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: This is freakin stupid!
I recommend to a) check your internet connection / anti virus software b) check if ports are blocked by your firewall c) terminate lol client & restart it Greetings & Good luck AMartinNo1
: try opening it as administrator or check your check your antivirus as well .....
If this does not work I recommend a) a reboot and b) re-install. Greetings & Good luck AMartinNo1
Smerk (EUW)
: Either I don't understand what you want or your idea has no sense. What's the point in putting two identical pages together? Just delete one of them
If you have a lot of masteries it may happen that some has the same built but you don't notice they have the same. He would like to have a function that compares every mastery built and in case of a duplicate the summoner gets an information and decide what should happen with these.
: [Suggestion] Masterie Checker
Well, didn't had that today but within last days. Would be nice as it increases the overview.
xKiritoPT (EUW)
Lol, that sucks though it's realistic. Basically this is a thing that can be grabbed, too. Anyway, hope that will be changed. Regards, AMartinNo1
Carobou (EUW)
: There is such a message when you login after the update. At least, I had one saying that my masteries were reseted and offered to redo them right now so... I don't think I should be the only one who had this message, right?
**After the todays (13.11.2015) update install I've been informed via a pop up about that.** Well, then I should take a more detailed look on each update interface. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Resize
For some reason this just worked on one of my screens. On the other it was buggy no matter how much I resize.
: There is one. Its called: brain.
Not everyone is checking out LoL news. There're a lot of summoners out there who just log in from time to time and play their games. It's not that dififcult to display a message on first login anyway. So, I highly approve such a reminder.
: my last game (maybe ever)
Try an operation system reboot. Maybe you are lucky and It's local bug :P
: Yeah, well, fck...
Well, this indeed sucks :D Would be nice if players who disconnected within last 5(?) minutes would be prefered in the login queue.
MiIIer (EUW)
: Ranked rewards based on the end of season rank, a time where it is hardest to make progress.
> It seems silly that there are people who might not even be of gold standard but either got lucky or straight up boosted right at the end of the season and will get their skin Boosting can happen in any time during a season. However, I would prefer if the amount of games one played in a certain division would be used as reference.
Draco351 (EUW)
: Official League of Legends app for Windows 10 Mobile
What should be content of the LoL Mobile App?
: While this is a Good idea, this is a Limited understanding of what coaches do. They don't just help you with Champions, but also Macro play/decisions and ''Mental focus'' Among many other things. Most professionals have openly stated that decisions have more impact on League even more so then Mechanics. So there are many Silver players with amazing Mechanics, but very poor understanding of Comps and Win conditions and really their own role in the game. Some times their own ''attitude'' is something a Coach helps them overcome, also he encourages them to view things different and accurately analyzes their flaws. Dedication is another factor, Good coaches give you a Accurate schedule that improves the areas you need, while also keeping you focused on doing it. I think system could teach Mechanics, but it wouldn't Solve the other problems that coaches deal with.
You state some important points. Next to ping mechanism a private chat between both could be added as well.
7shelliot (EUW)
: Freezing Minions !!!
Have you checked your internet connection and how many other programmes do you usually have running while playing LoL? Further what kind of programmes? Check if they use your internet connection, too. There are many reasons for your issue. Above checks can help you identifying the cause. Greetings AMartinNo1
Myobi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LickMyFishstick,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=EddfM3eU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-20T22:15:15.692+0000) > > Hey > Thought about simply not typing in chat? Oh my god! No, never! How could such thing never have crossed my mind! Thank you! Sigh ~ Have you though that not everyone is alike? That might actually be hard for some people to simply ignore certain situations?
If one can't shut up it's her/his fault. Even if Riot would implement such a feature if you really can't ignore a certain situation you would be able to activate it again and start insulting. I don't know much about the punishment policy but just for saying "Great, a nida 8/1 at 15min, stop feeding, just ward your lanes and play defensive guys" I am pretty sure one does not receive a punishment. There had to be more bad words fallen in games. Greetings AMartinNo1
: Maybe people would buy more RP more often but less (in value) and cash in with each other ^^
That's why I suggested in my last paragraph to check if it's worth it.
Ebola Chwan (EUNE)
: Or RIOT will let all of them buy new RPs to have profit, yay ^^
People who buy riot points do it in any case - wether they've 0 RP, 10 RP or 12323 RP. The benefit of the mentioned feature is that it is a gift and as you may know gifts are appreciate in social communities and LoL has a community which should be social. However, Riot does not earn real cash directly with that feature but it could lead people to buy RP because they implement features they does not earn real cash directly. I hope you got what I mean :) Long story short meaning: I like it and it would be great if Riot checks if the time to develop such a feature is worth it.
