: A little silver grinding to gold wondering about this wonderfully broken game
I was platinum season 5, got married got a kid, still went gold in s 6 and 7 , stopped at s8 just to come back at s9 to be stuck around gold 3 , why are u complaining ? are u not going up , if u was bronze back then and now gold ... thats 2 divisions up son . be happy , reflect back on some games, try changing roles, champions , runes, look at guides look at some streamers what they do .. good luck buddy .
: Worried about the game
I thought this was gonna be about the server maintance on all regions except the exception of 2 :D
: lol critical error ?
Buddy there is a server maintance, try again today . ( this is actually to fix your problem )
: 30 LVL
8 days with 8 hour of game play each day so 64 hours of play comined together its 3 days of non stop grinding . this is without boosts
NowiFate (EUW)
: Pantheon has been deleted...
Bring back old aatrox, old fiora, swain , eveylnn, and pantheon .
Hawk32 (EUNE)
: Don't you get stuck on your target for 3 seconds?
The whole game it did not proc 1 x .
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Tell that to Akali (nerfed) and Yasuo (not buffed)
Akali see's pro play a lot ? jensen ? and more ... yasou is easy to counter in pro play thats why it see's less play lately ... still saw some.
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: Why after 8 years playing morde OTP and a rework, I stop league
They reworked 5 of my mains, stop %%%%%ing and move on .
: Is smurfing alloud asking riot ...
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001259787-Smurfing and yes he's toxic .. so ban .
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tanvki (EUW)
: 4 AFK, New Record
Just got hit by a ddos here in my ranekd game, at 1:30 my internet totally shut off, but when i closed my league client, suprise suprise my internet is back, so i login afterwords just to see i lost . middle when we were about to start a team fight.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: What do you call a twisted fate and maokai in a lane
This guy legit knew it was going to be deleted before we did :D
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Why delete twisted treeline :(
bring back dominion but this time with ranked and 5 bans each team..
: joke company
Bring back dominion , solo duo ( ranked ) and a normal mode too .
WinDosage (EUW)
: Patch 9.14 Effects on Diana
yeah but you most take in account that this is focused on pro play, not your solo duo adventure ? im just patiently waiting for a new kayn skin/buff Kreygasm
Cypherous (EUW)
: ELO Boosters Need To Learn To Be Subtle
I dont see nothing special just that he had a tank going not so bad with it and with a carry going good ? i can dump you some op.gg links with real boosters tho ...
Lari (EUNE)
: Low elo smurf problem, Higher elo boosted acc prob
every game its like that ... or u get that 1-4 kata the 10 minutes in and then she dc's and then u lose. typical at iron bronze silver gold plat , i dont know how people play in diamond , if they go 1-4 and then decide to stand base till the game is over but ye.
: Trials
yeah also good to learn the champ :) trial gamessss !
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: That is the main argument against the decision and i totally undestand that. The issue is that ranked is ranked. Ranked is for people who want to climb and win games. We should never only blame 1 person for a loss (except if that person is inting of course), but it is still a fact that 1st timing a Champ on ranked will lose you the game most of the times. Even if the kits are easy like, let us say {{champion:86}} , i doubt that he would do well in Lane if he does not even understand what the Champ does. The Idea is not ment to lock people out of Ranked, but the opposite. The Idea is to make players have a better chance at winning a game in Ranked because they know what their champ does. I do believe that 10 games would not be strict and fine. After 10 games, most people have figured out the very basics of a champ. Of course they arent good yet, but they know how the champ moves and uses his skills.
i agree,, to many qijannas now going first time 100 points ranked , then go 0-8 mid or top and then blame jungler ... fun times.
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: Should there be extra requirements to play ranked?(1st timing Champion-Discussion)
All the trolls voting no should stay iron , anyways this is what i ment with trial games ... u unlocked ranked with a champion after u complete some trial games even 10 would be enough .
ellekene (EUNE)
: Does listening to music help you focus more?
i watch one punch man season 2 episode 10-11-12 for getting hyped to play kayn .
: Master yi. So braindead.
I agree my number 1 ban , and i ask them to ban morde but they never do ..
: What champion brings out the worst in you?
master yi - lee sin - yasou - zed - jax - vayne - fizz - riven - rengar - shaco ... basically all salty champs when i have them in my team they go 0-10 when enemy has it they go 10-0 ...
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DeejayF (EUW)
: Is Neeko's base damage too high?
Well she falls of if she is not ahead so just dont fight her early , wait for a gank and ward enemy red so u know where he is .
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: DDos
https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=jauri i think this warwick is ddosing aswell ... just to favor him making our team ff at 15 for no reason ... then exactly at the moment of ff my internet came back ... so suspicious ... if it happens more then we will know . and my match history of previous 20 games does not load ... after that .
Yahliz (EUW)
: Loading screen - Stuck at 100%
just do a full repair that might help , dont click on the peoples icon to see how many points they have when loading screen is over 80 % and dont alt tab after 60 %
: TFT match history??
Just take a print screen like everyone else?
: Pre lobby trols. No punishment options.
I seriously got cancer from this game, u cant name and shame right ? if i posted all the games i had lost with screenshots... it would be considered **** The games in ranked do not feel the same as in season 2-3-4-5-6 ... after 7 all gone to shit .
: Ranked flex should take solo queue into consideration
Haha , well i had to face a diamond 1 zed player in solo duo, but we won, so i guess it comes down to which team plays better, 1 guy should not be able to turn the whole game that would be ridicilious . so u basically saying the top 5 guys should never lose a game ...
SuperJunk (EUW)
: some players who play first time on champion, are better than diamond+ players in my team with 5-7 mastery level on that champion, they are just spamming mastery level by clicking Ctrl+6, but they are worse than tutorial bots
Did i say get mastery 5-6-7 to play ? no ... i am talking about Win rate % after a set of games.
Blakex13x (EUW)
: sort your match making.
Then upvote my board? Trial games is the only solution ... https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/ejHcaypZ-trial-games-before-ranked
Vulpine (EUW)
: Trial Post - before posting real shit. Simple create: Trial Post You need at least 20 posts (that only you can read) before posting anything on Board.
Wait i was checking all accounts but this is beyond ridicilous , you are 1 of the same guys who queue's to ruin someones game in ranked, i mean litterally u got a 20 % win rate on your main champ riven, 40 % on the rest ... not a single one above 44 % went iron 1 and then u dont want this implented because u will fail on all the champs ? :D then u wont have access to rank to ruin someone's game, i rest my case.
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