: Almost every jungler makes use of CDR out of their blues because that lets them get their spells more often. Attack speed on the other hand is either used by AD (Warrior) junglers for more AA since a big part of their damage is coming from that, or Tank junglers (Cinderhulk) because that class doesn't benefit from anything else at all. But all junglers do benefit from their spells having lower cooldowns. Jarvan gets his shields and combos more often. Lee Sin the same. Kindred hops around more often. Sejuani/Gragas/Nautilus/anyone else get their big spells up more often both for clearing the jungle and for teamfights in the midgame. I really can't think of any champion whose clear speed doesn't improve with more CDR.
Trindamere would be the best exemple imo , he barely benefits from cdr regarding clear speed
: Hi, thanks for your opinion and as i said, i hope my message is constructive for everyone. I dont hate riot, but i dislike their lack of attention to things that in a few years will bring decay to themselves and I'm not just talking about "age". I understand all the arguments and points you just made, still we are missing the point. Ranked games are becoming each day more and more neggative. factors are all you want to take in account but the main thing is still the same. As i said before, i believe Riot has done a wonderful job in all the other aspects of the game, im one of the ARAM lovers. if you get a troll you dont get as sad as in ranked. plus people are in aram actually to have fun so really, IS VERY RARE to find toxic's in aram for example. i think you get my point, is not a matter of updates, nor lolclient, neither champ selection ways, not even the flex/solo/duo ranked system. is that at the end of the month is heavier the neggative result. but again ONLY IN RANKED. all the rest of decisions RIOT has made i support, maybe i would invest more in the merch shop, i mean get much more products of more champios. im a big consumer haha. have a nice day
i think you're a bit biased and that's just a matter or perspective , been playing almost solely ranked since S4/5 and my experience regarding toxicity and all that kept improving over the years only recently i noticed i spike in toxicity when autofill got introduced ( lot of "hue i can't supp , fuk y'all!" and stuff like that )
: There is something wrong with the placements on Solo q/duo q
it always been this way and Rito have warned people [](http://[url=http://imgur.com/k3ORCrx][img]http://i.imgur.com/k3ORCrx.jpg[/img][/url]) This bethe rough expectactions you can have when starting from the season's debut regardless of placement games , it was made like this for a reason , if you wish to know thisi suggest you check my recent posts since i've already made a pretty detailed point about it when someone complained about the same thing imo whatever you end up with in you placements it doesn't vary much more than 1/2 tiers from what the board lists here in most cases , meaning placements games are pretty useless from our perspective and we shouldn't get expectations from them ( a message that shoudl be send more often by rito imo ) They must still have some uses in jauging the player's progression a bit and be a "check" for shortage of player performance in some wayfor people that say haven't been playing in years or to detect boosting & co scenarios but that's it
: youre making me feel bad about this man. i didnt even know i could shop until i was lvl 5 XD i was playing every game with ZERO items. then my friend made an item set for me to use when i play darius... and didnt set it so it only shows when i play darius... and i bought it on EVERY champ i played just so yall know {{champion:1}} and {{item:3742}} actually worked until lvl 12 XD good times
Juggernaut Annie Top new Meta. lmaokai {{champion:57}} Feels a bit weird to hear stories like this coming from people who just started out recently from my perspective DMP {{item:3742}} is a pretty recent item to me XD
iDunk (EUW)
