mohab019 (EUNE)
: leaver Buster
You can submit a request, but sadly they won't remove it. They can help you fix your problem cause maybe It is your computer who knows and if not they are going to fix your problem Just submit a request
xXCrosSXxx (EUNE)
: help please
: Is it not enough to have a 1 troll teammate in a game?
just deal with it brother its just a virtual ranking after all (im assuming you played ranked)
: Massive client problems: from endless authenticating to "trying to reconnect" every time.
: lol full of idiots and noobs
Don't think that you are a god and can win every game. no-one can. just deal with eh fact that everyone loses :v{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Isn't the ADC role dead? How is it possible that you dealt THAT much damage?
if you want you can go check my the build btw we only lost because master yi backdoor us
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RedVista (EUW)
: ❤️❤️❤️Looking for that special someone❤️❤️❤️
VIrgins be like lol get Tinder or dont look for distance relationships its not healthy and will work only 0.1% of the time
Crazy2Acc (EUW)
: no you lost no lp for loose
: well the worse your opponents are in terms of rank in comperison to your team the less lp you gain, u must have played against really bad opponents
My MMR is high and the guy before told me already but thanks
Khall (EUW)
: your MMR is way higher than this game medium MMR , or you have a low winrate
neither and if your MMR is high you will get more lp 23-30
Arnoter (EUW)
: Loss Prevented is active because they have Server Problems. You only get half Lp and lose half for Losing.
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: Hi The Hero Simon, I agree with what Aory and Milkaholika said! The ranked queue's have been taken down for maintenance and will be back up shortly :) If you end up getting a punishment because of it, please do write a support ticket to Riot and point out the fact your disconnections were during the ranked failures :) Greetings, Kaya
Do you know when Ranked will be up again and btw I feel like Riot has been experiencing a lot of issues lately, hasn't it? That's so odd and sad :c
: The ratings in the client don't really decide what a champion is, there are varying shades of gray. J4 is probably closer to a fighter due to his damage ratios but he can built a tank due to his base damages, but he's not nearly as tough as someone like Sejuani who is a 'pure' tank. Sej is 100% a tank. Mundo is really tough and hard to kill a fight but he's not a tank because, as mentioned before, tanks need generally need a defensive steroid *and* some form of cc or engage to be considered a tank, and Mundo does not have this. Moreover, healing (which is mundos defense) is not as effective as raw stats or shields whichi most tanks have simply because for healing to work you need to already have taken damage and not be subject to grevious wounds
Have you not watched Vandirils Video AP Sejuani? *pff* 100% tank {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rift Crab (EUNE)
: Yea, riot is making more skins, instead of actually trying to solve stability problems.
Guys dont worry the games ended up in draws no lp lost/gained
: Ranked
Dunno man
: Got ban warning (from being unable to start error)
Don't worry if you will get banned and its not your fault then you can write a support ticket and the support will check it and unban you
: Dude write a ticket and ask them if they can fix it maybe its your computer had the same problem I had to downgrade my software system. and btw dont tilt so hard brother its just a game with a virtual ranking system that shows you who is better and worse than somebody else nothing more..
and btw they always respond to me after a day or so
: Literally no point with this dead game anymore.
Dude write a ticket and ask them if they can fix it maybe its your computer had the same problem I had to downgrade my software system. and btw dont tilt so hard brother its just a game with a virtual ranking system that shows you who is better and worse than somebody else nothing more..
: ***
and you want normal criticism..? the type of guy you are should really get banned. like already said D E S E R V E D.
: banned for 14 days for saying im out!
Well deserved. You're calling people a waste of your time and try to make them frustrated. Being punished for flaming is not swearing, it's making people feel bad about themseleves and this is intolerable. Deserved
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: Thanks for your reply, but what is an execute? Is it when you get some health back ?
It is the bonus true damage there is. for example if there is a minion half life and you kill it with one hit (with auto attack) then there is a damage in white collar written (->true damage) this is the execute
: >Isn't the checkbox Yes I am old enough with the registration enough already? Clearly not, this new data protection law (aka. Order 66) absolutely kills customer and provider convenience... Riot isn't doing this just for fun, I think that's obvious. Of course this new parental approval stuff doesn't guarentee that players have the age they entered, but at least Riot is doing all the necessary steps to free themselves of responsibility.
oKMz (EUW)
: someone flaming me whole game while inting and i get permad for calling him silver garbage X D
I think saying that someone else did it, too, is the most silliest excuse i've ever heard. Why should you be allowed to break the rules and someone else is not. Ban deserved clearly. Everyone has bad games no need to start raging in-game because of that
: Yes, it works. Don't be afraid of trying.
