Kialon (EUNE)
: My Summoner name
(King) Raingar {{champion:107}}
Realznk (EUW)
: New ranked and off-season, I don't get it...
Solo/duo will be available at the start of season 7
G2 Phantøm (EUNE)
: Add instant 5 scores to mastery skill when clicked
Let me guess... You play a lot of Ashe
CJXander (EUNE)
: 40 Rp short for having 2000 rp :(
Migomercy (EUW)
You will most likely get a Loss Prevented
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NotNanö (EUW)
: Pulsefire Ezreal and Arcade Ezreal
I got it for free by using hextech crafting so I don't really care hehe xd
: Premium Hextech Box
Wtf is a premium box
: You are the first pick. What is your flexpick/safepick for your main roles?
For jungle I blind pick everything bc that is not a really big problem in the jungle. And for mid I usually blind pick {{champion:61}}
kadett17 (EUW)
: Zed
Ally turret destroyed; not wurf
Derifrest (EUNE)
: Would you like play the game with the fact that enemy knows when your summonets are reade? And you forgot about CD items/masteries.
You know about their summoners as well so it's fair. And cd item/ masteries are a good way to mislead the enemy team.
Derifrest (EUNE)
: That actually wouldn't be fair.
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SVA Spice (EUW)
: High Elo Teams getting screwed
: Add **Lulu** and **Teedo** to the party and you will have the Awesome Threesome Laugh-spam party :-D
So with a third basic attack and your W activated on max level you can oneshot everyone xD I like the idea a lot, but it has to be tweaked a lot. I also like the idea that it has influences from the lore.
: Whats your favorite skin line
: will sion ever retun???? :(
He doesn't get played in LCS, so people don't play him. That's how it goes...
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: Strange things happen in bottom left corner
I have the exact same problem
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seiten8 (EUW)
: Champion order in TAB screen
If you pick {{champion:117}} they don't know if you're top mid or support, but if they put it in the right order they will know most of the time.
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: Post your 2 favourite champignons
{{champion:245}} {{champion:236}} The black boiz
: wich u dont need unless there is teemo, shaco, ren, kha, akali
Clearing wards maybe?
: and this is why I go solo lane or jun or adc, basicaly anywhere that is not sup XD (people need to learn, you don'tneed sightstone anymore)
Yes you do. If you ward with your trinket you can't get a lens..
: my and YOUR mains
Top: {{champion:157}} {{champion:54}} Jungle: {{champion:245}} {{champion:421}} Mid: {{champion:245}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:236}} ADC: {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} Supp: {{champion:40}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:432}}
Yes. but every player should have unique quests. Because when everyone has the same quest, everyone wants to play tank for example and you won't win.
: Snowdown Shop
I had the same thing. I relogged and the 6th appeared.
OnkeI Tom (EUW)
: Gender: Male Age: 19 (So 15-19) Hours/day: 2-4, depending on if i have stuff to do Music: Mostly Electro and 8-bit remixes, but i also like rock and a bit of metal Division: Platinum (5) To the question: Will it replace it? No, i don't think so. Will it be a big thing? Yeah, most probably. I have already seen multiple articles about making eSports an "official" Sport, even going as far as to making it an olympic discipline. So yeah, i think eSports won't replace "standard" sports, it rather will be a part of it. If you get a degree on that essay, share it with us :V We want to know if you fucked up.
MiIan (EUW)
: Would you like to answer some questions? :)
Thank you for so many answers !
LucasWho (EUW)
: Gemder: Male Age: 18 Hours per day: 2-3 Music: Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop Punk, House, Power Metal, Death Metal, , Symphonic Metal, Electronica, Electro-Pop (I'm really into music) Division: Silver II I don't think eSports will replace traditional sports. I do think they will co-exist. The only way I can see traditional sports decline in popularity is if they're somehow merged with advanced technology some hundred years in the future. Glad I could help :D but before I leave, I have a question: "Ever seen your soul? Would you like to?" {{champion:412}}
''Fuck off Thresh'' {{champion:236}}
: Yasuo general hate-thread.
The only reason I him to get nerfed is so that I can play him bc he isn't banned
Wolffer (EUW)
: BTW guys pls up vote him, would it be cool if you did projects/essays about you passion =){{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Thank you a lot for your support :D
Wolffer (EUW)
: 15-19 around 6(This shit is my crack XDDDD) I love elektro and mozart, tho music is vary vary! distracting, mustly cus i thinking at a lot higher rate than most people. gold 4 Well yes, and no. cus in the future i mean in like 1000 years, cus at that point we will(might) have neurological computer, and we will live in a digital world rendering normal sports useless. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Rivënge (EUW)
: LoL Megaguide preview (How to get better)
: What Champ makes you tryhard the most?
Eveninn (EUW)
: "Trist, why did you place your pink in base?" "So I don't have to waste Money on a new one if it gets destroyed"
: Name for a Thresh main
Hooker Thresh
MistWind (EUW)
: This is not the LoL i used to enjoy!
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: Personally i also really like {{champion:266}} playstyle. Probably not as viable on higher elo tho. {{champion:131}} Really nice potential and can carry games once fed. Needs a bit of practice tho. {{champion:91}} high 100-0 potential, not really hard, but also probably not very viable in some higher elo.
Eveninn (EUW)
: {{champion:103}} in terms of mobility fight. {{champion:64}} Mobility and #playz, but he falls of late, oposing to Yasuo who basically starts at late, also Lee isn't for damamge mainly. {{champion:268}} In terms of hard to play Champions, and while he can't block projectiles, he can block Dashes. But Azir's playstyle is pretty different. {{champion:105}} I... mobility and damage again, I kinda relate dodging stuff with his playful trikster to windwall I guess. {{champion:245}} Following the same "skirmish assassin" style as Yasuo {{champion:92}} AoE, burst, AD, resource less, high skill cap, everything there. Those are the ones that come to my mind, ofc there can be more.
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Four Star (EUW)
: What music do you listein to while you are playing league?
: Also, i always feel like Q isn't enough. I mean what's DPS am I doing beside Q every 5 secs ? E doesn't do jack beside traveling walls, which more enough than not feels like a gimmick. and his ult doesn't do any damage. Beside CC'ing their ad carry in teamfight what is it good for...
You're just one of those supps that start {{item:1056}} , go full AP and dont buy wards or sightstone the whole game.
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