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JakiStow (EUW)
: *cry* *whine* You never listens to the community Rito ! *whine more*
I myself feel that dynamic queue... It's not bad. But it needs improvements, yet people need to understand that acting like spoilt children and overall rly bitchy towards Riot isn't gonna make them want to listen. People really need to chill and I feel the best way to handle dynamic queue is by compromise.
Gamod (EUW)
: Its sad, but this is the true reality of many players out there... playing against smurfs, this new season 6 team based games matchmaking and dynamic queue pushed many players down the league...and out of frustration many people are quitting the game... Eloboosting sucks but most of people want the season reward and they struggle to have it... now with this dynamic queue it's even harder as we have everyone taking their champ and their fav lane.... Let me pick what "Ghostcraler" said... about smurfing.... and let me pick the elo booster subject: "Ghostcrawler: Sometimes players are smurfing because they are trying to accomplish something that League isn’t offering" ------------------------------------------ - Exactly, like for example if they don't want to compete and climb the ladder (MMR) to be in the challenger/diamond/master/plat league and just want to play for fun and have the sense of achieving something somehow, such as reach "GOLD" to get the "gold skin" reward and "complete" the season happily... but most players have a hard time, they struggle and then they quit,..coozz... Since it is so complicated to reach or maintain the gold league at the casual level as the more games you play the harder it gets, then it's normal such players out of frustration quit the game or create new accounts OR hire someone else to play on their account... spend lots of $ to put some diamond players to reach gold for them... its wasted money as this money could be used in the game itself.. to buy skins, etc..... I don't understand why the WIN weights the same as a LOSS... maybe this should be like this after reaching GOLD, for all the PLAT, DIAMOND, MASTERS out there... but for the casual amateur players the WIN should feel more rewarding and the loss less punishing... otherwise they will leave the game because they are never able to reach their "goal" of getting the season reward... its sad, but I have so many friends that got so frustrated, by finishing seasons in Silver 1... never getting the gold reward... and afterwards leaving the game.. now they are playing HoTS.... its sad... because League is such a nice game... I just wish it wasn't made only for the big smurfs... we shouldn't need to pay someone to get a gold skin season reward... we shouldn't have the need to create new accounts to get a stupid reward or get into gold.... the first 3 leagues should reward more the WINS, after league 3, the PLAT should then be the actual WIN LOSS rewarding system... more punishing and challenging..... 1. Bronze 2. Silver 3. Gold -----> one group 4. Plat 5. Diamond 6. Master ---> second group 7. Challenger ---> third group In the first group the win should be 3x more than a loss, in the second level 2times more, and I the 3rd level, equal. If I have a win ratio of 50%, win, lose, win, lose, I should be able to reach GOLD quickly and not get locked in a league (bronze, gold) that I don't receive the "season skin reward"... which is frustrating and boring. RIOT needs to improve this... this is the only way to clean many smurfs from league... especially the ones that are earning lots of $ by having the service of climbing to reach gold for someone else... playing at the levels of challenger or diamond... in a silver league... OR why not a real league, for example, in a real sport we dont lose points we just earn and the top teams or players pass to the next div if they reach a certain number of points vs the other players within the same league... if RIOT wants to make progression a little more fun, we should have a more fair method of playing... based in the level of the league we are in... why continue playing league with a single account, as more wins we have the harder it gets because we are matched with people that also played more or less the same number of games, so it turns at some point to a "gold" play style in a bronze or silver league... as everyone is playing more or less around the same level... and if your win is worth as much as a loss, whats the sense of league or progression in this system? It feels more frustrating, boring, demotivating and motivates people to create more accounts to start from 0.... The game should feel rewarding, the main reward is by the end of season 6 the gold skin and the ward skin... many of my friends quit the game because their main goal was to come home , go ranked, give everything they got, they had already 2000 games, and you are matched with people that has 2000 games... so you get stuck in a league forever... and they had to pay someone to get to gold for the sake of the season reward... believe me, most of the people that stop at gold only wants the season reward to have the sense of accomplishment ...if you play the game for playing, then you could just come to play once a month and that's it... when you play a story mode game you wan to see the ending, when go multiplayer, u want to have fun with your friends, but when they're not there you get tired and leave... league of legends has this season reward and all my friends dont want to reach plat or diamond or master, because they have a life, they have a job, they play other games, they play league at the casual level... but they want the season reward, its the only reward he game has to offer... it should be easier to reach in therms of points earned by each Victory... and not as punishing as it is. If you have 50% in your school exam, you pass, but if you have 50% win loss win loss win ratio in league, you are a loser stucked in that league forever... doomed to quit because in the end you are that loser that never really got any season reward.... or you pay a smurf..... to get that for you If you make it impossible to be achieved by playing the game on a daily basis because you are competing with diamonds and master league players in a bronze and silver league because they are paid by other bronze and silver players to help them reach gold for the reward then its stupid and frustrating. These are players that have plenty of time to dedicate to the game, then its not fun for the people that really enjoy the game at a casual level. Imagine that you had few months to achieve something that it's not favorable to everyone to achieve... and then you don't achieve it. How do you think the "losers" will feel? If those achievements could be achieved during no time limits like most achievements in games, then I would unlock it... but we have few months to achieve it, and it is hard, especially this season that everyone takes their best champ, picks their best lane and then sometimes you still have to deal with diamonds and masters... It's sad to hear in game, " I am a smurf, I am just leveling to gold"... but this because the game is made to think only about the ranked system for 1 type of players, for people that play at the diamond and master level... Do I need to play like a Diamond to be able to reach Gold? Coz this season 6 it's just how I feel... and many ppl out there that quit the game... and if they quit the game, they lose their interest in watching esports,following the game news, checking the new skins, spending money in game and buying merch... RIOT really needs to think that a gold skin is a gold skin and should be more a reward to everyone instead of something that its so hard to get due to high elo players or just because the win ratio is around 50% and you get stuck in a league forever... I know the >=gold players wont understand these arguments but this is how the majority of league of legends players (the players in non qualified, bronze, silver) feel by the end of season... some players are even afraid to go ranked because they dont want to feel like losers... and the ranked game as it is, is only made for the high elo players as they are the ones taking advantage of it even at the low elo... If the difficulty to reach GOLD would decrease to everyone in the low elo, I am sure we would have a decrease in SMURF's as the game itself would be more "fair" and rewarding to everyone... it would motivate the pro players to play in their league most of the time and it would be rewarding for the casual people that only play for the reward of the gold skin and be happy by the end of season to show off it... RIOT should really think about those 2 types of players, and do everything to keep the casual player because as the pro player he is also the one watching esports, the world championship, fan,etc... if they get frustrated and pushed back due to the famous "elo hell" and smurf invasion... the hate and frustration may pushed them away from the game... I wish all my friends would be playing this game... but they all gave up because they were bronze and silvers even when they tried so hard and they win ratio was between 52-56%... (does it make sense to have such win ratio and stay in the same league forever? in my opinion, it doesnt... Please riot, fix it, come with a better solution... give more opportunity of the low elo to reach gold... at least gold, for the reward...) {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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House x33 (EUW)
: Does the system...