: Atmas was actually really good on garen. I used to build a mixture of crit and health, to get the extra ad from atmas passive. Ah, the good old days. I also wasted all three of my refund tokens. I bought Kassadin cause I watched xPeke play him in Worlds, and saw videos of him online. So I bought him. had no idea how to play him, refunded him. And I can't remember who the other two champs were, but I know 100% that I refunded 3 champs no skins, as I didn't even know what skins were til I was level 30, as I didn't play seriously back then. Oh boy, wish I could say the same now. Rip wallet </3. Back in the day, when Kha used to build tear. It was actually good on him, cause he got a lot of top lane play. However, I decided to start the game with a faerie charm and no pots. I also remember my first Penta. With my buddy Jax. Back in the times that you could build full damage on him. {{item:3078}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3146}} any type of boots I wanted, mostly {{item:3009}} {{item:3074}} and good old Zephyr. Legit was just spam right clicking xD I got into the game through my brother. I use to play bot games, and send pictures of my scores to him while he was at work, and I was playing on his computer. I precisely remember sending him a Garen and Yi game I played against bots, with like over 20 kills in both, was well chuffed with myself xD And lastly, this isn't exactly that long ago. But I had a specific op build on Heca. Old spirit of the elder lizard, then Triforce, any boots I wanted, youmuus, static shiv, and hydra. I could one shot people with it. And playing with that build, was when I backed with the most gold I ever have. Not even intending to, just hadn't been looking at my gold. And I'll try find the picture of it I took, and put it in here. http://prntscr.com/deyzrc Just also found the Yi build I used, three phantom dancers, an infinity edge, and two bloodthirsters xD I'm legit just gonna put a printscreen of every picture I ever took of my league scores, excuse the quality of the pictures. I really didn't care about the quality, was just hyped about the scores and stuff etc. I hope you enjoy xD Looking back through all these photos I took, I realise how cringe I was xD However, it floods back my memories of when I really loved league, and loved getting good scores. I haven't took a picture of a score or game in aaaaaaaaaagees xD Might have to start again, for years in the future when I can look back and cringe again xD I hope you enjoyed. There was as lot of noob stuff I did, but I think everyone did. My one friend, is now diamond. But when he started 2 years, boyyyyy was he bad xD He practiced a lot and got better, and now he is a very good Sol one trick, filthy peasant xD But he never use to use actives on items, like bork. And he played Renekton and Aatrox top A LOT xD Famous Yi build http://prntscr.com/dez0oe http://prntscr.com/dez11p GAREEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNN http://prntscr.com/dez1bf http://prntscr.com/dez1i1 http://prntscr.com/dez1ob Lucian game I was super impressed with myself with http://prntscr.com/dez23b http://prntscr.com/dez2cg http://prntscr.com/dez2i7 SHEN PENTA KILL BOIIIIIIIIIIIII http://prntscr.com/dez2ow http://prntscr.com/dez2ui http://prntscr.com/dez300 Another Lucian game xD http://prntscr.com/dez39l No death Caitlyn Aram game http://prntscr.com/dez3lg http://prntscr.com/dez3rw Hyped about my ribbon http://prntscr.com/dez4ll Fizz penta and good score http://prntscr.com/dez5du http://prntscr.com/dez5om 1000 Stacks Nasus woooooooooo http://prntscr.com/dez5xw
> [{quoted}](name=FeelsToxicMan,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=Arl8Utv2,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2016-12-03T20:37:20.507+0000) > > Atmas was actually really good on garen. I used to build a mixture of crit and health, to get the extra ad from atmas passive. Ikr. it was godlike , i felt really bad and incomplete when they removed it until the Juggernaut update , but man they had reasons Just been thinking how much people were full of shit when talking shit bout my build on Garen even to this day they still are when salty and loosing , like Bitch i got 205K + Mastery 7 on Garen {{champion:86}} i've been Spinning before Shurima {{item:3069}} was even a thing , you ain't got no say about my Critaren {{item:3046}} build ! or whatever item i should buy and when ! And no. FULL TANK GAREN {{champion:86}} is not Optimal ! you're pretty useless with it and can't carry , peel whatsoever unless the ennemy team is pretty dumb Full Tank Garen is only decent for Sunday faceroll Garen's {{champion:86}} Garen be a Juggernaut wich means damage ( without or with Crit ) fucking deal with it.
