: Stuck at level 3 honor part 3
The exact math is unknown but while playing games affects your honor its not the only factor. Time between checkpoints can be REALLY long sometimes. Don't worry too much about it. The bonus you get is minimal anyway. (Got lvl 4 cp 2 last week and my reward were two keyfragments)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mindbomber2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fM3JWwX7,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-07T16:42:50.793+0000) >nice to have different types of champions for different roles. It creates the diversity that kept league alive since 2010. Are you serious? Yeah there's more champions but different roles? That's pretty much impossible with all the changes. Try playing taric top or jungle alistar now and tell me how great it is to be reported for trolling, because they're not "intended" to fill that role.
Jungle Alistar never was a good pick and taric top isn't that great top most of the times. Definetly not report worthy tho. And i didn't mean that a champ can fill multiple roles effectively.(Which tbh never was the case for the majority of champs anyway) I meant that you can play different type of champs on a role/position. You aren't restricted to mage only mid, enchanter only sup or sth like that. Take top lane : from tanks over bruisers to (some) adcs to things like vlad you have a lot of viable variety. Ofc some picks are better than others (hey ornn) but the others are still viable. PS if something works (even if its not meta) the report is invalid and will be treated as such. And in my experience its alot about how you communicate with your team. I play leo top in normals from time to time. As long as you stay friendly and dont feed to much and most importantly dont blame the jungler for your lost lane or sth like that, you should be fine. (If I have to see one more person playing off meta and then blaming the jungler for their lost lane, cause surprise there is a reason thats offmeta, I am gonna punch someone :D ) Surely some people will still report you. But you wont get banned from that. Riot officially stated multiple times that offmeta is not griefing.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I think Riot is at least starting to go in the right direction with "anti-mobility" spells: {{champion:69}} W {{champion:27}} W {{champion:163}} W Still, immobile champions are in a sad spot, and continue to be...
You forgot {{champion:163}} E And i agree anti-mobility spells are really cool from a design perspective.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mindbomber2,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pU9RcPgx,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-07T16:56:23.397+0000) > > Actually mass reports tend to be ignored way more. The same for reports from players who got (valid) reports that game. > The system is made to ignore report wars aka two groups reporting each other. Also it takes into account your report behaviour aka it will look more closely (by a real person) if your behaviour changes a lot. So if someone is tilted and starts reporting 9 people per game then most of the reports will never do anything. > PS 'normal' invalid reports don't trigger punishment but the more reports you get the closer you will be monitored and the less forgiving the system is. I'd be curious to know where you received that information, as Riot have openly said the amount of number of reports changes nothing, regardless of how many submitted by who.
Mostly information gathered from different post (prob not only rioters i admit) over the years. I know about those statements but as far as i understood they only referred to reports that you get. So if one person reports you for flaming or 9 do, it doesn't matter. I am 90% sure that they stated that they don't punish you as much for counter-reports. Think of it like edit-wars in wikipedia or sth like that. They definetly stated that the number of reports(not talking about in one game,more like % of your games aka frequency) you get matters and that the system remembers your reports (so you get punished more easily if you had reports before. Even if they were minor offenses)
: How do I report a player after the stats?
You can't. The system doesn't allow post-game reports so that all reports are as up to date as possible. From your text i interpret that you were locking in jungle anyway? If that is the case you may actually get (validly)reported for that. While it sucks to have your position taken away, Call Order is not a thing in the summoners code. On the other hand if you didn't lock it in and played normally it doesn't matter if top or jung did report you because the system will deem these reports invalid. PS just because you get a valid report doesn't mean you will be punished. Infrequent missteps that aren't too impactful (like insisting on a role while it hurts your team) will tend to get ignored. Imagine it like a sink with a slow drain. If you fill in small amounts of water from time to time it will not flow over. But if you fill in alot of small amounts and then a whole bucket (a really toxic game for example) then you will get reported.
: >I can imagine that after the game is over, the tilted player just report everyone in her/his team. Which makes your report system useless. No it doesn't. A report triggers a review by an automated system, that if it detects nothing out of the ordinary does nothing. If it detects toxic and anti-social behaviour, then it acts. So false reports don't negatively effect the system at all, it's just a waste of time for the person submitting the false report.
Actually mass reports tend to be ignored way more. The same for reports from players who got (valid) reports that game. The system is made to ignore report wars aka two groups reporting each other. Also it takes into account your report behaviour aka it will look more closely (by a real person) if your behaviour changes a lot. So if someone is tilted and starts reporting 9 people per game then most of the reports will never do anything. PS 'normal' invalid reports don't trigger punishment but the more reports you get the closer you will be monitored and the less forgiving the system is.
: I`m playing straight for about 4,5 - 5 months and I currently lvl 3 checkpoint 2 honour. It depends wether you get reported (for a reason) by your teammates or opponents, depends wether you give honours yourselfs. And probably it also depends on how many games you play PLUS how many you win vs live players. But even if you dont play often and you dont get many honours you still SHOULD get progression. At least, thats the Rito official position on honour leveling.
