: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
new support items are amazing upgrades for free and you can focus on buying better items which have impact on game supports have made back into game no more any of them are so useless
Eldian (EUNE)
: Nerf %%%%ing Ekko.
you think ekko is op there are other more way broken champs aka assassins ekko is useless compared if u stomp him pre 6 hes gonna be useless whole game there are more better things to be nerfed like damn akali
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: It's not cancer. It's annoying. Should use the correct word.
my bad but i use cuz ppl in tft are complete asses they just annoy the shit out of you in every way
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: Why are there so many bots in aram/twister treeline?
riot should just start sending swating teams after them or do something
: Then why complain about a mode you don't even have records of???
op.gg my normal 3v3 games then see what bots buy what spells they run and what do they chose for their items its gamemode with full off bots dunno either ur trolling or u seriously need some mental help
: I'll start a new top-level response: If you're encountering this issue (Critical Error when attempting to load up a game), please submit a ticket to [player support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) with as much detail as you can about your computer. This will help us collate and identify where the issue is! Sorry for the inconvenience :(
riot how do you not understand its not our pc fault its your shitty client fix your game instead asking details about our computers
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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Go play 5v5 like everyone and their mother. 3v3 is not important enough to care.
5v5 takes to long to finish i would rather play 3v3 cuz its faster aram i dont like at all its cancer to just run down mid riot should rly delete 3v3 or just start working on it thats what happened in dominion it got infested with bots and no one played so they removed it
: First of all you haven't played normals. If you can't successfully smurf with bots in games - git gud (and why even bother smurfing). Just win a few games and no more bots...
smurfing? wtf u talking about this is my only and main one theres botting accounts in lvl 100+ its hard to win when your teams bot just goes into lane and just ints in 3v3 its fully botted in 3v3 normals where i shouldnt be allowed its against rules to bot or use external programs but riot doesnt give a shit about 3v3 mode
: It's not a bug but a feature.
you are right "feature"
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