: time to rethink how League of legends should transcend the decade of 2010-2020 in to the 30's
Let's not forget they did a pretty good job at improving the champ select experience too up there there's definely some points to work on too but have already been talked about , like upsizing the Bans to 5 when possible ( woulld potentially recquire more champs to play or a workaround ) but they definely need to extend all this work to all queue experiences and bring back this fucking Draft in regions it's gone , because Blind is shit tier design currently had some more stuff on the back on my mind but forgot them while writing all this lmaokai {{champion:57}}
: time to rethink how League of legends should transcend the decade of 2010-2020 in to the 30's
> [{quoted}](name=ONNIXTRO,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=Fbv5kA13,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-09T01:13:10.213+0000) > Hope this message is constructive for all perspectives. > Have a nice day. Sadly it isn't , or it just isn't objective , you clearly are denying the fact that they did work on improving the user experience as a whole ( Ranked or not ) constantly and you should'nt for exemple Behavior systems improved a lot over the years and altho they could defenily always get better at it they currently do make a good job at least at punishing the worst offenders in League Currently and also at making a distinction between theses and false reports , players passively cursing without being out of line etc ... But not only that , Yes the Ranked System is tailored as such that you would always get placed below your precedent season tier ( about 5/10 tiers depending on your placements / preseason activity i guess ) But it has to work like this because if it wouldn't it would leave the door open to some pretty non-competitive behavior such as getting placed directly in high tiers and not working for it the rest of the season except for the occassional game to avoid decay i think it's fine as it is and they did make an effort this year into warning people not to be discouraged by this communicating that YOU WILL get downgraded compared to last season on ranking , it always been this way but before then they never warned , this time they did in many places wich is cool However there are some supposed improvements i feel mitigated about such as the Solo/Duo / Flex System it seems to be able to solve the Highest tiers being too favorable to premades problem ( only Flex allowing premades of more than 2 peeps ) but i feel like Flex won't out at the end of the day regarding promises of solving the premade toxicity problem , or maybe too underpopulated past a point if not given proper interest Riot should at least tease people on the incentive of playing Flex or both Queues in order to motivate people in doing so but should alos work more on reducing premade toxicity case by punishing them more accurately and way more severely than solo players imo but at the same time give incentive to premade to coordinate with solo players Currently we solo players only have a few incentive to play with premades in Flex ( the current ip boost , double mystery reward , the self-accomplishment aspect of being able to play with more coordinated people and devellop more ways of playing the game ) but premades really have none other than winning , once that perspective fades away , they tend to get Toxic and not give a shit anymore about the current game , this is in most cases imo the reason why premades are so notorious for their toxicity This is an exemple of something Rito could work on , not the Ranked system itself , rejecting the way it works feels like pretty selfyish behavior imo , no matter if it is Op or a Streamer who does this or whatever , it is what it is , People can Climb , People Can Fall , you always kinda disserve your elo unless you're a fucking scripter or a Yasuo {{champion:157}} main ( see i can play the salt-game too ! XD ) if you start out as Bronze 5 at D Day it's fucking supposed to work this way , you wouldn't have any incentive to play if you started out as gold 5 from gold 3 and it goes for every tier !
Br0nnie (EUW)
: Garen's E display stacks
Let's not forget too much clarity kills the clarity , There ain't no debuff applied untill you reach thoses 4 spins so there's is literally no need for it it's not like Black Cleaver {{item:3071}} wich applies a debuff from the moment you get hit Let's not forget Kayle's {{champion:10}} passive tho who would defenily benefit for such Clarity improvements , she currently has way to much hidden power residing in it , and imo would be a really good candidate for some update on her Kit + Visual effects
: I voted yes but now im wondering, how long does it take to reach full stacks? 4 times, how long is that?
