seems like we are back to season 3
: Anyone else have missing runepages
just use 1 runepage it doesn't take that long to modify it and after you know what the runes does more than 1 page is usless
: I don't just want this. I need this. Also I hope they make the new cursor smaller. It's way too big...
the new cursor is resizeble
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: Please no. I already see it being spammed every freaking game for the lolz....
it aint gonna be like that yeah people are dumb but if you put a restriction like in CSGO or DOTA2 people would not do that
ZzMaine (EUW)
: Dragon Rider Kled ? Ftw
Riot reading this post and being like "Neah let's just make another {{champion:17}}Teemo{{champion:17}} Skin"
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WajdyFazza (EUNE)
: How do i find my main role?
Mid/Top/Jg/Adc you should also try to play support m8
Acuoso (EUW)
: Lets me log in but cannot create lobby or join a game (mac)
the same problem is on windows too you just have to keep restarting the client
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Mocton Restart your computer and then repair your client. http://puu.sh/z1z9y/978fc5a6c6.jpg If you still have these issues, force a re-patch with [Hextech Repair tool](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool). Let me know if you get any issues afterwards :)
i've done it my friend did the same and nothing change we still have to wait for the play button and restart the clients both of us
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: Idea for a new champion
sounds like sion,singed and darius combined
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: For everyone who is diamond and is on a smurf. Quit with it! Ruin peoples mmr is not cool
You can get better at the game only if you play against people better than you
sAyCo (EUNE)
: yasou Q lot dmg , Wwall cannot be destroyed for half life time, E moving faster than the skills cooldown, knock down , knock up , stun, stun what else that champion can do? only be destroyed by a heavy fighter like darius , garen etc and if feeded , this like you need 5v1 to kill him
yasuo has no stuns in his, kit only a knuck up and the ult which suspends enemy that are airborne
: I need that free ward when split pushing , when jungling , when laning , it is so good idea but the bad part is this when u camp in another bush you lose your vision , it need a key to press then place a ghost poro and after that ghost poro should not move toward you when you go in bush (because it range is so low)
just use the zombie ward
: [Bug] Still waiting to get to lvl 17 to unlock the Inspiration tree on my lvl 40 account now
Wait what the %%%% riot i thought we all agreed on the fact that unlocking such an important thing as runes and ex masteries was idiotic so why is this a thing
Iron Ivern (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mocton,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=OG5FnY2u,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-30T23:21:20.503+0000) > > RIot you can&#x27;t let him like this i said many times that the interface needs to be costumizable why won&#x27;t you deliver I am happy to see ppl that understand my problem. I appreciate your sympathy. Thank you. <3
Mate it's not just you in everygame the HUD is heavly costumizable if its a competitive multiplayer but damn riot seems to not give a crap we need more options who can help everyone especialy guys like you who have some medical issues
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
People realy care about this type of things? I am the Grinch i dont actualy like christmas but damn Santa Braum is the best skin riot ever released
: Thresh Q hitbox...
Thresh Q hitbox is already really small if Riot tried to make it even smaller it would nerf the champion to the ground with no one to play him anymore so considering how high his skill cap is don't expect riot to do something about that
: Why players never FF?
1.Never surrender,never give up 2.you can win every single game 3.stop spamming the surrender vote its annoying 4.aleways belive that you will win 5.be positive you will win 6.dont give up 7.point 1-6
: Why do some people call RIOT, rito? :D
This joke is everywere in the game industry Valve=Volvo Riot=Rito EA=shit
CJXander (EUNE)
: This community needs discipline.
Iron Ivern (EUNE)
: Ask to add settings for the mini map configuration.
RIot you can't let him like this i said many times that the interface needs to be costumizable why won't you deliver
Blitzz (EUNE)
: Yasuo scales so well, that after getting stomped he can demolish.
