: > [{quoted}](name=Eternal Hunger,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=mE6uM4sE,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-16T07:19:02.850+0000) > > I'd an army of caster minions, was right behind them when enemy karma started to combo me, not a single minion hit her at all! > How is that even possible, i was sticking behind them all and she was in their range! > [Click here for video > ](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JdNFLtvav7eFjWLWEOHRVPT7qsn6fUxj) Minions only take aggro when an enemy champion autoattacks you or uses targeted immediate effect abilities (such as Cassiopeia E). In this clip Karma didn't autoattack you and her W, the tether, doesn't count as a targeted immediate effect ability, but as a DoT. Her Q of course is untargeted so doesn't cause aggro either.
since when karma's w doesn't aggro the minions? isn't it a single target spell?
I Mained (EUNE)
: Minions Aggro not working, they refuse to attack enemy Karma!
Happened to me too. They seem to have some problem with the minions aggro. (or maybe its a new feature?) Edit: I played ziggs, autoattacked the enemy, and the minions just left me be.
: Revert Akali RITO PLEASE
Like I posted on youtube for patch 9.18 Highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AgmSFefR3s&lc=Ugx3KU08ErvaSh3OFyR4AaABAg > So they rework the good ol' Akali we all (err, most of us) liked because "she was hard to balance", and now they're having hard time balance her? > > I don't get it... not trolling, I really don't.... Can someone please try explain?
: did i forget to tell ya to say all team stats?
> [{quoted}](name=ERIFUN,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=gwp6gKIn,comment-id=0001000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-13T14:46:38.724+0000) > > did i forget to tell ya to say all team stats? You might misunderstand my point. It's not to call you out for inting or feeding. I was sarcastic when I said you should be banned. I apologize if you took it this way. It's about to say that everyone, including you and I, have bad games. And end result/score are not good enough indicators.
: those were not ranked, right? and can u tell me the status of the rest of team? please dont comment the thing u dont want to write all details 1-that malphite game (3/9/4) normal game (the most important thing is this!) lulu 0/9/10 kaisa 4/8/5 gnar 4/9/3 ziggs 3/8/3 and i dont think im so much bad in team like this! 2-that swain game (3/8/2) normal game again, not ranked (again it wasnt ranked and u said it, i was talking about ranked game in whole of this post!) trynda 2/8/4 sylas 0/4/0 ezreal 7/5/4 sona 3/4/8 and im saying its my first time with swain and it wasnt ranked, do u have brain? 3-2/7/0 ashe (again it was normal, whats wrong with you?) thresh my supp : 1/6/1 pantheon 1/5/1 katarina 0/7/1 kled 4/8/2 4-0/7/4 yummi (and yes, nice point it was ranked, now lets take a look at my team!) 1/6/4 sivir ( my adc) 6/7 diana 6/7/7 shyvana 3/6/1 kled in the death point im the same, what do u expect? if yummi attach some one and he/she dives into enemy is there any way if the attached guy died yummi were not be died? yummi is not a good point, yummi isnt an alone champ can play without any one, yummi is very weak without an attaching thing! when sivir dive in, when any of them do this wtf i have to do ?! do u have any thing u say? this ban able shiTs were not ranked, and btw look at the team always if u r looking at my status, dont say "win your lane, win your game " this is an absolute shiT
I have little to no respect for people who say "its just normal" or even "its just aram". Yes some people are playing them to chill, but running it down should be ban-able in any case. The point is we all have bad games, and end result say nothing, especially in a lost game when you sometimes die 2-3 times in a row at the end just to defend or try to make a play to save the game. You remind me the game when I went 1/10/1 Kalista, where I was camped the entire game and my support left me alone. Yes I died over and over, but when 3 enemies always bot towerdive me and we have 4 people on the other lanes result us in winning the game. Should I be banned for that? I'm not saying that inting doesn't exists. it does. but you cannot say that by the end result alone. All you can do is report the inters and hope for the best - and comfort yourself with the games you played poorly. Edit: You forgot your 2/9/2 vayne in a ranked game. Are you gonna blame your support or jungler for that? Or maybe the afk mid/top? Edit2: "win your lane, win your game " - I've never said that. It's a team game, not tft or hearthstone.
: in the name of god, again "i wont even give a single phuck about reports" riot said
I agree. Your 3/9/4 Malph [3 days ago], 3/8/2 Swain [4 days ago], 2/7/0 Ashe [5 days ago], 0/7/4 Yuumi [5 days ago] (and I didn't even go that deep)... Are very much ban-able.
: smurfs whould abuse it like crap. oh right no smurfs in pro play challenger so they don't exist.
