Ledenia (EUNE)
: There will definitely be NO punishments for him, I assure you. He will keep on playing and ruin the game for everyone. This community is crumbling down and I just wanna eat some popcorn and watch it burn.
Hmm, I might join you- I hope you have a lot of popcorn because I think there may be a few more.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: "We will take a look at your report, and if we think it is necesarry we will take move." Last heard from that case. I do have those names. Support: no action was taken. Adc: no action was taken, (boosted?) gold 3. Jungler: no action was taken, gold 4. Worthy of ban? No, Rito says no.
I have the name, unfortunately it's against the rules though -Sigh- Well I guess you just have to hope that you don't see them again, keep your chin up and the mute button ready. Seems like a pretty poor resolution though.
Bobbinson (EUNE)
: No. Toxicity isn't worth a ban. Mute him , report him so he would get chat restricted but words shouldn't hurt coming from someone you don't know unless you have borderline personality disorder
Well, that's sort of the point of making this discussion. Mute him- Yes. Report him- Yes. But what actually comes of that? He still continues to play without any repercussions from him acting like this. The after match report never has any effect on people. So I doubt it will be long, going by your logic, that he will meet someone that has a personality disorder and it will make an impact.
Söraka (EUNE)
: I know how fun it is to provoke someone, but then don't expect anything positive afterwards. Some people can be just extremely angry, and you can't change that. The best thing you could have done was to mute him, say nothing, and report him afterwards. I am pretty sure you would rage as well if someone was to provoke you (I don't know how hard though). You can't hide this fact. I'm not sure though, but provoking someone could actually get you banned as it is against the Summoner's Code.
I'm not sure what you mean by provoking because no one was provoking him but sure. Think what you will.
: So you are saying that someone who shouts insults at a random stranger doesn't have a personality disorder but someone who is offended does? Weird logic. If you were walking down the road and a random stranger came up to you and shouted that stuff at you, you'd think that was OK would you?
That's about my logic on it. Walking down the street most people would just shrug it off or laugh about it, others may feel pretty sad or intimidated by it.
Söraka (EUNE)
: Naah, the family cancer one it's pretty boring. Flamers needs to update, I'm pretty bored of the same "cancer" insults. To the topic: I don't like the idea of making someone to rage hard, and then to request a punishment. It's like telling your son to eat lots of icecream and then punishing him for getting a cold.
I don't really understand how anyone was making him "rage hard". Because of a mistake by the support taking and then using teleport he decides to all chat caps about the person? Is that "making someone rage" or is that just playing the game with what you have and him raging because of it? The only thing even said to him was telling him to take a breather which I don't see as provoking but ok, think what you may. It's more like telling your son to eat lots of ice-cream then he tells you to "slit your throat", that sort of thing.
: A true gem in this community xD
Indeed. One of the many gems though unfortunately.
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: Once again I will write it down: I played blind and the botlane was same. I wrote something about how we werr mirror, then got a very rude comment from enemy morgana that my mother should die in cancer. I told her that she did and don't be a general flamer. I got response from enemy adc jungle and support that "good you should follow your ///swear/// mother". I am 17 and a girl and that hit me. Call me whatever I cried for the whole game because some retarded kid brought up an emotional scar. Reported all 3, wrote Riot (yes I was that scarred), never punished them.
Sorry to hear it. I think that the fact they are never punished annoys me more than the flame in game.
SantaHunter (EUNE)
: Nah, this is actually funny xD CAPS FLAMERS. If it was stuff like "I hope you and your family die from cancer, you braindead piece of shit mother fucker" than I'd say ban. But this is nice choice of words XD Jk, it deserves punishment, but not a ban. Maybe 50 games CR
I guess it's down to opinion at the end of it. Didn't really bother me but the people I was with didn't seem to take it quite as well. To some people this could seem serious.
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