Zoo (EUW)
: Looking for an ADC Duo who plays consistently well, I play support
I would like to play with you :> but im only online when im called at so having twitter/whats app or so to call me would be great ign as seen -> Jabbah69 If interested write here please :> due to shown reasons
: Hahahahaaaaaa 0.0016 ? check the boards more often Thousands of threads are made from premabanned players ,,, nice joke btw
Only about 100 players flamed that they got a perma ban for flame on the boards this month. and 10.000 out of 30.000.000 are 0.03 % and this year didnt have that much banned for flame....
: It's not "most of their regular players". It's less than 5%. Has been said multiple times here from people who have insight, like Humpelstilzche.
5% get punished (even chat restrictions) 0.0016 are punished with a perma for flame
: can i have my rengo back, fix his Q
He got bonus ad for that when he uses his empowered q... Riot took a bit burst and game him MORE dps way more then he lost dps
: What? Against who? yasuo? maybe but all the other mid laners? god no.
Zed, le blanc , syndra , cassiopea want me to name more :> He is good yeah but he gets bullied(can play safe tho) + everyone has mr and a qss vs him Is -> win
Allisrem2 (EUW)
: nope 100 / 10 mins is not the perfect score. You can look that up at lolwiki. And we talk about "kill participation" and not "Kills", that's not the same at all. And no, you shouldn't have the most kills or the highest kill participation in the game (whatever you meant) as adc. Midlane / jungle should have that from roaming. (best case scenario is midlane most kills, support a ton of assists). Ofc this is meant for the early game, but in those ff20 games you can not have a good kill count or kill participation as ad if your lane was passive. Now, just let me tell you one thing OP: As long as you have more gold and damage dealt to champions compared to your enemy adc, you are doing everything right, and you will climb sooner or later.
Thing is i was gold 1 last season but stopped playing for a bit (mostly unregular) and now i had some problems winning -> some friends said that i was average/below average in these aspects and so i wanted to know if it was true because my goal is high plat~
: Lel, anytime you even get close to the timer farm wise you're doing really well (10 min, 100 cs would be really good, 20 min 200 cs would be even better) Normally golds get like ~65-70 farm at 10 minutes, and you seem to grossly be going over that. If I had seen this post without >some plat friends of mine telling me thats average :| I'd think you were bragging man. That's some proper good farming. And then if you have anywhere near like 60% kill participation, and close to most / 2nd most damage dealt of your team as an ADC you're doing just fine ^^
Thanks :> Here have a cookie Just made some(in reallife was hungry) {{item:2009}}
: thanks here a poro {{summoner:31}}
{{champion:16}} Here get a banana
ProoGracz (EUNE)
: I do consider myself part of the healthy side of our enjoyable community too!
Me 2 get a cookie {{item:2009}}
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omer54463 (EUW)
: Ok, I got your point. Still prefer the new mastery in some cases.
I wont try to force it on you ^^ im just saying unless u have 2+ hypercarries(aside u) its not that worth it
: I feel like 40 seconds is too much, maybe 20 or even 30.. but 40? nah mate.
His q makes that ~15 seconds
omer54463 (EUW)
: For those 2 picks that is correct, but what about stuff that spam abilities from backline (I think its only Ez but think about it) while their bruisers and fighters go in?
He deals more dmg then they do and gets nearly no dmg Onto him ! aka its better because of it being mostly a 2% dmg boost and not tje 2% bonus dmg Taken
Mepodis (EUW)
: Yes, i also learned that it doesnt matter how the adc plays when theres almost 2 entire elos between the supports lol
I have a support main who was gold 5 He played at plat 2 niveau at least(i was plat 2) he never considered playing ranked...
Omnus (EUW)
: From the patch notes: >Attacks on champions gain increasingly more Lifesteal based on your missing health (up to 20%). Half effect vs minions. So attacks vs minions only get up to 10% extra lifesteal. Plus, I heard somewhere that the scaling is non-linear, so it's 1% (0.5% vs minions) at 90% health, 8% (4% vs minions) at 50% health and 20% (10% vs minions) at 40% health. So it's not going to be very noticable for him.
Ah thx Missunderstood it, thought it 1 1/2 your lifesteal vs minions. Probably gonna be worse then its is now ._. Because as is a nice free stat :/
Omnus (EUW)
: It'll probably still be better to play him with a tank keystone, as the "get stronger the lower your health is" philosophy behind it doesn't really synergise well with Nasus's kit. Someone like {{champion:266}} or {{champion:2}} profits far more from it.
50% bonus to your lifesteal vs minions is good on him Because lf base lifesteal
omer54463 (EUW)
: And Feast is viable after 15 mins? I am also not a fan of Double Edged Sword for ranged champions.
Feast is for the lane as vayne its good because u get stomped in lane pretty easily. Double edged sword makes more sense because u dont even want to take dmg as smth like jinx aka the bonus dmg u deal is worth it
omer54463 (EUW)
: Expose Weakness on ADCs
Dont pick it on adc, a high dmg support like karma has less dmg then an adc at 15 minutes. Take feast on adc if u need sustain and double edged sword if u don need sustain.
: problem is that he didn't use any skill at all he just pressed ult and walked back out
So u let him get to a low life target without ccing him?


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