: Using the word "Classic" almost tricked me into believing that it was from the ACTUAL classic league of legends. You know, before the map update and prior? Haven't also this series been done already if I'm not mistaken? I CAN be wrong on this part but I'm pretty sure I've seen something like this before. Though my mind could be playing tricks on me.
I know the word "Classic" might trick people into thinking its some old stuff but for me i was thinking for a cool name represents my series to use an old formula, By the way my series name has a secret to its meaning, a deep meaning if you can find it then...idk whats the reward is but satisfaction i guess anyway. yea i know it before the map update would be cool if my series was alive at that days but it wouldn't because... if you checked every statement in the description of each episode, especially the last sentence talking about the music used isn't owned by me, because this statement i took it from an old series that i myself was loving to see it again which is "League of Trolls", but i couldn't wait for it since they are abandon it for 4 years now and they are working on their life, so i made this series so i can continue my liking for League of Trolls formula and the amazing appropriate music they used on their clips (also some music from them i used on my clips cuz idk what to think other than that). so yea in short the series that you were thinking that is like my series is "League of Trolls" and in episode 6 of CLASSIC LEGENDS! they responded to me that they liked the series and want me to continue on.
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: You have the answer right there in the description of the item.25 spell dmg plus 25 dmg from the basic hit which is applied to the spell. It's not a bug,think about before posting.
Yea you right i was thinking its a bug but i forgot that about spell damage
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