Depends on Garen's {{champion:86}} level , Spin ticks faster scaling up in lvl starting from 5 ticks up to 10 (+ 1 tick every 3 lvl until lvl 16) but the E duration itself is always 3 seconds sor for exemple a level 4 Garen {{champion:86}} would need to spin for 2 seconds to apply armor shred and could make use of it for 2 additional ticks + Auto's ( Q ) However a lvl 16 Garen {{champion:86}} would only need 1.2 seconds to proc it since spins ticks every 0.3 seconds at that point Back to Topic now i think the display is fine as it is as long as there is distinction between Black Cleaver {{item:3071}} Shred procs the E Shred procs and Both being applied Wich i'm not sure if it is the case yet but i think it is ( different icon when applying both shreds) needs some testing
: Idc, they can write Ezreal, only takes 1+ second to write
you have no idea how much work we put into typing ! our time is precious inferior being !!! {{champion:268}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:75}} no seriously i don't think it's gonna happen , but the classical end lobby "Ez." is still a debate wether it's bm and should be punished , it's bm and shouldn't , it's not ... etc
: Ezrael is a little bitch.
{{champion:81}} "Agreed !" one of his quotes :D
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: I remember when I started off I tried to get as much health and mana as possible idk why. I played Jhin in blind pick and my build was literally just kindlegems/ruby crystals and tears. Another time when I stopped just building health/mana, i built morello, spirit visage, spellthiefs, and tear
Jhin ? {{champion:202}} Wow , you're new ! go back to Bots {{champion:53}} ! lmao jk
: Tried using Smite on champions. Back in Season 1, before all those fancy colored Smite, no sir. Back in my day we only had one Smite and it had to do. Kids these days are spoiled I tell you!
: every time this topic gets brought up, i always remember my first ashe build {{champion:22}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3006}}
Mine on Garen {{champion:86}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3143}} [ATMA] {{item:3065}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3006}} or some other random boots ( not the Sorcerer or Mobility ) Was pretty much legit in the end altho i did rush the wrong items in the wrong order And starting with {{item:1051}} for the Avarice Blade Rush wasn't such a good idea in the end ( better to get the avarice at 2nd back ) Also wasn't mastering the whole component / tier / recipe / final item thing neither did i pick the good item agaisnt the good matchup ( Rushing armor on Ap Teeto {{champion:17}} ) {{champion:86}} Demaciaaa !!! :( *rekt* {{item:3902}} Anyway i educated myself a lot at the time i started playing LoL because i really wanted to know how the game works so i turned out not doing so poorly Save for the Tiamat based items i really loved building Tiamat because it looked cool to me but in the end was pretty much shit , most of the times i didn't even upgrade it to Hydra lmao , i think i didn't even know Tiamat was a component for it i experimented a lot of stuff on purpose too i recall thinking every champ had benefit from AP , and buying T3 AP Quints first for Garen with Scaling CDR before searching about it in the Wikia or some other source Really wanted to Make dat Demacian Justice and that Spin hurt {{champion:86}}
: 1.Used smite in lane,thought it did huge damage 2. Used the summoner spells that come later in level, cuz i thought they are obviously stronger 3. Died with every single champ in jungle besides warwick(back in s2-s3 when jungle was a lot harder to clear) 4. Also thought more expensive champ=better champ,there was a point i thought Voli was the best champ in game since he cost 6300 Will post more if i remember, i had a lot of these stupid stuff :D
i can Relate for Voli , tought he was a better version of Garen at the time and was my Dream Top champ for a while {{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} {{champion:106}} in the end at the time i had the occassion to buy him i was pretty much more educated and ended up killing shit pretty easily but like i could do on any other champ , just perception lol Can relate for the Smite too , you know in thoses messy games when there's this one guy spamming "MIID OR AFK" / "MID OR FEED NOOBS!" and nobody wants to jungle and you end up with Garen {{champion:86}} and Darius {{champion:122}} Top :D Pretty much a Rape squad for the non ranged solo laner , but struggling agaisnt the other laner for farm ... {{summoner:11}}
: Noob Stuff we Did ( Admit it we all did at least one of theses )
Forgot the Spellthief Lux mid lane , lol that was Dumb :D {{item:3303}} {{champion:99}}
Rioter Comments
: So why are people bashing on Blind Pick so much?
