: Trolls in champion select (can we get a report button in there)
Well about trollers we can´t just watch and blame them because they were trolling, thats why everytime i get trolls or other negative behaviour i just report them , its the best way to clean the community
NightTurtle (EUNE)
: League Of Legends Dynamic Rank
You need to do 25 rankeds in Solo and win i think, that should get you're solo badge.
Cosmick (EUW)
: Makes sense, a little info about the whole process would be cool though.
What do you mean "a little info about the whole process"?
Bündas (EUW)
: Who to buy?
Well , if you need a easy champ but not a noobchamp, try miss fortune its one of my favourites in the bot lane.{{champion:21}} Ps: its 3150
ReKd Soul (EUW)
: help
At the end of every season you'll have to play again 10 rankeds in order to be placed in a certain Elo again. Later, if you win some Rankeds ( when you get 100 lp) you'll get to promotions, which means you need to do 3 rankeds and you need to win 2 in order to climb from Gold 2 to Gold 1 for example.
klarmino (EUW)
: Chat is not working!
Well i think Riot disabled the chat because it were causing problems , it appeared in the top on the client the little "!" so sometimes to fix bugs, Riot needs to turn off the chat or even matchmaking.
Squishie (EUW)
: Am i the only one who finds yasuo weak ?
Well in my opinion i don't think yasuo is weak, because it has good crits and dmg. But they are certain champions like Gangplank and Trundle as you said, and because they are tanky, its a little more difficult for yasuo.
Perilum (EUW)
Im not a big yasuo player, but when I play him I use the tornado in teamfights when ult to start them.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Hextech GLP + Rylai's?
In my opinion you should build them both, because this two items together do a very good combination, resulting in: -More health: Rylai's gives more 400 hp : GLP gives more 300 hp -Tons of slows: Rylai´s slows 40% for 1.5 secs. ; GPL slows 65% -More Mana: GLP gives more 400 mana Basically if you build this 2 items together you will dominate in teamfights with you're slows , specially as a champion like taliyah with her Q for example.
Alex Mincu (EUNE)
They are actually good ideas, but they dont make sense when talking about skin "family-trees"
: a movie based on league lores
Yep i agree, a League of Legends movie its a very good concept indeed, it doesn't need to be a very big movie, but at least something that can incentivate players to know more about the lore of all the champions.
Hàkuba (EUNE)
Hey, that skin concepts look awesome. But the skins are based in the lore of the champions, like for example steel legion is for champions of demacia( garen and lux) demonblade its for now just a tryndamere skin but good ideas tho xD
Well sometimes that happens due to ranked players being in parties with non-ranked players. Sometimes in normals my team is unranked or bronze and the other team silver or even gold, but I dont really mind because its not that big of a difference
: Extremely toxic players not getting punished
Greetings , When you said that sometimes you find a toxic/trolling/flaming player in rankeds and in normals i have to agree that happens to me most of the time. When a player like that is not cooperating with the team I just try to keep up and ignore him or even try to be nice at him . In my opinion, you should always report players like that, i know sometimes Riot look like it doesn´t punish, but doing that , sometimes , it get a report feedback message, which means the player i reported got punished. With you´re report, you can make a difference.


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