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: I dont believe you can get 100+ games being stuck and still have 60% winrate.I never saw that. Its possible to have 60% winrate after 30 40 maybe 50 games...But the more you play and you dont climb your winrate will drop really fast. 60% IS A VERY GOOD WINRATE.And thats it.He prove it..then let him be rewarded for it.
It was an overstatement. But everyone can get a winrate when playing against people who are worse than his actual rank. I mean, not to brag, I have an 80% winrate as gold 1 but I get +35 per game, just because my mmr is somewhere in plat. So while having a really good winrate, I also play against people who should be better than my actual rank and therefor I get more LP. But if I had 80% winrate but would be playing against iron player while being bronze myself, I would get +15 just because I am playing against people who are worse than me. Especially when you do not have a lot of games your mmr still needs to get matched with your actual rank. Eventually one will hit their true rank and start losing games and then the mmr will get lowered to that rank. If you are higher than everyone in your match your mmr will start to catch up once you lose a couple of games. This just happens to put people quicker in their respective ranks. If someone who has the skills of plat and gets +20 per win in iron he has a long way to go. But vice versa, if one is just stomping on iron players when being in bronze, then it would be weird if he got +35 each game bhecause then he would be silver in no time while he might not even have silver skills (Eventho skills are almost the same in those ranks)
: he said he play with them 1 time
Meanwhile he has played 5 games with morgan ph so that's not 1 time.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Thats pretty dumb.I mean when someone have a higher winrate then 51%...shouldnt have trouble climbing. I saw 45% winrate players that get more lp per win and lose way less.
45% winrate means that you were higher rank but you declined, but your mmr is still around that old elo so if you win again you will get a higher LP score If you have a 60% winrate after being stuck in bronze for a few 100 games your mmr is still around bronze eventho you might have climbed to silver in the meantime. Your mmr always takes a while to catch up when you win or lose a lot
: explains enough??? and what exactly ?
That means your hidden MMR (which is used to match you with people) is under your actual rank. Which means you're playing against people who are worse than you. It would be dumb if the system allowed you to get great scores against people who you should be able to beat easily. As someone else already said, since you play with lower ranked friends the matchmaking will queue you up with worse players and you are winning more but getting less points for doing so.
: 15lp per win 66% winrate
Just look at the average rank in your ranked games, it's bronze while you're in silver. Explains enough


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