I would think it does but I'm not entirely sure. If they trolled then that should be proof enough anyway.
: i care about the splashart more than i care about the skin in game xD Imagination is everything !! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Don't worry. Nidalee and imagination go hand in hand. ;)
I can't wait to see someone buy one of her out-dated skins, like if Leopard gets put on the store. They'll be like "oh wow this splash looks amazing I bet the skin is... Oh."
: I lost my way.
This one time there was someone trying to sass me up. Like, they were so rude for no reason because I although I had minus stats, I had the least amount of deaths on our team. I tend to type things in the chat and delete them when I'm angry because let's be honest there's nothing to game from flaming. This one time I hit enter and they were silent for the rest of the game. The point is: ~~Flame people who flame and they'll stfu.~~ Stay in school kids.
serifwolf20 (EUNE)
: New account, 9-1 promos and silver 1? is this a bug?
I won 9 out of 10 and I got put in Bronze 5... I don't know how to feel right now.
: First Time Kayle Devourer Jungle. Carries 4v5 Plat Elo.
Kayle has been my main for months and I see her slowly creeping back into the meta, and idk how I feel about that, I used to feel special about having a non-meta main and being good with a non-meta champion and but if Kayle rises to popularity up with those like Vi and Riven I'd be just like everyone else, which doesn't make me feel special anymore.
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: [Halloween idea] Rise of the UNDEAD
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: looks really cool
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DusanN00 (EUNE)
: What champion you got on mistery
{{champion:421}} The she devil.
: New map for league of legends
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: What does your desktop look like?
: I'm losing all patience.
I actually did not know that, thank you very much.
: I'm losing all patience.
Just found the icing on the cake. The game I just *finished* and exited to come on to the website says I need to reconnect. This was the game I took all the pictures on. I'm irate.
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: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
Because she's single and I like that :D : -Ghost Bride Morgana Who doesn't like flying news reporters? : -Forecast Janna I just like this one, it's pretty. :O : -Haunted Zyra Meh, not the end of the world if you don't pick me. *morphs into pigeon and flies away.
: I need a Summoner Name
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: URF is over
{{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:134}}
: This is a great idea. I love {{champion:89}} . I think if {{champion:131}} had one too, that would be pretty amazing.
Diana could have the opposite to a dragon slayer skin. Aren't the Dragon trainer skins a thing? If so that's what Diana's should be, yet it holds a very similar architect (idk if you'd use that word for armour) to Leona's but has a different culture to it. Like the two halves of summonses rift. This could further show how opposite the two are from each other.
: [Champion Suggestion] Chopal, the Forsaken Monk
Oh! She could have gone on a sort of pilgrimage or something which led her to the Yorlde's territory (I don't remember the name of the place) where she meets Ziggs and Rumble and befriends them but Rumble steals something (idk just grasping at straws) and they then become enemies, by like in that annoying little brother kind of way.
Dame (EUW)
: More like 80%.
Not everyone is a flamer dude. And yes I'm sure some flamers do have hearts.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Ideas for a new Syndra skin
All good ideas. I'd buy Elemental Syndra easy.
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Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
This is a rly good idea. Holy sheit.
: Custom Game Mode Idea - Super Global
So would everyone's skill shots be like Ashe's or Jinx's ultimate? Sounds like it'd be tricky.
bihke (EUNE)
: New champion update thoughts?
Aniva. She seems to be really outdated now.
Zoetay (EUW)
: LoL Modes
I think we should leave Xmas games specifically for Xmas, but that's a really good idea.
: Soul Reaver Talon
That's really awesome.
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: I am speechless
He's truly... *takes nasally breath* truly... *takes nasally breath* outrageous. {{champion:44}} (Taric in a nutshell)
: This is the worst Varus skin EVER! :D
How can you not love it.
: Can we please have a place for ARAM players :(
: Multiple Skins in game
Seems like a good idea, but I just like to stick with one per game and maybe switch it in another game.
Fz Aurora (EUW)
: Diana Guide Season 5
Usually with Diana I build full ap and spam abilities. That usually works.
PsyKzz (EUW)
We're still in mourning. Please we can't.

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