Kiisamii (EUW)
: Possible end of season rewards
the best thing i could see them doing is going the "championship riven way", making those skins slightly different/inferior to the ones you got by essentially working your ass off to get to gold+ to win them. anything else would be disrespectful to the asses who got worked off to get those skins. there COULD be an alternative to this but it would require you having all the skins in the game (except the unobtainable ones), then make a formal request to Riot and prove them you actually ended up in gold+ in the last X seasons. then they would give you the victorious skins you don't own, but again, not a very good idea
: Oh I'm aware of what it was like, one of the reasons I've started to think like this, I love the game don't get me wrong, but its more poorly managed than PUBG on this region it seems.
Shamose (EUW)
: The only way to truly fix league is to rebuild it from the ground up.
he is not wrong. the fact that some people have these problems and some don't (like the time i was disconnected from the game but my brother was fine while sharing the same connection) means there is a problem deep down the code. the fact that they keep adding stuff like skins (and yes, i know it's not the same team) only makes things worse because it just shovels dirt on top of the problem, making it harder to see. I've noticed that most of the problems came out after zoe was released, a little later on, clash was tested, the only reasonable thing they could do is to shut off everything for say, a week, freezing all missions and boosts in place, check every corner of the servers, find the issue and fix it. after that they can resume adding whatever they feel like to this game
: My acc whas banned for no reason
in any case you should send a ticket to the support team
: Is this worth a 14-day suspension? USED those words so...
: IRCC people have cried for a long time to make skins purchasable in champ select so that's why they are there. But i do agree, why not sort them after owned so you have them all in a row.
Rioter Comments
Smerk (EUW)
: there is, in the client
it doesn't say what the missions are
: snowdown event details
you are not wrong, there is no info about this event
: > [{quoted}](name=Vytautis,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=K1VF36qE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-07T15:04:31.981+0000) > > Because men are %%%%inn idiots. source?
> [{quoted}](name=Ciri Eomund,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=K1VF36qE,comment-id=00000002,timestamp=2018-12-07T16:04:52.247+0000) > > source? tumblr, i believe
: [EUW] 06-Dec-18 - Emergency Platform Restart
well as long as we don't lose anything, go for it. i think it's high time you scrub the servers clean
: tried to play Nexus Blitz 2x and people had to dodge due to it freezing; Tried blind pick; Also froze.. jesus riot sort your crap out {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
i'm currently stuck in a draft -_-
: Stop trying to make Nexus Blitz happen
ament to that, they can't handle the regular modes let alone trying to put in bullshit modes
: What type of new racism is this?
did scientists discover a new species made entirely of bronze? Are you a bronze dragon shapeshifting into human form? because if that's not the case, i don't think that's racism
Shamose (EUW)
: All-Star Times are %%%%ing awful.
you mean those aren't just things to fill up space in the client but actually things you can watch? XD
wolf jade (EUNE)
: supposed to be there WHEN YOU CAN BUY HER
dude, they need to set up things in advance, chill.
gazzo97 (EUW)
: why play this game?
i try to only play this game with my brother, alone it's just not fun.
: Hey dude Taric is not gay he is just FABULOUS !{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
taric is my league spirit animal
Semaka (EUW)
yeah that sums it up
Marces T (EUW)
: WTF?
ok so...i have to change my comment a bit here. i usually don't care about champion interactions and as always, i skipped neeko's when skin spotlight released them. I decided to take a look at them and i can finally say that...well she is annoying. she isn't a champion, she is a gay character. that's it. every interaction with a female champion boils down to "you are cute, can we FK?" and every interaction with a male champion is "you are disgusting". it's the most stereotypical representation of a gay character i've ever seen. And thats beside the fact that she, being a shapeshifter, would have been perfect as a bisexual since she can be everything she wants. I now fully understand why people dislike her and am actually reconsidering buying her(because there is no way in hell i'm willingly subjecting myself to 20+ minutes ofthat ear-ra*e and i'm far too lazy to disable champion voices every time i use her and re-enable them afterwards). the only thing that i still think is that Riot did a poor job handling her homosexuality
: So like Warwick at the moment... he can do that it’s just using his E in combo (landing an ult while your E is primed will automatically activate the fear)... so he still got that in, and wouldn’t have been that bad.
only that he would only need his ult, so basically having 2 fears in his kit and being able to do what he does with 2 abilities (and losing his DR) with only one ability
: > Riot announced this like it was something important Not really. They released her voicelines, people were like: "is she gay?" and then riot (or rather her designer) says "yes she is". Only after people started asking they "confirmed" it.
still, not a good way to do it. they should have hold on to that info and do a surprise reveal ;) also, "is [character] gay?" is like the first question asked on the internet {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Marces T (EUW)
: WTF?
