: How to have a good time playing league
or simply do the following: 1) get a credit card 2) buy stuff so you don't have to rely on Rito's shitty grade system to get stuff (no stress from desperately trying to get S-) 3) play a game muting everyone and pretending you are in a bot game 4)??? 5)profit (for rito)
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: TFT or TFL
i'd call it "team fight scam" but yeah, it's all luck.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > How is that an S MINUS when i outperformed EVERYONE in the match? Because you're never compared to the other players in your match. You played Poppy jungle, so you're compared to others that played Poppy jungle. And honestly? I don't find 150cs as a jungler rather impressive in a 30 minute game, even as a jungler. I tend to get 250-300cs in the same match length when I get S or S+. Your vision score is also rather low. You don't place that many wards, and you didn't destroy any enemy wards. That'll take a hit to your mastery level. Getting a good KDA doesn't mean much if you sacrifice other stats for it. S and S+ means you're doing well in every area, not just one. --- Here's a link to a match where I obtained an S+. It's not Poppy jungle though, since I'd have no idea how to play that: https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4157780872/40268422?tab=overview
well, you afk farmed. you have the same kill partecipation as me me (with a proper jungler might i add) and managed to hit 300+ farm, meaning those kills come from teamfights, not ganks so i should have gotten an higher grade than you because poppy isn't made for the jungle, yet, i got less. The whole grade system should be remade because it's higly frustrating to work your ass off (i had to be EVERYWHERE at once in that game and still managed to do that farm) and be then slapped in the face with an A+ or an S- (dependingon what you wanted to do) and if someone is frustrated he is more prone to flaming and ragequitting. Having so much enphasis on CS it's also a bad thing for laners since i often find people that say they need S and proceed to steal my jungle camps even though they have no benefit from them (either they are at full build or are at level 17-18 already) that in turn makes the jungler even more frustrated because he is losing farm and falling behind. I don't think being this stubborn over grades is good for riot, they would lose far less than they would gain. And as i said, the fact that you are compared to other players when SMURFS are a thing is idiotic. Smurfs will inevitably bump the requirements higher than normal because they are against less experienced players setting an higher bar for KDA and CS. A fixed KDA, vision and CS would have the same effect (comparing you to other players albeit indirectly) and would lower the frustration of the role. Sure, you would still have players who would get angry if their kda goes too low or they can't farm properly, but you would lose those who get pissed AFTER the match, going with 0 deaths and a decent CS only to be slammed with an A+
Sefi (EUNE)
: I'm not sure how much it is Riots fault though, Tencent are 110% grinding their balls for the last penny.
yeah and Blizzard is going down the drain just because activision. Look, i understand that the "parent" company always wants profits in every case but i don't think they would be that mad if Blizzard or Riot told them "hey, if we keep going we get no more money because we will lose all the players we have left". Both sides ar at fault here
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: I am getting A+ all the time...
because they prefer saving 500 RP a month per player instead of having a healtier playerbase. The system probably has a random factor, not that the grades are randomized but that, if you reach a grade for let's say S- there is a chance that you get the actual grade and a higher chance you get the dreaded A+. I seriously doubt there is a way to compare your score to others and, if there is, it should be removed. why? because smurfs. Think about it, if someone is smurfing they are in games against new players, since they already know how to do things like last hit or gank effectively, they will end up with astronomical scores, faulting the entire system. If Riot cares about players they should make grades streamlined, setting base scores and giving more importance to vision and KDA than farm (better vision and kill partecipation are more important than afk farming the whole game)
: ***
sadly Riot either doesn't care or isn't smart enough to understand that people are starting to get pissed at them
DamiBaniii (EUNE)
is this....is this one of those fake ads for apps translated by google?
: or lux skins xD
or an ethernal or two
Choppa n1 (EUW)
: Friendlist gone ?
have you tried buying some little legends?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Which would make them illegal to sell to anyone under 18 meaning the current system would end up being illegal as they have no way to verify a users age so it would make it illegal for riot to sell them without a gambling license and a way to verify the age of people buying them :P
yeah, pretty much :\
Hansiman (EUW)
: For now, but who knows what the future brings considering Riot stated back when the new client was launched that part of it was also because they aspired to be a multi-game studio, which their old client did not support.
let's be serious here, they can barely keep ONE game working, what makes them think they can do a multi-game plan? And they also stated they would make prestige points earnable without paying or that they would add champion specific missions and, yet, here we are, with both those things behind a paywall
Hansiman (EUW)
: Consider Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm then.
