: Need Gold/Silver - Jungle CLASH
add me in-game for invite please
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Adama (EUW)
: Maybe. I might just start playing only my main champs again
If you have climbed playing only a certain champion to say Diamond... once in Diamond you start playing other champions that your not exactly very good at would possibly also explain the funk. Just because for example someone climbing into a Tier maining let's say Dianna jungle and once there they decide I know what Im going to start playing Lee Sin .. those lee sin game stats are gonna show as if you don't deserve the rank you have until you get better with him. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Alexgonzalo (EUNE)
: Rito sucks
Bugs happen, life is more than just a game and well yea the time it took you to come on here and write this you could have re-patched ..... and I would bet you're still going to be playing the game afterward. Good luck with your life, you'll need it :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Aryath (EUW)
: Morgana changes
I'm pretty sure that Morganna is on the full re-work list for the new year, so hang in there :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
CJXander (EUNE)
: The 5th level 5 Honor orb i'm getting this season!
It is a pity that they are absolutely worthless :( {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Smerk (EUW)
: Is this a joke? Or you're serious?
I think he is serious, evidently, the reasons provided in the other thread were not good enough for him. He seems quite bothered by the fact that in this lawsuit against riot it was mentioned that male employees were discussing drugging and raping a female employee and he seems to be under the impression that this is completely ok... So let's try this again, it really is not ok in any workplace for this kind of talk ... end off. you can twist and change the wording all you want. but in a civilized culture, it's a big NO NO! And if his opinion on this is serious, I truly feel bad for the females in his life.
: Oh my god. But it is! As absolutely everything else is, in the right circumstances. Context means everything. And if one gets worried for real just hearing word "rape", one should really talk to a psychologist. Cause people usually do not rape each other.
Well simply hearing the word rape isn't the issue here now, is it? they were apparently specifically talking about drugging and raping a specific person in the workplace ... mentioning rape is bad no, the aforementioned, hell %%%%ing yes it is a big problem! and no laughing or joking matter, at least not in any civilized workplace.
: **"He talked about drugging and raping a co-worker. While that should be more than enough reason to get fired,"** Why should it? I talk about that and worse and work and no one has ever said anything. We even have women in the workplace. I am not saying how I act is ok, I just want to know why it isn't ok.
You honest to god talk about that kind of shit with your buddies, that says a whole lot about you as a person doesn't it
Egillion (EUW)
: The biggest deal is about essence reaver honestly... IE changes are ok, you can deal with it once you get used to the new builds and all... HOWEVER ... ADCs no longer having free 40% cdr and infinite mana through {{item:3508}} is massive and it is still Under the radars .
While I would also rate the essence reaver changes as much more drastic than the IE. The same logic applies. It was time for a shakeup. While I loved the Essence Reaver and all its awesome uses, The AD, Crit and CDR and Mana regen all on one item? it was bound to be changed and reworked at some point. I will miss it.
Hecky (EUNE)
: It's not broken on no one, you can clearly see it's worth only against 250+ armor champions, other will do less with critical strike after this change you like it or not. Everyone who is trying something new would be stronger with old infinity, i'm just saying this is more like a nerf to most adcs then a buff. I'm looking forward more for a fighter 8.12 patch
It doing less damage overall is kind of the point though, they are as I mentioned before, changing the meta. They would appear to not want to reward ADCs for simply going crit all the time, nerfing IE does this quite a bit would you not agree? And yes maybe the new IE might not be a core ADC item anymore, but there are definitely other champs that will find a use for it. I too am looking forward to the patch, because I'll finally have something new going on instead of the stale same ole same ole. Just look at it objectively, the game is an ever-changing thing, everything has and will always be going through quite significant changes, some you will like some you won't. However, passing judgement on something before you have seen its impact across the whole of the rift seems short-sighted, the PBE while useful will never compare to the results gathered from a live run of the changes, it is just too small a sample size. In the long run, maybe your right and they suck? maybe it will get reverted? or maybe just maybe it might work out. Maybe after a few weeks on live a tweak here an there you might find yourself liking it. And hey while I am looking forward to it quite a bit, I too am fully aware of the fact that I might end up hating it too. I'm just trying not to count my chickens before they hatch. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Hecky (EUNE)
: New Infinity Edge (much weaker then before)
They made the changes to shake up the ADC meta a little, which I am guessing is why we are seeing quite a change to all of their items, moving away from the crit meta perhaps. The new infinity edge will find its place somewhere undoubtedly. A lot of the footage from the PBE has been showing it as quite broken on some champs and meh on others. Time to put on your thinking caps and get creative. The next few weeks I'm sure will be full of all sorts of odd builds and set-ups while people settle into the new items and reworks, with many more buffs and nerfs coming I'm sure. Give it a chance before you write it off. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
CJXander (EUNE)
: Refusing to participate
I would say assisting the enemy team. Seems from what you said he intentionally decided to throw the game.
