Exzoe (EUW)
: Riot your placement games is the biggest joke, %%%% off
4-4 atm and i'm Silver 4, thinking i will end up there or Silver 3. Been always Gold and now, welp.
Volter98 (EUW)
: Is this actually permaban worthy?
You type more than you play, so yes, it's justified. Guess your Elo couldn't save you huh. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Richt Jr (EUW)
: Riot support made me quit league
I can agree with you on that. 10 years i play this game and i can tell you that the amount of boosted accounts and racists and so on that i reported, along with proofs, they never got anything or gotten maybe a chat ban at most for sure but not a perma ban nor a 14 days ban. Their support is basically for kindergarten, that's all.
: Anti heal for AD champs costs 800g, anti heal for AP champs costs 3000g
My question is how can a Maokai still regenerated his HP while 2 adc with Mortal reminder and Executioner's calling, hitting him? And they'll come up with god knows what bs.
Sir Ezreal (EUNE)
: 3v3 was OK
Old 3v3 was way better than that crap they brought. Not only did most of the old players stop playing, but RIOT themselves didn't do anything to improve their new 3v3 map. They can only blame themselves for that, but as we all know, they don't care.
: A chat restriction is still a punishment and an acknowledgement of the fact that the behaviour is not acceptable so saying a chat restriction condones this behaviour is a bit ridiculous. If it's their first punishment then it will 100% be a chat restriction as it doesn't make sense for Riot to cut off their revenue stream for first time offenders.
It condones this behaviour as this person and others, who are apt to be tempted by this attitude, will think that yeah they won't get a hard punishment for being a racist and what not, in the chat. Whereas, people have been perma banned for far less worst than this. Let's not forget the famous "%%%", where no matter your records, if you say it, it's insta ban.
: It is true I guess. Meaning that if you get several reports and bans, you will end permanently banned.
Whereas when someone uses the famous "%%%", they get insta ban. Which, in my opinion, is in the same category as racists plaguing games.
Primovera (EUW)
: I keep getting paired with 1 specific player in aram the last couple days, this guy is a complete and total troll that ends up with scores like 0/20 for almost all his games. Reported his ass every single time but he just does not get banned. I dont think Riot even bans 10% of the people that do shit like this , same in your case dont expect anything from a very flawed system.
Yep, as i told them, it's literally some specific people that are targetted by their system and their workers.
: Yeah I know it is sad that one game with such a behaviour is not "enough" to get banned. Countless time people have started insulting me because I'm italian, with bullshits like "mafia mandolino", not to mention those who start with "hang yourself" and obscene stuff like that. They should get istantly banned from chat for like 14 days, and if it happens again account ban for a growing amount of time (3-7-14-perma). This thing that you can say whatever you want on the internet because nobody can actually punch you in the face has to end.
You know what pisses me off the most is that tons of players have gotten perma banned for far less than that and RIOT will come with some BS excuse that "yeah those players have gotten several reports before and they didn't change, bla bla".
: You are getting mad a player 4 days ago that you will never see again "might" not have been banned? Riot doesn't give feedback for every single report you do. Just don't hang your head on 1 player. There's a lot of black people that gets called "african slave" but they don't care much other than giving the players who say it a report.
Yeah, it's a racist and sexist company, i should've known better. Btw i don't need feedback to know the player is banned or not, i can see the op.gg of the player still playing. Too bad that some people are banned for less than that whereas people like this, aren't.
ezdlol (EUW)
: Ranked TFT must be SOLO only!
Many people abuse that but will tell you otherwise. They queue up as 5 if they are Gold or lower and proceed to climb together. If they're Plat and higher they queue up as 3. It's enought tbh to be able to win more games than someone who's queuing up Solo.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: Usually they take action against toxic players, especially the racist ones. Do submit a [ticket ](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to be sure of it.