yes, but again, it's not an overwatch launcher, it's a blizzard launcher. ours isn't a "riot launcher" it's a league of legends launcher
Cypherous (EUW)
: Thing is they may not have a choice if countries start making them illegal
not really illegal, just considered gambling (which in the case of lol they aren't but whatever) so they'll need a different and more strict regulation
Hansiman (EUW)
: Using the same client, when it's sharing assets, is perfectly reasonable. Besides, Riot has already said that part of the structure for the new client was to eventually support multiple games. TFT is still beta tested, so using a client that's already present on millions of computers means you'll reach out to far more players than creating a standalone one. --- > But hey, it isn't a mode of LoL. World of Warcraft uses the same launch client as Overwatch. Is Overwatch a mode of WoW?
that's called a blizzard launcher and i don't remember having overwatch heroes playable in WoW (or WoW characters in overwatch)
Zenai10 (EUW)
: They are doubling down with the outrageous tft eggs. Do you really think they would remove them
if the lootbox thing passes, yes. those are still random boxes meaning they can't be sold to underage players.
Zenai10 (EUW)
: Rammus are the worst. You are barly involved. Have enemy die during e- have allies kill them Damage taken, have enemies hit you Assists - be in teanfights with cinderhulk and ult
oh dear lord what trainwreck...
: > still requiring the verification with personal data what is your mean about this term? personal data limited to set birth day to 01/01/2001 then you re able to play this game! ( as you even know that you have 7 years old but you set your age to 18 no one can detect you are 7 years old ) !!!!
i mean, if the law passes and they are REQUIRED to verify that you are, in fact, 18+ they will need something like a copy of your ID which would need more protection to avoid it being stolen by data miners. if they don't do that they could end up being fined for it
Cypherous (EUW)
: We know it, they know it As i've said elsewhere the likely reasoning for this is the inevitable removal of lootboxes, in our case hextech chests, from games to avoid getting labelled, which means they need a new thing to constantly sell you, just think about it if you main multiple champions thats 850RP per eternal per champion, if someone wanted to complete a set of these just think how much RP they would need to buy, and with each new champion being given their own its a solution that in theory prints money The reality is most people can see it for what it actually is
i don't think they would remove the chests but they would have to make them essentially free. the issue is underage players spending money, not the boxes themselves. Still, it's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario: If they keep the boxes buyable, they'll need to make them unavailable to underage players, which would mean implementing a different login system that may need your personal information, which would need more protection to avoid people mining said information. Furthermore they would need to make lootboxes drop more easily for those that can't legally buy them and that, in turn, would force them to make them more easily droppable for those who CAN buy them to avoid making them leave resulting in less people buying boxes in general, otherwise the game would require an M rating which would cut the playerbase down to the adults (still requiring the verification with personal data). If they don't keep the boxes buyable...well, they don't make money with them
Zenai10 (EUW)
: My main complaint isn't even the cost, tho it is outrageous. It's that they are so incredibly lazy. I get the are just stat tracking but now too them are ultra generic garbage. Huge missed opportunity
yeah, they all boil down to kill somthing with ult kill something do damage
: WTF happend too rotating game modes
Riot couldn't add microtransaction to them so they were canned, as you can see they added lootboxes for TFT even before the thing was barely functioning as a mode
Cypherous (EUW)
: Sure but you'll never convince riot of that, with lootboxes being slowly phased out of games due to incorrectly being labelled as gambling (Yes i'm willing to admit lootboxes are a problem but the gambling label wasn't the solution, thats like using a nuke to kill a fly) these companies need a new source of income We already have a battle pass so they can't very well add another obvious pass so they went with this crap instead, welcome to modern game sadly :/
well, people tried to warn companies like EA to back down and not use microtransactions that much but they didn't listen, now the government is getting involved which results in the aforementioned nuke to kill a fly
Terra (EUNE)
: To Pay for achievements? Thats a new level of EA {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
850 RP per champion to be exact
