: Yep, that's your fault , not ours nor Riot's fault. I hope you learned your lesson. (downvoting everyone who don't agree with you is wrong , rly wrong)
> [{quoted}](name=Alp961,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1Ec1UrHw,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-03-25T23:32:39.163+0000) > > Yep, that's your fault , not ours nor Riot's fault. I hope you learned your lesson. (downvoting everyone who don't agree with you is wrong , rly wrong) Downvoted.
: that's bullshit. out of the countless guys who are playing this game, virtually nobody uses their real names although they probably wouldn't be bullied most of the time. and there are certainly people who would like to put on a kippah and run through the gaza strip. except...no. there aren't. nobody is that stupid...i hope. despite the fact that they have a right to wear kippas any day they want and walk whereever they want. btw my lol password is hilarious and i would love to use it as my username.
I'm sorry but your logic actually is the same logic as - Girl is wearing a short skirt/dressed sexy, meaning when a guy assaults her it's her fault because she was asking for it by being dressed that way.. No, this is not how this works. This might make your logic clear in 1 pic: http://www.niagarafallsreporter.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/image1.jpeg
: Getting pretty tired of the sexism threads lately. What's with the "guys so abusive"? It works both ways. I've seen women take the piss out of a guy because he isn't masculine. I've seen men take the piss out of girls because they aren't feminine. But, oh wait, I've seen men take the piss out of men and women out of women. http://worldartsme.com/images/news-flash-voting-clipart-1.jpg People in general can be ass holes. Doesn't matter what gender, sexuality, religion etc.
I've never seen anyone on League been made fun of for being 'feminine' or non-masculine. Because nobody even knows what they look like.
FrankerX (EUW)
: this is the internet man. get some thick skin or dont go online. ppl here abuse the fact that you dont know them all the time. all i have to do is talk german "omg nazi" then i have to say im from austria not germany "omg even more nazi, is adolf your dad?" then i say lol trolling im actually from french "shove your baguette up your ass" mute report and move on its the internet man.
Dude, that are things you KNOW aren't true. I AM a female and they REALLY judge me on my sex. You know you're not a Nazi.. Dude..
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: As I wrote in the other thread of the other chick that complains about getting flamed. EVERYONE gets flamed. You being a girl or not doesn't matter. HOWEVER, knowing that you are a female gives the flamers extra material to work with. The goal of flaming is to make the target feel like crap. Due to added extra material, its more easy to come with insults that you will be more personally attached to and hurt you, than random ones. Yes, you are welcome. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that you ain't a guy. No, its not sexism. Its flaming and blaming. Your "luck" is that you picked a name that suggests your gender, hence personal information, hence stuff that flamers can work with. Like, if you read my name for example, you won't know if I'm a guy or a woman. And as far as "you got no idea how it is". I'm a straight guy, but often in games I play female characters and use feminine names for them such as Satia, Semiramis, Cassandra, etc. Its so much easy to get a pretty female character, with nice dress and have an eye candy to stare at, than trying to make a guy that would resemble me irl... fuck, that's actually really hard (tried it once, then the game died... so i've quit doing that) I've had other guys hitting on me countless times. But, as far as they weren't blaming me for anything. It was never aggressive, just some of the awkward pick up lines i've ever read. edit: Again, you just give flamers extra stuff to make them easier to shape their insults in a more personal fashion than general one. Think like cooking. IF you only have potatoes, you can't do much with it. If you have potatoes and oil and salt. You can make french fries. its... not like that's all i know to cook ... that's definitely not the reason why I gave that as an example........
Sorry I disagree on your statement that it's "flaming". As this happens too to just be 'funny' with the regular jokes. That's not flaming that's sexist jokes and it's burnt into guys mostly that woman are like this. Nope, sorry I can't just take it as "flaming". It has a specific name: discrimination based on sex.
Perilum (EUW)
: Girls get everything from guys or nothing. Boys get nothing. Welcome to the internet. I'll be your guide. Sexims is in the human nature. People need to learn it first to control (hierarchic systems etc). So the player base is pretty young (teenager majority), and this is normal school behavior. And don't forget that people here from many different cultures play the game. Some where woman are equal, in others not. Mute & Report. That's what to do.
Sexism isn't "human nature" it's taught us from a young age.
: League of Legends is a test of ego more than a test of skill. People will resort to the stupidest things to try and justify why they're feeding, or why they lost a game. To those of us who live in reality, there is no reason for a girl to be worse than boys at League of Legends, but if you're support is feeding 0 5 by 2 minutes and is terrified people think he's bad, he'll try to look for ANY weakness in his team he can in order to cover it. I think the best thing to do would probably be to change your in game name. I know it's annoying to have to change your name, as it's your identity and all, but if you carry the shit out of your team and your name is XxSephiroth69xX (You don't have to make it this), but people will respect you as a player without even thinking about your gender!
