ClockTime (EUNE)
: You've probably been DDoS-ed by a player from the enemy team or there was a ingame bug that was forcing you to disconnect. This is a video of a simmilar bug:
It is possible. But still, it needs investigation.
Rioter Comments
: server down?
Restart your client. They fixed it.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey all, We experienced a brief power outage to a portion of our game servers in the datacenter - those games are unfortunately almost definitely lost due to the nature of the problem. We're working to get you guys back on the rift as soon as possible - sorry for the inconvenience.
Hey there. Me and my brother are still stuck in game. With the reconnect option. Can't you guys kick us?
: server down?
Oh I just made a post with the same problem.


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