Mr 0fficer (EUNE)
: Toxic players are NOT the problem
I remember playing with this awful guy. I mean. He was literal garbage. After the game I open his op.gg and notice he has actually good games with nice KDA. I guess he had a bad game. And the time I decided I wanna try ADC role - Played some dozens of bots, normals and ARAMs to practice. It was ok at the first few games in ranked - then I go Kalista and their Skarner camp me the entire game while my support Morgana tilt my ass off. I ended 1-10-1 (I somehow got a kill at the end on the support) but we win the game - maybe due to the fact that their Skarner was bot the entire game while our jungler snowball out mid and top, which carried the game while i was worth barely any gold. I got flamed so hard that game - and when I look back at it - I'm not sure it was all my fault or anything i could possibly do. and the fact we did win the game. Anyway it was the last time I played ADC in ranked. So.......... yeah. I disagree with your statements. Yes, some players are just bad. But from my experience most of those 9-16 with 55 cs was called out by their team and simply gave up. Which remind me another game, our top Illaoi was 0-3 pre 15 against Azir. We tried to encourage her, saying he'll beat him later on. It didn't help and she kept dying over and over. I was a beast in that game - knocking up Rengar with Janna everytime he jumped on my Jinx. We play around Illaoi - using her as a bait when Azir was jumping on her, since he was overfed and we didn't wanna fight him with his abilities off cooldown. We won that game. Remember those 0-10-0 worth barely any gold, trading them 1 for 1 is a win. Yes some games are unwinable, but some of them you might win if you think outside the box.
: If after you reopened you PC the client showed you the update bar for a second then your client went on default on NA. This ia what the client do after your PC is forced to shut down while you play the game.
Yep. It's a feature so people with power problems will be sent to NA so EU skill level won't degrade :)
Ilinxz (EUW)
Said the Yasou player...
: No, please. Game is already enough bugged, and you can find people to play on Discord, forum etc.
> [{quoted}](name=Ledena kocka,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=i3RKBUAj,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-10T06:12:04.607+0000) > > No, please. Game is already enough bugged, and you can find people to play on Discord, forum etc. so please no more champs, no more events, they should just leave the game as is and forget about it because "it's already buggy enough". ^ that's going by your logic.
: 5 minutes in NA = 6 minutes in EUW, that's how timezone works
didn't you make a post a few months ago about changing your name? it was a competition iirc.
Rioter Comments
JustClone (EUNE)
: Lux 2019
because they want us to buy the new champions. don't worry - soon they'll nerf the new champs and buff lux while releasing a new skin of her.
rHarvey (EUW)
: To all you morons who never dodge
Leopold II (EUNE)
: Great punishment system (NOT)
didn't they say the system is much less forgiving for people who leave, come back and win games? I'm pretty they did say that a few months ago.
Espanico (EUW)
: TFT quality of life
Let me add: When reroll please don't give the same champions again - make them disappear for a round or two. It'll punish skipping a champ or not locking, and will lower the rng of the game.
I have no idea why they removed it. They should have keep it in custom at least.
: I'm actually having a good time seeing all of these vents from people
: League of Karting
And maybe add a ball and goals. And maybe call it......................... Rocket League? (badam psst)
: TFT really is a pain
The items drop really need a makeover. I just got 5 items after the minions stages and kha level 3. Ofc I ended 1st place. this after getting skunk for 2 games ending 6th and 7th.
Dewritoes (EUW)
: Ah yes, someone who's critical about a company's performance is the reason Riot won't give us nice things. Have you read what you just typed? Is this you? Are you sure your account isnt hacked by some nine year old? I'll tell you what makes Riot give us nice things: money and investors.
I read what I type. Riot games are f2p. I have 4 accounts, and bought RP only on one of them 8 years ago to support Riot. With all the bugs and latency, I'm still grateful they give us the chance to play it as beta and didn't delay it with another week or two. Critical a company is fine. being disrespectful and ungrateful is not.
: Human patience has a limit
I once got the same attitude you describe from my jungler and top. Story time my friend... It was 3 years ago, I played Varus mid vs Veigar. Jungler started a fight while invading, and top went to help him. Veigar joined the teamfight while I stayed in lane. I was out of mana, down with the exchange and the fight seamed in a very bad place - I pinged my team to back, but they didn't. Veigar got double kill while I shoved the wave and recall. At this point both of them flame me hard. but I didn't respond and kept playing while communicating with pings only. I didn't even mute them. I tell you what - this teamfight won me the lane. yes veigar got double kill, but lost 2 waves and I got free back while he didn't, which cause him to lose another 2 waves. In the mid game I was 6/0. All this without any help from my jungler and top who kept flaming and calling me out. At the end game I was 13/0 or so, carrying my team, getting objective after objective. My top Kennen was 0/10 and kept flaming all this time - the jungler already stop flaming and realize the mistakes he did. After killing Veigar with 2 Qs, and the enemy team realize its over, I entered my 1st and only message in the entire game, in all chat: "Don't forget to report me after the game". The enemy team even laughed and said the Kenned is way too toxic. My jungler didn't dare to say a single word. After the game I report both my top and jungler. 30 seconds after I get this message that Riot thank me for my report and thanks to that a player got punished for his actions. I don't think I need to describe my feeling at that point. But hey, even if we wouldn't win this game. Pretty sure the same would happened. In conclusion my friend, there's no point in reacting or answering someone. Just play your game. If you can't handle it just /mute all. You won't see them ever again anyway.
