people can have some fun playing them. hehe
Dont you think this is toxic? and lemme tell you another toxic thing: People have multiple chat restrictions or low priorityQ cant have ranked rewards its OK if you cant get the skin or the symbol but the border? Everyone can see what border you use But you dont have to use tier icon or you dont have to play sivir too But you have to go throught the loading screen and thats where everyone can see you are a bad teammate and how will they think/act about it Think you have 2 non border player in your high silver/abowe gold and theese people obiviosly flamer/afker and you know it from the start so it corrupts your mind. I dunno but i kinda feed there is some sadisim in the poeple who make this changes PS. im not pissed about gettin any ranked rewards and i use MKlol already and even write this in boards and nothing happens even when my post deleted so rito knows this but they are such a bad company right now if they werent at the past.
: When we are dead, let us control a minion
: There's no way to know that something is broken or imbalanced if it's not released. And I don't know much about WoW but the graphics of the game looked ancient. Maybe they should just update the visuals and people would play it again. If you made it through so many strange metas than I'm sure you can make it through more. :)
When i saw Darius first i knew he would be picked at worlds and banned from soloQ he wasnt released at that moment The new sea woman will be OP too. And about graphics, compare LoL season 4 graphics with DOTA2 graphics and think why more people doesnt play DOTA2.
: I don't know. This game is just too good. :) You should just wait a few weeks. It's only the first week of preseason. If something doesn't work, they'll fix it, RIOT always does. I'm sure the marksman will be balanced in a week or two.
This happens almost everytime i dont know what they are thinking when releasing broken stuff it doesnt bother me much but there are so many people quit the game bcuz of the meta. Btw WoW also was good too
: This game was made for eternity. It'll never die. It mustn't.
Meto The (EUW)
: LoL became so bad this patch i guess
Well i wanna get banned aynways, this game is a virus.
Rioter Comments
: Finally perma-banned.
Hey bro use MK lol
Wazzabis (EUW)
: Riven instant kill on vayne (100-0 burst in 0 second)
fed+crit+w resets aa(thats why its so fast)
Reäper (EUNE)
: League of Legends: Community & Matchmaking Issues
Rito wants everyone to play normal and purchase more skins.
Rioter Comments
Irrsinn (EUW)
: So all the people getting an e mail, warning them that further use uf Mk Jogo will lead to a permanent account suspension, just got the mail by chance and Riot was lucky?
If they give it away by themselves; Wooo this x skins recall animation is awesome! or some weird text like ''Enemy is missing! Watch out for gank!'' it makes it obivious that you use skin hack. But i dunno i never got a warning or anything
: Mk Jogo
It's not legal but they are not able to detect it
Rioter Comments
Bombardox (EUW)
: How can i not be angry ?
You wanna be real mad? farm 302 creeps and your midlaner is 93 at 34min
Rioter Comments
: Why should they be sad or angry? They lost in world finals. they are arguably the second best team in the world. You can't really compare them to soloQ behaviour.
Yes this! They know each other they choosed to play with each other and they simply got outclassed. But we have random people in our games and thus most games are 4v5, 3v2, 2v5, 4v4(close game) etc. it doesnt mean afk they suck and they would only make little diffrence in game. its like you win a game when you have and afk so enemy 5 person but 1-2 of them are complete garbage and you win the game
: KOOs attitude is an example for ALL players of this game!
They dont match with idiots in their game thats why maybe? Best Supp in the world is Gorilla i guess and does that mean he should bitch about not being the world champion? no! cuz he choosed to play in KOO and that team is very good, have you seen a team wins 4-5? i mean not the afk i mean the useless player. lemme give you an example, i played devourer irelia and our mid was afk (leblanc) and enemy mid blitzcrank, i destroyed the early game and rekt all their asses. why couldnt they win cuz they have blitz mid blitz mid has only 1 purpose (picking of enemies if you can hit Q and its so unreliable) and thus i was the damage cary in the team and enemy had no viable damage carry so even we miss mid we won this is pure idiocy its not competetive at all, think if lb wasnt afk we would stomp them even harder
alasarcher (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Meto The,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Aw6ns4rB,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-31T17:18:13.281+0000) > > Sure free to play when you are temped with those skins which almost always looks better than the actual model > and ive paid like 40-50 euros to this game, some people even worse... > and there is skin hack and you can use is and you dont get caught Point is. Its free to play game. U or me, or anyone else, have no say in game development.