Nearly one week after this game and reports to support too and i can still the player being in games. So i'm guessing he/she only got a chat restriction even for that kind of racism. Sickens me though.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You have to understand that there are two different punish systems at work in LoL. 1. The automatic one that looks for keywords like '%%%', 'suicide', '%%%%%%', etc. and if the player gets reported, there's a high chance they will instantly get slapped with a chat restriction or a ban (based on their previous punishments). 2. The manual one where a Riot employee has to assess the situation where a player was reported as heavily toxic, but wasn't registered by the automated system. That can take a longer time since the amount of support tickets they deal with on a daily basis is large. Fill out a Support Ticket and they'll take it from there. Of course don't expect feedback, since they can't disclose what happens with the player in question.
Oh i don't really count on support doing anything to that kind of player. I'm not one really to go to them to report flamers and all but this particular case got my attention even if he/she wasn't on my team. Someone who wishes death upon a nation, doesn't deserve to play this game. My ticket and that of my friend, have already been made like 5-6 days ago, so nearly 1 week and i can still see that he/she is still playing.
: I'd be surprised if they didn't get banned for that since most people seem to complain about how much the system targets verbal abuse and racist comments so much more than anything else (personally I think that's fine). How can you be so sure that this guy hasn't been banned or otherwise punished already. They might have a chat restriction and you wouldn't know about it.
Ask yourself if you think that someone who wishes death upon a nation and is blatantly racist, deserves to get a chat restriction or a perma ban? In this case most probably gotten a chat restriction which only condones this behaviour.
Rioter Comments
: Okay, if that's how you feel then please answer two question as constructively as possible. 1. What can RIOT do to make the game more skill based & less luck based? 2. Do you think my suggestions would improve the game?
1: Riot can take into example the card game like Magic and so on so that you know what you're going against or what's on the carousel or pot. Items should still be random yes but for drops, on pve phase, they should make it so that everyone get's the same amount of either gold/champs, not 3 people having extreme luck and the other 5 having nothing. 2: Your 3rd idea isn't bad but i haven't really thought into it a lot to come up with something really solid to make the system work better. Either way we all know that whatever we say or do, RIOT will never change anything.
: I can't agree that "TFT DOESN'T REQUIRE SKILL". There is always a percentage of skill required even if it's just what champs work well together, to re-roll now or later, to level up now or later, etc. At present, I'd probably say the skill factor is about 40% while the luck factor is about 60% which is not a compliment to the game!! I wants to see the skill percentage increased by reducing the luck! Not an unreasonable request!
Alright i can modify my response, it requires a little bit of skills as you call it but i call it common sense or logic. The luck factor is too big, not even at 60% but i'd say about 80% and logic 20%.
  Rioter Comments
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: If you can assure me that you would make exactly same choices as any high c1 player in each and every situation, without practise, then sure, there isn’t any skill factor. But that isn’t the case. Beauty of the game is that most of the time when newbie would get lucky by getting easy road to effective comp, they decide to take wrong path instead. Yet the effective comps vary from patch to patch basis, arguably even by daily basis as players shift playstyles. Also, if one manages to reach c1, I can assure you that at the very moment they have entered master, grinding won’t do anything in terms of making climbing easier due to everything being set against it. Necessity to basically play every day(due to how decay works) and lp gains going along 36 lp for 1st and -75 for 8th make it very unfriendly environment for grinding. Given yet that players may climb in that environment should be enough to say pure luck hasn’t got them there. Bringing up league ranks isn’t giving more information than me saying I’m god at bowling but suck at league. TFT doesn’t demand mechanical skill making it very different game due to all emphasis put on adapting into new situations. I won’t take stance on how it compares to poker in terms of skill. I’m stating it does require skill.
As i repeat myself again, TFT DOESN'T REQUIRE SKILL, when you see at least 5 out of 8 players on the map going for the same comp because it's the most broken comp. If the game was based on skills, you could be anyone with any comp provided you knew what items/positions you place your champs. Unlike poker, where you could actually beat any hand your opponent has, if you somehow narrowed your guesses to what cards they may have and what cards may come into the flop/river .
