: its called self esteem, and it seems like someone there was and is lacking it just like that girl will pay no attention to the bitch she hates from school/work she should pay no attention to the trash that is trying to get in her head in a video game but i guess social norms change online and self esteem starts to count more than other shit
i get were your coming from mate but there is no need to be sexist towards a woman there is never any need for it
Shiroe x (EUW)
: I think things like this need to be permently banned along with racism and homophobe (not sure if this is the right spelling). It's not right, will drive alot of people away. It's freaking 2015 and people still act this way to girls.... Hope this hasn't made you two quit league.
looking at this board there is a lot of people out there that are nice and actually care about what people think. thank you for the nice words and I totally agree with what you stated.
MrHeash (EUW)
: Let's hope that they'll get atleast a permaban =(
thanks pal. at least some people are nice
MrHeash (EUW)
: You should have muted them.
by the time we did she was already crying. I can take something like that on the chin and get on with it but my girlfriend got angry more then upset and that anger made her upset because it has never happened before and I don't see why it should happen.
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