: Riot won't think about the season rewards policy, they decided and announced the 3 months rule in September, that's 2 months before the end of season. Someone who has been banned x days in August mid days wont receive the rewards, but people banned before August yes. I think is unfair and they should still give the rewards until the begging of season 6 date, so let's say January, so people could complete their 3 months clean state.
I hope someone listens to you it really is the most reasonable thing
DyzR (EUW)
: Hey, i have been banned for 2 weeks. Which STARTED at the 3rd of September. The season will stop after worlds that means 1th of November i think? So its like 2 days difference. And i just reached S1. Means i can still get Gold in these days. I was banned for flaming but i learned my lesson and haven't been toxic ever since. Now i am really scared that i don't get any rewards... I am screwed right? gg.
Same has happened to me, read my comment, yes even if you get to gold (im gold IV) you wont get any rewards. I have never been banned or chat restricted before. Typical riot bullshit
Ymir (EUNE)
: Ranked Rewards Policy
There´s a thing that pisses me off you don´t understand how much. Please upvote so rioters read, even though I have low expectatives they are going to do anything about this. I got banned for 14 days for flaming on September 1st. Okay. I understand the ban and I accept it. I have never been banned before, nor chat restricted or anything, why someone who has been banned in June, April, March, or who has been repeatedly banned throughout the year but not in these last 3 months gets the rewards and I do not? Please somebody give me an answer because I believe you didn´t think this through.


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