Blind Pick is bad Design for the Game Experience by default regardless of trolling / instalocking and champ select issues that may or may not happen not saying current Draft is the perfect experience but it's the closest than ever after all the experimenting ( Team Builder , etc ) both queues need some work in an ideal world Blind pick should use the same format as Draft with the position select , map side , and the pick intent , minus the Bans and being able to see ennemy comp That way both experiences would be equal and the only difference would be wether it is Draft or Blind and not whatever the fuck comes along because one is an older and outadted champ select experience and the other has fucking standards and even id they don't wanna put the work into it for both i don't see any point in the Draft removal on some regions its utter bullshit , so much that i've seen plenty of new TR originated people going into EUW for it lately This was a shit call from rito , like when you make a shit call for Baron and loose the game , only they can still fix it and hopefully they will
Amazing (EUNE)
: Nickname change notification message
either of theses would be really cool improvements , the new notification system is neat ,let's make use out of it !
Zupreme (EUNE)
: I need 10 RP :(( Here are some fanart that i made. PLZ RIOT
: Remove yasuo
Remove Asagi pls
: Censor this flat out bullshit please
we can't cuz Ez is short for Ezreal too as a champ ? {{champion:81}}
: Blind pick v Draft normal removal [POLL]
This is utter Bullshit , almost as stupid as Trump becoming President ... Don't let this happen again , we'll be watching the world Burn enough for 2017 already as it is ... Blind Pick is Shit Tier and shouldn't even exist as of today , if you guys wanna keep it despite the whole "omg queue time lololol" fine. but if you really wanna cut the corner this is the one you're supposed to deal with Removal of Normal Draft ... seriously what happened to this world ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
sacrement (EUNE)
: Why do u need to be salty?
It's not Salt it's being fucking realistic , the low elo people you're complaining about are so unlikely to go to the boards let alone reading your Topic that it makes it Pointless by Default
PsyKzz (EUW)
: Good idea, the only downside i could see here is if you were typing to a friend and agreed to decline so you both could play instead, while typing you pushed space and got thrown into game.
just disable the Key when chatting problem sovled lol
Pik4s (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Accepting game
Neat idea , a quick Key like Space or Enter would be real cool perfect for thoses long queue times when i'm prepping sandwiches :3 Oh wait ... I'm a Support main lmaokai XD
sacrement (EUNE)
: Best ADVICE for new LVL 30 players
Yeah ... like the Animals you're QQ'ing about will actually go all the way to the boards and read your QQ Post ...
Ichinose (EUW)
i request 20% increase in female champions's boobs & butt size
: Xin Zhao Top/Jungle
Youmuu is also a wonder on him
go home playerbase , you're drunk
JerzeyGuy (EUW)
: A goodbye
rekt , and don't come back
YukaniEU (EUW)
: Self-handicapping
on average 1.5 of my team-mates are doing in it and i blame this as the main reason as to why its slow to elo grind where i am
: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-creations-en/etdRW2qZ-falconshield-spin-feat-nicki-taylor-original-league-of-legends-song-garen-katarina {{champion:55}} <3 {{champion:86}}
it's weird to hear her singing about Kata because she also did the Vi theme song
: Is using Capslock punishable?
DEMACIA !!!??? ( read as "wtf is this shit should i get banned too now?" )
Chabub (EUW)
: the ban system
reading 10 lines only made me reach that conclusion => Rekt you deserved it
duckarp (EUNE)
: Sure, they try to abuse it, but every false report results in lowering of the weight of their future reports. You have nothing to worry about as long as you've done nothing wrong. Btw, you can get punished by intentionally feeding and trolling since the last patch as well, because we have a new system for that ;-)
lol you could get punished before aswell , the new system is just being instant
DonPanini (EUNE)
: The System is failing.