: RIOT needs to make TFT more skill based than luck based!!
People are already getting mad because of your title lol but tbh, TFT doesn't require skill at all, just luck and grinding time. The more you grind the easier it is for you to climb. I have friends who are in bronze-plat, that are diamond-challenger in TFT just with sheer grinding. They wanted to compare TFT to poker but it's not like POKER where it actually involves skills. Poker is way different in the sense that you only have a total of 52 cards to deal with. Now let's say that the table is full, meaning there are 9 players in total. 9 x 2, so you have 18 cards to think about depending on how the players play, i.e, bluff, etc. The RNG in poker plays on the river and that too for only 5 cards and you have ample time to guess what cards your opponents may have or not. It's based on skills purely because you need to think a lot on what your opponents will do or not or what you will do to make your opponents move. Whereas in TFT, you rely solely on RNG and LUCK since you can see what your opponent has on the table. As you said, 7 champions of each type in the pool. So you can definitely know what to build or not. The 5% skills i mentioned earlier, is that you just need to have a look around, look at your champions, monitor your economy, and proceed to play. The only thing ruining it all, is that those same opponents have better luck than you, getting 2-3 completed items on either 1st pvp round or 2nd and better luck in the shop, and thus forcing you to do make bad choices and so on or just get wrecked in all those pvp rounds with you just trying to get some better champs. In poker you have the ability to not follow. I can continue on but it's kinda useless to explain it to someone who doesn't want to admit that TFT doesn't require any particular skills and can't be compared to Poker.
genco MF (EUW)
: why does riot want to change my username (not ingame, the one you sign in with)
I don't really know why they did so even for people who had their usernames for years. Fortunately i didn't have to change mine, yet, who knows.
: Missing skins
Were those skins gifted to you by someone or you bought them? If it's the 1st answer, be prepared for support to tell you that those people were found guilty of having obtained RP or whatever by illegal means and that those skins were removed from your account due to that. If not, then it may be a bug or something else.
: New Game mode "Merge em URF"
Reminds me of a mode back in Dota1 where you could merge 2 champion's abilities into 1champ. Was fun though ngl.
Rioter Comments
: Please take down the server to fix the current issues!
I'm stuck in login queue now after years and years of playing this game, 1st time it happened to me. 20000 in queue, time unknown.
Rioter Comments
razvan634 (EUW)
: Attempt To Join Queue Failed (EUW)
I just got that problem. Everyone was stuck in lobby at 0 timer and i logged off and now i get this stupid message too. [](https://prnt.sc/qddmrl)
Jonhd (EUW)
: ***
I play vs BOTS to test out things and to teach new players things they want to learn if ever they want to learn. Hopefully there are still people like me who enjoy teaching new players the game. But with all those bots around, it's not even enjoyable for me to get into a bot game.
Rioter Comments
: A question about sharing lol folders.
First and foremost, why does your "friend" need you to send a file that is like 5-15gbs while he/she could download the game more easily?! 1: Copy pasting your LoL game files/folders onto someone's else pc, with them having the installer already, will result in the same normal installation as anyone else. So yeah, it works just to copy paste the game folders provided you have the installer too. 2: I can't say for sure how much data they can get through your copied files, but i'm guessing if they are tech savy, they could actually get something out of it, or not. 3: Technically you are not sharing your account with another person, you're just copy pasting your game files to another pc, so unless they get your account details and do something on your account, then no, you can't be banned for that.
: Why is there no Tribunal?
The tribunal on it's own wasn't doing that great considering not everyone was doing their part, i.e, reviewing cases and so on. That said, nowadays, if they would bring back the Tribunal to work alongside their trash system, things would definitely go way quicker. Sadly we all know that they don't want to give that permission to players, since it would bring their shitty decisions into the light. From what it is nowadays, whatever RIOT SAYS AND DOES, IS THE LAW, be it if you're right or wrong, they don't care.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mizuho Kazami,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=r6eLoIon,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-12-14T20:33:16.657+0000) > > It's the game and server of the game. I have the same thing and i can tell you for sure, no other games do that. But RIOT will never acknowledge that it's a fault on their part. How is it possible that so many others dont have this problem? all of my mates can play without problem. I even tried rebooting my whole PC and it didnt help
As i said, there are lots of people who have this problem but not most of them use the Forum to rant about it, they might just contact support directly. Which is why you think there aren't many people with this problem when infact there are more than you would know.
