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: We've been reaching out to them and to see if we can work together to resolve the issue, but they have yet to respond to our contact thus far, although Eambo has found that they are also stating we are at cause for the issue, oh well. Our network team has been looking into it and because we are peered with them in Amsterdam (which means we should receive traffic from them pretty early on), we believe they might be overloading the port being used for our traffic. This could be temporary and they may already be working on it - I'll update this thread if we get additional info with our attempts to reach out to them. PS: How is the situation today?
Since most of the problems seem to take place in the evening, i'm pretty sure you aren't gonna find a problem at this time of day. Yesterday was the same, i have a lot of dutchies with ziggo on my friend list and everyone started telling me around 10 pm they had problems. Edit: Just played aram and i had no problems. I will check in on this topic again in the evening.
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: Has anyone called Ziggo yet?
Some people have and ziggo tells us the issue is with riot and riot says the issue is with ziggo Kastje naar de muur dus.
: yep, ik zit ook bij ziggo... lekker dan {{champion:32}}
I have made a topic on the ziggo forums about this problem, and since lot of people are replying, i recommend you to do this as well :) https://community.ziggo.nl/bekabeld-internet-37/league-legends-disconnect-alleen-ziggo-gebruikers-9029
: Write to ziggo here guys https://community.ziggo.nl/bekabeld-internet-37/league-legends-disconnect-alleen-ziggo-gebruikers-9029. However i dont get how i can do everything else but not play lol...
Didn't expect to get this many comments on my post over there :) Good job everyone for posting. Hope they will do something about it soon :)
Dromaius (EUW)
: Unfortunately not - this issue is not related to the DNS (think DNS is like a phonebook where website = a number). It's probably something to do with their cables that transmit data, either they're being too loaded with data and it creates congestion OR they're having issues with their nodes (routers, etc). We can only do so much on our end, and we will try to reach out to them to see if they have issues, but nothing's guaranteed (even receiving an answer). If we get anything I'll come back here to report (or another Rioter), but no promises.
Everyone i asked about this, has an original Ziggo-account. UPC and ZIGGO fused last year (i think) and no-one i asked is from the old UPC-area.
: If you have Ziggo, please dont play LoL right now (especially ranked)
If you have ziggo, i have made a topic at the ziggo forums. Please post in there, so ziggo can also research this. https://community.ziggo.nl/bekabeld-internet-37/league-legends-disconnect-alleen-ziggo-gebruikers-9029
: That's true for me. Not sure about the others though.
I also have this problem with Ziggo, but i was blaming the new router i got from them, since it started yesterday right after my router has been changed. "Happy" to see i'm not the only one

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