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: EUW Down?
welcome to EUW :\
: I just got dropped from a game
: my 6.9 impressions
What pisses me off about malzahar is that they just went like: "This is how you HAVE to play the champ", want to do anything else? Good luck with that, you now are a wave clear, split pusher. Done
Migs (EUW)
: How can this be allowed to continue?
Because their system is automatic and it's easy to ban or punish 'negative attitude' (which is intentionally left ambiguous) by flagging some keywords, but when it comes to intentionally feeding without, like you said yourself, comments pointing that out, their system falls flat, as well as their fantastic claim that they check every punishment personally (math doesn't even check out on that one), because that'd imply this: Assuming he'd get quite a fair share of reports, which he would. - He got flagged by the system but has no other data to back up whether or not it was legit, so no action was taken, meaning there was no human verification. - He got flagged by the system and awaits human verification, which is taking extremely long because they lack the manpower to do better, which kind of begs the question of how it works in the chat restriction mode, since that mode ISN'T automatic :pokerface: - He didn't get flagged by the system, meaning the reports he got weren't worth the needed threshold, which would imply that people's spam report made the system so diluded that it will fail to punish those who really need it Just my 2 cents
: Match disappeared
Glad to see RIOT has ignored this
: The new HUD looks quite good. The problem with it is that the omportand information is spread out nad the focus has been moved too the things that matter less. an example is the usage of coulers for the information box when i click on an enemy champion. the numbers are highlighted while the items are pickured way too small.
That (among other things) is why it isn't good. I don't want fancy animations to prevail at the cost of gameplay and usefullness. That's like those 12 year old girl who love Beaver even though he sucks as a person and "singer" but is "pretty". Just another step in the wrong direction, tons of things need improvement, HUD wasn't one of them, it definetly is now though I swear to god I love the game but I couldn't hate the company more, Riot disapoints and fails over and over again, worst support, worst measures, worst assistance, etc etc etc, they have a good game and make everything around it so bad it's bittersweet to even play it. :\
: Because the bad aspects of the new HUD overweigh the good ones. Champion Death timers. Cool. Though, not really, because there is and had always been a perfectly designed TAB Menu which is additionaly almost transparent to check those things. Champion Stats. You had the important ones, like AD, AP, Armor, MR, Attackspeed, Movement Speed in the bottom left corner. If you needed to know your Magic Pen. / Armor Pen. you simply pressed C, which opened another almost perfectly designed Menu. Now it is small as fuck, in a weird position to look at, and you have to figure out what those symbols are supposed to mean. Cool. Not. Blinky LED-Effects on your Abilities. Seriously, who needs those shiny additions. Whenever you level up, those Animations just blow over your whole screen. When you use an ability like Riven's Q, it will flash up. If you don't have enough mana, it suddenly grays out. On the other hand, if it goes on Cooldown, there is this blue circle. All of that combined just makes up an extreme amount of colours and contrast. Stats, Map, Champion Buffs / Debuffs. All of those pushed into a corner, when i want to check my CS / KDA i see the Map now. When i want to check my Buff duration, i see the Minimap. When i want to see the Minimap, i see some weird mix of almost the same colours. What i've noticed: I don't know anymore whether i am alive or not, because of the new colours of everything. I try to move and then i realize i am still dead. The Champion icon. In the middle of my Screen. Implemented in the part of a HUD, that is supposed to be compact, but is about twice as big as the old one on smallest settings. I always see this when i check my cooldowns, which also distracts me a lot. Now, you may wonder: What is your problem? Problem is; i am a multitasker. When CSing, i not only focus on that one Creep, i focus on my Lane opponent and also on the map and my own Minions, trying to catch my opponent off-guard when he is trying to CS. But i now fail to do that since i can't ignore information. And all the colour changes cause an overflow of different important and non-important information. This way the HUD distracts me even from CSing. Now, i don't know about your playstyle, since i never played with you. I also don't know if my colleague in plat-diamond feel the same way. What i do know though, is that Bronze players tend to tunnel-vision, mostly because they don't multi-task as much. Resulting in losing CS very often. I do know that you are silver 4, and lower Silver players also often still have that playstyle (i had it myself, Season 3 I started off in Bronze 2). I have also noticed that many of the people, that are fine with the HUD changes, are below Gold. I am not saying that you are bad. I am also not saying that you tunnel vision, again, i don't know your playstyle. But think about others playing this game differently, and that even "minor" factors can make a big difference. But please. Don't complain about people overreacting if you neither know their playstyle or mindset. And maybe stop with the sarcasm in a discussion where people's mindsets matter. For me, This HUD alone changes the game completely. It is not even fun anymore. Even though i'm in my Plat 1 Promos, i don't want to play, because the new settings mess up the old HUD, resulting in my screen being covered up to 50% on smallest settings. So i can't even see my own champion sometimes. This may be a huge-ass comment, but maybe this will get you to think about it.


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