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: So my infobox tells me you replied two times. One reply was deleted. Either you messed up which is OK or u just literally got smited with that condecending tone. You know, yeah I am hard stuck silver. And I am OK with it. I wanna be in gold promos again but I am actually not that good of a player and I am ok with that. FOr years I played sitting on my couch with laptop on my laps and cats jumping around me. And I had fun. Now I have a decent Desktop and still have fun. I play the champs I like, I played Viktor when nobody played him. I like to play Jinx whether she is in Meta or not. I play Nautilus jungle top and support and vi top (hella fun on my elo) and I lose a lot since I value the social interaction with my team. When they are negative I spend time chatting calming them down and losing out on CS for that. When I get mad, i will tip and not press enter to vent. And I played this game for as you said 5 seasons plus first year unranked. So yeah as you correctly noted. I am an oldfella in this game whos skills do not match his experience. But believe me. I have seen plenty people like you. I have seen them whine about their bans. Telling me they were just "helping" their team to win. Justifying their blatant flaming. I have seen it all thats why I didn't even read through the whole thing. After literally 10 lines I knew how this thread would work out. I didn't for see you stalking my account, I mean why? Do you wanna make a point with it? Is my opninion on social behaviour less valuable cause I am a bad player? Think about that. And try not to find a witty answer to it, first really think and than ask yourself if there might be something to this sentence. YOu had your glory for a short time. What for your account is gone. I have my fun. Year after year after year. Some seasons with month of not playing and than spamming games again. And I still have my old as %%%% account. So who is better of? The one who can't play a game or the one who has fun doing so no matter what? Think about your goals mate. You are better than I am in the game and justify your antisocial behaviour with it, but what for? You are no pro, even than it would be a freaking weak argument. After all you are just a person like me, having fun (i hope) playing LoL and now you ruined it because you couldnt graps the idea of people not wanting to hear from somebody in their elo, with the same skill as them, how bad they are and how much better you are. Cheers mate. Hope you learn from it when you make a new account or make none at all. [EDIT] I just wanted to say. I saw a few other of your posts and you seem to be not that bad after all. I am sorry when i sounded very mean in my first post. I had to deal with a lot of people denying their shortcomings today. I will not delet anything I wrote because I stand to it, but know this. I actually don't want to attack you as a person, but express how annoyed I have become about reading the same excuses for abolishing any type of social manners. I really hope you take Humpelstilzchens advice by heart and when you come back to League to have learned something from this. I am man enough to admit my shortcomings and wanna say. Sorry for treating you like 0815 garbage. That is something I should not have done. Sometimes I forget that there is a human behind every case that is posted here. Sorry.
Yeah man, I also apologize for being agressive in my comment. It was a rough day and being permabanned on the acc I invested money in doesn't help my mood at all... Deep down I understand that you are basically right in everything you've said, but I still don't think I'll ever be able to cope with people not taking game seriously and ruining my games. After having a long day at work, the only thing I want after coming home is having positive game experience and for me it's either winning or getting even with the enemy team. When my team is getting stomped because they want to have fun and pick that teemo support , who keeps feeding all their lanes and my team is simultaneously farming my jungle taking away everything from me - of couse I lose my temper. When they go on with wasting time and not pressing yes on the ff vote with the score of something like 7/31 - i get completely mad. It's not positive user-experience I came here for, it's some kids not appreciating other people's efforts and valueing other people's time. Funniest thing is that in the end they will rather report the top performing player on their team rather than intentional feeder, who straight up just ran it down mid after solo dying in his lane twice. Life is tough. Anyways, you turned out to be a very cool dude. Gl in your games and go find some computer table for your laptop instead of keeping it on your lap haha :D (I bet it also get overheated this way and lowers your fps. Proper table would help this tremendously)
DerPunkt (EUW)
: Are you actually asking... I didn't even finish the first game and know it is justified. Jesus you are annoying, let alone for that I think the ban would be OK, but I guess it is better justified with that horrific negativity you show. Talking about how its lost in champ select and nobody dodge... Why don't you just dodge instead of going on like this for 20 minutes? I thought you knew its lost? Why do you not dodge? I really hate playing with people like that. Nothing, absolutely nothing you said contributed to the actual game you played it was all just demotivating your lane (Ez vs Smurf)... Imagine teacher "stating facts" about you and how you are a lost cause for the school and should just quit school cause your family is not rich enough and you don't have the propper brain size. Just imagine what you did in a real life scenario. Could you live longer than a day without punching such a "D*ck"?
