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: > [{quoted}](name=starkk1234,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fTeoegdI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-22T11:02:21.590+0000) > > Or get rid of the trolls and feeders and the toxicity will go down like 80% or more. Personally i only seen people flame at feeders and trolls, never seen anyone toxic for no reason at all. But then again my definition of toxic language is probably different then most crybabies here. For example i have been accused by someone of being toxic cause i said garen is a Kda player. So that to me is not toxic but app to him the sole fact that i was talking about him was toxic. So either get a life and stop playing this game cause you are to sensitive or just grow some balls and talk back. so-called "feeder", a player who loses his lane 0-5. And you all shout profanities at him and want him banned from the game. I strongly disagree with you on this one. If anything you should blame Riot for the matchmaking. I've gone 0-7 in games. Enemy jungler camped me hard top and i constantly got tower dived. But despite losing top I still tried to do my job. Played defensively. tried to focus on my cs. Teleported if needed. I warded river, enemy blue buff and our own red buff. (I'm silver so no-one ever wards or buys vision ward). But this again allowed my jungler to focus botlane and getting us a fed ADC, drakes and to counterjungle. Which won us the game. But ofc some were screaming to have me reported and banned from the game. Since after all the only thing i did was feed. I did nothing else at all.
I agree with Sanglesland. The nature of the game is that you can get behind fast and hard. There is never a reason to flame when someone loses their lane. Ppl that think other players ar just inting or trolling are %%%%%%s with a god syndrome. 99% of the players do not play this game to lose. Sometimes they do lose hard but i dont think they "want to lose".
: /mute all why is is so hard for you who complain about toxicity to type those 2 words in chat?
So imagine this. Your a new player, you die. Someone goes k y s, the solution is mute all? Sure toxic players will be in every game. Just as an observation, league is the worst i have ever seen. And i have been to a LOT of games. Maybe its because its a free game. Its easy when you get banned to get a new account and just continue the bad attitude and %%%% the game for everybudy else but your selfish self. I could not disagree more with your mute all solution. Its not just 1 incident, i don't mind someone going off a bit. Just for fun, create a new account, then look at the amount of players that go ham.
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