> [{quoted}](name=DonPanini,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MheyLIP1,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-09-18T23:12:48.290+0000) > > 1. * So i see these people, who act all nice and stuff in the champion select &quot;Hi Team :))&quot; and such. Nice right? Yeah, why not. However, when the champion select turns into a game, these &quot;polite&quot; people, they become animals. Die once, screw up once, they forget all the stuff they said before. &quot;Omg how did u die?&quot; &quot;Noob report&quot; &quot;/all pls reported *Instert your name*.&quot; It&#039;s disgusting and god, so predictable. > > Now what does this have to do with the system? You see, i got suspended from the chat for quite a while a couple of weeks ago, and i&#039;m NOT one of your &quot;i feel so wrong about this so i must make a complaint&quot; guys, no. I don&#039;t begin the thrashtalking. I only thrashtalk back to people, who thrashtalk to other players or me. I think they deserve it. What do they do? They report me. For the very thing they started. They couldn&#039;t endure their own shit. > > I also must say, i&#039;m disappointed about other players who just watch the situation, don&#039;t want to get their hands dirty. If there is an asswipe thrashtalking to some1 doing fine, i don&#039;t hesitate to go between them. Thats what i get banned for. I defend the one being flamed, and I&#039;m not your one &quot;I fuck ur mom&quot; flamers. I try to reason with them. Try to make them understand how stupid the stuff that they are typing is. But you see, the toxic community of this game, which is a very big part of the community, they don&#039;t get it. They don&#039;t even realize they are flaming. > > Let&#039;s talk about insults shall we? Typical insults for childish asswipes, or just kids would be &quot;i fck ur mom&quot; &quot;ur mama %%%%% feel so nice&quot; &quot;gg i report u&quot; stuff like that. My usual responds: &quot;With all 3 inches of it?&quot; or a little rougher, if im really pissed about this guy &quot;Dude just stfu&quot; or &quot;dude get some friends&quot; etc, so my responds are pretty nasty, i must admit it, of course. But i believe, that what your usual flamer says, has much MUCH bigger impact on the morale, than the stuff that i would say. Seeing the messages above just triggers the &quot;oh jeez not these guys again&quot;-effect in your brains. So please, PLEASE pay more attention to the ones who start the flame wars, not the ones who just defend themselves or someone else. > > Some would ask &quot;Why not just ignore them kids?&quot; &quot;Why keep fighting?&quot; Answer is simple. Because if i ignore them, they learn NOTHING. I&#039;m trying to make this games toxic community at least a little bit more neutral. Ignoring these people make some of them think, &quot;Haha, i won. The guy gave up&quot; and i don&#039;t want them to feel like they won an argument. Not ever. So i try to reason with them and sometimes lose it, but they do deserve every last bit of it. All of them. > > Now, i got banned from chat for defending the ones being flamed. However, when a squeaker wishes cancer to your family and bangs your mother and trolls and feeds the shit out of enemy intentionally, he gets to keep playing. This morale ruiner, this disease of league of legends. Why? Maybe, well, because.. Yeah, there is the question. Maybe i&#039;m seen as the big harasser, since my arguments are harsher and more colorful instead of just same old bullshit. But consider the following; Riot bans/chatbans people who ruin the fun and ruin the game. So which one truly ruins the fun here? The one, who after one death on their team says gg on all chat and flames the dead player, or the one, who only defends the other player, or himself? > > Shall we discuss? //Don been there op , since then i've become more subtle and i changed my approach just to avoid self-penalties , but i still stand up agaisnt free chat shitspamming whenever i can and i still think something is fucked up somewhere because i don't feel like theses asses are getting what they disserve , hopefully the instant feedback and future player behaviour improvements ( tribunal etc ) will make me feel better about this Edit: as a fervent Megadeth fan i feel obligated to post this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGZGnLR8qeU
Meto The (EUW)
: Picking a champ that you played 2 times in your life
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: It was like that for me when I started PvP. You just need to find a champion that you feel very comfortable with. For me it's Nami. Not super easy, not super difficult, her kits perfectly suits my playstyle. Bard is by no means an easy to play champion, so I suppose he would require a lot more practice. Don't give up hope. If you can, find some people like you, people wo are just trying to get better, make a premade team and play some Normals together.
