kurnubego (EUNE)
: How would you improve cloud drake?
well, cloud is not really useless. It works with ult champions. Maxing out CDR. lvl 16 malp with max CDR have 28.6 CD on ult minus 5.8 sec on evey other cloud you have. match that with karthus and some other ult team and you have sick teamfighting comp. and yes it is harder to use it in solo Q
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New ashe sucks.... she got E back to useless in a way since ashe is so weak she needs that extra gold to get going, and Q the slow is lost only can be activated after 5 ( or 3+ W ) and it makes is conditional. ok I mean she got extra power on her auto+W+auto+ult+autos... but everyone know this combos and in 1v1 they ussualy just flash or dash the ult, and no ult no ashe. and since apc can kill adc with ONE ability ( ok maybe not but close) means you dont get to land that many autos to activate Q + say in atacking range for like 3 sec to use it. it just sucks now, I mean she is abit stronger vs other adc thaat's good, but that is all
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