: Not for this but will play today. I have an issue with the ''watch 2 matches'' mission like I watched 2 today and it didn't count. Is it a bug or do you have to watch live?
i don't think the right games are there yet
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: i know right
i mean, what's the POINT of a mission if you don't know it's even there?
Beckiyana (EUW)
: It's not a quest that shows up, it's kind of like a hidden quest. You don't see progress and you don't see what you have to do.
oh, one of THOSE things. God i hate when they do that
: setts caling card
how the hell do you even get that?
Luqiez (EUW)
: Nerf Fizz !!
and IF you manage to dodge that and hit him he just becomes untargetable
: Same problems, Euw T^T Also sometimes randomly my own icon doesn't load either, cant hover over myself or friends to see mastery, etc. In addition to this, it sometimes shows my status remains as 'in game' after a game when i am in lobby, and friends statuses show as 'in game' after their game has ended and even when they are logged out sometimes. Other problems that i have had as of the latest patch include the rune selection page randomly not displaying in champ select so changing runes is impossible. Also chatbox doesn't work for most games, I get nothing but 'connecting to chat' in the champ select screens chatbox. Really frustrating start to s10.
well i just played a game where i should have gotten at least S- but, guess what? the game didn't recognize it...this client has some issues indeed
FireSlxys (EUNE)
then you can count me too, i have the same problem :(
FireSlxys (EUNE)
: Client is broken
do you have all the friends in the list as if they were disconnected and with no way to see their profile? because i have that, no icons or nothing
: My honor lvl3 got lowered to lvl2
yep, honor 3 becomes 2.1, 4 becomes 2.2 and 5 becomes 2.3
Odnan (EUW)
: I would say a vision score between 25 and 50 is considered good, objective control is crucial, especially as jungler and kill participation aswell. When entering mid to late game, where laning phase isn't really a thing anymore, clear your camps from time to time; this is something many junglers forget. Play for kills, but dont tunnel or greed for some. Also pay attention to the value of the enemy. For example dont flash for a 0/6 LeBlanc or any other enemy that isn't worth much gold anymore. And as always, play with your team and you will get your Master 7 in no time {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Correct me if im stating false information :)
Ammandron (EUW)
: there is no proper way to present shit to these people. This bs has been going on for more than 10 years. as i am replying to you, i just got reported by a player because i said this to his premade "why keep going". When they went to suicide 2v5. And pretty sure will get random ban for that.
ok, what else did you say to them?
Ammandron (EUW)
: Terrible RIOT decisions
you are angry, i can understand that and i KNOW that the report system is a JOKE, i met people who wished my mother to die of cancer that haven't been punished at all, people that told me to kill myself for taking ONE minion by accident who got no punishment. I made several threads about Riot lying about the report system with Riot Eambo openly retconing the "%%% is an instant 14 days ban" thing, saying it's just " a red flag". Still, writing threads like yours is detrimental to the cause as people will begin to associate the matter to whiny kids who can't write a sentence with less than three swear words in it. For the future, write your thoughts on a txt document, THEN you wait to calm down and THEN you write a thread about it. THe issues are there but you need to present them in the right way
JustClone (EUNE)
: I am not main WW, but I play him 1-2 times per year to get his box. I usually build him tanky and I run around the map chasing low hp people and killing them even under turret. I do not give a %%%% about cs or any other stupid shite-stat you mention. Good damage taken, low deaths, many kills and assists and some damage on turrets/dragon/baron/herald and you are good to go.
except now you need that stupid "shite stat" because if you don't farm constantly you may as well be afk
: Happy new year!
Shaebadu (EUW)
: Caitlyn top is a thing now?
have you ever found yourself with a ZIGGS top? i have, it's not fun. not at all
: i got the same problem and they are trying to fix it but cant say anything to it cause they havent fixed it yet...