Riot:"neeko is a lesbian" Me:"ok, cool, why should i care again?" i mean, seriously, we all know that even if they didn't say that she would have ended up in..."peculiar fanarts for all tastes". {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} But in all seriousness tho, i can see the reason behind the backlash. Riot announced this like it was something important when in reality, it's not. well, it WOULD be if it was done correctly. right now we have nothing to go with besides the tweet and the short video about neeko, so the announcement of her sexuality felt like virtue signaling and "SJW pandering". However, if they had waited a bit, maybe released a comic, or a cinematic with her showing that she had a wife or a girlfriend IN THAT would have been a good thing. Right now she is as gay as taric, ezreal, varus (2/3 gay), Vi, Caitlyn and Jinx (we all know what happens when they cuff her :P ) meaning that knowledge is utterly POINTLESS since it's basically fanon knowledge which, if we took it all as canon, would mean that Lux and Garen are "doing the lannister" if you catch my drift. Neeko being gay is not going to change how players use her other than premade making dirty jokes in voice chat when she is ganking ahri or something, end of the story. Look at Overwatch, they didn't "announce" tracer as lesbian, they showed her having a girlfriend in a comic, THAT'S how you do it.
VexLuna (EUW)
: So urgot then lol 😜
pretty much. still, CertainlyT can make interesting characters but those characters aren't suited for a moba. they are more like RPG main characters, SINGLE PLAYER RPG main characters. their kits are hard to balance, like professor akali said, if you take something away you need to buff something else and that would make her even more of a permaban. he does stuff like that because it looks cool, and it does. problem is, you need to account for the counterplay when you make a new champion, true invisibility is NOT a good mechanic in a moba like league
: Considering he did Warwick and Taric I think he has got potential... plus a lot of what he does isn’t really his fault (yasuo was litterally started cause they asked pros about what would become Braum E and one of them suggested it on a carry), plus akali needed her shroud and was getting built around it this time... yeah they have a habit of going off the rails but he’s getting given champions to rework where what people like tend to be the parts that can frustrate people
rumor has it that he got angry because Riot didn't let him put everything he wanted in warwick, i heard his ult would have feared everyone near the target
VexLuna (EUW)
: Potential Solution to Akali
akali is a boring champion exactly like yasuo. once you have two items you are untouchable and i honestly feel bad for playing her as i can imagine how the enemy will feel. i understand that she is a high skill champion but near invulnerability is downright ridiculus. Akali will forever be a blatant example of why you shouldn't let CertainlyT work on anything in this game
: : You've never gone 12/0/13 with poppy. So that's a straight lie. Even if it wasn't, there are so many things that go into grade score, such as score, cs, vision, jungle proximity, gold income, gold given through bounties/deaths. There's more that we know, and there are things we don't know too. Riot has never released information about the grading system in terms of how it works. Plus, why would you care about your grade? Your grade only matters for mastery level 6 and 7. I've been playing Ingenius hunter lee sin for 100k+ mastery points (I have 220k total) and have got so many S's.
yeah sorry it was the 10/0/12 one, my bad
: But you don't need to change your trinket. 10 vision score isn't gonna change anything. But getting 4 more kills might. Vision score is a soft impact in terms of your grade, which doesn't even matter anyway. You are not forced into one specific rune. You can get the speed one, or the heal one. You still can use them. But ingenius is better.
yeah, no, i did 12/0/13 with poppy jungle but was denied an S- because of my vision score
: The way to work around this is be more conservative of your wards. Take Ingenius hunter (reduces trinket cd) and just reserve your trinket. You're coming in behind bot lane and have a perfect angle to ward hop triple kick? Use a ward. You're ganking mid lane and the enemy laner just used flash? Don't use a ward. Take the free win and move on (Unless you are doublestacked on trinket ^^). It's really as simple as that.
but you need to swap the trinket if you want to get a good grade, also this limits your runes options because you are forced to get one specific rune. and all because Riot made a stupid change just for the sake of it
Milmut (EUW)
: What happened to lee sin?
i filed it under the "Riot's stupid decisions" folder. they removed the warding smite because pro's abused it, then they removed the ruby sightstone because nobody used them. honestly i never ward hopped in combat but occasionally i used it to escape. unfortunately, if you want to get S in the jungle you HAVE to swap the trinket to either the sweeping lens or the farsight to increase your score, meaning you can't ward hop unless you take away a slot in your build and buy control wards...which you can only carry 2 of now.
: Who the %%%% is Robin?
a guy on the forums
Darwinion (EUW)
: Great propoganda video on the most reliable of information platforms.. The current deal have always had UK as part of the single marked which includes no customs and no tax tarrifs on goods or services, but the UK can set restrictions on labor import and immigration which was the main problem prior to brexit.., but UK will also have their sovereign power to negotiate trade deals with nations outside the EU now, without the EU having any say in it.
yes, the current one is good but, from what i'm understanding, May wants to change it.
Darwinion (EUW)
: Unless you are privy to something everyone else isn't, you should stop pulling facts from the area the sun never shines in.., and read the current proposal on the desk.
Rioter Comments
: They try passing laws like these and wonder why Brexit happened lol
in reality, i don't think brexit WILL happen. Theresa May is changing the agreement so that if Britain goes through with Brexit its people will still be under the EU but will have NO DECISIONAL POWER in it (will be considered part of the union except for voting matters in it). this way she is hoping they won't go throuh with it.
