Modifi (EUW)
: Some random bugs I experience all the time...
: Nosebleed
Have to be carefull with it, It looks like you are showing symptoms of HPD. Drinks lots of liquids, Tea, rest and relax. time will heal! If you don't start feeling much better within a few days, seek medical assistance.
ChefSauce (EUW)
: It bugged out, tried to restart but it wouldn't open. After restarting the PC it worked again.
Yea i managed to log in after restarting ; )
Gerbster (EUW)
: I'm stuck in a game atm and can't get out.
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Kurbads (EUW)
: League: Champion mastery level count from 0
Im pretty sure it is from 0. Unless you played atleast one game with that champ then it goes to lvl 1.
NeoEñvý (EUW)
: What Game's to play when to take a break from League
I play Gta V Need for speed payback The witcher 3 Batman arkham knight
Modifi (EUW)
: Some random bugs I experience all the time...
Modifi (EUW)
: Some random bugs I experience all the time...
: You should see my some of my chat logs if you want toxicity. Or look at people who are features in the 'infamous league players' series by League Recap if you want toxic
Lols i can imagine what sort of people are out there. But still you don't know anything about my situation or the 'chat logs' you special snowflake.
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: Holy moly, I just realized how much gold you get with shut downs oO Unstoppable gives 600 gold to my enemy? That's a lot! That's like two kills. Legendary shut down gives over 700 gold, lol. To one person. Guess when I'm 9-0 on LeBlanc and get killed by the wrong person the game is done xD Better go feed a random kill to enemy support every now and then xD
Idk if its smart at any point of the game to freely suicide and give the support insane amount of gold. Only to the _possibility that the wrong person_ might kill you.
: When it was first introduced in 2016 or so it was some symbol left of the health bar iirc, don't know if that's still a thing.
Yea i remember something, but i really didnt pay attention coz it was teamgold and it mostly didnt matter. I think it matters a bit more now : ) Would be nicer to focus if someone had 3 kills in a row recently than focusing someone who had 2 and zero bounty ;d
: same here, got a undeserved 10 game chat restriction (got reported alot of times by toxic people just for playing the game and playing well in 3 v 3) now i have honor level 1 and locked, down from level 2 checkpoint 3... thats just beyond unfair to me. there was one game that really makes me angry, i was shadow assassin kayn, my team was maokai and leblanc vs a shyvanna (the other 2 enemies dont matter) i got fed, played really well and kept 1 shotting them,but it just wasn't enough to end because my teammates both played really bad but i didn't flame them at all, at one point, the duo que teammates just both type in all chat "report kayn pls", the shyvanna flamed me all game cause i kept killing her and instantly replied "yes sure" with one other enemy so i asked them why and they said because i steal farm, and there goes 4 reports for me just for playing the game, its so sad honestly. you should not lose all your honor without a warning by a automated system, its just no fair. if it would atleast only take down your honor by 1 checkpoint after the chat restriction is over and than lock it if you get banned again, but instead it just ruins the entire fun i had with playing league for me, great.
Yea its insane, I've decided to simply talk less. The game can be less fun and more abusive. Like people flame you call you ''reitard'' etc, but you cant say anything because pretty much you'll get punished. But yea now from level 1 checkpoint 0. It took me almost 3 months to get to level 2 checkpoint 1. Idk im keeping perfect behaviour, If i dont get honor 5 i think ill quit this abusive game.
Kioshek (EUNE)
: "Too fast!"
Idk its very limiting lmao, i think voting up or down also restricts you from commenting for a while too lmao.
MarcoDeff (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Modifi,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=VnenIA6p,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-16T03:15:28.184+0000) > > I want yasuo 10 gemstone skin! Have you told your parents yet? :( (jk)
Nah i've been saving them ever since hextech items chest came out (like 2 years idk) And i got 7/10 gems. : ) would like a sweet exclusive skin that someone would rarely have. But idk some of these 10 gem skins just look like 'meh' 975 rp skin lol
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MarcoDeff (EUW)
: List of Champions you wish to have a new skin
I want yasuo 10 gemstone skin!