sadly i have no idea how they fixed i but now it works for me :/
: Hey there! I'm gonna assume you know how to use all his spells correctly. **As a general advice:** I noticed by experience from my friends that the more you focus on getting an S, the more you'll fail to get it since focusing too much on score like cs/deaths tend to hold back your gameplay. Just do you best and you'll eventually get it ;) Don't forget that the mastery score is you compared to others playing the same champ in the same role in the same elo. So you don't have to worry about general things like early cs since you are compared to other Warwick jungle players. **For runes:** * Grasp is awful on him. The main power of that rune is to be able to proc it each 4s and keep stacking it infinitely (it gives permanent health). As a jungler, you won't be spending too much time against enemy champs. * Conqueror is alright on him, but not the best. * PTA is the best rune on WW. He can proc it easily and it makes enemies vulnerable which means that it increase his damage AND his allies' damage during the ganks. **Does counter jungling matter?** * First of all, if you go to the *stats* tab in one of your matches, you'll notice that there is a "Neutral minions killed in enemy jungle" stat that is tracked. * Secondly, it basically means more farm for you. So more gold and experience, which means more stats and higher chances of killing the enemy jungler or having more successful ganks. * And thirdly, and this is the more important point: This meta is about starving the enemy jungler. You need to be able to better track him. Once you do, go steal his camps and kill him each time he show up near them. Once you succeed, abuse that and keep repeating it until he becomes less than a minion. With the removal of catch-up exp, each camp you steal for the enemy jungler will put him so much behind especially since there is no going back. This basically means that you will have more farm available to you and that he can't secure drakes or gank (or fail all his ganks) because he is so far behind. This in turn means that your team will have more chance of winning in general. **For ganks:** Make sure to abuse them too. Once you gank and an enemy use flash, if he doesn't fall back after you go, just come back immediately and that's an easy kill. A kill or an enemy recalling should always mean pushing and taking some plates (free gold). Try to take both heralds as then provide tons of free plates. Drakes are super important right now, but Heralds shouldn't be forgotten. **Warwick advices:** Warwick is very strong right now because his clears are fast once he gets his tiamat, he have an obscene amount of sustain, is strong in 1v1 due to his W, can solo objectives like drakes at level 4/5 and is very fast to move around the map due to his passive. He perfectly fits the current meta. Aside from Tiamat and then Titanic Hydra, WW's build is super flexible as you can take damage, defense or both. So make sure to adapt based on your team (do you have too many damage dealers or do you lack damage?), the enemy team (which resistances to buy) and based on how you are performing (if you are ahead, don't hesitate to go offensive). Also, don't buy {{item:1414}} , that's an item that gives AP, it's for AP champs like Elise or Diana, not for WW and Skarner. Same for {{item:3074}} , it's not that good on WW. Here is a very recent guide that will give you tips about pathing, playstyle and itemisation: [Warwick Guide](
already seen that guide (i'm even subscribed to the channel :) ) but i'm afraid i'm too tunneled on that build so i was trying to change it a bit (also warwick has a 100% AP scaling on Q that's why i picked echoes for a more offensive build) i wanted to try my old (pre rework) build on him, maybe i'll have more luck {{item:1419}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3111}} but i still have the tank build as a back up. thanks for the tips :) do you happen to know how to increase vision score when the enemy doesn't ward? (low elo) where do i put wards to have the most effect on them?
: I believe that the main thing thats holding you back are your deaths. You seem to have a good understanding of how to jungle and how to play your champ. You are constantly buying and using control wards. Maybe try to take Baron a bit eariler I'd recommend you stick with your PTA Runes, but Conquerer works fine too. Grasps is rather underwhelming in the jungle tho.
yeah i used grasp as a last ditch effort as PtA is good only if you have a team that's not full of monkeys and can actually follow you up when you gank. I'll try to stick with conqueror for the time being and use PtA when i'm in a premade of 3+ with people i trust i was thinking about the deaths too, maybe i'm too eager and try too hard to make ganks work even when they shouldn't. i'll try muting everyone and try to rely on my instincts to gank a lane
: Not a jungle-main anymore but here's what I've learned regarding farming and vision: * CS is a bit of a tricky one - you can full clear to get the most gold you could, but you give up pressure by doing so. I've had more success by impacting lanes as well as I could. If your goal is to get an S or S+ Kill-participation is what'll get you there. ** Site note: You still should farm a fair amount - accomplish this by planning your routes. * Vision is a bit of a tricky one, but for junglers this is usually pretty good: Gametime (in minutes) x 1,5
Cs is going to be a pain now that the camps spawn faster and there is no catch up exp, you can't afford to fall back even a little bit :( thanks for the info in any case :)
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Zanador (EUNE)
: Well, you applied, but the game is currently not live for the public. There were only two 5 days long test runs so far and as far as i know, there won't be more this year. Sometime "early 2020" there will be a longer beta run before the release, so that will be your next chance. As far as i've seen, the "check your e-mail" is basically the "not now" message. Once i got my pass i received an "approved" message on that site.
