Djhrum (EUW)
: If LoL was football - would you keep on muting?
Muted players are people not playing the same game. They often work for the enemy team because they know them or because they know you and were here to troll the game. Troll accounts are troll accounts for ever even more when they get leveled up in ranked and when they find other troll friends to cheat the games.
: I see a lot of players complaining about bots, I feel like I'm the only one playing with 10/10 real players all the time xD The number of toxic players in ARAM seems to have increased tho.
Today especially I've been paired up with people from my banned list who collectively harassed me in the past. It's like someone in riot's staff left his/her post for the summer holidays and all the accounts trolls were released
Mepodis (EUW)
: Nah, ive seen several times people spamming ''easy'' in end game screen after being completly useless all game. And i mean spamming 20-30 times..... This kinda shit honestly makes me wish certain things upon those people.
Perhaps they say "easy" because it was. For instance, if the "fake random" from aram give all the op champs to the enemy you can't really say it's not easy for them.

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