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: Ah yeah, the Masteries and Runes have become one. They are typically alot stronger than the keystones we had before. The downside is tho, that champions have no additional Mr and Armour from the start. So you can blow up a lil more. IP has become blue essence, you got additional blue essence by all the runes you have purchased. You get blue essence when leveling up now and completing missions (Yeah you can level to infinity not anymore lvl 30 limit) I personally dislike the new Be system, I liked to get IP the old way. There have been alot of new gamemodes there have been some I really liked. During whatever event we had (some sort of Skin line like Darkstar or Star guardian or Blood moon) and now recently there has been this Only Adc Overcharge gamemode
Potchikir (EUW)
Thank you very much! really helpful <3
: There has been alot going on in a year, meta shift wise. But that is in the past since we are jumping into preseason there is another shift and everyone's still figuring out what is strong, even those that have played the whole year. It's a meta shift so we're slowly jumping into Season 8. I might miss some things but I can give you a tl,dr of the year: Assassins got updated, they are much healthier to the game then before. There were some Tank reworks (Sejuani, Zac and Maokai) Tank items have been tweaked and new ones have been added, those Tanks are still strong. Galio, Yorick, Urgot have received GREAT reworks. Yorick is the strongest splitpusher and tower taker, should definitly try him out :P And Urgot is a deathmashine. Literally. Galio went through some ups and downs in his nerfs and buffs, I'm not sure where he stands now. For new champions we got Xayah, Rakan, Orrn, Zoe, Kayn *** Tl.dr on who's strong in preseason: From top to support (only top Tier by my own view. Plat+) {{champion:31}}, {{champion:6}} , {{champion:83}} , {{champion:126}}, {{champion:41}}, {{champion:27}} {{champion:5}} (OP), {{champion:33}} , {{champion:113}}, {{champion:203}} {{champion:55}} , {{champion:90}} ,{{champion:91}} ,{{champion:4}} , {{champion:61}} {{champion:81}} , {{champion:21}} , {{champion:119}} , {{champion:29}} , {{champion:67}}/ {{champion:96}} {{champion:89}} , {{champion:412}} , {{champion:40}} , {{champion:25}} (?) ;
Thank you so much! this really helped me. One last question; What's up with masteries/runes/essence and those things. And are there any new gamemodes?
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