Strigina (EUNE)
: Was she flaming in all chat or only in your team chat? Because if someone would ask me to report an enemy who was only flaming in team chat I would as well be pretty confused why should I report him and might assume he blames him for his loss. And there is no way I would report someone for flame I didn't even see because it wasn't in the all chat. Not to mention one report do the same thing as nine reports so asking for reports is useless and, under certain circumstances, can be considered reportable offense as well.
Flaming in game, flaming on chat. Enemies were trolling. Doesnt matter anymore, its one game alongside hundreds, the details doesn't matter here in my one example. What im saying is people have this logic. Being good is okay to flame someone with worse kda. In their heads it seems justified.
: Hey can someone review my pretty please
You are bad with talon and annie. You are good with jinx Mid is not for you. You're good as adc Final Verdict; You need to focus on teamwork and communication, then you will get challenger.
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JullieLemon (EUNE)
: will pyke have its event on release ?
Im 50% sure there will be, events rewards, new cool champ Good way to earn rewards without any rp, and good way for riot to make money. 2 weeks later the new champ will be nerfed and all will be forgotten ; )
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > Just wanna add, that probably 80% of league community suffers from this syndrome It's not a syndrome, it's called "self-serving bias", the general human tendency to attribute success to own abilities and failure to external factors (like other people). And 100% of all humans have this, it's a normal function of our brain that, in simple terms, protects us from getting mad. Luckily this does not necessarily mean that we all constantly act like this, after all our behavior is also influenced by a lot of other factors. In this case for example stuff like empathy, the will to be a decent person, manners, respect, fear of punishment ect. That's why the vast majority of players usually do not behave this way. The fact that you have 10 players in every match just makes it 10 times likelier you meet someone who shows this behavior. Just because the majority of matches are affected by this this doesn't mean that the majority of players are like this. Your 80% are waaaaay too high. If you don't believe me, I recommend you get a pen and paper and actually write down how many people truly misbehave in your matches in the next few weeks. Unless you provoke them, you will get something like 5-10%, not 80%.
Haha im not using real statistics, just saying from my experience But yea sometimes im having a nice game 10/0 perfect score. Team all friendly (but you know that if it was 0/10 score they would curse on you to kill yourself and your family to get cancer) kinda sad, whats the word im looking for? Scavengers? scum? weasel? animal weasel? help me out here
Shukr4n (EUW)
: > At the end lobby someone said 'report lulu' for what reason someone would call a report , moreover when it seems to be asked to other team? one report already trigger system. and toxicity in team-chat is not read by other team..
One bad game i had, one example i have, thousand times a situation like this. Main focus is the title of this topic. Do you think its okay to justify flamers and toxic behaviour if you have good kda? Its okay to flame someone with worse kda? Personally i dont get this logic. I ussualy go 10/2/8 kda and cross my fingers that my team doesnt afk. I never flame a bad player. Its solo que. 1. random people 2. you will never meet them again. 3. WHy flame why spread evil. Thats my logic
: Hardly toxic, if you are getting wound up you're just a special snoflake
Hardly toxic? what are you talking about?
: You just witnessed how humans work. For all general purposes, you could be the devil, but for as long as people look up to you / they get their share, you could do whatever you want. Someone claimed he'll troll in game from champ select and locked in Teemo. Turns out we're winning. I say "Report Teemo, he threatened to troll.", at which point, the kids in the team are like "haha shut up you scrub, so what?". Awesome. I come up to you, pull up the gun to your head and say I'll take you down with me, but along the way I won the lottery and things are looking up for me and I immediately start donating money, suddenly, I don't wanna kill you anymore and I'm a good person. Should I still not get jail time for attempted murder? Am I now a good person, all out of sudden, because the context changed? **No. I'm just a parasite.** Nothing you can do, humans are extremely flawed when it comes to objective thinking. Try to picture them as a salivating hyena that acts fully based on impulse. That's what humans are, without any filter, without sugar-coating it. When you start to understand this, there's only one thing to do: /fullmute all at the beginning of each game. Report the other 9 people every game, they almost certainly are toxic.