It's correct that it is really slow. AFAIK i have never received a valid report. I played (kinda) much (around 3-4 hours aday) and i am currently on 4-checkpoint 2. The previous version got me to lvl 5 in about 2 months.
la lüna (EUNE)
: Hello (la luna)
The chance to get unbanned is about 0%. If you really don't care about your skins then start a new account. Look at the level up phase as your 30 day low priority queue and stop chatting. If someone tilts you just mute them. And if you don't wanna risk it at all : mute everyone at the start of the game. Pings are enough to communicate anyway.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: well as i said , look old irelia and new irelia , is funny if you play irelia but bad when you play against her as adc , same is with new champions like ornn ,pyke,xayah,kai'sa, is just more and more complex hereos , while 70% of the champions pool of heroes is like old and have old mechanics in skills , like is really bad to combine an old game builded with hundreds of champions with new graphics champions who are nowadays inserted , they blink do more much damage , consume less mana , etc.. ,it just feels stupid how far they go , and they not notice what they doing with the game , this game is like completly different of what it used to be , that's explain why people play it bad , and why people keeps play trash from year to year they ain't even try to stay focused and learn to play because riot change too often the game , today is a champion in metha next patch is another
While i agree that new champs feel overloaded compared to the old champs you can only do so much with basic abilities. This is also the main reason old champs get reworked. About new champions feeling unfair to play against; Irelia's engage you can atleast dodge. I don't want to go back to LB,Kassa and Talon with their instant point and click silences. PS yes it sucks to play against Irelia sometimes. Old irelia was even worse tho. Whenever she was strong you couldn't really outplay her whatsoever.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: I am beginning to HATE League with a passion
If u think that pyke and yasuo with their below 45% winrate were in a op (or even strong) state after the patch, then i am absolutely thankful that you are not in the balance team. Pyke has an escape but his hook is garbage his damage alone is (kinda) garbage and if he doesnt use his e as an engage he should not be useful at all. Also cc kills him sooooo quick. Supports aren't connected to any kind of champion type btw. You can get oneshotted by Brand since years. Now you can get oneshotted by Pyke. It's nice to have different types of champions for different roles. It creates the diversity that kept league alive since 2010.
íGengar (EUW)
: Years? As far as I was aware Janna and co have been top tier for ages. Only this patch (and the next where they are gutting shields) is where I've noticed them showing a bit less.
yeah it is literally the other way around : Apart from Brand and an occasional Zyra, damage supports have been nonexistent in pro play. Sure in soloq they are played, but there (in my experience) it's 50/50 between utility and dmg sups.
: It's not dying but it's prime days are already behind it, still; far from dying.
if you look at the player numbers and view numbers league is currently in its prime. LCS numbers were low but were raising again (towards the end of the split) due to lower game time and more action lately. MSI had high view numbers. Last Worlds were the most viewed.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I agree that survivability increases with higher elo, and that champions will be chosen for factors independent of mobility at that point. But Pro play and high elo (diamond, challenger), represent about 1-2% of the game's player-base. They're not representative of the "real" League of Legends that the average person plays. And in the real League of Legends, the abundance of mobility spells is persistently strangling out immobile champions from seeing play. Even in coordinated teams, I think it still largely depends on that team's elo as to whether or not they're choosing champions with mobility as at least a part of the deciding process. So, it seems to me that mobility spells are a more relevant problem to average players like us (forgive me for assuming you're not diamond or higher).
I wish i was that good :D I have to agree that below plat or so mobility is a bit too important since positioning and peeling isn't as easy as dashing. The problem is that a moba without mobility would be uninteresting. Besides limiting creativity it really slows down the game. If nobody can get away from anybody it would boil down to a stat check. Which would also mean that you get punished even more for even the slightest postional mistake. IMO that would be even worse for the majority of players. Also any form of cc would be sooooo much more valuable. This would force you to be more passive and careful. Anyone who played games like Sins of a Solar Empire will understand what i mean. If a small step forward kills you, because you can't go back, you will be scared of everything. I personally prefer the way league is right now : forgiving for postional mistakes and because of that also more aggresive. I personally like many of the unmobile champs but i have to agree that unless you are basically maining them almost all of them (not you varus) struggle really hard right now. I am not sure what to do about them. Because of their design they are more dependend on team compositions, so they are harder to balance. But i really don't want reworks. This distince lack of mobility gives them a unique spot in the roster.
: So I have to quit playing every single game every time a company does something stupid? yeah... ok... nice logic... don't raise a voice to make the game better... stop playing your favorite game... that will help... (that is called sarcasm in case you don't get it...) Innovation is not anything that is new... innovative is something that is not thought of before and is actually working better than the previous versions... with your logic I could make up a champion that is an assassin/healer/mage/brawler and call it innovation... that's never done before... so why not? it's fun... then I would make a tank/ADC/assassin and call it innovation again... wow.... what a GREAT idea... let's do that... and go on and on and on and on... and then my game would be utter crap because the balance is torn to shreds... yeah... you should look up the term innovation... also not be blindly supportive of everything someone gives you and never ask questions as to why this is given to you and what is the purpose of it's existence... In short... there are rules... there are patterns... there are ways to make up classes in every video game... if you break them you make up balance problems... it's video gaming 101... I've been playing video games 20 years now... there is a reason this pattern exists... because when you break it you mess up the game... each role plays their part in the game... you can't have people that are able to do everything... a support is a support... a support can be also a slightly underpowered mage with CC... but a support can't be an assassin... because an assassin is a KILLER... a support is supposed to be able to CC and help the team but be underpowered in the KILLING SECTION... VIDEO GAMING 101!!! EVERY SINGLE GREAT VIDEO GAME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND INCLUDING LEAGUE DID THIS AND HAD SUCCESS!!!