Yeah man, this is what I mean. People like you are exactly the type which report tryharding players because they don't fit into their box of false positivity. I mean, look at your You are literally hardstuck silver for 5 CONSEQUENT YEARS and you have 500 games this season with negative winrate. Literally the type who never learns despite all the time invested. I'm playing this game for slightly over a year and achieved higher rank that you've ever been in your life after just 10 games. How? Do you think it's because I'm lucky? Or smarter than you IRL? Or have natural talent for the game? No, I doubt that. The real reason is simple - unlike me, you don't want to win. You are not even trying. You are playing for fun and for some weird reason, you are having fun even while losing the majority of your games. Sounds like a masochism to me, but perhaps you think differently. I bet if we played together and I had to carry ur ass telling you exactly why you suck, you would ignore the fact that you won the game thankfully to players who are actually doing everything to win and just report me for trash talk in the end instead of trying to carefully analyze what I said to you and probably note down some tips which would help you improve. And then you would come to forums and tell how much you hate to play with players who want to win and expect the same mentality from you. Have you tried getting your balls checked for testosterone levels? I always thought that real men are doing everything to win rather than pretending to be friendly and nice to each other on the "summoners rift"
: > It's still sad though that lol community is basically generation-snowflake Calling other people "snowflakes" is just another way to blame others for your own lack of manners and respect. This has nothing to do with "snowflakes", this is not about people "melting" (so to speak) when you are mean to them. Sure, there are some people that suffer serious harm if they are harassed online and if you wanna be a jerk about it, sure, call them "snowflakes". But this is not even the main reason why this kind of behavior is not allowed and it's also not the reason why the majority of the League community and Riot don't like it. The main reason is that it's f*ing annoying. This is a game, no matter how competitive you are, it's a game and it's about fun. And if there are some people who put their own ego and wellbeing above all others and decide to be a jerk to others, that kind of ruins the fun...and that is annoying. Especially because it's 100% avoidable. Contrary to other annoying things in Leauge (like dying, losing, playing against your hate champ, having bad team mates etc.), this is something someone DECIDED to do, which makes it all the more annoying. Someone on the other end of the line had the choice to be a decent human being or to be a jerk...and decided for the latter. That is annoying and so incredibly childish and immature. One could even argue that the flamers are the "snowflakes". Because, seriously, who is so sensitive that a game upsets him so much that he forgets about his usual manners and ideals (like respect) and behaves like a f*ing game? Aren't those people the true sensitive snowflakes that should man up and get their shit together? Makes way more sense to me. > i'd rather not type anything at all to avoid getting perma'd again) That is a solution, yes. Or you set yourself some rules like "If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all". This is not even only about being a good person, this is also quite smart from a purely egoistical perspective. Fact is that, if you spread negativity, your teammates will perform worse. You harm yourself by doing it. No one is telling you to be all sunshine and rainbows and rain down positivity on the world. It's enough to simply not be a jerk. Whenever you think badly about other players or if you are angry or frustrated...that's all fine and normal, we all get it, no problem at all. Just don't write it in chat. And when you have the opportunity to be nice, do it. An occasional "gj" or "wp" can do wonders for your teammates performance. You don't have to (and also shouldn't) fake it, just say it when you mean it. In summary: Not being a jerk and instead being a positive influence in League is actually super simple and does require barely any effort.