The funny thing tho, when I carry (like play rengar jungle) I get flamed too. I've lost 'carry' games because people are mad I have a better score then they have and start being retarded. Saying stuff like "you never get kill without ult". etc. We lost that game :)
Loki331 (EUW)
: > I've been trying to climb in silver1 now for a while, last season I was plat3 but I just get toxic teams often and we lose. Funny: http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=missrampage Last Season Gold 5 and now atm at Gold1.
Miss Rampage is my smurf baby, look up AnneLouise ;)
: As if it has never been addressed...
Why, when I post about a problem that happened to me. My experience, I am looking for attention? Does everyone who post look for attention then or what am I doing wrong..?
: Well... Unfortunately Females tend to be harassed 3 times more than males in gaming.There have been several researches about this topic and the conclusion was that poorly performing men attempt to disregard a female's performance and suppress her disturbance on the hierarchy to retain their social rank. But thats just from the Ohio Uni. Also racism and homophobia are major issues aswell
Thank you, do you know where I can read this? I'd love to see the research paper.
Drarder (EUNE)
: come play with me :)
Haha I play EUW.
Squishie (EUW)
: Don't you have anything else to do rather than posting this sh1t? Everybody gets flamed ffs not because you are a "Girl". Oh my gawd sexism. Mute and and fuck1ng move on{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
It happens often and it isn't acceptable.
: The flamers will hurt you there they can, if you got a female nick then they will use it. If you dont you are a retarded noob or something. Flameing is so common in LoL that you got 2 alternatives. 1. stop play LoL 2. Dont care what annonyous persons on internet types in the chat. They forget what they have wrote 30 sec after the game, you should try to do it faster.
Or league actually tries to solve the problem that's there? :D
wolk2k15 (EUNE)
: Don't lie we all know that your name is not AnneLouise.
It really is tho.
: ***
My name is AnneLouise and it happend on my 'AnneLouise' account. I like being called my own name then some random name? Really not that hard to understand. Most people would love to use their own name as username.
: Then I suggest, for your own good, to get out of this game. RUN!! SAVE YOURSELF!! :) I mean, 30-40 minutes is not enough to get to know anyone. Yes you can make temporary friendships with some nice people, but then again, soloQ is madness. How about MMOs? Have you tried any? At least there you join guilds and alliances and what not. There is almost always someone online in the guild/alliance chat, and some of them even have TS/Raidcall for even more friendliness. People are a lot nicer on MMOs than MOBAS in general.
I've been online for 12 years now, I've played enough MMO's :3
: Don't get me wrong, but being offended by sexistic comments on the internet is just flat out "stupid". I mean, if I really did care that much about what will someone else say about how I play or try to offend me with "your mother" quotes, and death wishes (I get those a lot, mostly from Yi "mains"), I would probably end up hanging from the ceiling 3 years ago. Again, don't get me wrong, but seriously, stop being offended, just mute them and play. If someone hates you, hate them back, or even better, ignore them (as I do). I might be called an apathetic bastard, but at least it's much easier for me to browse the internet, or at the very least, healthier. **You play LoL because you care for the game, you do not play LoL because of the people who play it.**(unless you play it only with as 5 premades)
I play games for getting to know people, not for 'being the best'. Or playing to get better.
Mepodis (EUW)
: I think he means your in game name... You dont HAVE to have MISS in your name, you chose that yourself tbh.
It's not about this account... It's about my main. I got abused on my main and that name's AnneLouise ;)
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Do people also flame you when you are doing good just because of your name? Otherwise, it's not sexism, it's just flame. Just because they use gender specific pronouns doesn't show anything. People will grab whatever is easy to come up with to make you feel bad.
They usually flame when you're doing better then they are..
: i have a sexually neutral ingame name. if it bothered you SO MUCH, you would have changed yours long ago. WHY do you need to provide personal information about yourself in your name? hardly anyone does it. and they don't have problems. 1. sexism will never disappear 2. punishment of sexists will never prevent other sexists to appear and hate on you all over again obviously, your problem can impossibly be solved because it needs a fundamental change of society. now how hard is to friggin stop torturing yourself for the sake of a stupid name and call yourself something else instead??
I've had this in-game name for the last 5 years. My name is AnneLouise so I will call myself AnneLouise. Everyone knows me by this name for the last 5 years.. Also that won't solve the overall problem would it now?
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
You missed the point. I'm not here to be politically correct. I KNOW all men aren't assholes. I always get this when talking about sexism.
: if i was a girl id pick an asexual name and dont advertise im a girl.
My name is AnneLouise so my in-game name is also AnneLouise .. I'm sorry but me having to change my name so I don't get abused is not a solution to the problem.
Eeten (EUW)
: Mute them.
They do it when game ends. First they just abuse in-game (usually not realizing I'm a girl yet). But I need to communicate with them. Then after game they start throwing sexist slurs around.
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