: FPS and PING is fine but cant walk around properely
It's the game and server of the game. I have the same thing and i can tell you for sure, no other games do that. But RIOT will never acknowledge that it's a fault on their part.
: oh ok that sucks, especially since they dont seem to care and at the quantity of players that suddenly struggle with the game performance the problem has to be on their side
Yeah they will never agree that the problem comes from their side. Never have i seen a game company like this, denying year after year, that their client and game causes multiple problems for lots of players.
: Did Riot fix the fps and ping problems in preseason
Nope, it got worst. For some people it was only FPS issues, but now it's starting to affect ping too. And if you go to support, they'll tell you to do their bullshit testing and proceed to finally tell you that the fault comes from your side, i.e, your pc and your connection, while other games work correctly.
Zapquake (EUW)
: https://twitter.com/RiotHjarta/status/1204839620006969345 Says here today (12/12) at 13:00 PST
Rioter Comments
: Coaching for free up to masters!
Added you. Thank you for your time.
Malloror (EUW)
If you have a 20 min queue timer means the system flagged you not only for that game, but for multiple games you left. You need to know that playing LoL, is like having a folder on you. What you say, what you play, where you play, how many times you leave games and so on. So there you go, you got flagged for leaving too many games, not for this one particular game.
: am i the only one who also hears that popup sound in game too?
Yep and it's seriously starting to piss me off.
tudodark00 (EUNE)
: Still we can agree that the latest patch is the issue.
I'm guessing it's not the big patch that broke it but like the small patches that come along for god knows the reason. Now that clash is broken. they'll bring out new broken things again.
tudodark00 (EUNE)
: Yeah in both SR and ARAM before the 10min mark my ms goes from 20 to 300 sometimes, cant play ranked at all, keep missing farm and sometimes while trying to last hit end up in the opposite side of the lane taking damage from the enemy. It only started since this patch.
For me i don't have a spike in my ping but mostly through the feel of the game. It feels laggy and you can see the champion stuttering to autoattack on some occasions even if my ping is stable.
Rioter Comments
Nørth (EUNE)
: Make surrender vote anonymous
It's for actually to be able to target griefers. As you said, some people who just feed their lane intentionally, go afk or just spam surrender vote whenever it's available. This is why it should stay as it is.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did Riot say anything about fixing the low FPS?
For long as i've played this game, i.e 10 years, never has RIOT ever acknowledge that their Client/Game has caused any FPS issues with each passing patches and so on. So yeah, i don't think that would change.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Refresh it a few times, or make sure the store is set in the country your from
Thank you, now it worked even though it was set to UK but i had to change it back to it again.
Rioter Comments
Alatharia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mizuho Kazami,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=PAMJqeEP,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-29T15:07:36.671+0000) > > Judging from the comments the winners received, most of us could have gotten every answer correct but if they had precisely said at the start of the competition that adding details from your lore knowledge would benefit you, pretty sure everyone would've done so. I could've used the skills I've acquired during my years at uni. I can turn a 5 words sentence into a book trilogy. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: The Tribunal
The Tribunal on it's own wasn't working as intented but with it coming back and working alongside this new system, it would do much more work and would benefit us all. Only problem is that people don't want it back because they know more people would get banned :)
: 🎉🕷️Boards Volunteer Quiz - Winners Announcement!🕷️🎉
Judging from the comments the winners received, most of us could have gotten every answer correct but if they had precisely said at the start of the competition that adding details from your lore knowledge would benefit you, pretty sure everyone would've done so.
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