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: Your teams might be bad but, if I'm honest, you are too. Bronze V is an elo where everyone is a walking free kill the entire game. Winning your lane is all well and good but tbh, in that elo, it's very easy to 1v5. Yeah, your jungler might be feeding, your mid might be feeding, but at that elo it really doesn't matter at all. have you seen those videos where a bronze and challenger player 1v1, the challenger goes AFK for 15 minutes and still wins? That's because even though the bronze player has a lead, he doesn't know how to play the game and use the lead, much like yourself. A 5/0 bronze player is the same as an 0/5 bronze player to me. If you want, I'll review your games with you and show you what I mean.
I never said I believe I should be in gold or plat. I'd say I'm around bronze 1-Silver 1 seeing as those are the opponents we usually face and do good against, however saying that 1v5ing is easy in bronze, for another bronze like myself I would disagree. A 5/0 Fizz Mid vs a 0/5 Jhin adc, they aren't the same, the fizz will always have the upper hand and always win. I understand why a high elo player like yourself may think this, but this is honestly not how it happens in game. 1v5ing in any rank I imagine is hard, and playing against fed enemies the same.
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Thanks man. I guess I'll just delete the game.
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I'm asking for valid feedback.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Winning your lane isn't the only thing that's required to win the game. If you're winning the game, it means you'll have an advantage going into mid-game. If you're unable to use that advantage, you'll start losing and the enemy team can pick up again. You're matched up with people that do correspond to your current skill. If you really are better than the average player you face, you alone give your team enough of an advantage to ensure you'll win more than 50% of the time. Just keep focusing on the mistakes you do, and work to improve them.
We can't do that if the jungle can't play jungle. The mid can't play mid. The top can't play top. Unless we're lucky, me and my premade adc are usually the only ones who can be any benefit to the team. Plus, I estimate myself to still be a bronze player, but not at this level. Even when my adc is extremely fed, if my team has been completely destroyed and are tilted/afk/resorting to trolling by 20 minutes the game has decided itself. We can't carry practically a 2-3 man team VS 5 players, even if they aren't fed. The minority of the time, we will get so fed that my adc can just cream the enemy team single handedly and put pressure on every lane, but that isn't often. I have a lot of faults, but being paired with people that can't work as a team and communicate really annoys me.
: > My teams are bad. + > I went from Bronze V 0LP to Bronze 4 90LP Don't wanna sound mean or anything, but people are usually In low bronze due to the fact that they are bad, so meeting bad players in low bronze is like meeting fishermen at the fish market or priests in churches. Best of luck to you ! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I don't get that though, I got put in Bronze 1 at the start of the season and I've pretty much done great every game other than slip up games where I'm forced to play roles I don't do well in (Mid,Adc). And when I'm doing good, winning lane my team is getting crushed. I'll have an inting mid laner and a trolling jungle.
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: You and your CS score isn't the determining factor wither you're going to win the game or not - at 40 minutes everyone should be at full build then any lead you've had is negated Tower pressure, drake advantage and knowing when to go for Baron are all key factors which lead towards your victory. Ganking constantly to keep the pressure up - keep tracking of who doesn't have flash to know who to gank is critical on a JGer, abuse peoples lack of information
But when I have a zac support and a nunu adc, how am I suppose to even get anywhere?
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: Watch pro players play and you will get passively better, just be smart about it. Maybe pick a OTP streamer for a champ you love and just do what they do.
I've heard this a lot but all the plays they make are so fast, I can't tell what they're thinking. Like if they make a play I'm just like 'How the hell is that different to what I do?', I suppose it's a lot more mechanics.
Vonyalo (EUW)
: do you have 0,1 sec reaction time and 20 ping? Whelp, nothing you can do
20 ping but defo not the first one.
Proppa (EUW)
: So no Guinsoo / Runaans/ Wits / BOTRK / etc?
True, I didn't read a guide for varus, I main Jax, Jhin, Tahm Kench and Karthus.
