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: Yeah, I'm starting to wish I'd leveled with nothing but PvP like in the old days, before bots were a thing. After a while when you play with bots, it handicaps your playstyle and learning because you're not behaving as it if it were a human opponent, you basically just learn to abuse the AI. What champions do you like to play? Do you have a favorite or a role you like most? If I know the champion I don't mind passing along what I know.
Well, I keep getting shoved into playing support lol. Not that I mind I used to play with a girl that i loved to support because she was very good at her role and helped me be more confident. I play mostly Morgana I think, and have been playing her mid lately and it's really fun for me to see her potential outside of support role. I also enjoy playing Ahri , And if i end up top, Irelia. How I feel right now i want to be a mid laner. i have a lot of champs that i like. but i keep getting told i should find a few and stick with them until im very good. I'm so indecisive, and the money i'm spending to get champs NOW to "try them out" is getting outrageous. If i had to pick three : Morgana, Ahri, Irelia I also kind of want to learn jungle >.<
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: She is not onley looking for female players but pref woman over men, because as she stated with quite some men the conversations go a certain way not all men are like that but their are quite some. She just wants a relaxing game with some people without getting hitt on as she has a kid and a men already, els probaly would just go out and '' look '' for it or whatever and i am not meaning that it can't be anoying to when going out >.<
yeah i like playing with the few women i have found, we joke about the harassment when you're a woman in a male dominated game, and really enjoyed playing together. Women also seem less abusive in games. lol it doesn't happen all the time but it happens enough to be annoying. and people just outright ask if you're a woman in my experience, I had this happen a few times in a game in All chat. And the bonus comes when you can talk to these new people about other things they might have in common with you being around the same age. i'm not sure where i went wrong with this thread
DrussIV (EUW)
: I'm sorry but why do you even have to mention your gender, i.e. make it an issue? Because yes, if you mention in a game predominantly played by horny teenage boys that you are a woman, what do you expect?
I don't know if you noticed my name, my gender is pretty obvious, and not only that A LOT of people asked me even when I just had my name. That's the ONLY time i mention it. That said, i'm not sure what about a game attracts "horny" anything I was actually brought to the game by my ex husband XD. Trust me i'm not on here to make sexy connections. Just to learn how to kick ass at the game and enjoy a laugh with some peers.
Krestek (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mistress Mayhem,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=owuhOJAw,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-05-02T16:22:49.190+0000) > > ok fine you dont have to be a woman. I can totally be one of the guys... just not a 15 year old guy. pft. > > I just figured it would be interesting to finally find people my age, and if they were women, yay, because they seem to be a minority in any game i have ever played. Why do you have so much hate for younger guys? maybe they can teach u something! there are alot of good players in diamond+ who are young and they can teach you 10x somebody older than them but silver for example.. p.s. not talking about myself
I actually play with a few younger people i have nothing against it at all. I just wonder where the people around my own age were that's all. I didn't convey any hate :-) It wasn't just about teaching me something but talking to other women... and as it turned out men, in the same life stage as myself. I would be happy to learn from anyone, but it was about a little more than that, that's all.
: Well I'm 21 but male. I got to say, you chose the wrong game :D Worst community ever.
I've been playing for a couple months, and the community is pretty nasty. But here and there are a few nice people. I am one of them. I will admit it used to make me extremely discouraged and sad that something I liked so much was so horrible to play with the people being so rude, but now it's old news for me.
Zenithir (EUW)
: Feel free to hit me up if you want someone to play with. I, like you, am always looking to learn and am a bit gun-shy when it comes to ranked because of nerves. I run off of EST in the US, but tend to keep wierd hours.
i'm on EST too, and i'm super gun shy as you put it. I'm like a scardy cat, and i'm just now starting to get over it, for the longest time i just played bots or custom with a few people lol. Now i wish i had started PVP sooner than around level 21.
: The hell, she is looking for other female players above 21 and you reply with 2 games you recommend for women? First of all, that is not what she asked, secondly what you wrote is sexist af, and even though I don't support calling everything sexist, that really is. > mabinogi is more suitable for women though. it has colorful clothes, trading, fishing, farming etc many things to do apart from fightning alone. > you can also do fishing, trading, farming, cooking and helping people to do quests again. I hope you are a troll.
it was a bit ridiculous but playing this game i am starting to learn to let things roll off haha.
: Hey, The average age in this game is over 18 ( Believe it or not ) So there are a lot 21+ people actually in this game, but i think that they are less active in playing then the 15-18 year olds. However a female is a lot harder to find, although there are still a lot since so many people play this game. I saw once a female dutch team streaming, they were like playing with coaches etc. They were all around 25 or so i think However im only 17 :P
I wish there were more female teams that would be awesome
: What! Didn`t you see my edited comment! It`s cool! I thought you just sit at home and play video games! XD
haha that would be soooo inappropriate. Well im sure there are people like that. but i have other things too. :-)
: ***
suitable for women? Meaning I can kill things and beat guys up right?
: I am form Na in euw!! xD But, it is for meeting wonderful new ppl. =)
oh yay i'm always the only american but the ping is the same in my case i live in florida. So it's this NA or LAN.... LAN lol
: never ever come to these boards if you want to talk to reasonable people. never. (especially not in the offtopic section, the weirdest kinds of people are here)
i'm pretty strange myself, and usually quite shy about these things I wanted to give it a try, break out of my shell a little.
: So you`r 27 years old girl who stays at home all day and plays video games! What happened? _Edited:_ Oh i see so you`r "stay at home mom and a student."
lmao First off, nothing happened, i met someone who can support me staying home, I look after our kids. I go to school full time at night. And what's wrong with a 27 year old loving games? We all love games in this house.
: Any Women 21+ playing this game?
I'm the same ingame name if any one wants to play a game or so. I have to confess i'm American on EUW don't even ask... lol.
: ***
-_- exactly they weird bs I try to avoid lol
: Any Women 21+ playing this game?
ok fine you dont have to be a woman. I can totally be one of the guys... just not a 15 year old guy. pft. I just figured it would be interesting to finally find people my age, and if they were women, yay, because they seem to be a minority in any game i have ever played.
huckasex (EUW)
: if you just want someone to play with and learn from, why does it have to be a women? but to answer your question: yes, those exist
There were two parts here, I wanted to know if any women 21 and up play the game. I would love if they were also women because some of the men I encounter here.... Well don't even get me started on that. suffice to say i'm kind of tired of the conversations i keep having. :-) Edit: or maybe i should say... the turn some of my conversations seem to take.
: You made me feel that I'm old as a 21 y.o. in the way you expressed >_<
lmao no way. I don't consider myself old either jeeze. I just didn't know how to say... i'm tired of meeting only 15-18 year old boys lol. my youngest friend is 22 so ... I feel bad about that now don't even know what to say. XD sorry!
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: You just fixed it. The Forum updates after a post is made, you should be able to post now :)
Oh! Thank you i kept on relogging. Thanks for the info.
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