"A support is supposed to be underpowered in the killing section" *Brand and Annie laugh in fire*
: Look, I can play a mid laner as a supp... I can play a top laner as a supp... i've played a lot of things... ASSASSINS ARE NOT SUPPORTS!!! Assassins are killers... Supports are the complete opposite of a killer... now if you don't get it... sorry but you don't know what a decent video game is... there are certain rules in video gaming... EVERY SINGLE GREAT VIDEO GAME IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND INCLUDING LEAGUE FOLLOWED THESE RULES TO SUCCESS... now go play your assassin support and see if it will work well for the game... just a few more of those and the greatest MOBA in history will really die... people do want to find logic in what they are playing... it's not just give me anything and I will play.... I like league but I refuse to be playing without asking what the hell they are giving me to play... It's different to do what people did with Morgana for example that was a mid laner but the players turned her into a support... also, if you take ANY OTHER ASSASSIN and you go supp bot, you're a troll... there's a reason for that... ASSASSINS AREN'T SUPPS!!!
The reason for not playing other assasins as a sup is that the other assasins don't have the kit to be a good support. Nothing more, nothing less. Pyke has good engage potential, roam potential, cc and a good amount of burst. He is restrained by bad waveclear, no tankiness, not enough base dmg and scaling to solely kill everybody like a lb. This also means that he doesn't need that much gold. If brand is an acceptable support, than why not pyke. Both champs do burst and just burst. Why is blitz an acceptable support? His kit is even less of a support kit. Just because you think that assasins don't fit into the sup role doesn't mean it is a universal gaming rule. Your idea doesn't even make sense. Assasins are a type of champion. Supports are a role. You can't compare those. It's like comparing apples and oak trees. They are a bit similar, but by no means the same. Stop trying to enforce YOUR dogma on others. And people have been saying that league will die since day one. And with every change someone new says it. Rioters must be really tired of that by now.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Nah, they're training wheels. A get-out-of-jail-free card. They're great for new players who don't know how to position yet (to escape mistakes made). But they're also bad for new players, because said players then come to rely on champions with mobility spells, perpetuating the under-use of immobile champions. Champions like Zed and Riven who are allegedly high skill, are in fact extremely forgiving. I'll always be more impressed by an Anivia or Cassieopia that can survive a fight, than a Zed or Riven.
In my opinion the gap in survivability gets a lot lower in higher elos and with coordinated teams. Because of that you don't really see champs in proplay getting chosen based on mobility (atleast not as the main reason).
Egillion (EUW)
: Getting flamed in champ select ... because I want to play a crit ADC
The only thing that changed is that Crit ADCS aka Lategame ADCs are more lategame and less early game now. Which is good tbh. Why should the lategame hypercarry outdamage the Taliyah with one item. When you get to your 2nd or 3th item crit ADCs are still strong. In lategame they are even stronger than before cause they now have true dmg against tanks without building armorpen. Riot probably overshot a bit this patch. making crit ADCs a bit too weak early/rageblades too strong late. (rageblade in general is a crazy one item powerspike and that got worse now that crit adcs need atleast 2 items). But most of the winrate changes is just because the change was so disruptive. The last major Crititem overhaul was a long time ago. And they didn't really touch IE so the change was way less severe. I predict that when people will get used to it then crit ADCs will be in an ok spot again. Like pyke will definetly not stay at 40% winrate once ppl figure out how to play an assasin that relies on teammates.
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: First timer / New champions in ranked
The first one would be a possibility but as always there are pros and cons to it. One thing would be that you will never know if someone knows the champ by week 3. But to list everything would take too long. Mastery x for a champ is a really horrible idea here is why : a) Mastery doesn't mean you can actually play the champ(well). My yasuo is mastery 4 or so. And it %%%%ing sucks. And if i play it in ranked i would probably lose. b) Normal is not ranked. You can try to tell me that but due to the simple fact that people take ranked way more seriously than normals it will never be the same experience. I play leona top in normals with an actually really good winrate. But you wouldn't want me to pick that in ranked (in most matchups/teamcomps). c)The system already "punishes" players who play champs that they can't really play : they lose more -> their elo/rank drops -> you don't play with them anymore. Sure it works slowly but it does work. And you will never be able to get rid of players who don't know how to play their champs. Sometimes a player will get surprised by a matchup they never or rarely had or just anything in that direction. PS: introducing this mechanic would actually increase toxicity as it would put more focus on champ mastery and less on player skill. Aka "omg lvl 3 quinn, stop playing ranked with her until you have atleast 50 games"
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I agree that there are too many mobility spells in the game. But, more for the reason that they essentially make immobile champions irrelevant and underplayed. There really is just too much mobility and it makes people lazy with their positioning
The part i have to disagree with is the "lazy positioning" part. Since there are so many mobility abilities one has to be even more aware of the positions of every champ. Since the gap is closed way faster. Immobile champions being mostly irrelevant and underplayed is definetly true in most cases (but for mages).
: Mobility skills.