Your team let him farm he farmed in jungle he farmed in lanes and he got fed because of minions and monsters
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: good answers but i will prove it to you that yasuo is so OP (if u play him good truly as yasuo main,not troll) 1) Double Crit Chance (2items 100% crit chance) no other champion in lol 2)15sec armor pen after cast R 3)can use E 100 times per sec (especially if u connext keyboard right) and can run out away from battles and jungle 4)He has cc 5)He has Windwall that blocks eerything so u cant hit him, his W BLOCKS all ulties 6)He can do combo the half champions in the league for example = malp,xin,ziggs,fizz,lee,riven,rakan etc 7)with infinite edge,statik and trinity 2-3 q and u are dead believe me i have seen in high elo yasuo's main from 0/3 to 7/3 etc in late
Double Crit chance with 10% dmg reduction you just have to build Randuins Omen against him this item was must have on any champion untill season 6 i dont know what changed but the item is still good he deals less dmg if you have that single one defensive item his e as i said is sucidal in certain situations even if he makes the smallest mistake his CC is verry easy to dodge unless he E-Q's you or he beyblades your ass his windwall is good but also his only escape as i said his E can be used only on the enemy minions and in jungle thats it, yes he can do combo with a lot of champs thats true but also his ult put's him in the middle of the enemy team what is your tank doing anyway , who the hell still build statik and trinity on yasuo
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Do you even read what you wrote? They don't outscale me when they get items faster? what? > every champion if played right is not fun to play against You don't get it. Not fun to play against is not the same as "beeing strong" or "beeing good". It's just toxic. Nothing you can do to prevent it happening. Just like Vladimir back then when he could do what he wanted just because of his sustain. And it's not the champion here that is at fault, it's mainly Kleptomancy. (Urgot is the only one that is a bit overtuned right now) There is no way to play smart against them. In Ezreals case he just sits in the back and spams his Q, if you engage on him he disengages with E and that's it. Same with gankplank... He just needs to Q you everytime you are near cs with his point and click ability. So how do you counter a pure gold passive that also provides tons of sustain? I'm saying it again: My point isn't that they are unbeatable. My point is that it's frustrating to play against. In the end they don't do anything but get rewarded for spamming and stalling while the only thing you can do is watch it happen. Sometimes I feel like people will defend everything just to feel better. If Riot implemented a skill that will 100 to 0 you with 1 click no matter what their advice would be: Buy zhonyas
Ezreal skillshots are not so hard to dodge GP is almost usless without his barrels so yeah you may say what you want but is not that hard frustrating cuz you dont get to play as agressive as you want yeah it is but not unfair ezreal cant spam his q endlesly because of his manacosts he will run out of mana quick. This game is competitive and so far riot did an excelent job balancing all their champion just think how many champions there are and btw Vlad is still anoying to play against because of his sustain but you still can outplay those champions you dont get to play real agressive yeah but if you think about it this matchups might teach you how to play smart in certain situations
: why some supports like having kills
first of all supports taking kills early is not bad is actually realy good and OP with some champs because ADC's are ment to scale late game while support's are not if you get your items faster everyone will profit and ofc the only thing that matters is not your KDA is the %%%%ing game which you have to win if you loose your kda of 40-4-60 is worthless because you lost the game
: OP champions
I will try to evidentiate every weakness those champions have. Yasuo:His E can be suicidal if used wrong,learn to play against his WW just try to bait it out, just auto him once to get rid of that shield and use abilities then, learn how to manage minion waves, Yasuo is all about push let him push you but don't let him roam he will tower dive you eventualy and that is your chance to kill him. Darius:Realy now what is so OP at darius, learn how to dodge that Q, also learn how to play smart make him blow all his CD's then go in. Jax:There is nothing OP about him Master YI:Yeah sure his Q might be a bit annoying, his W is meh just like his E,his ult is good if the enemies have no hard CC but otherwise nothing OP. Katarina:Come on now realy after her rework she is not that op the only thing that she has is that passive and also she is an Assassin by that logic every assassin is OP. Fiora:You go play fiora and belive me she is not that easy to play and certanly not OP. Zed:he is an assassin again nothing wrong there even tho i hate that QSS is usless against him now as AP you still have zonya's and if you dont build it that is your problem, also zed is truly op in verry high elo in low elo not that much. Garen:Are you %%%%ing kidding me now. Teemo:Just annoying he is the annoying orange of League of Legends Zoe:She is not OP at all this is just annother meme everyone started saying she is OP because CertanlyT created her (People tend to forgot how many awesome champs CertanlyT creates like:Thres,Kalista,Zyra) None of this champs are OP you need to learn to play against them.