OOOH, i thought it was like when you register somewhere and instantly receive a confirmation email. ok then i'll have to wait :) thanks for the info
Shamose (EUW)
: No word on when the beta goes live though, it just says early 2020.
it says to check my email but there is nothing there :\
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Hananim (EUW)
: Only if youre bad. I play intermediate ones and its still too easy.
if i need to do the first win i play beginner to save time and i actually lost one of those because i had 4 bots in my team that actually stopped outside tower range. they aren't programmed to win a game, only to not go afk. the cheat works if you have 2 or 3 people in your team that can win it. having4 bots in a team is basically a 1v9
: Remove yasou from the game asap
as far as i know, Yasou (Yasuo's french cousin) WAS removed from the game in patch 3.97 because his baguette stab was bugged and his wine wall let projectiles trough. THe fact that all of his quotes were jabs at non-french people aggravated his situation quite a bit.
nJacob (EUW)
: You can't beat 5 bots? Yikes
not with 4 bots on MY team feeding them and not pushing towers
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Νami (EUW)
: You actually can't just spawn the drakes you want, the soul is decided by what dragons would spawn without manually spawning them. So yes, it can be tested but would potentially take lots of resets until the mountainous rift is spawned.
you can't? oh...well then, they probably should specify it themselves :\
CarryAll (EUNE)
: Mountain Dragon Soul question
easily tested in the practice tool. spawn 4 mountain drakes and have the shield broken by a monster
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Drαke (EUNE)
: Pyke dosent get hp from items
obvious trundle is obvious
Hajictan (EUW)
: you only get 15 gold from passive procs while with the other you get cannons + melee minions that are worth more gold So in the end if you have more gold I agree that there is the argument that once you go past it once you are in trouble because you will for a while lose 50% of every charge but once that goes away it should not be that big of a setback
still, the change looks kinda rushed and not thought trough enough. maybe they are overnerfing the items to see how they perform and then adjust them in the preseason?
: I think you misunderstood the patch notes and started worrying over nothing, it's a clear buff for tank supports not the opposite. > now there is also the penalty for farming more than 3 minions every 10 waves, but since the passive for the shield lines actually GIVES you CS while the passive for the sickle and spellthief does NOT, those champions have essentially 3 more minions over tanks. When they said "Farming more than 20 CS per 5 minutes (3 out of 10 waves) reduces gold from minions by 50%.", that means 3 full **WAVES** out of 10 waves, not 3 minions out of 10 waves. So it's impossible to get the penalty by only using your charges, and you got tons of leniency, you can even farm a full wave if minions are under your tower and the adc is not in the lane. So you don't have to keep tracking how much you farmed and the only way to reach the penalty is to be farming on purpose. Now let's look at the stats: * Tank items lost some health and the healing * They gained some ad/ap for more damage * They can know execute at 50% of minions' health instead of an hp value. This means that it's easier and you'll take less poke from farming * The mage counterpart lost AP AND the on-hit effect. In case you didn't know, they had an effect that dealt damage each time they used their charges on a champion (think of it like scorch or summon aery). What this means is that you'll be taking far less poke damage than before which more than justify the loss of some hp and healing. Mage supports are the ones who got the real nerf here.
in my defense, they could specify things better on the patch notes :\ if that's the case then never mind :)
: Tank supports need their own item to start with. An item that gives armour / and or MR instead of AD or AP
true that, plus they removed the heal on the shield line. Gotta be honest, i'm not sure i like the support role anymore
Hajictan (EUW)
: 1)"Receive diminishing gold from excessive minion kills": Farming more than 20 CS per 5 minutes (3 out of 10 waves) reduces gold from minions by 50%. The penalty increases with further CS to a max of 80% reduction at 50 minions. Once the penalty kicks in, your CS gold is reduced to (70 - CS within 5 minutes)%. 2)Grants a charge every 45 seconds, up to 3 charges. 3)do I have to put in more than what the wiki says? if yes: you will not go over that cap as long as you do not take farm while the charges are not up
aaand you completely missed what i was saying. Yes, i read the wiki, the problem is that the shields ADD to your CS, the sickle and spellthief DON'T. essentially, spellthief gives you more leniency on your penalty AND gives you the chance to actually FARM while your adc is away because you don't get CS while using the charges, meaning you will have a gold advantage over champions that use the shield because they are already increasing their CS with the passive. And given that the penalty kicks in with the CS and not the gold, you can maximize the gold you get if your adc recalls and you are left alone in lane by simply killing the eventual cannon (no sense wasting those minions after all). Do i have to spell it any more clearly or did you get it now?