The problem is that there is only so much variety you can have with immobile champions. Bringing mobility abilities into the game allows for more creative and fun champions and generally increases variety. Since only a few champs have no mobility you will have to think the other way around : the more limited the mobility of a champ is, the more strength he has to get as a compensation. Nasus and Veigar for example have the ability to outduel/burst (respectively) anyone lategame because of their scaling. But they have a hard time getting to their enemies. Ashe has amazing cc and utility for an adc, but is really unsafe due to her lack of mobility. Yorick is a great splitpusher who will basically kill whatever he can hit with his shovel therefore he has no mobility and only limit cc so that you can kite away from him. LeBlanc on the other hand is really slippery but she has basically no aoe dmg, essentialy no dmg but her short burst and dies extremely fast once u catch her. The problem with assasins is that they have to be mobile and deal burst. Therefore they always feel a bit unfair. The counterplay aspect is that their mobility is also limited. Leblanc can only backport to her mark. Zed has a lockout so he can't back instantly, his w has a long cd and his ult position is always known. Fizz can dodge an ability but his actual ability to escape is also limited. Yasuo can only escape through minions etc. They also have basically no cc. Other mobile champs have different strengths : Lucian is able to dodge in any direction (same with vayne) but he lacks burst and range to annihilate you and get back out like lb. He does however have more dmg in the long run. Caitlyn has a worse dash, but her net slows and her traps can zone. Many champs like reksai need their mobility to get onto their enemies but lack the ability to get out of the teamfight. Maokai is an even better example. He can chase you extremely well. But his escape is kinda garbage.
: My whole post was on ONE AND ONLY ONE POINT... Pyke is an ASSASSIN/SUPPORT!!! That's all... and that... SHOULD NOT EXIST!!! Assassin is the complete opposite of support... an assassin can't be a support... if you want a champ for Talon and Zed mains to play support then newsflash... THEY JUST DON'T LIKE PLAYING GOD DAMN SUPPORT!!! Because Pyke was made exactly for that... his ult kills give the full gold credit to the ADC too for the assist... so he's a champ for those greedy assassin mains that want to take all the kills and never play support because of that... Lastly, death is the best CC when it's done by the damage dealers of the team... not by a one shot support... supports are there to SUPPORT the team... not try to go penta... if now we're trying to penta kill with supports then this game has gotten to it's all time low... every single multiplayer game has a support/healer class... and in all those games the supports/healers are not a lot but they are played by certain people that enjoy it... and all those games are fine with it... they understand that supporting is not for everyone... only League has tried to force support role on everyone by making supportive champs with ridiculous dmg so that the players that only want to kill would play support... I am ADC main and I hate waiting a long time in queue because no one plays supp... but I prefer a better game with a longer queue to a game that has no rules and roles anymore...
If u need strict rules and roles about what type of champs can play what role LoL just isn't the game for you. MOBAs aren't the genre for you. I would suggest RPGs. There you often have the case that a certain class or subclass can only realistacally do one role.
: What I said is ridiculously easy to understand... Thresh is by far the most active support in game... meaning it's the most skillbased supp... he's not Sona, Soraka, Janna, Lulu... now if mid lane and top lane mains don't like Thresh, they will never play support... so don't give them an assassin support... they will see him as an assassin and not a support... that simple... assassins have no business being supports...
Why don't they have business being supports? Where is the written rule stating that supports have to give shields? Or peel? If something works as a support then it is a support. It's that simple. If Graves after his rework is a jungler. Then he is a jungler. Oh no wait. ADCs have no business being junglers. By the way I know multiple people who don't like thresh but like janna,lulu and other enchanters. They will be sad when they hear that they don't play support :( It's actually amazing from Riot to give people who like assasins an option for the support role. It's healthy for the game to have variety.
: Picking Pyke support is equivalent of picking Urgot support
Well if you would actually give a line of thought or an argumentation. We could actually change your mind.
: I said... I watched youtube videos on him... and he seems ridiculous... his skillset is an assassin that plays support... why an assassin would EVER play support? If people don't like playing Thresh for example which is the most fun supp to play, then they will never REALLY play support... the solution isn't to make a "Talon supp" champ for them to play support... because they're gonna take him mid jungle or top anyway... these people will NEVER play support... accept it RIOT Also, would you please enlighten me oh wise one about the quantity of champs they're gonna release? Because at some point they have to stop releasing new champs and work on the balance of this god damn game...
first of all "thresh is the most fun sup to play" . That's not a fact, that is your opinion. Having multiple types of champions for a role doesn't hurt the game. That's like saying : Remove Assasins because if someone won't play [insert favorite mage here] then they wont REALLY play mid. And for like the 100th time on this forum : he sucks for every other role but support. (Maybe jungle, but even that is a stretch considering he gets bullied hardcore)
: > [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fAl1bcag,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-03T11:59:02.533+0000) > > Fun fact: Pyke was hotfixed just last night. So that's why my Pyke Jungle was useless late game..
: > [{quoted}](name=Mindbomber2,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=1GuV0tyX,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2018-06-01T12:47:06.158+0000) > > On another note. 4 eyes see more than two. So if someone else looks over your replays (or even better your shotcalling ingame). They might be able to improve your shotcalling. Yeah im into it, have a few guys in mind to help with feedback! I do lack the experience outside of low elo so for sure other higher ranking players who have been in my stead would certanly see thinks i dont!