Nice poetry xD. Im over it now, just one bad game alongside hundreds that i've had in the past. Simply nothing we can do, just like evil people exist.
Shrewdo (EUW)
: The problem is not from the toxic player, you can have a bad game its correct but how? by keep doing the same mistakes? of course you will be flammed if you dont listen to your team, someone is losing lane 0/3 and he still pushing his lane and trying to fight and feeding more, if you are feeding you think you should have been aplauded by your team mates? no of course you will be flammed. When they ping you to recall u dont recall you just keep waiting for that last minion to kill or the wave. you cannot have a bad game but you can find excuses saying everyone can have a bad match, its bad matche when you dont use ur brain, i used tor ecall 3 times in 6 mins as adc losing farm instead of giving kills then i carry game late. i'm toxic and proud.
Dam so u think its okay to flame if someone has bad stats? Daym so 50% of the time u get flamed? lmao and its okay in your logic
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Gottlike (EUW)
: Why do I have 7 icons?
Yea i wonder if this season we will get 3 icons for individual que as well. I'll probs try treeline this year but idk how hard it will be to get diamond there hmm.. don't wanna break my diamond icon streak xD
Radastaf (EUW)
: Games that are close because both teams respect the other team's damage, meaning the games are close for a genuine reason instead of both teams taking turns in throwing. Winning a 45+min game like that, I feel like I'm on top of the world.
Yea i like to win 45 min games too, when both teams had a chance of winning. I hate when game ends early because of a huge stomp, can feel very unfair sometimes.
: To 100 - 0 the enemy jungler when im fed on khazix.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Modifi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=2HbhIJEg,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-05-09T12:55:40.979+0000) > Its basically dont talk or you will get punished. I wholly agree with this! But yes, as VLNC Cyanide said, you CAN mistype k.y.s. in some context, it can happen in your own language as a typo, it can be even a word in some European language! But by saying it you automatically get filtered as a 0 tolerance player and someone tilted enough can get you banned. The support team member told me that I should /mute all in game or even delete the chat window completely to save myself in the future. That seems a very good idea to be reported in every single match because of feed/refusing to communicate with team because you have no way to communicate with them. That's just pouing gasoline for the trolls to feed. They should create new way to deal with the trolls. I play the game and report players for game issues, like int feeding, refusal to communicate or teamfight or assisting enemy team. I am not reporting 13 year olds who are calling me dumb or "fu.k u mom".{{champion:103}}
I completely understand you. But you need to realise this the sooner the better. Riot is a private company and they can do whatever the heck they want. There is no free speech. If you say certain 'keywords' you will get punished. They do not care or give a tiniest crap about the context of your situation. I am saying this because i too have been punished for a silly thing. And now i just avoid typing any of these 'keywords', the result; not a very fun game. But what can we do? idk whats the solution?
RemZero22 (EUW)
: my only problem would be the fact she gets banned so much now{{sticker:sg-janna}} (in my elo) i have to play Blind pick(so ez to get S on this gamemode){{sticker:sg-lux}}
xD, daym I dont see her banned often tho. Idk everyone is banning yi here. Just insane how he can 1v5 carry game sometimes and nothing you can do. At Least with lux you can almost always kill her if you focus and assassinate her.
RemZero22 (EUW)
: She is sooo strong now in my opinion but her w did deserve a buff it was literally useless as it didn't shield much damage {{champion:99}}
Idk the 'w' wasnt completely useless, but nowhere near as effective as say instant karma speed buff + shield. But now its just better. But yea shes getting really strong, can still be super easily killed by the likes of yasuo etc. But now i'd rather pick lux than velkoz for example ; )
: Play just for 1LP? RIOT
Yea i feel your pain lmao. Its like if i end up anywhere in the 95+lp region its like dam one game... (and yea if its a loss then..) But then again if you win at 99lp and then win 2 more games. your lp gains will be significantly bigger than if you had 80lp then did 1 win 1 loss 1 win again. If you know what I mean.
