: League Veteran looking for a support to re-learn the game
If you´d like I could join you in your adventure. Mainly playing adc but I´d like to switch it up to support and climb. I´ll just add you and we´ll see from there.
: Anyone up for a few games?
Can't seem to find you, did you change your name ? Add me if you'd still like, ign: Mister Grey
: Hello
Added you, hit me up if you're up for some games. Also have ts3 :)
: Looking for friends to play with
Would love to play with you, pretty chill guy. Will add you :)
: Looking for love aka someone to play with
Will add you, don't have much free time this weekend but next week I'll have plenty of lovin' for ya. I'm currently Gold 4 and maybe we'll have some fun =)
: looking for group for normals fun
Once I get back online, I'll be sure to add you. Lots of my friends also moved over to cs:go and other games, so I can relate. Hope to play with you soon enough =P
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: LFT just to have fun with.
I'd like to join you if you'd like. Add me: Jeroens Husbando (name change incoming though) I'm currently Gold 4 if that even matters, just so you know.

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