As i am on the euw server it will be a bit hard to help you. But if you want you can send me some replays and i'll look if i find some inherent flaw. Just know that i don't have unlimited time so it might take awhile for me to find something and respond ^^ (If anyone else is interested, if you are below (arbitrary border) g3 i can look over your replays too. (If you are on euw we can also play some games))
: Thats so constructive and helpfull Thanks mate, i get your points and will try to build a foundation on them, i can see where this is going I dont think im better, i wouldnt be in silver if i was right? At the end of the day all i can do is to improve myself so thats the goal Again thank you very much!
No problem, always happy to help a fellow shotcaller. And most of the people who are shotcalling already try the things i mentioned (especially the not thinking that one is better part). It's just helpful to have a reminder about the things to consider ^^. Good luck and have fun.
: Yeah, i know right? My shotcalling is at a good level i guess, for my elo at least, but more often than not, people are not listening sadly, so its "you cant ping anymore" and then i turn to chat like "guys, lets team up and take objectives" or "dont extend come at drake/herald/tower/baron asap/fast, lets win this" ... But noooo we have to chase this little rascal who ofc he runs to his team baiting that one-two players that want to kill him so so so much... But to be fair, not all games are like this, sadly its feels like the majority though or at least its the bitterness that settles in and makes it that you remember the bad ones more At the end of the day, if a have time and the aptitude, i watch my replays, see what i did wrong in the games i lost and what could had worked Also if there is a close victory, i also watch that replay as well, i think somethink i could have done to make it cleaner i guess Whats funny, last game we had ad mid, as i was tilted and i though that "oh im sure it will be one of those games again" someone said "ap support plz" and it was time for my baby Zyra. Picked coin instead of spellthiefs....so i was like, ok ok cool we still can i will play around my cds and the mana i get back from coin By the end of the game, finished 1 damage dealer on my team, double the dmg of our adc Thank you guys for commenting and your support on this, wish you the best of luck everyone
On another note. 4 eyes see more than two. So if someone else looks over your replays (or even better your shotcalling ingame). They might be able to improve your shotcalling.
: Yeah, i know right? My shotcalling is at a good level i guess, for my elo at least, but more often than not, people are not listening sadly, so its "you cant ping anymore" and then i turn to chat like "guys, lets team up and take objectives" or "dont extend come at drake/herald/tower/baron asap/fast, lets win this" ... But noooo we have to chase this little rascal who ofc he runs to his team baiting that one-two players that want to kill him so so so much... But to be fair, not all games are like this, sadly its feels like the majority though or at least its the bitterness that settles in and makes it that you remember the bad ones more At the end of the day, if a have time and the aptitude, i watch my replays, see what i did wrong in the games i lost and what could had worked Also if there is a close victory, i also watch that replay as well, i think somethink i could have done to make it cleaner i guess Whats funny, last game we had ad mid, as i was tilted and i though that "oh im sure it will be one of those games again" someone said "ap support plz" and it was time for my baby Zyra. Picked coin instead of spellthiefs....so i was like, ok ok cool we still can i will play around my cds and the mana i get back from coin By the end of the game, finished 1 damage dealer on my team, double the dmg of our adc Thank you guys for commenting and your support on this, wish you the best of luck everyone
Shotcalling is hard. Takes alot of skill and experience. In lowelo (no offense but that's where you are) it is worse because players lack the understanding for good macro play. Shotcalling wont work every game. Sometimes people will get offended aka 'why do you think you are better than us' , sometimes players don't listen and sometimes your team just disagrees with you. That being said, in my experience good shotcalling (doesn't matter if it comes from you) greatly benefits your team and therefore your winrate. And even 'bad' shotcalling will help your team more than five monkeys running around without a plan. So don't stop shotcalling. Here are a few tips (all from personal experience) : 1) **DON'T PING SPAM.** It's something that happens to all of us from time to time. But it will make players less responsive to your calls and more aggressive. It's like saying 'why don't you listen to me (i am superior)'. Instead of pinging 10 times on baron until the game gives you a ping cooldown, make 1-3 pings (depending on how good the players react), use the 'on my way' ping instead of the normal ping if you want your team to go somewhere. 2) **Use chat.** During the downtime (when you are dead or just despushing lanes or whatever) use the chat to suggest a strategy / the next move to your teammates. It's easier to understand what you want with a message than with a simple ping. 3)**Don't be negative.** Obviously don't write "You noobs are so bad. Listen to my calls. BARON NOW". But this also includes the following : a) Don't write anything negative after a lost teamfight, even if certain players made dumb decisions. No 'Yasuo can you stay with the team for ONE %%%%ING TIME'. In my experience talking about a single player in general is more likely to be received as flaming/negative attitude. Constructive critisim should almost always be team-focused. If you say 'We need to stay together more, so let's [insert idea here]' you will get better responses. Because by talking about the team, you aren't excluding yourself and therefore don't appear like an elitist who thinks that he played perfectly. b) If someone in your team has a negative opinion about you because you (for example) (accidentaly) flamed by blaming someone for alot of deaths, don't shotcall as much. If your team 'doesn't like' you then they probably won't listen to your calls either. It's basically the infamous 'You are 3/8 don't talk to me' problem. 