: Can we make it back to the time were we could carry a 1 vs 9?
It's supposed to be a team game, so hell no :o
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Never mind I fixed it, sadly I don't know how, I just reinstalled twice until it worked.
Actually this is a legit way to fix issues.
Hondista (EUW)
: Cant go back after crash and attempting to reconnect. FIX THAT
I feel with you, I rarely experience this as well. However, have you tried terminating all lol processes and restart it? Further a computer reboot can help as well. I know all this takes time but at least the chances increases you get back in game. Greetings Monkey D AMarNo1
: Greetings. "Refusing to communicate" is not against the rules. The report function is a placebo, just like the one for "unskilled players". >Since this is much worse than flame (it directly ruin games, while flaming does it indirectly) This does not make sense to me. Not using the chat rarely has a negative effect at all. Flaming however has a huge impact on player and overall team performance.
I partly agree. It surely has rarely a negative effect if one does not use the chat BUT Bauble mentioned there are summoner muting own team from the very beginning and even further don't join fights etc. This does influence the chances to win in most cases - in those it does not it usually means this person would feed only. However, at least team-playing, pushing, muting players from the very beginning of a round should be tracked and considered in a match-look-up. Possibly all this is in a way implemented by the stats you receive after each game (A, B, C, D) already. I don't remember the exact name right now. May someone with in-depth knowledge about above mentioned stats can say sth. about it. Greetings Monkey D AMarNo1
Avet (EUNE)
: Suggestion for ranked matchmaking
I don't think this would help that much. As TORPEDOSHEEP thinks, I don't think such a harsh requirement is necessary. Consider that a good KDA depence partly on the team as well. So, you either have them in normal games or ranked. Your suggestion would move the problem from ranked to normal games. Though it's not that easy but possible. Even if you don't have good players in your team it's possible to rank up anyway. One good habit is to play ranked games with a friend and in case you don't have good players, try to feed them. A player who is fed and unskilled is better than an unfed and skilled player. Greetings AMartinNo1
Gaja32 (EUNE)
Hello Gaja32, I appreciate your idea and agree. As mentioned it could take more time to get into a game. However, two options could be implemented to decrease the waiting time in certain cases: 1. Make a checkbox: "Summoners in promotion only". If checked above idea will be added to the search, otherwise regular search will be executed. 2. During the search for other summoners in promo: After a defined time with no result a pop up appears: "Should we look for summoners who are not in a promotion, too?" This would allow the summoner to decide wether they don't care about the possible longer waiting time. Greetings AMartinNo1
: Make the Custom games more.. customizable?
It would nice as well to define lanes for bots via a dropdown or so, it annoys to define it by list-order.
: Champion Suggestion: Gaia, the earth elemental
Though I am not into the balance champion stuff basically this champion sounds interesting. It reminds me a bit to Malphite. Dunno if it's a good idea regarding balanced champions but one could develop the champion so that both Malphite and Gaia increase the power of each. For example when Malphite (same team) is in the line of the Shockwave the Shockwave damage will be increased by X.
: "Match Found" Closing Shop and etc.
I would love to see this in a future patch.
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gaby1best (EUNE)
: Well, I'm not always playing with friends, so of course I use English to communicate with other players. And the reason for which I can't use Skype or TS all the time is my shitty Internet connection.
I see. The connection must be pretty bad when ts must'nt be opened :o. I feel with ya.
Snowfox (EUW)
: "Wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man" WARD
gaby1best (EUNE)
: It only works if you're duo-ing with someone. What if I'm with 3 other friends?
I hear of /r the first time :o ~~Whatsoever, it should work if you play with three other friend, too. Well, it should but might not in case a project manager said this has to be implemented quickly. Idk. Should be tested.~~ Stroked as of description of /r by GABY1BEST
gaby1best (EUNE)
: >It sounds you don't communicate with non-premades Why does it sound like that? I actually do communicate a lot with everyone in my team. But when I'm with my friends we always joke around and of course we won't be using English as it would be really weird. And I don't want to be forced to use a 3rd party program just to chat with my friends. Like I said, this is a 5 minute work, maybe even less.
It sounds as you said you're chatting in your foreign language. You didn't mention you chat also in english. Btw. why you can't use Skype or TS?
gaby1best (EUNE)
: Special chat for premades
The chat is for communicating with the team or using /all to your opponents, too. if you want to chat without the team you will have to use an external IM or VoIP. A simple way to talk with your premades only is using an existing IM as Facebook or Skype. The software Overwolf brings out of the box an overlaying chat. Read more on their homepage It sounds you don't communicate with non-premades. I don't recommend that as good communication is one key for a successful game!
criberg (EUW)
: LoL on Win10 working for anyone?
