: The newest champion "Neeko"
Just ban her then. And like you said I think that wont be hard Thanks for understanding. :)
: Don't misunderstand, you won't decay/be demoted during pre-season. You can play ranked in preseason and you can get demoted, but not because of inactivity. I hope I made it clear for you
Yeah, now i got it thanks a lot dude !
: Yeah, but decay is disabled now, what's the point of having decay when you can't even play to stop it. ^^
So even if i do play a ranked game one the next patch, it wouldn't prevent me from getting demoted ? kinda confused
: Damn brother, I'm Diamond V 16LP as well. xD - Also, during pre-season Riot will turn off Ranked Decay, it states that in the Season FAQ. :)
The preseason starts on patch 6.22 am i right ?
: Ranked inactivity notifaction
So i might get demoted ? i'm d5 16 lp ._.
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