4)**Be positive.** This is NOT the same as 3). Being positive are things like writing "gj team" after a won teamfight. Encouraging other players. Being helpful and friendly AT ALL times. Communicating with your teammates. A sentence like "Nice teamfight, let's get baron and then Jax can split top while we push mid" can work wonders. 5)**Be positive, not negative.** I can't stress this enough. As the shotcaller your job isn't only to lead your team strategy-wise. You also lead your team mentally. You are the In-game-leader. If you stay positive, your team is more likely to stay positive too. If you stay focused, your team will stay focused. But if you flame, tilt, troll, bm or anything like this, you and your team will suffer. Even if your actions aren't negative. If they are perceived as such, **your team will suffer.** 6) **Accept that you aren't better.** What I mean is the following : You are playing with other players in your elo. Regardless of how good you think you are and regardless of how good you think your shotcalling is, you are not their designated leader. Ranked is not an lcs team. Just a bunch of randoms. And if this bunch of randoms doesn't welcome your shotcalling, if they don't listen to your calls but to those of someone else, **so be it**. Don't try to force your strategy on a team that doesn't want it. You won't succeed. You will induce negativity. You will have less teamplay. **You will lose the game.** Always stay with your team. TL,DR : 1. Don't ping spam. 2. Use custom pings. ('On my way' etc) 3. Don't have a negative attitude. 4. Be extra nice,helpful and positive. ('Nice ult ori') 5. Always say constructive critisism. 6. Critisize the team (including yourself) not a single player. (even if it was the players fault) 7. If the team doesn't accept your shotcalling, stick with your team. **DON'T TRY TO FORCE YOUR STRATEGY** 8. Remember that if you shotcall, you are the backbone of your team. This includes influencing the mindeset of **all players.** If you do all this, your chances of winning will increase. And you will more likely feel like you had a bit of control over the result of the game. Which may make you tilt less. PS : If anyone read all of this, and actually applies it in game : kudos.
: >I do not really understand why Illaoi gets an hour to kill the spirit that she collects Duration is reduced if you fight her in combat. >Meta is just another word for "lazy", "broken" and "easily abusable". Build anything that inflicts grievous and kite her away from tentacles. It's really not that hard.
Yeah playing against Illaoi can be annoying but 1) her e isn't THAT hard to dodge. It's slower than bc hook. If u can dodge that u should be able to dodge Illaoi e. 2) pls kite away from tentacles and/or kill them before fighting 3) You should almost never fight against her in her ult. 4) If u are able to fight her. Don't run from her e. Get into her face and zone her away from it.
: Well ADCs outside of a few cases were supposed be a late game class. What I would suggest is experiment a bit in normals and see what works for you.
I agree. People seem to overreact a bit too much. But it's definetly a nerf to crit ADCs, which is what i don't understand. Rageblade ADCs and EZ were better already (atleast for high elo/pro). And they still have a viable build path. But champs like Jinx or Cait or Tristana really have a weird buildpath. Rushing IE doesn't work anymore. Building just the two BF and then a zeal item is really slow and you will get stomped by rageblade in the midgame. Going zealitem (shoes somewhere) and then IE makes u have **ABSOLUTELY NO AD** until u have items worth over 6k. And even then the damage isn't **that** high. Going for a lifesteal item could be good for the laning phase but slows down your damage by even more. Stormrazor on the other hand is a good item early but you will have absolutely no damage going on since it scales like garbage (because it has no crit so you miss out on the double zeal + IE powerspike). You ~~can~~ say that Crit-ADCs can shred tanks now due to 15% true dmg. (Which is really strong don't get me wrong). But considering that the rageblade users consist of Varus,Kogmaw and Kaisa you dont really have an advantage there either.
: Simply put you want adc to be average in early and superhero in mid/late? Sorry. Adc's are geting too much love from riot anyway.
The problem was that ADCs were kinda strong early and mid and still (as a carry obv) strong in late. There was no weak spot for them.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I actually 'main' Jinx too. (Playing alot of champs and roles. But mostly adc with cait/jinx/ez) She is not top tier but if you know what you are doing she is definetly not bad. (Atleast before 8.11 not sure now)
EldainSS (EUW)
: WTF have you done to shen???
You build storm razor in a garen vs shen matchup and expect to win. I would really suggest you to watch some videos or just go on probuilds.net Your build is highly inefficient and will definetly lose you the lane.
: I think shes gonna be a support now, like you said theres no reason to pick her when you can pick twisted/aurelion/galio.
But why would u pick her as support over zyra brand lux etc. less burst, less dmg without items, less harass cause she cant attack through minions
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ManBud (EUW)
: Doesn't mean ARURF is anywhere near proper compensation when they promise you Clash at a set time.
Stop thinking about it as compensation. The only proper compensation would be giving you your time back. And they can't do that now, can they? Nobody ever said 'U got ARURF, so everything is fine' . It was their way to give us something. If some players can atleast have a bit more fun with ARURF then without, why shouldn't they do it. They already said they will refund all tickets and give a small clash-reward-esque apology to all players who were actually in a team. PS: You don't have a contract with them, stating that you have the right to get clash. They are not obliged to give anything (maybe the refund but i doubt that).
Saljin (EUW)
: it depends on how you shotcall. if u shotcall while staying friendly no one will report you. and they are more likely too listen.