Dewritoes (EUW)
: OPINION: TFT is EA levels of rushed.
The difference is that EA would charge 60$ for this, while Riot give it to you for free. People like you are the reason we {get limited | don't get} fun game modes from Riot.
Prowned (EUNE)
: you think league of legends is not impacted by RNG too? Matchmaking, the different champs and type of teammates are all RNG. Percent critical strike. Dragons. Some keystones. there is no game that is not impacted by luck.
Legend say the balance team use a dice to decide on their next patch {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Reichs (EUNE)
: Tell me more how winning this game is about skill.
Thats why this game is so awesome. One guy cannot win alone, its a team game. Objectives > Kills, much more now since a shutdown worth alot.
: I'm scared of playing ranked because of this.
Reichs (EUNE)
: My mid had 50% of my gold and loses the game for us. Tell me more how he is just having a bad game.
: > even draven with tha runes dies in sec if someone just focus him. Wow, a champion that has no escapes, and builds 0 defensive items dies in "sec" if a team focuses it down. Well, tanks last about 3-5 seconds in teamfights - so I'd say ADC is still pretty tough :) Learn to position/farm better (you average 6cs/min on marksmen - that's super low), and you'll find more success I guess. Good luck.
I thought you gonna say thats the only champion he didn't put {{champion:119}} to it. Edit: I just noticed he also missed one {{champion:67}} after {{champion:145}} ;p
Existeur (EUW)
: Improving the community in my country
https://developer.riotgames.com/ You need to create an account, you'll see in the documentation there a guide on how to use it. Note than each account is limited with the number of queries it allowed to do per time.
Naranjo1 (EUNE)
: FIX BOT LANE... and the whole game...
: Accidentally disenchanted my Hex. skin instead of unlocking it.
Open a support ticket. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new You might have to logout and login.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Akali I can understand, Riot said several times Akali is in a rough spot they find hard to balance (op or up). But Mundo and Nunu? I seriously don't see a reason to rework them. why not simply release new champs and leave them as they are?
: This skin loot if so unfair
And I opened 2 Wolf Orbs and got 2 crappy skins... At least your skin worth some good OE.
: Came from no where??? We’ve known for years now that he was getting a rework, he was named back in S5 for a rework candidate... his kit was toxic and unbalancable so he needed a rework.
and it didn't up to this point. Since S7 changes did good for aatrox I was pretty sure they scrap the whole thing. They also said it on Mundo, but he didn't get any (some buffs and nerfs).
: Katarina
A 0/6/0 kata managed to 1 shot me. You probably don't smash you head on the keyboards hard enough. :3 Jokes aside, there's a set of skills (aka combos) you need to practice in order to play her right. Once you learn them you'll see how broken she can be.
: wards multiplying in champ select
It's a hint for you to place more wards ;) Funny bug actually. lol
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I think I know why a lot of people dislike the new Aatrox
Maybe because there was nothing wrong with him. No idea why Riot decided to rework him, it just came from no where.
ravena12345 (EUNE)
: need help
You don't earn RP, you can only buy it with real money.
: I have one update, but I have none?
same. seems like a problem with the boards ;p
: What is a "rule" you have when you play ranked?
when people ban "None", to let them know they're selfish for not asking us if we want any bans for our lanes.
: That is true, but I just think that the punishment for dodging simply due to "not wanting to play" should be a lot harsher.
Wouldn't you dodge a game when one guy start cursing and jerking around? or a guy saying mid or feed? Does that mean you don't wanna play? you do - just not with that guy. I actually think the punishment should be per queue (aka softer). But that's just me.
: Champ select dodgers need to be punished harder.
league is not a short game. one has the right to dodge and not get into a game he would regret playing.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Why did they remove it anyway? Wasn't it serving it's purpose or was it replaced by an auto system?
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=romtLGqE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-02T10:46:40.050+0000) > > Because the Overwatch system is actually an inferior copy of Riot's Tribunal. Why would Riot implement a further watered down version of their own stuff? Didn't they removed the Tribunal?
: Inting, especially in ranked, should have heftier penalties
He has 0 assists, how did the adc took 'his kill' ? Or did he just thought about killing it... ? Edit: submit a ticket on him.
: If your antivirus screws with other programs that's Avira's fault not riot's. Antivirus programs are notorious for doing shit that they aren't supposed to and that nobody ever asked them to. There is nothing riot can do about Avira detecting viruses where there are none.
I agree that doing mini patches out of schedule is not cool and can cause troubles for players. Still - he didn't lose anything, which is a good act by the auto system.
You didn't lose LP even thou' you usually would, and you still rage about Riot? It seems they figured something went wrong and enabled "the button".
: Everyone has bad games, remember NOT TO FLAME :))
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