Maxilox (EUW)
: Riot actually banned me for writing "wow" in chat
" Maxilox: momfg Maxilox: |K{SR$E Tp]; Maxilox: }K
: Because of people like you Riot can just say sorry and everything is fine. They hyped up Clash for a long time and it took ~6 months to get to the live servers. So yes, we deserve something better than (shitty) ARURF and ticket refunds for canceling plans IRL. How about a hextech chest or clash points, clash day 3 level 1 reward or something that's actually usefull.
Again you are wanting stuff because you feel slighted? errors happen, unforeseeable things come up. and people like me? You mean people who understand that sometimes shit happens and screaming and crying about it isn't going to make it better? put your dummy back in and chill out. Clash will come eventually, they have zero obligation to give it any sooner than they must and I would much rather it worked as intended than having a lot of the problems that were in the beta. As for your RL plans, you chose to cancel RL for a game, that is on you. Your RL was clearly not worth more to you than the game was thus why should you be given anything for it? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: We should have one more day of URF because Clash lasts 3 days and you only gave us 2 days of urf
It sucks that Clash was cancelled, but why do you assume you are entitled to anything? They had no obligation to give us anything and we got URF ... and you still want more? Be nice and cut them a break. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Why were my accounts permabanned?
" Since I can't help but flame " .... Funniest thing I have read on here all day lol Either change or don't let the door hit you on the way it, it is a game, nothing more, if you think you some how should have a free pass on being a toxic person then by all means, just don't complain about the result. If your too addicted to quit, seek help of the professional kind. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I will use the fiora game as an example. You had 12.2.6 as your final kda. However, you didn't beat your lane opponent. Your lane opponent was the only one decent in the enemy team. He had died only once during that game while his team was feeding. While you had a good kda, you still won because of your team being better or because the enemies intentionally fed (either one). Their lead just got reflected on you. And then there is your 20.12 jax game. It looks decent but what is this? your opponent once more did better than you but his team sucked. Can you see a pattern here? You only do well when your team does well. Otherwise you do averagely or below average. Just because the enemy doesn't die much doesn't mean i didnt win lane dude. I killed the first tier tower very early which allowed me to roam and get kills. In the jax game i went even with the Aatrox and we both had a major impact in team fights. I played my part in killing the carries which then saw us win the game, i believe in that game i also got a baron steel in there. Not everything is reflected on kda etc
Hi , So firstly total noob here so take what I say with a grain of salt. You came on here and asked for opinions on what you believed to be a role swap that is apparently working out for you, and most certainly going from a 50% win rate to an 80% win rate is a clear indication that yea the change is working for you, however you do need to take into consideration Hydnoras's constructive criticism because for all account it is accurate, I will give you your account of the fiora game, I'm glad it went great and you feel that you preformed excellent in that game, but as has been pointed out it is still not your average game, we all have those games where for what ever reason we preform superb, maybe we are better than our opponent or our team is great or any number of a million reason. but you got to take ego out of it, if you want to maintain that 80% keep doing what your doing, but also seriously consider the advice given, more CS is not going to hurt you, and less deaths will only help your whole team. Keep up the positive mental attitude too it will definitely help in the long run and from your post I gather you do have the confidence to make plays and take risks that's great, just be open to criticism without taking offense and you'll be great {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: But it's dumb, champion shards are literally the worst you can get out of chests. Also getting shards from leveling up doesn't bother that much... but out of chests??? Just no, you already have a steady source of champion shards, you don't need to get more in hextech-chests instead of skin shards, or icon shards, and emote shards...