Really appreciate your responses. Even though there are some points I can't completely agree with you on, many other things you said make perfect sense and allowed me to look at the things from a different perspective, realizing that I probably got what I deserve. Will try my best to take it all into account and avoid any kind of passive negativity from now on! (with my level of patience and teammates, which matchmaking system gives to you if your MMR is too high for your elo, I hope I'll be able to last for at least a week lol)
: > I haven't even insulted anyone and all I was saying were straight up facts. Neither of those things is relevant. First of all direct insults are not the only way to be a jerk and secondly supposed "facts" do not exclude insults. Just because you think something is a fact (or even if it objectively is) this doesn't make it less rude. The usual example: Try telling people "facts" in real life, for example about how they look. And no, not to your friends, to strangers, like in League. Would you be surprised if this had negative consequences for you? Of course not. So why would this be any different in League. Facts and insults (or generally being rude) are NOT mutually exclusive. Your one and only other forum post fits right into that picture. About your chatlogs: Negativity right from the start, a lot of "should have" and "told you so" (everyone loves those!), a lot of "Captain Obvious advice" (don't shit, Sherlock), trashtalking and as cherry on top, tons of cynical sarcasm. So yes, you did not insult anyone directly. But you did a lot of other things to ruin the mood in your team and be a jerk to other people, which is why you got punished. > So, is it really ban-worthy? Depending on your previous punishment history, yes, it is. Being a jerk to other people is always punishment-worthy, no matter how or why you do it. > Getting tired of your noob-teammates, who don't listen to the player whose winrate is much higher than theirs, and just telling them how they can possibly improve? Ending up hard carrying the game 1v9 like I did in game 3? None of that is punishable. Being a jerk is. And you did that too and that is why you were punished. Also obvious advice like "don't feed" and "told you so" are far away from "telling them how to improve". This is rubbing salt in peoples wounds. If this is how you try to help people, you are REALLY bad at helping. But I think you know as well as I do that it was not actually your intent to be helpful with those comments. > Are all players get permanently banned for THIS or am I the super lucky one? Luck has nothing to do with this. You can be permabanned in two ways: a) Being EXTREMELY toxic just a few times (minimum: twice) b) Taking the "long way round" and continue to be a jerk despite already being warned about it and even continuing after you've been explicitly told that any further violation will lead to a permanent ban. So all players who get permabanned for toxicity did one of those things. You did the latter.
Okay, thank you for devoting your time into writing this down and explaining everything in detail. It's still sad though that lol community is basically generation-snowflake, in other words - people who get offended if you don't share this opinion or criticize their play. Riot is basically promoting this kind of mentality and punishes people, who actually want to win in their games and push themselves to their limits (expecting other player to do that as well). The amount of times I see "REPORTED" spammed in game, over things as simple as someone giving another player constructive advice, is a huge turn off, idk if I'm in the minority thinking this way. I've came from another popular moba game (you all know what it is), where people also can get permanently banned, but it rarely happens because players learned to take criticism and treat flame ironically, laughing and joking at it rather than having seizures and looking for that "REPORT" button. Anyways, game is fun, so I guess it's time to ~~purchase another ebay account~~ level up another 30-lvl account and step into the game again considering all the things you told me in your post (i'd rather not type anything at all to avoid getting perma'd again)
T00Late (EUNE)
: I was perma banned 2 times, and never opened a thread, wasting time since rito has no thing as reverting the perma ban.
Season 10 will be better bro Btw I already was permabanned on the other acc of mine and I haven't opened a thread about that. Why? Because I flamed the shit out of my teammates, using all the derogatory vocabulary I even know. Was perma'd pretty fast and moved on, since I knew that I deserved it and that ban was justified. But in this particular case, what exactly have I said that resulted in the permaban? I'm actually trying to be reformed and never curse in game anymore lmao.
: You're really fascinated with win-rates, while barely hitting 60% in Gold 5.
If you check my, you'll notice that I'm not even playing with Gold5, but mostly with high-gold or platinum players, sometimes low-diamond. Obviously game thinks that I'm doing well, my MMR is well above average and it puts me with those players whose elo is much higher than mine, doesn't it work this way, mmm? I'm stil trash though. little champ pool (can only play 4 champs on plat+ level - ekko, graves, ww, kindred) and sometimes feeding my ass off while doing stupid mistakes. The thing is - I'm not even doubting the fact that I'm trash, unlike this kind of high-ego players. who end up getting carried by me and still report me in the end for saying things which should be obvious to anyone, who is playing this game for over 5 years like them P.S. I see that you are EUNE player. Fun fact - Diamond V EUNE is like Bronze IV 10 LP EUW
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