: Solutions for those specific problems; Being piss poor at farming --> pick a champ who has a relatively easy time farming (like my main, {{champion:90}} , for instance) Mechanics --> Will come over time, for the time being, pick a few champs that are relatively easy to pick up Map awareness --> Just keep in mind that your mini-map shows everything within your team's vision, REAL useful stuff, train yourself yo glance at it frequently Map awareness --> ward hotspots, the map become exponentially more useful when you can see the jungler path through his jungle with your ward or if you can see roams coming from miles away Camera unlock --> it's definitely the way to go, but it's not mandatory. You can do great without cam unlock (except on red side botlane, that's the only place I (try to) play cam unlock due to the GUI being in your face). When you hover your cursor over the mini-map and click there, the center of the cam will go there and when you have your camera locked, it will also go to that designated spot, but it will instantly return you to your champ when you release the left mouse button (very useful for checking a lane when you roam or following a fight you're about to join). Fighting --> A big part of league is actively using your brain. Continuously check what abilities and sums enemies and friendlies have used in order to estimate the possible follow-up will be drom your team, how much chance the enemy has of fleeing/disengaging, how much damage output your team has versus what the enemy team has, how many people are around from your team, how many enemies are not around when a fight is about to break out, all that stuff. Check your mini-map (vision is key, pretty much) to see how many enemies are around. You probably ever thought you were in a 2v1 when in reality the entire enemy team was waiting in the bush and then a55blasted you and took baron, which cost your team the mid inhib. We've all been there, and therefore it's essential you keep look ing on the mapl for instance, if you see the enemy ADC bot clearing a wave and the enemy mid taking their blue, you know those 2 won't be able to join a fight shortly, so if you then see the support plavcing deep wards, be sure to kill him, since you know he won't have much back up. Use all the info you can get, pretty much, When you're about to make a sick engage on 4 people in mid, but you ADC is clearing a wave and your jungler is doing the enemy red (which is visible on the map), you can count on it that you're going to lose that fight since you're at a numbers disadvantage. All that kind of stuff. Also mind your positioning in teamfights. As a tank, don't hide behind your squishy ADC and let him eat all the CC. Don't facetank an assassin as an ADC, but stay on the edge of your range to be able to get DPS on him from relatively safe distance, having your tank peel you and/or your support ready with a big ass shield. Definitely don't 1v1 anyone who's 10/0. That kinda stuff. Keep checking the scoreboard for what everyone builds. That way you may be able to warn yourself against engaging the Vayne who has just bought herself a {{item:3140}} , or you may Identify that you're an entire item ahead of your lane opponent and that you're thus likely tp be able to 1v1 him (if you play it well and don't miss every single one of you skillshots :3). Just try to be aware of everything that's going one in a game; Items, objectives, creep waves, junglers, jungle camps, positioning of enemies, positioning of teammates, etc., etc... Hope that somewhat helped :3
Really helped thanks! I'm going to keep using this as a reference to what I should improve, the vision part certainly helped; I'm trying to train myself to check the minimap every few seconds. Thanks! :)
Saibbo (EUW)
: >I don't know how I'll ever get better. just to let you know that people play for years in the same elo.
I play the game semi-competitively with a group of friends, I want to become better.
Proppa (EUW)
: Also, what on earth are you building on Varus item wise :o
Recommended items in store, or I'd use a guide.
Proppa (EUW)
: Pick a lane, pick a champion or 2 for that role and practice. Look on sites like for information on the champs, get a good understanding of your abilities. Get a good understanding of the items you can buy and what you are buying them into (Check the scoreboard, to see what your enemy is building), penetration/crit etc. Take custom games, take no runes, and practice last hitting minions. Some games it looks like your trolling, double ohmwrecker on varus? So change your attitude also perhaps. So many possible options ....
Oh no those games are ones I play with a premade team of friends. I'd never troll in a ranked game. My problems are: 1. I'm piss poor at farming 2. Mechanics, I don't get how to counter people, like I was just TK and all my tps were wrong, all my plays were wrong. 3. Map Awareness/Cam Adjust, I play with cam locked I can't get used to it unlocked and I seem to have a habit of not knowing where enemies are. 4. I go in at wrong times (Seriously, I don't get when I should go in and when I shouldn't.)
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