24thDiK (EUW)
: Death Match Mode
how about FFA
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mocton,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=3mAeIynw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-27T22:29:59.449+0000) > > Dude Ezreal is adc GP is a toplaner so is Urgot the only wierd thing you have right there is Zoe support That's not my point. Toxic as in "no fun to play against". No matter what you do they will harass you to death and outscale you cause either they have no counterplay (Urgot) or will outscale you due to Kleptomancy. They can do what they want but not only do they not fall behind, they might even get more gold than you even if you dominate the lane.
First things first, Urgot has counterplay no matter what you say second every single %%%%ing champion has it's strenght's and weaknesses even the most broken ones and the last thing you cannot get outscaled by a keystone that's not how any of this works sure they get items quickly maybe and they have free pot's during lanning phase but that doesn't mean they outscale you. you need to learn how to play smart against those champions and stop complaining about how OP they are this is not helping you at all every champion if played right is not fun to play against for the enemy laner have you consider that maybe your style of playing is wrong or something like that or have you tried to change your style according to what you face
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Game became toxic...
Dude Ezreal is adc GP is a toplaner so is Urgot the only wierd thing you have right there is Zoe support
: Will Riot admit that Zoe is pay 2 win?
Ok this needs to stop CertanlyT is not the boogieman he is a great designer without him we wouldn't have Zyra,Kalista,Thresh,Darius,Yasuo and of course Zoe say what you want but those champions are played it's a competitive game you play something powerful and you want to feel powerful yeah sure maybe he f the game up sometimes but let me ask you something could you create a great champion very balanced with awesome abilities if yes please go ahead and make one and let us see how you can creat a perfect champion from the start also P2W means that you need to pay real money to win in this game you dont have to do that
Tôm (EUW)
: Yasuo
Bait his WW after that just try to play a bit agressive,don't think you play against a God Tier Yasuo he will make mistakes wait for them just stack your ap and dont die often Yasuo is pretty easy to beat i suggest you buy him and play a few games so you know his dmg and CD'S after that you will learn how to beat him belive me
: For the love of God (who I don't believe)
Hello i have 10 keys completed and 0 chests you get keys randomly and i think your honnor level has something to do with it i am not sure tho
It's free
: Uploading our own images and use as icons
well this sounds bad when you see how much money they make from selling icons but adding this for free once than make to pay for it like 500 RP would be a good thing i think or something like that _**Riot**_ should consider it
: RioT i will never forgive you
So...it's not enough that they gave you a chance to get skins without paying now you have pretentions
: canceling any wind technique oh wow so that only works against like 3 champions in the whole game and would technically hard counter janna and yasuo completely right i mean technically yasuos Q W and R are all wind techniques jannas entire skill set is and well rivens 2nd ult slash is the only real clear shot there
as you sow i gave him no escape so with his ult he needs a chance also you would have to think when to consume those stacks
: Would be better if you specified stuff like AoE, range, shape of effects on the ground (aka AoE) and general a better description. I have a very hard time imagining what the spells would actually do in terms of mechanics.
that's why i need you guy's here let's brainstorm and think about things is just a quick idea that i had and i didnt wanna lose it because ii tought it is cool
Wex0r (EUW)
: Yep did not take long , you want some sort of counter to Yasuo that is actually pretty similar.
How is similar,this one uses energy,has one effect on his passive that gives him 0 shield's, was ment to be an assassins has almost 0 escape as an assassin and is just a suicide champ that is ment to be fun to play and easy to destroy also has no crit in his entire kit and he is ment to spam abilities and i also agreed with the community to modify him as they want.
Wex0r (EUW)
: already have Yasuo dont need more of these champs.
Did you even read the whole post?
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: There is no board called 'suggestions'. Instead, you can post in the boards related to your suggestion the most.
That is weird i remember there was a board „Suggestions & Bug Reports” or something like that but i guess that there isn't anymore so thanks for the info.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Because they were used to the old IP system that gave them a tiny amount of IP per game instead of the current system that just gives you it all in one go each level
Wow dude chill i just made some suggestion go on and say what you think about them ok
Cypherous (EUW)
: Who isn't getting BE? You gain it when you level up and you end up earning pretty much the same as you did in terms of IP, you just get it all in one go instead of drop by drop
People complain that you don't get BE as drop after a game don't ask me why
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Djedo (EUNE)
: Unsolvable problem, after 7 long seasons
You realize that if you ban every feeder you will ban half of the community right
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