Exactly. Many ppl are (unintentionally) condescending when shotcalling. Some ppl are just toxic and will "shotcall" aka 'go baron omfg why u top' *pings 20 times per minute* . If you are calm, do sensible calls and not blame people for failures but rather slightly push them in the right direction aka 'ok we can't disengage, so let's stop the splitpush and group' then (in most cases) your teammates will react positively and actually follow your calls. Remember : 1) You are not remarkably better than your teammates (even if your score is better) , so when your teammates disagree with your strategy, accept it. This also means to do what you dont think is the best action, if it is the best action for the team. For example : You are jungle. Your team wants to contest baron. You dont. GO BARON. Because your team will fight with or without you. But if they fight without you. They will die and you will lose the game. The chance of success is way better if you work as a team. Regardless of how good the strategy actually is. 2) Adding positive remarks can work wonders 'we got this' 'gj team' etc will in my experience make players play better, individually and as a team.
SuppeLars (EUW)
: Tank items top lane?
There is a difference between A) not being able to fight 1v1 B) not dealing more dmg in teamfights C) not dealing more dmg. Solo lane tanks have a strong early. You aren't supposed to stomp then until about two items. And even then you have to itemize against them. If you do 20% more damage but have half the (effective) health, you are going to lose. With anything remotely viable you will win 1v1s mid to lategame. Almost all tanks have hight teamfight damage. Basically all abilities are aoe. Bruisers are mostly focused on single target damage. You do more damage regarding single target damage. If the tank has more single target damage potential than you. Than you are probably very very far behind. But at that point you aren't doing less damage because tanks have such a high damage but because your damage is low.
: How am I supposed to solo carry
You condradict yourself. If you have basically lost when someone feeds. Then why can't you carry with a carry champ with 10/0. You can't win every game. Smurfs have like around 65% winrate consistently. (like high plat smurfs in low silver elo). If you get a lead on a lane, you will need to learn how to convert. You can either pressure your lane, roam or pressure the enemy jungle. If you get advantages for your team and put the other team behind, then you are way more likely to win midgame and lategame. On another note : if you feel confident enough, i recommend to shot call. If you are leading your team you can make them play ariund your strength. This of course requires a good sense for macro gameplay.
: depends on the game and game activity, i did cancel plans for clash, but i would never cancel something for the URF, and the idea to "lets give them urf because clash didnt happen" is an insult
I don't know how that could be an insult. They had two options a) don't give them anything. b) give them arurf and atleast some people will have a bit more fun with it than without it. If they would have said 'guys it's not a big deal you have arurf' THAT would be an insult. But they didn't.
: Losing 22 LP in low silver is kinda huge, isn't it?
The way the win loss amounts are calculated depends on the difference between your hidden mmr(and your current development) and your rank. If your mmr is higher than the average in you rank, you get more than 20 for wins and less than 20 for losses. This is implemented so that you can climb faster to the rank you "belong" to. Vice versa for mmr lower than the average.
: Clash? More like Trash
I don't know why you think that Riot doesn't understand the severity of canceling the clash. The objective situation is the following : a bug occured which they couldn't fix and it was so critical that they needed to stop clash altogether. This sucks for all of us AND them. Many of us canceled plans for clash. And Riot's employees who were trying to fix the issue were too. Nobody had fun in this. At the end Riot consists of people. They make mistakes aka not finding the bug before the event. At the end this is a bad situation for everyone.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Don't complain about matchmaking if YOU ARE THE ONE that broke it...
I talked about the issue of ranking restrictions in normal queue down below. The issue of smurfs is quite urgent tho. They circumvent Riot's attempt to balance the games in both normal and ranked queues. Statistically smurfs are more toxic and troll more. We have all had these "I am a [insert high rank] smurf. Don't question me ~~**%%%%ing**~~ idiot." "OMG PPL IN THIS ELO ARE SOOOOO RETARTED" "PLS UNINSTALL , YOU ARE SO BAD" These people are actually hypocritic. If you smurf, you know you are in a lower elo. Don't expect people to be on your level. Riot can't stop smurfing (or account sharing for that matter). But they do fight back. If the system thinks you are account sharing for the purpose of boosting, they might ban you. This is hard to detect tho, so many boosts go unseen. Riot **IS** good at detecting smurfs tho. They don't ban these accounts (in case they judge wrongly). But if an account plays better than their rank they push it into a higher rank. If you would try to stall your rank by intentionally losing games (griefing), you will get banned. I do understand your frustration about unfair games through premades. Riot won't put ranked restrictions into soloq tho. So the only thing you can do is to play ranked (preferably solo/duo as there are less premades there).
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Yup, because your "fun" should come at the expense of everyone else. That's such a selfish viewpoint is it any wonder the community of this game is considered one of the most toxic in the world?
I think you are severly missing the point of the normal matchmaking queues. They are there to have fun, to play with whoever you want. They don't have the same expectation of complete fairness. And therefore not the same resctricition as ranked games. You don't want the diamond/silver premades? Then don't play normals, play rankeds. Also you are not treating the others fairly. Not being able to play with your friends because you got different skill levels, in a queue that is not supposed to be serious and 100% fair, would literally kill the game. P.S the game already considers premades and especially premades with high difference in skill level differently. Example 1 : You have no premades and are rated silver 3 -> the game will try to match you with solos/premades that are rated silver 3 (Keep in mind that this is normal queue mmr, it isn't always the same or even close to your rank) Example 2 : You are rated silver 5 and your premade is rated silver 1 -> the game will try to match you with solos/premades that are rated silver 2 (Of course i don't have exact numbers, these are just rough numbers to explain the mechanic) Example 3 : You are rated bronze 5 and your premade is rated gold 1 -> the game will try to match you with solos/premades that are rated ~gold 5 Apart from the rating adjustments it also tries to match premades with other premades, whose individual players are of comparable elo. That being said of course there are people who queue with premades in normal queue to just stomp opponents. But the vast majority just wants to have fun with some friends. Putting rank-like restriction on normal queue would increase toxicity and increase smurfing. The game already tries to balance the advantages of having a (high-elo) premade.