i mean...the whole mode is stupid on its own so it shouldn't surprose you that an addition to that mode turned out to be stupid. Seriously, what's even the point of that thing? even if you win, you get NOTHING. no exp, no BE, nothhing. if it wasn't for the 4 free emotes nobody would even touch that cash grab, the only reason they made TFT is to justify the release of little legends {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Also, yes, hextech are a stupid addition because even ifyou disable the items, a lucky player who has 3 level 3 champions will still win against your hextech
: [Eternal Achievement Function] Feedback
nobody should ever try to justify or accomodate for Eternals. they are a terrible idea and should never be implemented in the game
: Forced to Name Change
i've seen names WAAAAY more offensive than yours
: I think there comes a time where a game stops being "free to play" and this is a perfect example. Now I must admit, I am a fan of buying skins for my favourite champions (yes, I did end up buying the entire WW chroma set, skin, border and icon, and the pass for this Project Event), but the lack of care and passion shows now. Popular champions are getting skins constantly ({{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:202}} to name a few), where as the neglected champions like Vel'Koz or Skarner lack skins because Riot knows they won't appeal to the BIGGER fanbase, i.e. the large amount of fans who have cash to throw away. And there are times like this, where new in-game content, which EVERY PLAYER should have access to, is behind a paywall. Everyone wants to see how they do in-game, especially if they're serious about improving. Everyone wants to see their champion with a shiny new skin, or even a special recoloured one! But Riot is making this harder and harder to enjoy as a free game. Yes, you do not have to pay a SINGLE penny, cent, or dime, to play this game. But if you want to have a chance of having a nice thing, you either have to pay or work your ass off. Need I remind you that in order to get a Chest from a game, you have to get an S on a champion that you own, and they do NOT reset until the season is over. Don't own the champion? Sucks to be you. Cant play that champion too well? Aww gee, sorry to hear that. Looks like you won't be getting your free lootbox. How about you buy one instead? :) But adding shit like this, just to show how much you play a champion, or how well you do at a specific champion, is garbage. There are already tons of websites and addons for this game which you can get absolutely free to track how well you do, where you need to improve, who you're up against in-game, what their stats are like, and so on and so forth. These things which the community of League has collectively made for FREE, really shows how low Riot are becoming. I've seen players be harassed in-game or on Discord servers for not being able to buy anything in League with their own money. It's sad, it's depressing. This game is supposed to be enjoyable. But now we're getting basically the bare minimum and Riot are expecting the absolute highest they can get from us without making themselves look like a bunch of clowns, nay, the entire circus. I love Gnar and Warwick to bits. I have a blast playing them, playing against them, and playing with them. But I damn well refuse to pay for a little bar that hovers over my Champion in-game, for £10. Have you noticed that they've started making things a lot more expensive than they used to be? It happened around the same time they started making emotes cheaper. They do it so you end up paying more money for them. If I remember correctly, the most you had to pay for the newly introduced event passes was just £10. But then they got raised in RP, so you ended up having to pay £15 for them instead, and if you were lucky you could POSSIBLY get a nice emote or icon, or a lootbox with the rest of the RP you had left. They're pumping out new content too quickly, instead of taking time to revise how well the community is going to accept it. They don't ask for the communities inputs as much as they used to, take for example the community skin choices (Tristana was the most recent), or the ability to partake in choosing which champion got the next rework. Champions are coming out too quickly, with barely any interesting lore. Some lore is still %%%%y in the current universe. Some champions still refer to the user as "Summoner" (MF, Cho'Gath, etc). This game is stuck between old, outdated, buggy, and modern, expensive, and rushed. Hell, we don't even get proper cinematic animations anymore unless it's for Worlds, or it's the start of the new season. Where are our fully animated champion teasers, where are our lore cinematics? Where are the login screens?! The entire art team has been pushed into making so many new skins for as many popular champions that they can, that we don't even get the coolest animations anymore. It's depressing. Riot is only about money now. And soon, they'll probably start charging you to play in special events with passes, which only passholders can join. This is the depressing reality. Nothing will stay free forever. Riot as a company will continue to be scummy, mislead players, and in general make the game unenjoyable without paid content. Needless to say, I won't ever be spending another penny on Riot until they make things right.