For Example with {{champion:53}} you can r the minions and give the melees to the mate. oh and you have to kill it witch the cute it won't do the execute (true damage) to the minion so if theres minion with 170hp and you q it with 80 damage it won't die. It would've if you auto attack it. Hope I could help. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Relic shield question
Yes, it works. Don't be afraid of trying.
: Ban system is a joke!
same happened to me when I flamed my very own real life buddy j4f and they did not believe me and they said they won't do anything
: Account Suspended
write a support ticket
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: Doesn't have too much cc imo, just an on-click bind. The mobility is iffy too, slows and all.
wait his mobility sucks u trippin and wait 2 sec stun every 5 sec? not much cc ok
: Got stomped by a riven?
or ryze{{sticker:sg-lux}}
: I got the shard in a hextech chest though, not from a reroll
That's odd maybe Riot is hiding something >.> {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Ai Iz Noob (EUNE)
: Gameplay Ranking
You know that S=nearly perfect game and S+=perfect game The multipliers of the ranking system are damage, stats, vision, damage taken, objectives (drake, baron, herald, towers), Kill participation, CS, Gold Earned and (I'm not sure if this is true) some minor for support like stun duration (thats a little theory of me) oh and maybe EXP too, btw. And as you can see in your game you already have a 4/5/14 K/D/A thats like 3-4 deaths too much, 47,37% KP (You need at least like 55%-60%), Creep Score could be a little bit better but its good. and Gold is also quite low. Now I'm not saying that this game was bad it was really good keep improving ;) Hope I could somehow helped ya. Oh right about Lux and Xayah: Thats an easy one just look at the CS. it is average to have a Creep Score like that 25 Minutes in the game. But you're main question was lowering the acquirement for getting S Tbh i kinda thing they can even raise it and I hope there will someday be a Mastery Level 8 where you need like 5 S+ because when you get A+ or smthg like that you want to improve and yea thats it feel free to ask anything else if you want to ^-^{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Quinzley (EUNE)
: Will this get banned?
every Yasuo player always.
: Done. League is gone. Why are there so many support issues?
wdym by support issues?
: Can't Submit a Request
I'm a Mac User swell and I had the same issue I just logged out and logged in again and besides that there is a link you have to click on so it works etc. dont want to get in detail because as you said you're quitting league. Regarding the crashes I've had that problem and I reached out to a rioter (riot has a great support btw ngl) and he said the I have to downgrade my system software from highSierra to Sierra because other people had that issue too. If you still have hope for league of legends then you can try it and there is also no difference between high Sierra and Sierra
ShelbyRx7 (EUNE)
calm down dude whats wrong with you. Dont let a game that is supposed to make fun playing it destroy your mentality
: omfg i had one ardent braum in team today , fuc u
dude ardent bream is busted las did it too you can buff anyone with this one rune and your tarpons passive and w too oh and guardian
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Almost level 100, what rewards do I get?
Here's everything I know about the rewards : aaaaand... that's probably it. glad to help you{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: my ocd can't handle this
THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Wow, that's just... What's your oppinion tho ?
You are clearly flaming in your chatlogs I’ve seen and it’s your fault for getting tilted by those people not their fault they will get their punishments and you will get yours. I’m sorry but... you gotta deal with it
Magneset (EUW)
: 1 or 9 reports is irrelevant. One report from one player is all you need if its valid. Also several reports from premade have 0 effect. Also when it comes to the ticket i cant read whatever language that is so no comment on that.
That is true a Rioter replied to it and said can’t find the original
Zekutsu (EUW)
: Can't deal with this community anymore... how can you?
Even if you do bad at some games you don’t deserve to get flamed. I also made a post about how bad the lol community is and the solution for not getting tilted is to keep your head cool. Basically if you get flamed just tell him to stop and the most important thing don’t flame back cause that’s how flamers get tilted more and more. Instead tell them that you are sorry and you try to improve that’s what I do. I mean nobody is perfect I know that and I don’t need to call people out to let them know that they aren’t. If you do that your teammates will remember that and will use this strategy that’s what happened to me when I used to be a silly little kid that flamed all the time... I only mute my enemy team if they really are flaming and BM‘ing but rarely my team mates cause you still need communication for the game... Ye that’s it thanks for reading and try to improve :)
Lavenora (EUW)
: daym m8
Those are good ass drawings though proud that in this community are people like this The Soraka one is also %%%%ing good. Love Ya.
2 things to do for you... download steam if you didn't buy comedy night
Endarae (EUW)
: Team looking for top and mid.
So I'm basically Silver 4 right now. but can I join either way because I have Gold MMR (I get matched with gold players)?
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