: [Discussion] What's your favourite ability and why?
{{champion:222}} 's passive. It fits her character so well and it makes her way WAAAAY more fun to play.
: You misunderstand. It is NOT ME. It is the average in platinum elo. Do you think that a faceroll champion should win against Fiora? Because according to the numbers they beat Fiora. What happened to risk and reward....or rewarding a champion that has some mechanics opposed to running at your enemy while being invulnerable? Edit: also why do you pay so much attention on how they are named? I clearly stated tanks AND juggernauts so I don't understand what you are talking about in your first point. I also stated that it is their EARLY GAME LANING that is the issue. You gonna kite them in lane? I'm not talking about their teamfighting etc... I am talking about laning as a bruisers against them.
Here we go again : Riot does not balance champs around how hard they are to play. And that's good. (Actually they kinda do : completly uninteractive or unhealthy kits (think garen, old yorick, yi to some extent) are continously not on a level where they would be viable in pro games. This is because they would absolutely RUIN the game for everyone in soloq)) 'Do you think that a faceroll champion should win against Fiora' what do you even mean? All mechanically challenging champions should win early against 'faceroll' champions. There never was any kind of reward for mechanically challenging champs aside from outplay potential. Garen is an early game champ, he needs to lead to be effective. He has low mechanics cause he is kept as a kind of top laner for beginners. So yes he doesn't need to be super good to get a lead. But as the good player you can minimize that lead and outscale him. If u cant outscale him and lose early? U are in a bad matchup, dont do that. If u are Fiora into Garen? It's ur own fault. Everything in the two kits screams don't pick Fiora into Garen to 1v1 him. Fiora likes to dash around with q? Garen has a silence. Fiora is kinda squishy? Garen has high base dmg AND an execute ult that scales with missing %hp. Fiora needs to stick around to deal her dmg? Garen has a burst damage focus in 1v1s. Fiora can win lane through poking and sustaining with her passive? Guess who can sustain even better with his passive.
Acaim (EUNE)
: Is Pyke an actual support?
The others focused alot on your definition of support. (For new ppl on the post : Riot already stated team builder roles aren't related to the champs, aka not only classic heal/shield/peel/ champs on 'support' position) But let's talk about Pyke and just Pyke. Now how does he fit into different positions? ADC : let's start with that, its obviously ridicoulus nuff said. MID : Pyke isn't a good midlaner because a) he got no waveclear b) his early game dmg is actually kinda low c) his early cd's are insane d) his only option to get to a ranged enemy midlaner is just a worse version of naut/blitz hook. his e doesnt give him enough range and his w has not enough duration enemies will just wait it out. TLDR: yes there are endless amounts of pbe fed mid pyke games but everything in his kit screams "i am talon, just worse" TOP : his kit itself is actually quite good for a toplaner, bushes give u playmaking potential with w. Both his q and e are way stronger against melee and he doesn't get pushed under the turret so hard. That said most effective toplane items give lot of hp. Which he can't get. His ad conversion isn't strong enough to get through the health of the other laners instantly and his lack of health means he gets killed faster than u can say 'u look familiar'. TLDR: might work (a bit), but once ppl know how to play against him it will probably suck (unless he is just totally op as a champ). JUN: iirc his q has 16 sec cd. it doesn't deal alot of dmg. his e? also 17 sec or so. doesnt deal alot of dmg. ->no clear speed AT ALL With the jungle changes (looking at u scully) jungle gets alot more aggressive/competitive. And as pyke u are low health all day long since ur passive doesnt work on minions. A few champs who can easily counterjungle and/or outfarm him? {{champion:5}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:106}} just to name a few. TLDR: He will just get bullied in the jungle. (To the ppl who want to scream 'but tiamat' : First of all: that works on every ad champ and when is the last time u have seen darius jungle. Second : tiamat costs more than 1k, until that u are so behind that u can basically give up against a good jungler) SUP: that leaves us with his designed position. pros: long cd's mean he has to wait between engages (think rakan) , his dmg early isnt enough for 100-0 so he needs help, his w helps engages from bushes (think blitzcrank style brush-sitting), his e is an aoe stun (basically a mini rakan ult) and his ult shares gold, he gets sustain through his passive and the sup items he needs to build (mainly sightstone and start sup item) give health which gives him damage. cons : his peel is kinda garbage. Sure but thats the same with any dmg oriented sup (looking at u blitz/lux) TLDR: botlane gives pyke the full power of his abilities, time to scale, and will punish enemy laners who dont respect his dmg. Also the execute part of his ult counters shield heavy sups
: Swapping secondary runes
They should really change that. It's probably not hard to implement and just a design flaw. If I click on a rune I want THAT rune to be swapped. Step a) think of summoner spell swaps b) make second tree rune swaps work exactly the same way
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