if you think about it, Riot doesn't even care about toxicity since changing their grade system would lower toxicity levels by making players less frustrated. i mean, seriosuly, look at this game https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/4155997243/228799590?tab=overview How is that an S MINUS when i outperformed EVERYONE in the match? the whole "you are compared to other people" crap is just an excuse to hide the fct the whole system is RANDOM. If you get above some set score you have a chance to get S and a HIGH chance of getting another lower rank. All of this to make people pay for every. single. thing. I'm telling you, if this keeps going down this road i'm giving this game 2 years before it closes for good
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: but i dont waste money on this game
again, you pay, one way or the other. either you buy boxes or you buy the pass. Prestige points were a stupid idea anyway
: how do i even get prestige points
you pay. that's it. the only way to get prestige points is to get boxes or orbs
: We won’t cross the line without knowing... the line is very obvious. So long as payments stay optional and purely cosmetic they haven’t crossed the line, as soon as payments become forced or affect the game itself then that’s the line... and it’s really obvious when a game crosses that line just go play any mobile game and you will notice within the first 30 mins... at that point league dies. Gamers have fought back against this kinds of things before, remember battlefront 2... we managed to beat EA in these kinds of things... once a game crosses the line it’s doomed and developers are aware of this... and riot have never even gone near the line. This isn’t riot testing what they can get away with, seeing how stupid we are, it’s seeing what works and what doesn’t in a free to play game.... And think about it, Riot tend to upgrade their stuff a lot, getting new tech and improving systems... them getting more money tends to result in more content for league as well as future games from riot... it’s not like it’s wasted money. > and after the prestige skins i'm pretty sure they know how stupid players are. Mate this isn’t new information... it’s a really well known fact how much people are willing to pay for rare stuff. Do you remember the skin black market, where the limited skins where being sold by other people through codes... some of those skins went for millions of dollars (not joking black alistar was being sold for 1.5 million and people where buying it)... prestige skins are nothing compared to the shit people are willing to do for rarity.
if you are sure about that, so be it. but mark my words, this is going to get worse real fast
: But the line isn’t here. The line is when riot start making the game pay to win that’s the line. This is just cosmetics that you can outright pretend doesn’t exist if you want to. Again companies are there to make money, doesn’t matter if the game is free to play, subscription based, or pay to play they all exist solely for money. Any of them selling cosmetics for extra money is fine, it’s optional and in turn gives the company more resources to play with in creating other content. The line is when companies try to make extra money at our expense, when their attempts to make money degrade or harm gameplay. Riot hasn’t ever gone near that line, and frankly neither has any of the other major mobas... that’s the line and that will come at us stopping playing entirely. Until then riot adding in harmless cosmetics that you can ignore for more money is completely fine.
The line isn't here, true, but if we keep eating up everything they give us and let them do whatever they want, we will cross that line 3 times before we notice. Look at how they are behaving, they aren't crossing the line because they are TESTING us. they want to see how stupid we are, how much are we going to buy "because it's a free game" and after the prestige skins i'm pretty sure they know how stupid players are. If we don't tell them "it's enough, fix the game if you want more money" we will end up like apex legends (linking angry joe because it's the first one i found, there are other people covering this, just look it up) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9q5lTHBe5k
: CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STOP NAGGING ABOUT THIS THING FOR FEK SAKES 1) you are not forced to buy it 2) people would want it so let them spend the money that they worked hard for on something they want 3) LoL is still free to play, let them be greedy to make money to run the company, only people that want the greedy service would buy it, it doesn't affect you at all 4) you complain about the prestigious skins, does it concern you? NO. so if people want a fancy add on to their skins, let them get it for fek sakes, its their money 5) emotes to mock other players, (mostly enemies) that is why riot implemented a setting to disable emotes, let people buy their cute emotes if they wish to, riot gives free ones as well yes just because "you dont want it doesnt mean everyone doesnt want it." end of the day Riot isnt running a charity, its a god damn company, a company needs to make a profit and skins, emotes, this shitty eternal thing, its their money making schemes that they need to run so stop complaining because without all of these "greedy" decisions you wont have a feking game to play edit: LoL is not pay to win like other games, people who dump money only get cosmetics not advantages so please people be god damn grateful, they also gave us free loot, i dont buy skins yet i got a shit ton just by playing a game, skins i would never have ever own, my last account had good expensive skins that i got for free, sadly i was toxic back in the day and that is long gone but still im grateful for the free shit that they give, they bleed money because of the loot system so stop complaining when they want to make a little more, no one is obligated to buy this
and how long will it be until it becomes a pay to win? If players keep accepting and defendin everything Riot does because "it's a free game", we will end up like apex legends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9q5lTHBe5k
: It’s stupid though, Riot is a company, they exist to make money, league exists to make money... its like everyone keeps forgetting this. Riot aren’t here for fun they are here to make money like every company, that involves them releasing new stuff and selling it to us. And frankly this isn’t crap, this is something that has been going on in other mobas for a while now. What would be crap is riot making the game pay to win, or pay to play... there’s plenty of ways to get money out of us and yet everything is still optional... at that point who cares what riot releases. Don’t like it don’t buy it, if you do like it then buy it... it’s not like if we didn’t buy the other stuff Riot would have released this for free the whole point is making money, this was something they where gonna do eventually.
you don't seem to understand, yet, you were the one that made the same connection i'm talking about in his own comment. you said "dota and csgo did it first, now riot is doing it" so tell me, how long will it be before OTHER companies do that as well? maybe in 60$ games or in subscription games? We, as players, need to wake up and make companies understand that yes, they need to make money, but they can't just shove out something and expect everyone to buy it. we NEED to draw a line somewhere and make them realize they can't keep pushing it.
