Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: According to League of Graph, your first game was played on 18th, and it was tutorial. Are you really sure that you created account before 16th?
Yeah i know why thank you
: The missions are given to the accounts created before the event started aka on the 16th of October. All accounts created after that will not receive the gifts.
i did created before the 16th
: When did you create your account... ?
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: You get the mission, you do the mission (so far they are nothing more than "play one game". Such wow. So hard missions), you get stuff. Simple as that. Everyday you get a new mission and if you are late, you get the new ones after you complete the old ones (for example i did the first today and after that i got the second).
Cant you read ? I didn't even get the first mission that says do a game. I DID NOT GET THE MISSIONS, ANY OF THEM !
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