Sebberman (EUW)
: I get the lollipop effect but that doesn’t justify what the hook represents visually. You can clearly see on the image it shouldn’t have hit. There are no excuses for that so why do people defend this major flaw by calling it a lollipop effect just because it was stated by a dev? Why not try to fix this or make it better visually?
same reason why they don't fix the minion block i presume
: Especially that some champ doesn't need much kills and farm to do a lot in late while champs with lots of money and items are being f****ed by them. How is it even balanced?
exactly, stormrazor costing only 2800 is an insult, it's too easy to build on 90%of champions and has good bonuses for everyone. IF stormrazor really has to stay as an item, then they need to make it cost 3400 gold
Sebberman (EUW)
: Thresh Q still inaccurate. (Patch v8.23 - but has been going on for a long time)
lollipop effect. all hooks have a larger hitbox at their edge to avoid missing champions by one pixel
: Can we talk a bit about Master Yi?
there is no real problem with yi, the problem is that Riot made true damage (which used to be a BIG FKING DEAL given that it was restricted to ultimate abilities or just sprinkled in small doses) into goddamnedtap water. you just need an item and here you go, true damage. what's that? you don't want to spend money? no problem, here is a rune that gives you true damage. Yi is OP only because he benefits from conqueror a lot more than other championsas his build already has a ton of ad and attack speed. this problem will never be solved until Riot reverts infinity edge and removes conqueror and stormrazor
: Okay, so first of all, this is actually a really great piece and actually makes for a really cute image (Graves looksa bit too smooth though given how gruff he usually is, he feels a lot younger in this.) the artstyle, posing and faces are really good though. then secondly, how and why.
dunno...maybe mustache=gay? and graves is almost like a cowboy so...i think i'll file it under "stereotype" and call it a day XD
Hannimalu (EUW)
: Graves x braum fan art
excuse me, this is a CHRISTIAN forum, only yuri is allowed here . . . . . . but seriously, that's cute, good job
Shamose (EUW)
: Most people here speak broken english though.
the thing in the chat is supposed to be english?? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
Mopoii (EUW)
: Why is EUW "English" in American English and not British ?
because american english is shorter? honor instead of honour and so on, you know?
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: A homosexual man is still able to produce offspring. Likewise, a homosexual woman is still able to bear a child. They simply choose not to do so whilst in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Physically they are able to reproduce and provide renewal of the species. And...they do! Many gay men raise children (adopted or from surrogate mothers). Many gay women have families by artificial insemination. Even if the whole world became homosexual (wouldn't happen, but hypothetically), there is still no reason that the species would die out. So, currently we don't see it as normal because we are used to the idea of male/female dyads in producing offspring. But that is changing.
what i'm talkingabout is that, without external medical help, an homosexual won't be able to procreate because, and forgive me for saying this so rudely, a gay man won't get hard for a woman meaning he won't be able to ejaculate. true, women could still procreate but that wouldn't be consensual so i'm not counting that (don't want to use the R word) but for men... of course with modern medicine everything is possible, but if we talk about basic instincts here (which is what i was doing) then no, homosexual men can never procreate and women can only do that if forced. i hope i'm not coming around as an a-hole, it's not my intent to offend, just to explain my point
: Careful, that is not entirely correct. You are mixing up gender and biological sex. There are indeed biological and factual sexes, they just do not necessarily define gender. But let's please not got there. This is a highly complex topic that tends to go very wrong very quickly. Let's stick to the original topic, which is already difficult enough and does really not need a gender discussion to make it even more complicated.
rule of thumb: number of genders= 2 number of sexual preferences= math error {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Wa5abi65 (EUW)
: Not 'illnesses' but variations.
actually it depends on how you look at it. by a natural standpoint being homosexual is not normal because you won't contribute to the renewal of your species, on the other hand, calling homosexuality an "illness" is quite stupid as you can't "catch the gay flu". you are born with it, you just like things that are different from the rest. is it useful for producing an offspring? no. is it bad? no.
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: It's basically encouraging people to be gay, that's the thing I don't like. I'm not against homosexual people but I don't like the ideea of people being ecouraged to be gay either.
wait, how can you "encourage" someone to be gay? sexual orientation comes from birth O_o
chefff v2 (EUW)
: Its either this guy is homophobic and stupid, or he has managed to bait you all for attention
i'd say all of the above XD
DoubleV29 (EUNE)
: Why is Neeko Homosexual?
oh shut it, even if they didn't come out and say she was a lesbian (which, i admit, adds nothing to her character) the internet would have done it for them. already there is "fanart" of her, give them a few months and you would see her having sex with every champion in the game sometimes with her having "non canonical appendages" so to speak. they didn't say a thing about {{champion:44}} or {{champion:81}} but it has become a common joke that they are homosexuals too along with {{champion:254}} You mean to tell me you are not going to play any of those? what about {{champion:110}}? you are going to ignore him because he is 2/3 homosexual? the bottomline is: if you won't play a champion because he/she is gay, then the problem is yours, not Riot's. I personally don't care about her orientation, i find it stupid that they had to point it out but i have other problems in life than worrying about what a furry loli likes to sleep with and you should as well
: neeko's offencive name
the door is that way -> have a nice day
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