They at the end of the day are running a business. They can't just give it all away all the time. Totally understand your opinion on the matter, hell I agree with you. But at the end of the day, they got bills to pay like the rest of us. Not getting the free skins all the time encourages people to actually invest money in the game and that is what it really comes down to. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Why do you get champion shards in hextech-chests?
Well it is much worse when you own every champion, and you are getting shards from leveling and hextech chests this much I can assure you. Maybe they'll change it eventually, maybe it just makes too much business sense to keep the skin rate down , who knows. but we have we what have. Can't complain too much ... remember the time when you couldn't even get skins for free ? and you simply had to fork out the cash ? {{item:3634}}
: Need someone to play with me and get me to gold 1 / plat ( silver 1 atm )
: Gold income for utility support
Take better care of your Boy Friend.
: I'm into Jinx at the moment, late game she becomes a monster. Good objective taker and I managed 320cs last game, but it was close where my team would get wiped. Games are just so close these days I think the whole player base is just improved as a whole EDIT Just got a penta and won the game, feeling pretty good atm
When games are close like that it means that the system is actually working for a change, simply means both teams will have been at near equal skill level. So the game feels more like a battle and in the end more worthwhile. You are climbing at a steady pace though, keep doing what you are doing. And yes Jinx is an absolute badass :D
: Honour level 0
You did what you did and you can admit it, that is great, but you put yourself in a really bad position because getting that far down to level 0 meant there was a serious problem and I get that your reforming and all that but it really is going to take a lot more time than that, progressing out of those level 0 and level 1 honours are not suppose to be easy , it is supposed to be a massive task so that you have plenty of time to prove that you have reformed. Keep up with what you are doing, it will take a while but you will get there.
: autofill is the worst thing rito ever introduced. it was a mistake that they now cannot seem to fix
It really is a nightmare sometimes, however, there are ways around it, When myself and my gf play, we duo bot so we simply rotate are picks i.e me adc and her supp then i pick supp and her adc and so on, even though she wil always play supp and i'll always adc, we are both perma protected from auto fill, this has only occurred to us recently lol but it works. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Ärtis (EUNE)
: Champion shards in chests
For people that own all the Champions that would be great, because right now Hextech chests suck for me big time, 1 in 5 chests I would say I get a skin shard, and the level up capsules are useless besides a little BE, can't even reroll champ shards anymore to unlock the new champs when they arrive.
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119peto119 (EUNE)
: Wait you probably didn´t read my replies but yes I did ADMIT my fault in almost every comment what I write here. The problem is if someone tell me like you did here "You told 1 more time and you are done with game" not only with chat then yes I will understand it and hella never more use it rather. I don´t understand what means "bias" but yes its personal loss but you just can´t understand it cuz you didn´t lost account what you played on for such a long time. If it is fair system I would know about my "last chance" and I would act according to this. I was like I am fine with chat perma if they do this to me because its actually would help me maybe cuz you are able to focus game better and you don´t have to use mute buttons. Thats what I was thinking before I get perma banned not in my chat but in my account thats not the same. Talking about fair system. Btw: I am not blaming anyone here or anyone from riot organisation or community if you don´t get it.
Fair enough but that is what terms of service are for, they can terminate your account at a moments notice without cause and no one has a leg to stand on.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Is that Teemo build good?
