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: Don't be Amumu, be more Braum!
This is hard to remember, when several people in your game are making you lose, and they are on the same team as you. Now, who cares if it is win or defeat, nobody really should. Well I do, when I am stuck in the game for 20 minutes + with a couple of flamers and no direction or team coöperation or map control. If I leave my wonderful free game punishes me for futility, if I stay I am not having fun and I am mostly not learning. Btw, I am the guy who constantly pings you to push your lane after you lost 2 towers to minion waves on shitty no reward roams, not the flamer calling master yi a noob for not ganking at level 3. This game gives you no out when your fellow players refuse to play the game or simply cannot play the game to any productive capacity. GG Riot.
: Lower the price of the adc items and make the new ones
The problem is not in th items given to AD carries, but rather that the current tank frontline is too tanky while still being able to do damage to hold at bay in most teamfights. If tanks had to commit harder to health, or damage, the problem would be smaller. I think a 5% nerf to bonus health from cinderhulk may help this, as the percentage augment allows to more bruiserish builds with the same tankyness. Cinderhulk + Black cleaver is for instance a bit too strong on most AUTO reliant tanks, as the damaged is great and the health is on par with an actual tank build.
: Try button.
To be honest the whole way you gain access to characters in league is retarded. You have a huge barrier of entry due to runes, and high champ costs for new players. And even long time players must wait for a rotation of the champ to try it, thus not really allowing a free trial of whatever champ IN THE CURRENT META. It would be ok to simply try them when free if the meta was not subject to change. By the time Shen came into rotation dodged was removed from the game. It would be great if you have a very limited bot game to test the champ briefly. Perhaps simply Aram with increased gold and a passive tank bot to practice on.


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