Viridiam (EUW)
: This is a waste of time.
Tbh they just need to do something in order to restrict account creation. The ill of this game is Smurfs, troll account and boosted account. Remove the smurf. You remove the frustration of being totally stomped by someone that way more exeperienced than you. You remove troll players that doesn't give a shit about the game they are playing because they are playing on a "fake" account. People playing champ they does not know and only do editings plays that fail 9 time over 10. They are diamonds player or platinium players and they just go in silver and golds and troll and int and they don't give a shit. That's what smurf does. Boosted account is the cancer of this game, everyone agree with it. You play your D4 promos and you get that boosted support in your team that litteraly ruin your game and your promos again and again. You play your Platinium promos and you meet duo-challenger boosting accounts and you get stomped. It's not fun, it's boring, time wasting. This start being a problem when 1 game over 3 contain a Troll smurf, a booster or a boostie in it, if not over 2. Unfortunately, people actually buy Riot Point with they Smurfs they buy 1 or 2 champs with its skin and let's go it's 20$. So they will never restrict account creation. Because statistically there is probably more chance for a new account to actually buy RP than for a old account.
EutDesu (EUW)
: Riot did it again, removing Twisted treeline
I really enjoyed Dominion for sure. Dominion was (for me) infinitely more fun than ARAM is. I didn't play a lot of TT tho but I agree with this thread because I was really sad when I discover I couldn't queue up for a dominion game anymore.
: Caitlyn
Caitlyn is sort of the "default" pick for most of auto-fill ADC, this should explain the high pickrate. I don't think caitlyn is broken. I believe Stormrazor make caitlyn great for sure, spiking at 2 item with IE and being very very strong at 3 and 4. But so is Tristana, so is any ADC that actually build Stromrazor IE Canon/Statik. Caitlyn always had this little extra thougness in early laning phase tho.
: The hell is this matchmaking?
People don't stop creating new account over and over and over, so that you litterally have mixed players level from good trash silver4 player to hardstuck diamond4 tilted guy in litterally one game over 3 from silver straight to diamond. This have no sense. Even Diamond is cancered from boosted and challengers smurfs. Smurfs are the cancer of this game. Please remove theim.
Rioter Comments
: So many scripters in ranked games ;)
I did easily 700 games since S6 and I have seen only 1 scripter (that I was 100% sure he was).
: Where is ZOE?????
Zoe should be released already but it looks like there is a bug with the store actually.


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