: The pentakills i have gotten is in normals and i cant see that can i and if i can where do i see it? And it was some time back to ...
I see. They're missing for normal games. In general I think Riot should extend the statistics. E.g. total statistics, filtered by season and of course your mentioned penta kills. I voted up your post.
Gribblurk (EUNE)
: Why not put Champion Level cap for Ranked Games?
Basically I like the idea but it should rather be a check wether the summoner played like three games normal, co-op or bot only before. The mentioned reason is a good point.
: Penta Kill Comfirmed provides infos as penta kill.
: I did really donate and as a gift I received some coins from Riot. This is not a complaint though, it's more like reporting important issues in a more pro-active way.
That's honorable. Well, your report does not sound like one but a complainment. I suggest to choose another texttype next time, to avoid misunderstandings.
: I donated to Riot and contributed to maintain quality. It's every persons right to complain when quality standards are not met. Slacking servers and laggy gameplay is a total fair and just reason to complain about.
Did you really donated or bought Riot Points? Well, I don't have that much problems - the last one was the login issue two days ago and that was the only one for a long time. Whenever I encounter a problem I report it so Riot knows it and can take a look into it. I mentioned it in another thread already and repeat it again - complex network structures and software cannot be bug free. There are just too many variables - slow broadband connection, bad hardware, a software on client pc that annoys another client or slows down the pc etc. pp. To get back to your complainment. Complaining DOES NOT help on long term. Neither you nor Riot. Instead of complaining and creating sarcasm threads report your problem to Riot with details such as download-mbit/s (real one, not as requested from provider), PC-Hardware, running software during the time when the problem occurs and possibly more. Riot cannot fix a problem if they cannot reproduce it. Last but not least, from time to time I complain as well but it's a bad habit I try to get rid of.
: I'm so fat riot servers can't handle my swag
It's a f2p game which is pretty good. Sure, there are bugs and the server might be better but as long as it's f2p I don't dare to complain about laggs or dcs caused by Riot.
Sýrian (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Monkey D AMarNo1,realm=EUW,application-id=WRrW6N5X,discussion-id=5ErTaWpM,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-07-06T22:44:20.594+0000) > > Sorry for offtopic but I want this cookie even though I can't help you with that issue :( Here is the cookie You want
Thanks alot! delicious!.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120524171041
FilipB (EUW)
: Can i get some feedback please?
_No, noo, nooooooooooooooo, no. Okay. Maybe._ I know this feeling when opponents escape with 1% hp and feel like that :D
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Garoxys (EUW)
: Could we stop complaining about Riot?
Bascially I agree with you but the title and vote options should be changed. The thread title should rather be "Before complaining about Riot, check your device and internet connection". And options like "You're 200% right" and "My computer and internet is fine".
xCillion (EUW)
: might have something to do with this.
Yeah saw this, thanks. A friend of mine is currently logged into EUW-Server. He logged in successfully like 35mins ago.
Sýrian (EUW)
: I got a weird problem
Sorry for offtopic but I want this cookie even though I can't help you with that issue :(
: Rito d/c and unable to log in after I've restarted the client.
I can't login to EUW-Server as well. I tried to repair it using the client-repair function, too.
KrypuZ (EUW)
: SeekerK, im talking about ranked games, not normals. So that "have fun rule" is a bit different for people trying to climb, but ok. Since you talk about that, how can u have fun if u can't leave the base? And your team is still going alone, facechecking, figthing & feednig... FF was created for a reason, why people don't use it!?
One should not diversify between game-types but play as good as possible always. When teammates get in rage and or want to afk/troll etc. pp. try to calm them down and may agree with them even though they're wrong. The chances people calm down increase if you tell them they're right and stay in game. It's a training. 4 vs 5 is more difficult and you possibly learn how to counter/escape from champion X or Y in more dangerous situations. Last but not least don't "try to climb up" - this does not work. Never, with few exceptions! Just play your games, have fun and do your best. Doing this will let you have more fun and less fucked up times.
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savatar2001 (EUNE)
: Things i would like to see in new Tribunal
> Motivate people to bring justice to people: Make them feel like doing job they like for example award people with random prizes every week from ip to mystery champion and skin, but if they do 100 reports I don't think this is a good idea as it's easy to abuse. A lot of people would go and report everyone just to earn the reward. If people should be rewarded the reports has to be reasonable at least - random reports must not count.
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