Shiwah (EUW)
: On the other hand, forgetting something means also losing everything else associated with it, and you can't even realize it. Imagine if you met this very good friend in LoL. By forgetting you played LoL, you would also forget about this friend, and the good times with them. Wouldn't that mean that you lost a piece of your life? And the saddest part is that you wouldn't even realize it, like the female lead of the movie... while the male lead watches and despairs because every time, he must do the same things all over again. But if you want to do LoL all over again, does it mean you're currently not enjoying it at all? That's the vibe I get, and why I mentioned you can choose not to play it.
Well yea its a double edge sword. The benefits are very little lmao. As a movie it's alright, but in reality it would be just a hard life. I do enjoy league and probably too much so that im level 136 already. noone in my 100+ friendlist is even close like 30 lvls behind. I just enjoy it too much and play it all the time.
perenold (EUNE)
: Trolls in champion select
Idk i feel like sometimes i wait 15 mins for que, keep getting decent teams good comps. Then someone dodges (probably enemy) Then 25 mins later i get some troll in my team and im like 'dam might as well play today' And then we lose. -20lp Idk i wish if 4 people voted in lobby they could kick the troll. But then again this could be heavily abused.
RemZero22 (EUW)
: I want to change my summoner name to something that refers to Lux anyone know anything i could put?
On the topic of lux, idk why she keeps getting buffed every single patch. Its gonna become a meme soon. She wasn't the weakest champ at all. Anyway i really want her lunar skin, i got the icon and didnt realise the skin was legacy lmao! Try something Lux lazer like idk try combining her word with a thing you like
Shiwah (EUW)
: Well, I *am* communicating on the fictional basis that memory erasure is a thing. Hence my question about why you would want to forget about having played the game, so you can enjoy it anew. Memory loss, however, is not fictional. I wonder if you would enjoy LoL if you were to be constantly told how you used to be better than that?
Well I remember this old movie '50 first dates' really funny, every day the girl would forget the last 24h. And she would watch her favourite movie every day, and enjoy it so much watching the same movie every day xD.
Shiwah (EUW)
: Mh, well, you want to forget about playing LoL so you can enjoy it anew. But you'd run the risk of forgetting about LoL altogether, and never start playing it again. Besides, why would you want to throw away all the good memories you made with it, and the accumulated experience?
- Memory is something that can't be erased, it's a fictional off-topic post. I'd like to communicate with people who share my passion for this game. Not some snarky useless comments of yours..
Shiwah (EUW)
: I am sensing some anger issues. Why are you so aggressive? Whether you love the game or not, it should never be so life consuming that you can only enjoy it by forgetting about its existence.
Why would i want to forget about its existence if i want to play it Lmao..
Shiwah (EUW)
: Or, well, you have the choice not to play it o.o
I am sensing some anger issues. Why are you so negative? If you don't share my passion for this game no need to discourage me from playing it.
: League Client
I don't notice much of a difference. So i go by the rule of ''why fix something what's not broken'' But i guess this new client lets rito add more new features. So i guess ''new is always better''.
ModeFruit (EUW)
: I can smell your sarcasm from soviet russia
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: My feedback about suspension
You know what, I used to feel sympathetic before. But now im glad you got suspended you freakin deserve it : ) I also played league for 4 years and had never been punished. I defended a teammate from flame. Called the toxic player 'scum' and got 10 chat restricts... I mean i dont care about this community anymore maybe im just too tilted. Its basically dont talk or you will get punished. I am sad about this game these days. Mainly coz of chat reasons. or trollers or afkers. The game is great, The community is rotten. Riot is trying to improve? idk if its working for someone?
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: she still suffers from the same problem of being easly kited. as well as having only 2 abilities
like any other melee fighter
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