Rioter Comments
Utterson (EUW)
: I actually got like the exact same Problem, would be happy if someone got a fix.
i sent a ticket, they told me they are working on it and to "use my friends match history to watch the matches in the meantime"
Beckiyana (EUW)
: It works for me now. If it doesn't work for you, you should write a support ticket (see 5shaked5's comment for a link)
they said they have no idea how to fix, they are working on it but...yeah
OWils0n (EUW)
: Next frame please
happens every preseason since when they added zoe. it usually stops happening after a while
: With 3 charges every 45 seconds, if u use up every charge with no downtime you hit exactly 20 cs / 5 mins Considering it lines up exactly with the limit, I'm gonna guess that it does count towards it
then either hitting enemies with spellthief ADDS to your CS or it and the sickle are insanely better than the shields as you get the 3 charges AND 20 CS per 5 minutes
: The relic line change removes tank supports from the game!
what baffles me is the penalty for farming as it's not explained in the slightest. does the shield line count your CS? if it does then picking a shield is a disadvantage as you already are doing minions so you can easily exceed the 20 CS per 5 minutes limit, why doesn't the thing go away once you complete the item? i get them wanting to reduce the gold for supports like brand, lux and vel'koz but once you reach tier 3 you lose the 3 charges AND can't farm because of the penalty? Explain, Rito, EXPLAIN
: Yeah, I'm scared of writing ANYTHING, and I really mean ANYTHING, you could say there is no speech freedom, I still remember the time few seasons ago when people got ban chats for nothing, after getting 2 of them I literally disabled my chat, and still got next ban for 200 games lmao, after dat I still have the feeling same thing is gonna happen
then there was the time where you got punished for NOT saying anything
Beckiyana (EUW)
: Match History not working
this is happening to me as well, do you happen to know how to fix it?
: Is it me? Or do people get chat restricted without any good reason?
yeah...a simple rule when they flame you: don't answer. EVER. don't say anything snarky, don't quote what they say to you, ignore them. ignore them and WAIT, like a gator in the river, wait for them to say something flamey and REPORT THEM {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Seriously tho, the report system is a joke in this game
: > [{quoted}](name=MirirLightHammer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kwu1sYPq,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-20T09:56:41.380+0000) > > ok, keep in mind one thing: you don't need to pay for the upgrades. so basically you have 1400 gold you can spend in something else. > that said, i still have no idea how the penalty functions. > is it only active while the charges are there? like if you complete the item it goes away like for the jungle item? As far as i know, there's no indication at all for the debuff. I didn't check the final item for it, tho. > how does the frostfang one work? you don't have CS for that one so, how does the game keep track of it? does frostfang give you a "cs" every time you hit a champion? There's a "pocket buff" that keeps track of the stacks. As soon as you are out of a combat and have sufficient stacks, the item upgrades. As the old one, however, you don't get max wards after the first upgrades.
no, i mean, how does frostfang KNOW that you are overfarming? for relic shield i can understand because you actually kill a minion but spellthief and sickle work on champions, so you don't have a cs score if you stick by the rules. maybe you DON'T get CS with relic shield, maybe it gives you the gold and the ally gets the CS AND the gold...Jesus, one would think that they would be more specific in the freaking patch notes online...
: New support items are abhorrent and disgusting. Thanks Rito for pushing me out of the role I loved
ok, keep in mind one thing: you don't need to pay for the upgrades. so basically you have 1400 gold you can spend in something else. that said, i still have no idea how the penalty functions. is it only active while the charges are there? like if you complete the item it goes away like for the jungle item? how does the frostfang one work? you don't have CS for that one so, how does the game keep track of it? does frostfang give you a "cs" every time you hit a champion?
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