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: What you talking about. I played it and had 0 problems with it?
it's because you are on EUNE not EUW
: Faster TFT Queue Time
TFT is disabled
: and yes I have restarted the client and the computer multiple times
It's because the whole client is %%%%ed right now. I'm sure it will solve itself tonight or in the morning when less people are on the server. Right now it's just a cluster %%%%
Jökër (EUW)
: TFT Queue - Groups
Wondering the same
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AsherUA (EUW)
: Open *Snowdown event* tab in the client, then click on 'REWARDS Missions & Loot'. There's everything you need to know.
: There is a tab in your client that explains everything. Use it, please.
alright then tell me where the tab is. Thanks.
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