Only thing worse than a teemo is a teemo with a frozen mallet {{item:3022}} They can run, but they aren't ever getting away :D
119peto119 (EUNE)
: You right I didn´t know that, I saw somewhere this 3 and 7 days bans but I should update my info probably....Yes literally without doubt my friend, they can´t see your improve if they are focusing on lack or your faults its just not happening thats why this system don´t rly work well my friend. Don´t take it offensively or something like that its just my opinion
You aren't getting it. You were suspended for 14 day's and told that if you offend again you are done. It doesn't matter if you then played 20 games and only broke the rules in 1 game. You were told 1 MORE TIME and you are done. The system is fair. The problem is all to often that people can not see or admit they are did wrong. Your opinion is going to be incredibly bias on account of your personal loss of account yada yada. But your behavior was bad enough to warrant a report and investigation. Improve yourself before you try and blame other people for your actions.
: Merkai Gaming - A Fun little Community
: Wishing you all the best you two!! PS: Do you already have a name for your baby girl? Orianna? Ahri? Nami? Sona? :p :p
Sounds like you already have a name for yours ? lol
Asuna686 (EUW)
: Elementalist Lux - Gifting
100 % Certain your good to go, Gifted ultimate skins before and she always gets the ICONs too
Rismosch (EUW)
: Yeah I know. But because it's that time, is it maybe because people simply don't care? As an Edit: I just won a game because in the enemy team were 2 trolls.
You head the nail on the head as they say, Pre-Season to many people don't care and are just determined to try new stuff and mess around for a lot of them there is nothing to gain. That being said there will always be trolls come Dec 6th you'll just likely see a lot less of them.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Except one part - proper English. Kappa.
In a place where English is not primarily the first language for a lot of people, you should not be so quick to judge. :P
: my new pc
8gb ram not that it will be required if your goal is only league, with that processor and card you'll be easily maxing on the fps on max i assume u have all the needed parts, m.board, psu etc .
Bitexpepe (EUW)
: Preseason placement
The season is already Over. It ended on Monday night, you are now in the pre-season, So if you wheren't in plat yesterday im afraid you lost your play rewards. New placements are for preseason ranked and will contribute to your rank when the season begins on Dec 6.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey guys! While we're still processing rewards that display may be inaccurate, rest assured you are still the tier you ended up on (I've taken a look both at your profiles in client and from the backend and everything shows as expected ^_^) Until rewards are finished, that display may show incorrect information!
thank you very much for the prompt reply = ]
: Talk about the election
And you are mistaken if u think it doesn't affect us, it's going to affect the entire planet lol
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: what is the meaning of this riot? PLEASE A RIOTER ANSWER ME
I am in the same position, I finished in GOLD but it is telling my that my rewards are for SILVER wth is going on here ?????????
The alpha test ended ? did it not so at this point even if you had been approved its currently no longer relevant.
: Whoever can identify what i wrote here becomes a free gift from me :3
When your telling stories about hero's being born and blah blah and using words like retarded just to see how many people can identify silly stuff, you come across as nothing more than a child, a troll at that too
: the event finished
We are supposed to be able to turn them into dust < probably will happen soon
: The After-game Ranking system is busted
S Rank's aren't suppose to be easy to get, I recently had a friend in the same situation as you, Doing amazing in other aspects but sucking in the others, with some advice he was able to work on it. I know your adamant that farm shouldn't be a dominant factor but it is what it is. To get an S you need to be covering all the bases not just the ones you deem important, Statistics that appear to matter , Overall Damage, K/D/A,CS, Warding etc ... and to be honest looking at your stats you do well in most parts , but your CS scores overall are terrible, i say this not to be mean or to insult you, but go work on it. and you'll be earning those S in no time at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QwqfJEE7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-03T03:19:32.081+0000) > > The server is undergoing maintenance. what will happen to the game ?
Nothing , is just regular check up , to make sure things keep running smooth
: looking to get to bronze help
Help to get to bronze.... Play all your placement games, lose them all , and in Bronze you shall be. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: euw unavailable ???
Planned Maintenance
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