i relate to this experience because i chose my main this way too it was Garen because i knew i wasn't a really great player mechanically ( altho i did improved over time while trying new champions , most notably Braum which is now my main supp ) when i started i was also shit-tier at managing my mana pools and really struggling not to die when playing squishies so i wanted a simple pick that i could Spin 2 Win with and started really tanky as fuck because there was no way i could play a squishy while being decent and then i improved over time trying more and more offensive focused builds , because with Garen all you can bring to a team is your Silence and your damage so i was trying to be always more offensive over time to carry more games because just being a decent player while playing a full tank was just becoming too easy and often wasn't enough to carry my teams then i got to the point i was even playing even Asssasin Garen and managed to get pentas with this , after that playing assasins and squishies in general felt much easier because i learned how to choose fights / trades as of today Garen is still and will forever be my main because it still fits my my needs , i still think i don't really have great mechanics altho i can throw some good plays with various champs from times to times however i know that my strenghts are in game strategies , i have a greater champ knowledge and matchup knowledge than average on my elo aswell as really good build knowledge and fight picking abilities / map awareness even tho i have more fun playing other champs because playing as Garen almost brings nothing new to me anymore ( Juggernaut update aside )
Manicole (EUW)
: Permanently banned no warning no chances.
either of theses 3 : - you're toxic as fuck and don't want to admit something ( your real toxicity level , previous bans etc ) - you're scripting/haxing and got caught or were at some point and got caught after - Rito fucked up , it has happened before but it's very unlikely in any way posting here won't help , get this shit dealt with the support if you want to and if it says "huehuehue i ban u , no account for u " then deal with it op , in any case i could not give less fuck about it
Avanteen (EUW)
: Have a good night people ^v^ !
this teeto smile face , can't tell if cute or just insulting
: I understand that, but behavior alert for what? Why its even allowed?
you're right theses messages should work differently ( maybe just change the message ) i've been in this case myself , and even when you know you're in your right and presumably nothing will happen to you, you feel like something is fucked up in this case
: Or a Wukong getting hit by targeted abilities (like Garen Q) when he turns invis.
lol never heard of this one before but must be the same case as i described for silences another weird case also happened to me as Garen again where i killed someone who successfully flashed with an auto attack the thing is that the auto attack was valid while he ( i think it was an Ez ) still didn't took the lethal damage , therefore making him able to flash but doomed to die , same things happens with my ult all the time , once i go trough a certain point in the cast animation the ult will follow out of range even after a flash / blink because the target was still there the moment the ult is deemed valid
: Ikr, it was a retrospective.
oh , i see as for the subject i think it works in the following way most of the cases : - if said champion gets displaced and used his flash / blink / whatever it is before actually being hit then it will escape from it i'm not sure of anything but one thing is sure is that the same thing can be seen with silences , how many times did i successfully hit Q as Garen against tristanas / gnars and the like and they were still able to gtfo while eating both the Silence and the damage
Dravoski (EUW)
: "Set Region as Default" for buying RP
Ulliete (EUW)
: So, I just played some ultimate bravery in pvp ...
ggwp seriously , you guys got balls , i should try to duo like this once
Grοss Gore (EUNE)
: Please, the game is simply boring.
all i can think about when i hear OFA is Lux & Karthus ! i had so much fun playing OFA mirror with theses fucking lasors and globals everywhere , shit was so chaotic and beautiful also i don't think the Sion rework was out at the time , it would be really nice to see how a game with 10 Sions on a 1 path lane would go
: What Non meta to play in bot lane with my friend?:)
Lee sin support & Garen adc The Lee sin can build pretty much like an usual fighter lee sin ( with targon ) The Garen should absolutely go IE + Youmuu + BC + 2 Tank Item ( or maybe 1 + sterak's ) ( i suggest a raptor cloak based item for fast lane chases ) + Swiftness boots whats good with this duo is that you can reverse the roles if you want to and it will still work as long as they have good teamplay
MistWind (EUW)
: WTF kidding me ? No gain LP after win
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