: It’s not our fault... these aren’t anything to do with the mastery system, these are stat trackers, and the trend of paying for them originated from DotA and CSGO both of which are from valve. So if you really wanna blame someone blame valve. And the same thing applies, don’t like it don’t buy it... league is a game that doesn’t penalise you for going free to play, that these days is very rare... don’t complain because a company built to make money is trying to make money off a game they made to make money off
it's our fault because we kept buying everyithing, no matter how stupid it was, they kept pushing the limit with each new "improvement". first, low cost recolors, then low cost emotes, then HIGH cost recolors and, depending on how much this crap will cost, high cost emotes check the like/dislike ratio of the video they used in the FAQ, watch those and tell me people aren't fed up with riot's crap.
: That same reason why people buy apple products.
: Why would anyone want one of those horrible chroma?
and yet people spend 140 euros (or whatever dollars) to get them because yes
: The entire point of the prestige skins is to make a difference between those who pay and those who don't. The players of this game choose this (kind of). If there are players who want to pay to get this stuff then I don't have a problem with this. They are the source who pay the employees to fix the server.
so, just because there are stupid players that want to show everyone how stupid they are, it's all ok? we need to put a stop to this, if people keep buying this stuff it will pop up in other games, the paid ones!
: Except you can get all those items for "free".
not prestige skins (not like i'd want them)
: You complain because you want this thing for free, but they will never do this because they have players who already pay. From what I see they always give the chance for free players (poor or just don't invest money in games) to get at least 1 thing of each type: skins, chromas, icons, borders, wards, emotes, chests, keys. I think they will make some missions and let you choose one of those Eternals.
want what for free? prestige mastery? not a chance. it's a stupid idea, like prestige skins and limited chromas.
ZawardoJJ (EUW)
: Any game mode where i can try new champions without getting flamed and detroyed?
: Are these just emotes?
yup, basically a prestige mastery
Rioter Comments
: Star Guardian Urgot
i mean, they made pretty kitty rengar and meowrick...
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you mean to tell me all those games on steam that are paid and have achievements on them are what exactly? and those steam achievement hunters? and having to pay for the games to unlock those achievements? damn totally unheard of and never practiced wow riot must be so greedy
yes, you pay for a game that's 100% unlocked and you own forever. How exactly does this relate to League?
: akali walks into a bar
WHO DOWNVOTED THIS? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: RIP. not even your wife honors you.
i don't know, are you sure it's not because this other stuff? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQd9fInsyTk
: > the occasional shoppers are of no interest to riot as they are not a reliable source of income Ehm.... I strongly doubt that. Microtransactions (i.e. occasional spending of 3-5 euros ) are a big thing. Much bigger than you may think. Heavy payers are good. But the sheer amount of people who spend a few euros now and then is what many and many games rely upon.
i didn't say it was bad, i said i wasn't reliable. an occasional shopper may spend 3-5 euros now, then wait a month or two and then spend 3-5 more euros. Heavy payers or regular payers, spend constantly so they are a more reliable source of income
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yup, because im not getting toxic over a grade in a game i cant have any idea how the world works... so i leave it to the more experienced ones and i just sit back and enjoy my free lootboxes
so, just because something doesn't apply to you, then the whole human race has to be the same? You may be untiltable but let me tell you something: people are different. some poeple get angry for whatever reason and stay angry for a while, if they stay angry for a while they are toxic even in games where they are not trying to win free boxes. By deliberately keeping a system that makes most people pissed and frustrated, Rio is essentially making the game more toxic
: > for all that, Riot would lose: > 500 RP a month per player. Does every player pay 500 RP per month?
that's the value of 4 regular chests, most "heavy shoppers" (and those that actually are keeping this thing afloat) spend 100+ Euros (or whatever) a month. the occasional shoppers are of no interest to riot as they are not a reliable source of income
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