Shouldnt i say anything about game development? well if thats the case i would quit the game Actualy the main thing about this game; they made this game to make money and they could make the game better (its already so fucking good) but its obivious that it can be much better, so i love the game and thats why i speak and bitch about the game but im gonna quit this game anyways so i just QQ a bit maybe. but people drop this game bcuz of meta, connection, community etc so since its why shouldnt we bitch about the game even if its free. also what is the purpose of boards anyways? and especialy champions&gameplay, bug&suggestions, player beahviour if not demand something from the company
alasarcher (EUNE)
: U do realise this game is free to play?
Sure free to play when you are temped with those skins which almost always looks better than the actual model and ive paid like 40-50 euros to this game, some people even worse... and there is skin hack and you can use is and you dont get caught
Rioter Comments
Shiroe x (EUW)
: I couldn't see his match history. Just ignore what i said before :P
does that match history matter? you see how i sucked on that game this was silver 2-3 its not bronze 4/5 the feeders are everywhere and there is a lot like this, most of the feeders dont speak toxic thats he only way community accepts them but its wrong to accept this in ranked games this just shows how bad the matchmaking system is just think about that sometimes you win with 1 afk in your team how is that fair matchmaking? and i didnt have a life last year but now i shouldnt play this game cuz it has no good on me.
Neonchan (EUW)
: I'd say I'm happy that they improved the intentional feeding detection and I'm curious to see if it hits you. Looks like a game from a lvl 1-5 player, at lvl 30 I can't immagine how this isn't on purpose unless you lvld to 30 with only Botgames
thats what im talking about. i was in TR server previously and this kind of feed happens almost everygame, but i moved on to EUW then i got to silver1 100 lp but its get ridiclous when you are good but i mean i got 16-18 wins sometimes one time out of 20 matches and how can someone lose a game with yi for 4 games and one of them is before 20mins when that person did 12 winstreak with yi, you shouldnt tilt but what about pros? Dyrus, soaZ, Huni tilted too this system is just ridiclous and i dont have many friends here i met some Turks they werent so good also but it also gets harder when you duo too, i dont actualy want to play with anyone but in some cases thats the only way to do, i got a school and gotto study, i wasted my time enought on this but like that turkey couldnt go to worlds... i wouldnt play on EUW if that server didnt suck it has all the bad things 10x flame 10x afk 50x intentionaly feeding and relatively lower skill
Meto The (EUW)
: What do you guys say about this?
How am i troll/feeder on purpose look at my items no speed items or no something like ap i built tank... ehh right i deal with those kind of people and the game is not rewarding like in season 3/4 and this is QQ thread yes but im about the drop the game so how can i feed mundo 13kills with my favoutite champ? yet rito didnt warn me and im realy tired of this but last game i carried with yi yet they blame me i was right and i flamed but i should have normaly but i wanna get myself banned cuz im a student 20 years old and this is the easiest way no need to challange myself about this i did it 2 times after chat restrictions got reset but i havent got a waring from rito since then dunno if the instant feedback system works so far i have 2 hardcore flame games and 3-5 intentionaly feeding in 2 mounts (im inactive for 1 mount my previos flame was 15 days ago as well as my feed but there are more anyways who gives a fuck? i love the game but rito sucks (mostly)
Rioter Comments
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: > Does your hardwork pay off if you play try-hard rankeds? Yes > anyone soloq? a bit weird question. > how often do you find decent people to duoq? don't look for those. I am the one who carrys
''anyone soloq?'' is bcuz ive soloqued like 100 games but ive been inactive for like a mounth
Rioter Comments
: This Team should be Honored
: Nameless guy joins my ranked game..
Thats so dope man dunno its super cool
: Feeling generous (Free skin!)
1.Super Galaxy {{champion:68}} 2.How generic the game is always changes and forces people to adapt and thus i love theory crafting about it.
NinjaCowLoL (EUNE)
: What is Riot's official stance on this, should you have Flash on D or F?
Meto The (EUW)
: FEEDING <--- This game not intentionaly feeding?
Meto The (EUW)
So if im not saying that im feeding and my kda is 10/14/11 im still not a feeder.
Luis Sc (EUW)
: I think one another aren't even because no matter what you can't know if it's one then the other would probably and because it feeds and whatnot you'll never figure a hey what the hell no commas but because you weren't hugging or dying intentionally it might not be feeder or feeding
woaa man its awesome
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